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    o Local TV: http://www.nib.jp/nnn/news1068yyf6uqup12q8xyu.html Hiradoumi also was at his old sumo club at Hokusho agricultural high school to watch keiko vid and had other events organized by his local koenkai: as Hirado PR ambassador for traffic safety o o the party to celebrate makuuchi promotion Tsushimanada, also from Nagasaki, after 7 years was home in Isahaya today to report his first juryo result (7-8) to the mayor and promised to get a kachikoshi next basho and rise on the banzuke - he wanted to return only as sekitori. vid at his old high school o
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    This is awesome! Thanks for doing the rewrite and keeping the spirit of things :D The save functionality is awesome. I had it so the rikishi switched position when dropped on an occupied spot, but I never thought to have it so multiple rikishi could be placed in a spot. But it makes sense why you would want this behavior when moving guys around. I have to go and empty my brain out after looking at the redips js source though.
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    Local TV: https://www.nkt-tv.co.jp/pc-news/news107iwrrmgfgpb56l2f9.html Ochiai starts with his real name as shikona
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    That's.... talking an awfully big game.
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    Today was the press conference of Ochiai with Miyagino-oyakata at Tottori Johoku high: "I join with the attitude to surpass the records of the oyakata. I want to become a yokozuna who makes sumo great again lively." Miyagino: "I want to raise him into a rikishi who can fight in the high ranks" https://www.nnn.co.jp/today/221201/20221201152.html with headmaster Ishiura o
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    Ochiai officially recognized as starting from Makushita tsukedashi 15 in January.
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    The best way to clear the logjam would be to have three or four new men at ozeki, but I don't see that happening soon. Our problem is that with Terunofuji out the top twenty or so men in the sport are very closely matched. For instance if Ryuden beat Takakeisho it would technically be a big upset but would anyone be shocked or more than mildly surprised at such an outcome. This makes it very difficult for anyone to put together the numbers for an ozeki promotion.
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    For the past month, I tried my hand at recreating and improving @Tsuchinoninjin 's GTB helper page. I think it turned out pretty good https://chiyotasuke.github.io/gtbhelper/ I added extra columns for rank change and functionalities to save changes (ideas which I got from Tsuchinoninjin's past post) and have multiple rikishi in a single slot. And it's much easier to update for each basho. Here are the source files. Let me know if you have any suggestions
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    8-7; 11-4; 5-10; 10-5; 13-2 - 46 wins 6-9; 12-3; 6-9; 11-4; 12-3 - 47 wins I would hope the committee is not swayed by an argument which goes "Every time he wasn't bad, he was good"
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    If there was something like Guess The Takayasu, I wouldn't bet on more than 9 wins next basho, if at all.
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    Takakeisho was again police chief for the day in Tagawa on the 29th vid o o o
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    Oh wow, I got a yusho! Didn't expect that, thank you!!
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    Entries received Day 15 Gaijingai Tamawashi Hokutofuji Kagayaki Tenshinhan Tamawashi Hokutofuji Kagayaki Athenayama Tamawashi Midorifuji Kagayaki Sumo Spiffy Tamawashi Kagayaki Midorifuji tsunamiko Tamawashi Kagayaki Aoiyama RaeucherLax Hokutofuji Tamawashi Midorifuji WAKATAKE Ura Oho Kagayaki gernobono Tamawashi Midorifuji Kagayaki Jakusotsu Hokutofuji Midorifuji Kagayaki shimodahito Hokutofuji Nishikigi Aoiyama Fujisan Tamawashi Kagayaki Aoiyama Standings after Day 15 Name Base Pts Bonus Pts Total Gaijingai 95 75 170 Tenshinhan 104 66 170 RaeucherLax 78 81 159 Athenayama 73 83 156 tsunamiko 97 54 151 Sumo Spiffy 79 71 150 shimodahito 75 63 138 gernobono 78 60 138 Jakusotsu 73 63 136 WAKATAKE 62 63 125 Fujisan 72 39 111 @Gaijingai and @Tenshinhan tie on points, but Gaijingai wins the tie-breaker. Congratulations, @Gaijingai on the yusho!
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    Wonder if he was just automatically entered in the All-Japan due to winning the corporate title, if he's debuting in January I don't know if it's wise to compete in the December tournament - he hurt himself in October's Kokutai and had to withdraw from the individual portion of that event. Is the risk of injury worth the chance of a slightly higher rank? But great to get confirmation of his debut - he's built like a bull and can do it all the dohyo, combining power with skill. In middle school he won the Hakuho Cup by beating Kototebakari and Otsuji, then he was a man among boys becoming 2x high school yokozuna and throwing opponents such as Wakanosho around like kids, then still a teenager he beat many top adult competitors in becoming corporate yokozuna and going 5-0 in team competition at the Kokutai. Other than current amateur yokozuna Daiki Nakamura, he's the amateur I'm most excited about turning pro, definitely a top division mainstay and potentially a top-tier one if he stays healthy. Here he is on the right, as a high schooler, at the 2021 All Japan Championships, bulldozing the defending champion at the time (who'd beat Kinbozan in the final a year earlier) to reach the quarterfinals. Keep in mind this is an adult event with the competitors being the top of the college and corporate amasumo world. His only loss at the event was to the eventual champ - Nakamura (go to 29:00).
