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    o New recruit for Hatsu 2016, Ichiki reached makushita the same year, but then lingered there for 6 years, with ms6 as highest rank. Same entry basho as Daiamami and Asagyokusei. With just a bit over 100kg, he used a variety of techniques, including an izori.
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    Hiradoumi today was home in Hirado, Nagasaki, to report his first makuuchi double digits result to the mayor. On the 3rd the Nagasaki-basho of the fuyu jungyo takes place. local NHK vid
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    The promotions have been announced. As expected, three up: Shonannoumi, Asanoyama, and Hakuyozan. I expect only one demotion—Tokushoryu—with the other two taking the spots vacated by Chiyotairyu and Yutakayama. https://twitter.com/sumokyokai/status/1597756151701344256?s=20&t=YG3zl_NVoGhfWsFsi4UqiA
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    Tennozan's another mildly surprising one. An ozumo career spanning over a decade, with a rapid rise to mid sandanme preceding 9 years mostly spent yo-yo'ing between lower makushita and upper sandanme. Ironically, having toiled on those echelons for so long, his career high ms16 was reached only a year ago. 2021 was, in fact, by far his best year. He spent it toiling around on makushita's upper half, and briefly flirting with the makushita yusho on Haru (4-0 start) and Nagoya (3-0). Sitting out Natsu this year shunted him from ms46 to sd25, and results got worse from there. Now he's decided to call it quits on a decent note - he's just scored a 4-3 KK from sd47.
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    https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2022/11/30/sumo/abi-redemption-arc-kyushu/ John Gunning writes about the past 2-1/2 years in Abi’s life.
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    Putting Takayasu at sekiwake would be the complete opposite of a sentimental decision. He's by far the most credible candidate to "fix" the ozeki shortage at the moment with his 23 wins against (mostly) joi opposition. 10 more wins, committee points to the fact that (unlike Miyabiyama way back when) his first tenure was actually pretty good and only ended due to injury, done. Facilitating that potential development by shuffling him up to sekiwake now would be entirely pragmatic.
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    Oshoma now has 5 kesho mawashi, for Kyushu he'll use the Kyushu one - planned for all days. Today Oshoma held a press conference in Karatsu to report his juryo yusho. He brought the kesho mawashi, which he used each day at the basho - he wants use it also at the Hatsu basho (but likely not for all days) https://www.sagatv.co.jp/news/archives/2022113011629 o o vid
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    Takakeisho was again police chief for the day in Tagawa on the 29th vid o o o
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    I don't think so; one of them fell down pretty quickly, but it didn't look like a high leap from the other. The quality of the video is so bad (not your fault, obviously) that the gyoji looked like Link from Legend of Zelda version 2.
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    Some interesting background information in the SF Glossary about hassou-tobi ----- hassou-tobi, rare jump upwards at the tachiai by a rikishi attempting to surprise his forward leaning charging aite, when the move works it is a real crowd-pleaser and can be a spectacular way of winning; the originator of the term into sumo was moto-yokozuna Wakanohana I, originates from the story of Yoshitsune from Genji-Heishi war (1185) where according to legend Yoshitsune jumped from one enemy boat to another juking enemies around, it was said he could jump over eight boats (hassou no fune), nowadays Hayateumi has started to use this jump as part of his sumo repertoire.
