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    I am prepared to bet that Tokushoryu will not win another emperor's cup.
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    Taka donated his yusho money of 10 million yen from the laugh show to the 2 charity organizations UNICEF Japan and Animal Donation http://www.oricon.co.jp/news/2255160/full/ On the 21st Taka was on TBS Gyoretsu GET-tabi 行列GET旅 on a gourmet special PR tour, he for Ryogoku and Nakano ward yakiniku etc. o
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    I get the feeling I've left a few core premises of mine unstated, so maybe I'll need to rectify that. Let's start with the commonly recognized notion that the top 16 (active) rikishi on the banzuke are kind of having their own mini-tournament within the top division. If that was strictly true, we'd be expecting a KK/MK split broadly in the region of 8/8 in the long run - maybe even a bit less than 8 KK if there are a bunch of dominant rikishi in the mix (i.e. what most of sumo's history has been like, but not the current times). In practice, the top 16 aren't quite so segregated from the rest of the division. The second week of the basho sees a sizable amount of matchups made based on similar records rather than similar ranks, and unsurprisingly that tends to favour the higher-ranked wrestlers. For the last three years, not counting fusen matches rikishi ranked komusubi to M3 posted 132 wins and 94 losses against rikishi ranked M7 and lower, or an average of 8.8 wins per 15 matches. It gets even more pronounced if we focus on joi rikishi who are doing well in any given basho - cutting down the aforementioned 226 bouts to those where the joi member had at least a non-negative record at the time of the match, we get a record of 74 wins and 42 losses, or a whopping 9.6 wins per 15. Those extra wins at the expense of lower-ranked maegashira mean that the KK/MK split for the top 16 is generally going to be more in the range of 9/7. Of course those 9 KK will occasionally include some (e.g, M3 8-7) that don't actually scream for an imminent sanyaku promotion, but even discounting those, most of the time there are going to be around 8 records for which the standard banzuke-making mechanics say that they should be in sanyaku on the next banzuke. That's largely independent of what the old sanyaku looked like in size. Of course there are going to be some cases where the size does make a difference - a rikishi who goes 8-7 at M1e underneath a 10-rikishi sanyaku should be promoted, the same rikishi going 8-7 at M2e underneath 8 sanyaku doesn't need to be. But those effects are going to be very limited in nature. Give that same rikishi 9 wins and even at M2e he's somebody who would be short-changed by not getting to sanyaku. The maegashira part of the joi is short enough that there aren't many rank/record combinations that don't look promotable by the numbers. (And it's rather self-defeating anyway since rikishi don't magically become worse just because their maegashira number is higher; it just means in a small-sanyaku situation you've got a stronger rikishi at the same rank position than you would in a large-sanyaku situation.) Adding to that, the records that shouldn't be in the next sanyaku on their own merits will include some that need to be placed there anyway - absent yokozuna, makekoshi ozeki, and (for better or worse) 7-8 sekiwake. That's on top of the 8 or so "deserving" candidates. The natural result: Forcing sanyaku to consistently contain fewer than approximately 10 rikishi is the proverbial attempt to put a square peg in a round hole. The competition system just doesn't support it, and trying to "fix" the issue after the fact through the banzuke-making leads to nothing but unfairness and distorted rankings. Either getting promoted to S/K is meant to be a consistently available reward for doing well as a maegashira, or it isn't. But if it's not, they might as well scrap the sekiwake and komusubi ranks altogether and start numbering rikishi from Maegashira 1 right underneath the ozeki.
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    I was good with 2 out of the 3 possible outcomes and I'm still grumpy about Abi winning.
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    The kyokai usually deals with stuff quite quickly.. Or at least goes public with early investigations.
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    3 jungyo will take place this year, only Haru was canceled. The last one as usual starts where the last basho of the year was. On Dec.7th the winter jungyo is in KitaKyushu, after 4 years again. http://www.nishinippon.co.jp/item/n/974865/ At last we see jungyo man Edagawa again on tour. He was at the city hall on the 17th, with a very familiar looking, standard jungyo poster
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    So either it's really good news, or really bad news.
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    I'll take you up on that bet when Shōdai goes on another ōzeki run. The usual crow?