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    Now we have it: Ochiai will join Miyagino-beya and start at the Hatsu basho. The press conference to announce it will be on Dec. 1st in Tottori. o No mention of the All Japan yet, which is on the weekend - he's in the tournament https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAAXlvIKwl0 So far ms15TD, he can get the ms10TD there
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    So, the 2022 Kyushu Basho is in history. I can formally announce the TUG Wnners: Profomisakari won the Yusho with 218 points. Congratulations! Katunazuma won her 7th Jun-Yusho with 210 points. Congratulations! Ziggyama made the podium with 182 points. Congratulations! I want to thank all supporters and fans of TUG, who participated during 2022 Kyushu Basho. Hope to see you all during 2023 Hatsu Basho! Newcomers will be very welcome as always! Achiyama, TUG Rijicho
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    Excuse me please! It became later as I thought. Of course, I had seen yesterday that both SumoSpiffy and Mmikasazuma had X-typed fight #15. But there should still be some tension in the game. And there were still some shifts between the other players. Here is now the final player ranking: Rk Player Pts TB 1 Sumo Spiffy 13 120 2 Mmikasazuma 12 130 3 Yarimotsu 11 107 4 Tochinofuji 11 97 5 Shatsume 11 96 6 Shimodahito 11 89 7 Kujo 11 80 8 Suwihito 10 103 9 Wamahada 10 69 10 Karasukurai 10 68 11 Flohru 9 100 12 Profomisakari 9 76 13 Athenayama 9 71 14 RaeucherLax 9 67 15 Chankomafuji 9 64 16 Hakuryuho 9 62 17 Benihana 9 57 18 ScreechingOwl 9 57 19 Hakuhonofan 8 56 20 Chishafuwaku 8 55 21 Fujisan 8 48 22 Wakatake 7 65 Now it only remains for me to congratulate the winner. Congratulations, Sumo Spiffy! Thanks to all the players for being patient with me. The next basho will take place in January. We will certainly do a new Game 21 for this and You're all invited, but also as many new players as possible or those players who weren't there this year only because of the initial confusion. Of course we now have to think about what we can do if Tameiki doesn't come back. I would appreciate it if someone found who would like to take part in the management of the game and let me know. At some point I will have to retire from the game management. If you want to take part and later manage the game on your own, please let me know!! If necessary, I can still assist you at the beginning. In the next few days I will finish the ranking started by Tameiki. After that, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, above all peaceful, New Year. Profomisakari
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    Takakeisho will keep his rank of Ozeki for the start of 2023. This was predicted by..... Hakuruho, Kashunowaka, haktoizakura, Kotononami, Kintamayama, Rubensan, Athenayama, Shatsume, Churaumi, Unagiyutaka, Pitinosato, Kishinoyama, Oortael, WAKATAKE, Benihana and I am the Yokozuna. So, by most. His longest win streak was six wins, which he achieved twice... Days 8-13 in July, and again this past basho (November) from days 10-15. Takanorappa came closest with 7. Next closest was Pitinosato and Benihana with 8. Takakeisho won two jun-yushos in 2022 (July and November), but no yushos. Hakuryuho, Kotononami, Rubensan, Unagiyutaka, Benihana and Yarimotsu all got this correct. Benihana, therefore, can take the yusho here! @Benihana
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    Takakeisho with a convincing lead in the end, the next 2 both lost and didn't cross the 100 border. The Takayasu-Abi bout with 18 kensho had ozeki class numbers. Day 15 http://www.sumo.or.jp/pdf/honbasho/kansen/torikumi/2211_15.pdf 262: Takakeisho 95: Takayasu 90: Shodai 68: Tobizaru 63: Hoshoryu 58: Abi 54: Kotonowaka 41: Meisei 40: Endo 38: Wakatakakage 38: Sadanoumi
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    125 years ago was the last time we had 1 Yokozuna and 1 Ozeki on the banzuke.
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    Bushozan is currently 79-79 in Juryo as of Day 8 Kyushu 2022 with a 5-3 so far. That means if he goes 8-7 he'll have an overall losing record, but it might be enough for Makuuchi promotion from J2w. That might be reasonable if he'd ever been demoted from Juryo, but he hasn't. It's just been banzuke luck in his favor every single basho. The contemplated situation actually happened with Seiro, though I don't know if anyone else has ever had this dubious distinction. It helped him immensely to have a bunch of those losses in the same tournament while ranked high enough to not be demoted, as truly awful records tend to always get some luck compared to where they'd end up solely by the numbers.
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    There's also "OB", which I think is "Off Banzuke" and is another form of banzuke-gai, which is contrasted with TD because it's not someone new to Ozumo, but someone returning from some time out of the Kyokai. The easiest place to see these is in the WW2 era. Sokokurai's return is similar, but he had to wait until appearing on the banzuke again before competing. In the 1940s, and at other times, they'd just compete in the next tournament immediately upon returning to the Kyokai, so unless that was the window between the tournament ending and the banzuke being made, they'd not be on the banzuke. This is obviously extremely rare to nonexistent now (much like draws), and they clearly handle it differently, but things obviously were much more fluid during the war and in the times before that where how things were done was routinely changed.
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    Don't count your chickens before they hatch... Even with an ozeki promotion in March, he could still do an Asanoyama and plummet to juryo. Anything is still possible!