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    Hello world. The annual update is due. You can find it under this link (which is probably safe, as I use the same file hosting site to share pirated creatively acquired stuff with my brother-in-law). The link will be valid for two months. If you need it afterwards, just give me a shout. If you appreciate the thing, feel free to like and comment, so that I know that I am not doing it exclusively for myself. For the three people who have stumbled into this thread not knowing the Whats and Whys, please download the PDF via the link and read the answers in-document. After the major revamping last year, I have only added the new data points for 2022 and didn't touch anything design- or featurewise. Stuff that can be easily derived from Graph-viewing alone (all claims refer to 1958-now): 2022 was only the fourth year with six different yusho winners (1972, 1991, 2020, 2022). Although, 2020 should be discounted, as it had only five tournaments. 2022 was the first year ever to feature three yusho from Maegashira ranks. As a bonus feature they came in a row, which is also new, even if you'd consider consecutive years. And that's actually an ongoing streak... Abi's win was only the second Maegashira win after a playoff situation, the first one being Kyokutenho's in V/12 against Tochiozan. Additionally, Abi is the first Maegashira to yusho after a playoff, if higher ranked rikishi were involved. (The aformentioned Kyokutenho and Tochiozan were both Maegashira; note – though – that the latter was the higher ranked Maegashira of the two [M4e against M7w].) The 3-way-playoff of XI/22 was the first 3+w-PO since III//97 (with 4 challengers). The previous 3w-PO was in III/94. In all those years, this was only the 6th 3w-PO overall, and the 8th 3+w-PO. Such things are really very rare. Which sounds odd, as Day 14 community exitement about the possibility of which seems – from memory – much more frequent. Even if you wouldn't know it anyway, the numbers suggest that we are living in transition times. Never before have there been four basho in a year, where less than 13 wins were enough for the yusho. The three consecutive 12-3s from III to VII are (interestingly enough) not unprecedented. In fact, I-V/72 even saw 11-4, 12-3, 12-3, which is the lowest wins-needed-for yusho average, if counted over half a year (11.67). Based on that, I figured it would be interesting to look at wins-for-yusho-averages for every year since 1958. Naturally, this couldn't be based on just peering at the Graph, as I include win numbers only for a limited set of cases. Therefore, I returned to the source for all info in the piece, i.e. the Doitsubase. So, in fact 2022 had the all-time lowest wins-needed-to-yusho average with 12.33. There are only 6 years overall, were the average was below 13: 1. 2022 12.33 (13, 12, 12, 12, 13, 12) 2. 1961 12.67 (13, 13, 12, 13, 12, 13) . 1975 12.67 (12, 13, 13, 13, 12, 13) . 1999 12.67 (13, 13, 13, 13, 12, 12) 5. 1972 12.83 (11, 12, 12, 13, 15, 14) . 2003 12.83 (14, 12, 13, 12, 13, 13) The average over all years – btw – is currently 13.61. Finally, some previewish thoughts about January: Since no previous winner retired, we will have a new record of 12 former Makuuchi yusho winners on the banzuke come January. That is, provided everyone fails to do something so outlandishly stupid as to provoke some Stalin-grade purge from the records. This will – interestingly – NOT set a new record low for average wins per former winner (22 yusho distributed among 12 rikishi = 1.83). This record firmly belongs to the era around the Yokozuna-less time in the early 90. In IX/92, 9 yusho were distributed among 7 former winners = 1.29! This is one basho after the record low for "banzuke-yusho-experience-level" (8), which originally the whole Graph was about. Back to the roots. If Terunofuji doesn't have some sudden premature cybertech based comeback in January and/or someone else doesn't get spontaneously promoted to either Yok or Oz for his pretty eyes alone, January will be the first ever basho (in modern times blabla) with an ACTIVE (as in participating) Yokozuna plus Ozeki sum smaller than two. I guess we will see a couple of extra Sekiwake and Komusubi again soon. Have fun and see you around.