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    Should now have mine and Kurosaki's by PM, @Jejima
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    Group E Round 3 - last day : There could be a winner in the duel of the leaders. Finngall might feel a little lucky as he had only 2 winning teams this round whilst Ganzohnesushi had 4 but that's the charm of this game. Hence Ganzohnesushi keeps the first place thanks to the goal difference. Ganzohnesushi Goal H Chain H Goal A Chain A Finngall 1. France L - - X L Spain ® 2. Spain L - - L France 3. Portugal © L - X - W Switzerland 4. Denmark L - - L Ghana 5. Mexico W - - D Croatia 6. Switzerland W - - L Iran 7. Ghana L - - D Belgium 8. Australia W - - W Australia © 9. Wales L - - L Poland 10. Japan ® W - - L Wales 11. Costa Rica L - - L Qatar Ganzohnesushi 0 0 Finngall Oyama wins for the honour here and will continue with Jakusotsu in the "saucer competition". Maybe I'll meet you there? Jakusotsu Goal H Chain H Goal A Chain A Oyama 1. Netherlands W - - 1 W Germany ® 2. Spain L - - L Brazil 3. France © L - X - L Denmark 4. Denmark L - - 1 W Mexico 5. Mexico W - - D Belgium 6. Senegal W - - X L Ghana 7. Canada L - - W Senegal 8. Tunisia W - - L Wales 9. Wales L - - W Australia 10. Cameroon W - - L Qatar © 11. Costa Rica ® L - - L Costa Rica Jakusotsu 0 2 Oyama Final standings : Congrats to Ganzohnesushi and Finngall ! GROUPE E Points Win Draw Loss GF GA Goal Diff 1 Ganzohnesushi 7 2 1 0 7 1 +6 1 Finngall 7 2 1 0 3 0 +3 3 Oyama 3 1 0 2 2 5 -3 4 Jakusotsu 0 0 0 3 1 7 -6
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    These are the squads of all players for the Octofinals (Round of 16) First substitute (S1) added - if still in the competition: Achiyama: France, USA, Australia, Brazil (S1) - 4 Akishiki: Brazil, Croatia, USA (R), Poland (C), Japan, Australia - 6 andonishiki: Brazil, England, Switzerland (R), Japan, Australia, France (S1) - 6 Andrasoyama: Brazil, Spain, USA (C), Poland (R), Australia, France (S1) - 6 Asapedroyu: Argentina, England, Netherlands, Senegal, Australia, France (S1) - 6 Athenayama: Brazil, Croatia, Switzerland, England (S1) - 4 Baku: Brazil, Croatia (R), Poland - 3 Chijanofuji: France, Spain, Netherlands (R), Switzerland, Morocco, South Korea (C), Argentina (S1) - 7 chishafuwaku: Brazil, Portugal (R), Croatia, Switzerland, Poland, Japan (C), France (S1) - 7 Djodjoyoshi: Argentina, Spain, Australia, England (S1) - 4 Finngall: France, Spain (R), Croatia, Switzerland, Poland, Australia (C), Brazil (S1) - 7 Fujiko: France, England, Portugal, Senegal (C), Morocco, South Korea, Australia - 7 Ganzohnesushi: France, Spain, Portugal (C), Switzerland, Japan (R), Australia - 6 Jakusotsu: France (C), Spain, Netherlands, Senegal, Brazil (S1) - 5 Jarayama: Brazil (R), England, Croatia, USA, Australia, Argentina (S1) - 6 Jejima: Brazil, England (R), Netherlands, Switzerland - 4 jomojo: Argentina, England, Netherlands, Senegal, Morocco (R) - 5 Kaba: France, England, Portugal, USA, Poland, Morocco (C), Japan, Australia, Brazil (S1) - 9 Kimyama: Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland (C), Poland, Argentina (S1) - 6 Kotononami: Argentina (R), England, South Korea, France (S1) - 4 Krisachiyama: Brazil (C), England, Portugal, Croatia, USA, Poland, Morocco, South Korea, Australia, France (S1) - 10 Kuma Koma: France, Netherlands (C), Switzerland, Poland, South Korea (R), Australia, Brazil (S1) - 7 Kurosaki: Brazil, Spain (C), Netherlands, USA, Poland, Australia (R), Argentina (S1) - 7 Lordshamrockyama: France (R), Spain, Portugal, Senegal, Morocco, Brazil (S1) - 6 Nantonoyama: Brazil, England (C), Switzerland, Japan, Argentina (S1) - 5 Nekonishiki: France, Croatia, Brazil (S1) - 3 Oshirokita: Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Croatia (C), Senegal, Poland, Japan - 7 Oyama: Brazil, Senegal, Australia, Argentina (S1) - 4 Pitinosato: Brazil, Netherlands, Senegal (R), Morocco, Japan, Argentina (S1) - 6 Spytoneryu: Argentina, Croatia, USA, Poland, Australia, Brazil (S1) - 6 Tibozuka: Argentina (C), Switzerland, Poland, France (S1) - 4 Yarimotsu: Brazil, England, Netherlands, Morocco, South Korea, Australia, France (S1) - 7
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    NSK soccer expert Kakuryu had declared after the loss to Costa Rica: "I told you, don't become a 2nd Saudi Arabia" - he'll be happy now Hidenoyama was at RDonald McDonald House Fukuoka on the 28th to mingle with the families of hospitalized children, doing kami-zumo with them http://www.nishinippon.co.jp/item/n/1020789/ Tateyama (Homarefuji) talked to the local Aomori paper about his time at Goshogawara agri./forest. high school. He's the 5th sekitori graduated from there http://www.toonippo.co.jp/articles/-/1430111 The sumo club was established in 1936, top from there was sekiwake Dewanohana o
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    Other than one loss to a henka, the loss to Nakamura (timestamped below) is Ochiai's only defeat in the last three years that I know of. Keep in mind Nakamura's 3 years older and a beast, winning an incredible 4 major amateur titles granting MsTD (no one else pro right now won more than 2) and he's already qualified to go pro next year with an Ms10TD. I bring him up every time I get the chance because the prospect of him turning pro is just so dang exciting. Who knows, maybe he'll join Miyagino too.