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    Only one new juryo - after nearly 9 years Shonannoumi made it - and wants to become yokozuna. For now he looks forward to step onto the dohyo with kesho-mawashi and shimekomi o o with Takadagawa o
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    Hello world. The annual update is due. You can find it under this link (which is probably safe, as I use the same file hosting site to share pirated creatively acquired stuff with my brother-in-law). The link will be valid for two months. If you need it afterwards, just give me a shout. If you appreciate the thing, feel free to like and comment, so that I know that I am not doing it exclusively for myself. For the three people who have stumbled into this thread not knowing the Whats and Whys, please download the PDF via the link and read the answers in-document. After the major revamping last year, I have only added the new data points for 2022 and didn't touch anything design- or featurewise. Stuff that can be easily derived from Graph-viewing alone (all claims refer to 1958-now): 2022 was only the fourth year with six different yusho winners (1972, 1991, 2020, 2022). Although, 2020 should be discounted, as it had only five tournaments. 2022 was the first year ever to feature three yusho from Maegashira ranks. As a bonus feature they came in a row, which is also new, even if you'd consider consecutive years. And that's actually an ongoing streak... Abi's win was only the second Maegashira win after a playoff situation, the first one being Kyokutenho's in V/12 against Tochiozan. Additionally, Abi is the first Maegashira to yusho after a playoff, if higher ranked rikishi were involved. (The aformentioned Kyokutenho and Tochiozan were both Maegashira; note – though – that the latter was the higher ranked Maegashira of the two [M4e against M7w].) The 3-way-playoff of XI/22 was the first 3+w-PO since III//97 (with 4 challengers). The previous 3w-PO was in III/94. In all those years, this was only the 6th 3w-PO overall, and the 8th 3+w-PO. Such things are really very rare. Which sounds odd, as Day 14 community exitement about the possibility of which seems – from memory – much more frequent. Even if you wouldn't know it anyway, the numbers suggest that we are living in transition times. Never before have there been four basho in a year, where less than 13 wins were enough for the yusho. The three consecutive 12-3s from III to VII are (interestingly enough) not unprecedented. In fact, I-V/72 even saw 11-4, 12-3, 12-3, which is the lowest wins-needed-for yusho average, if counted over half a year (11.67). Based on that, I figured it would be interesting to look at wins-for-yusho-averages for every year since 1958. Naturally, this couldn't be based on just peering at the Graph, as I include win numbers only for a limited set of cases. Therefore, I returned to the source for all info in the piece, i.e. the Doitsubase. So, in fact 2022 had the all-time lowest wins-needed-to-yusho average with 12.33. There are only 6 years overall, were the average was below 13: 1. 2022 12.33 (13, 12, 12, 12, 13, 12) 2. 1961 12.67 (13, 13, 12, 13, 12, 13) . 1975 12.67 (12, 13, 13, 13, 12, 13) . 1999 12.67 (13, 13, 13, 13, 12, 12) 5. 1972 12.83 (11, 12, 12, 13, 15, 14) . 2003 12.83 (14, 12, 13, 12, 13, 13) The average over all years – btw – is currently 13.61. Finally, some previewish thoughts about January: Since no previous winner retired, we will have a new record of 12 former Makuuchi yusho winners on the banzuke come January. That is, provided everyone fails to do something so outlandishly stupid as to provoke some Stalin-grade purge from the records. This will – interestingly – NOT set a new record low for average wins per former winner (22 yusho distributed among 12 rikishi = 1.83). This record firmly belongs to the era around the Yokozuna-less time in the early 90. In IX/92, 9 yusho were distributed among 7 former winners = 1.29! This is one basho after the record low for "banzuke-yusho-experience-level" (8), which originally the whole Graph was about. Back to the roots. If Terunofuji doesn't have some sudden premature cybertech based comeback in January and/or someone else doesn't get spontaneously promoted to either Yok or Oz for his pretty eyes alone, January will be the first ever basho (in modern times blabla) with an ACTIVE (as in participating) Yokozuna plus Ozeki sum smaller than two. I guess we will see a couple of extra Sekiwake and Komusubi again soon. Have fun and see you around.
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    QUICK LET'S SAY THAT'S WHY KOTONOWAKA'S GETTING PROMOTED TO KOMUSUBI ... sorry this gives an indication of my attitude towards conspiracy theories, though
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    We really need to stop acting like the slightest favorable outcome for an Isegahama wrestler is due to shenanigans from their coach. Chiyotairyu's gone, Terutsuyoshi and Atamifuji are dropping, which leaves room for Tsurugisho, Akua, and either Chiyomaru or Mitoryu. Chiyo and Mito calculate only a half-rank ahead of Takarafuji, and it's been completely normal over the last few years for juryo wrestlers to not be placed ahead of makuuchi ones unless there's a bigger mathematical gap than that. Furthermore, it's been normal for a very long time to see rikishi with garbage records not eat the full demotion. And Terutsuyoshi was saved because no one could get ahead of him; that was also the correct decision based on broad precedent.