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    If you don’t mind me elaborating, the Mainichi article covering the press conference specifies that he aspires to become a personal trainer - this career path came into his mind thanks to the various injuries he suffered through the years, leading him to develop a deeper interest in the body’s mechanical functions. He wishes to apply the knowledge gained around conditioning/injury prevention from his time in Ōzumō to help sportspeople of all distinctions
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    Someone with better skills than me should start a "Rikishi-Owned Restaurants" thread so we can visit when in Japan.
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    A portrait of Oyanagi by Daimon Kinoshita.
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    intai press conference: he told the oyakata before the basho that he's crossed his limits already. He wants to be a trainer from now on o o o o o o 4th year university at the Towada tournament he won, with Asanoyama (3rd) o sansho together Nagoya 2018 o last win against rival Asanoyama: Haru 2020 o
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    kyokai go-aisatsu - man-in onrei banners down for the 3rd time this basho o tomoesen oooo ketteisen, Abi-Takayasu o o oo o o o o o o oo o o o o o o ooo Takayasu supporters o o vs Takakeisho o o o ooo o o o o o o o oo o oo o o o oo o main bouts O1e Takakeisho (12-3) hatakikomi S1e Wakatakakage (8-7) o o o o o o M5e Hokutofuji (7-8) oshidashi O1w Shodai (6-9) o o S1w Hoshoryu (11-4) yorikiri K1w Kiribayama (8-7) o o ginosho o o o M5w Nishikifuji (9-6) yorikiri S2w Mitakeumi (6-9) o K1e Tamawashi (6-9) uwatenage M8w Tochinoshin (6-9) o o K2e Tobizaru (7-8) oshidashi M3e Ura (4-11) o K2w Daieisho (7-8) hatakikomi M11e Onosho (9-6) o o M9w Abi (12-3) tsukitaoshi M1e Takayasu (12-3) o o o o o o ooo o o o o ooo ooo already enough for a concussion oo o M1w Kotonowaka (9-6) yorikiri M6w Ryuden (9-6) o o M2e Meisei (9-6) tsukidashi M16w Hiradoumi (10-5) o o M2w Ichinojo (4-11) uwatenage M16e Terutsuyoshi (0-15) o o o o o o o o M3w Midorifuji (8-7) oshidashi M11w Kotoshoho (7-8) o M4e Wakamotoharu (10-5) sukuinage M13w Oho (10-5) o M4w Sadanoumi (8-7) oshidashi M14e Ichiyamamoto (7-8) o o o o M6e Nishikigi (8-7) yorikiri M12e Kotoeko (7-8) o o M10w Chiyoshoma (7-8) oshidashi M7e Endo (6-9) o o M7w Myogiryu (8-7) yorikiri M14w Azumaryu (7-8) o M8e Takarafuji (3-12) okuridashi M15e Kagayaki (9-6) o M15w Atamifuji (4-11) uwatenage M9e Takanosho (7-8) o o M10e Aoiyama (7-8) oshidashi M13e Okinoumi (8-7) o J11e Enho (10-5) okuridashi J1w Chiyomaru (8-7) o o J7e Tochimusashi (7-8) yorikiri J4w Yutakayama (5-10) o o J9e Daiamami (11-4) oshidashi J12w Oshoma (11-4) o ketteisen o o juryo yusho for Oshoma o sandanme yusho ketteisen - Hitoshi-Kazuto o o o o o o o Sd41e Wayama (5-2) oshidashi Sd42e Asahanshin (4-3) o yusho ceremony o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o shukunsho for Takayasu from the oyakata o sansho - only a kantosho for the yusho winner o afterwards all as usual o
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    The 71st All Japan sumo championships take place on Dec. 4th in the kokugikan - together with the 35th primary school championships. NHK airs the final part live from 17-18h on NHK-G, -G2 in case of an extension. The scheduled bouts of the tournament have been posted already 11 days ago on YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAAXlvIKwl0 Going for ms10TD are corporate yokozuna Ochiai and student yokozuna Choijil - kokutai yokozuna Nakamura already has one and will maybe take it easy
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    yes, absolutely, as well as trading of favors, taking into account things we're not aware of, etc.