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    It's been 5 years since a new recruit from Tottori pref. joined, 35 years for one from Kurayoshi: Kotoyoshida o The most important bout from Ochiai's high school time is the one against reigning amateur yokozuna Nakamura at the All Japan. o His mother tells that his first time on the dohyo was at a kindergarten tournament when he was 3 years old. From 4th to 6th grade primary school he won the local Sakura-zumo tournament, represented Tottori at the national wampaku sumo tournament and was individual runner-up there as 5th grade. He first met Hakuho in his 4th year at the Hakuho-cup when he got the yusho with the team. In his 6th year the Aki jungyo was in Kurayoshi after 45 years again and he had the chance to talk to Hakuho and the wish to become like him became strong.
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    Kyujo at the jungyo: Terunofuji Terutsuyoshi Takarafuji Midorifuji Takayasu Kotoeko Hokutofuji Ichiyamamoto https://www.sanspo.com/article/20221202-TMYIO5FVBVOHPG3N4S6WMTBZC4/ Edit: I'm always amazed about the crap the automatic spell correction on my mobile produces - never heard of something called kyuto
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    Video from the project channel - Takasago is on the final photo https://mongolia-fukuoka.org/256/蒙古山之碑-復興プロジェクト-竣工式
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    with sempai Ishiura and team mates Hokuseiho and Mukainakano o o o o The complete tournament pairings are already made, posted 2 weeks before https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAAXlvIKwl0 If he'll compete is a different matter. He only has the ms15TD now, so the NSK could only acknowledge that, and they had to at the rijikai to have him compete as tsukedashi next basho. Since he has joined the heya now, it is unlikely that he'll still take part in an amateur tournament, especially since it wasn't mentioned at all in the press conference. The city hall of his hometown Kurayoshi has hoisted a banner to celebrate that Ochiai joins Miyagino-beya The oyakata told he'll want to raise him into the next Kotozakura, the city's famous yokozuna: Ochiai as 4th grade started with sumo, with the Sakura-zumo local tournament for kids. Sadogatake failed to secure him for their heya, which would have been the natural choice, the oyakata and rikishi from the heya always are at the tournament - or were in ordinary times. local TSK TV https://www.fnn.jp/articles/-/453691
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    You've got company within the Kyokai, I suspect. Look at it this way: Should Kakuryu not have been promoted to ozeki for Natsu 2012 simply because having six ozeki was an unsightly mess? In broad strokes the talent distribution in sumo is always going to be very similar - let's say, the difference between the 10th-best rikishi and the 30th-best rikishi, that's not changing much over time - but at small scales that's just not true. Sometimes you'll get clumps in one small area, sometimes in another. That's why it makes little sense to try to use the Y/O/S/K distinction to enforce some sort of view of what an ideal distribution looks like. (Why not 1 Y / 2 O / 3 S / 4 K?) It's much more straight-forward and more fair to say, "sanyaku, that's approximately the 10 best rikishi in sumo", and let the 10 rikishi's individual talents determine whether that means they're a yokozuna, an ozeki, a sekiwake, or a komusubi.
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    That's a very, very bad case of apples and oranges, quite honestly. When there's 6 strong Y/O, the guy two spots down from them on the banzuke is called West Sekiwake, but he's only the 8th-best rikishi in sumo. That's probably a guy who largely fluked his way into sanyaku and won't be there for very long. When there's 2 strong Y/O, the guy two spots down from them on the banzuke is still called West Sekiwake, but now that's the 4th-best rikishi in sumo. He's almost certainly performing more strongly than the West Sekiwake in the other scenario, and it will show in how he got to that rank. Meanwhile, the 8th-best rikishi in sumo will be the same kind of guy as before. According to you, he should be consigned to perpetual just-outside-of-sanyaku status, even though his performances are deserving of exactly the same thing as in the other scenario: occasionally bubbling up into sanyaku and then not staying there for long.