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    Simply just to close the loop, since we apparently forgot entirely about the jūryō yūshō in the excitement of the makuuchi one: Daiamami managed to beat Ōshōma in regulation to leave both of them on 11-4, but none of the other chasers (Tsurugishō, Akua, Hokuseihō) could win to join them. Ōshōma beat Daiamami in the resulting playoff to take the jūryō yūshō.
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    He's not giving them ammo to need to comment unlike a certain white peng that had breezed through
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    I think Yutakayama is the first top-division wrestler of whom I can say that I saw his entire career since getting into sumo.
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    Does anyone else find it weird that the oyakata and okamisan are off to one side?
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    Excuse me please! It became later as I thought. Of course, I had seen yesterday that both SumoSpiffy and Mmikasazuma had X-typed fight #15. But there should still be some tension in the game. And there were still some shifts between the other players. Here is now the final player ranking: Rk Player Pts TB 1 Sumo Spiffy 13 120 2 Mmikasazuma 12 130 3 Yarimotsu 11 107 4 Tochinofuji 11 97 5 Shatsume 11 96 6 Shimodahito 11 89 7 Kujo 11 80 8 Suwihito 10 103 9 Wamahada 10 69 10 Karasukurai 10 68 11 Flohru 9 100 12 Profomisakari 9 76 13 Athenayama 9 71 14 RaeucherLax 9 67 15 Chankomafuji 9 64 16 Hakuryuho 9 62 17 Benihana 9 57 18 ScreechingOwl 9 57 19 Hakuhonofan 8 56 20 Chishafuwaku 8 55 21 Fujisan 8 48 22 Wakatake 7 65 Now it only remains for me to congratulate the winner. Congratulations, Sumo Spiffy! Thanks to all the players for being patient with me. The next basho will take place in January. We will certainly do a new Game 21 for this and You're all invited, but also as many new players as possible or those players who weren't there this year only because of the initial confusion. Of course we now have to think about what we can do if Tameiki doesn't come back. I would appreciate it if someone found who would like to take part in the management of the game and let me know. At some point I will have to retire from the game management. If you want to take part and later manage the game on your own, please let me know!! If necessary, I can still assist you at the beginning. In the next few days I will finish the ranking started by Tameiki. After that, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, above all peaceful, New Year. Profomisakari
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    And since nobody mentioned it: all that big talk about improved concussion protocol has been proven moot again since their only concern was to awkwardly pull Takayasu from the dohyo as quickly as possible with nobody actually helping in any way. Pathetic.
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    I suggest a chill. Nothing happened. The rikishi get drunk all the time. So do the Oyakata. Remember the Oyakata who was so drunk he fell asleep on the highway in his car? Remember a certain rijicho getting hammered and making indecent proposals to a waitress? Happens all the time, mostly away from the limelight. Ichinojou didn't attack the okamisan- she went with some other guys to try to bring her boy home safely and quietly without causing any more problems in a bar. In the scuffle that ensued (he probably wanted to stay a bit longer) the tiny guy must have pushed her by mistake. There was no intentional attack, like in the Futahaguro case so the comparison is not correct. A dead drunk Asashouryuu once broke the glass at the entrance of his heya. Everyone tsk tsked and went on their way. On what grounds is Ichinojou to be suspended? On being a heavy drinker? If that's the case, the whole upper echelons of sumo should be suspended, leaving Hiro Morita talking to himself for a while. The Kyokai, as flummoxed as it is, usually does bring out the heavy stuff when needed. If this is all, then this is all. Now, if there are other things involved, including financial misconduct, well then that's a wholly different bag of nuts..
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    Hi everyone, after spending some time reading here in the forum now I signed in at last. I am from Germany, and back in the nineties I watched sumo on TV with my dad. My favourite rikishi was Wakanohana, though I was impressed by the whole atmosphere of the events. In the following years I somehow lost contact to the stuff, but any random mention in a film or a magazine reminded me what a cool sport it was. At the beginning of the pandemic I began to rediscover sumo for myself, along with a growing interest in Japanese culture. I hope one day I'll visit the place. I do appreciate the wealth of enthusiasm and knowledege here on this platform and I am happy I found it. Looking forward to learn!