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    Quite a while that this thread was used. The NSK announced today that Shibatayama oyakata is infected, it has become known on the 28th. https://www.jiji.com/jc/article?k=2022120101013&g=spo
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    Chairman Koumura said this about Takakeishou's Yokozuna aspirations: "As we know the criteria is back to back yushos or the equivalent by an Ozeki, but looking at Takakeishou, it seems he fits the criteria. I asked the Kyokai to relate to this. They answered that he indeed fits the criteria and if he gets a yusho with a good result next basho.. From that answer I gather that there will be no reason to disregard that.." In the past, Kisenosato was promoted even if he didn't have 2 consecutive yushos prior to his promotion but did really well the year before with a yusho and 4 jun-yushos. Takakeishou, OTOH, is not stable and had one mid-basho kyujo and 3 single digit kachikoshis this year, not something to write home about. A zensho may make it possible, says the reporter. The Chairman will be leaving his job in January after a ten year term and his successor will be Mr. Yamauchi Masayuki.
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    Next, the END-OF-YEAR TORCH POINTS for RANK. Three players, hakutorizakura & Kirinoumi & Tsubame were just 3 ranks from the unclaimed bullseye. In all, 17 players earned FINAL TORCH RANK points! Kudos to Akinomaki & MumboJumbo & Pitinosato & Wakatake & Obana for scoring both RIKISHI and RANK points. And special kudo mention to Kirinoumi who was the 10-point closest in both RIKISHI and RANK; proof that this truly is a skill game. : - ). MAKUSHITA 11 WEST...(1 points: Andonishiki & Houmanumi) MAKUSHITA 12 EAST...(2 points: Wakatake) MAKUSHITA 12 WEST... MAKUSHITA 13 EAST... MAKUSHITA 13 WEST...(4 points: Akinomaki) MAKUSHITA 14 EAST... MAKUSHITA 14 WEST... MAKUSHITA 15 EAST...(5 points: Obana) MAKUSHITA 15 WEST...(6 points: Kaito & Pitinosato) MAKUSHITA 16 EAST... MAKUSHITA 16 WEST... MAKUSHITA 17 EAST... MAKUSHITA 17 WEST... MAKUSHITA 18 EAST... MAKUSHITA 18 WEST... MAKUSHITA 19 EAST... MAKUSHITA 19 WEST... MAKUSHITA 20 EAST...(8 points: ChickyStarr & Leo C) MAKUSHITA 20 WEST...(9 points: Screeching Owl) MAKUSHITA 21 EAST...(10 points: hakutorizakura & Tsubame) MAKUSHITA 21 WEST... MAKUSHITA 22 EAST... MAKUSHITA 22 WEST... FINAL TORCH RANK: MAKUSHITA 23 EAST...none MAKUSHITA 23 WEST... MAKUSHITA 24 EAST... MAKUSHITA 24 WEST... MAKUSHITA 25 EAST...(10 points: Kirinoumi) MAKUSHITA 25 WEST... MAKUSHITA 26 EAST...(8 points: Tsukiko) MAKUSHITA 26 WEST... MAKUSHITA 27 EAST... MAKUSHITA 27 WEST... MAKUSHITA 28 EAST...(7 points: derek & Terarno) MAKUSHITA 28 WEST... MAKUSHITA 29 EAST... MAKUSHITA 29 WEST... MAKUSHITA 30 EAST... MAKUSHITA 30 WEST... MAKUSHITA 31 EAST... MAKUSHITA 31 WEST... MAKUSHITA 32 EAST... MAKUSHITA 32 WEST... MAKUSHITA 33 EAST... MAKUSHITA 33 WEST....(3 points: MumboJumbo) MAKUSHITA 34 EAST... MAKUSHITA 34 WEST... @MumboJumbo @Terarno @Tsukiko @Kirinoumi @hakutorizakura @Tsubame @ScreechingOwl @ChickyStarr @Leo C @Kaito @Pitinosato @Obana @Akinomaki @WAKATAKE @Andonishiki @hoshihitomi12
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    About Terunofuji: the YDC asked the NSK and got told they don't know when he'll be at a basho again, but that he wants to be at the Haru jungyo next year after the Haru basho http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/sports/sumo/20221128-OYT1T50172/
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    Ex-Arashio looks a bit like a gangster these days with his facial hair.