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    After the day 2 broadcast, local TV brought a message of Tamawashi and Kataonami oyakata, with the hope to be there again next year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdyJYZF79Bw&t=6h48m10s
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    Address in the video description. Ex-Akinomine (Minezaki)
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    Don't think so. Mitoryū, Chiyomaru, Akua, and Tsurugishō are ahead of him in the queue, and there's still doubt whether Takarafuji will drop for a fourth slot.
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    Twitter post of Oshoma w/ Juryo Yusho award, and group shot at the post-basho party.
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    With all the points added, our final standings put 45 players on the board: standings: 36 points – Obana 20 points – Kirinoumi 16 points – Pitinosato 15 points – ChickyStarr 15 points – Leo C 12 points – Akinomaki 10 points – hakutorizakura 10 points – Kaito 10 points – Ryoshishokunin 10 points – Tsubame 9 points – Screeching Owl 9 points – Takanorappa 9 points – Tsukiko 8 points – Wakatake 7 points – Chankomafuji 7 points – derek 7 points – Kaioshoryu 7 points – Mmikasazuma 7 points – Senkoho 7 points – Terarno 7 points – Tsuchinoninjin 7 points – Yukiarashi 6 points – Daughter of Sukubidubidu 6 points – MumboJumbo 5 points – Yubinhaad 4 points – Cydrome 4 points – chishafuwaku 4 points – code_number3 4 points – Joaoiyama 4 points – Jejima 4 points – Konrad/Konizan 4 points – Kurowashi 4 points – Leoben 4 points – Nantonoyama 4 points – Oshirokita 4 points – Pandaazuma 4 points – Profomisakari 4 points – Saigo (millwood) 4 points – Sakura 4 points – Shatsume 4 points – Torideyama 4 points – Asterix 3 points – Ayagawa 3 points – Toratorii 3 points – Wolfgangho 1 point – Andonishiki 1 point – Houmanumi 1 point – Kintaro Congratulations to Obana, the TORCHBEARER 2022 winner. I’ll be corresponding to send the prize. For those keeping tabs on how often the 25-point TORCH bullseye is achieved: 2011 – 3 2012 – 1 2015 – 3 2016 – 3 2017 – 2 2018 – 2 2019 – 1 2021 – 1 2022 – 1 Thanks for participating and I hope you all can update your pick or, if a new player, submit a pick for next year. You can send your TORCHBEARER 2023 picks to me now, or wait until the Hatsu banzuke is released. An invite (with rules for new players) will be out soon. Pick one rank and one rikishi where you think the TORCH will be at the end of the year. This sumo game has a prize. New players are always welcome. Again, thanks. -shimodahito
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    Nihon University Naoya Kusano: this year's East Japan champ; best 8 at the 2022 student championship and best 4 at the 2021 student championship Masai Hanaoka: Wakayama tournament champ + best 4 at the student championship and Kanazawa national tournament Ryusho Kawakami: best 4 at this year's East Japan tournament and best 8 finishes at the Usa and Kyushu national tournaments Mantaro Haruyama: best 4 at the Usa and Kariya national tournaments this year *When active, Kazuma Kawabuchi was Nihon's best competitor, but since he just returned from a year away due to injury I doubt that he's qualified for this Nippon Sports Science University Ryoma Ishizaki: runner-up at the East Japan championship, 3rd place at this year's Kokutai, best 4 at the Kanazawa national tournament Kanazawa Gakuin University Shun Ikeda: best 8 at this year's Kokutai and student championship tournament; runner-up at the Kanazawa national tournament, best 4 at Kariya Omori: West Japan rookie champion this year + best 4 at the Kyushu national tournament + best 16 at the student championship Kinki University Taiki Mita: West Japan tournament winner and best 8 at this year's Kokutai and student championship tournament Shon Fujisawa: 4th place at the Kokutai and best 8 at the 2021 student championship tournament Shoma Yamazaki: Former West Japan champion, 3rd at the Usa national event this year, 135+ weight class national champion Takushoku University Masaharu Goshima: runner-up at this year's Wakayama national tournament Toyo University Odofu: best 4 at last year's All Japan tournament and runner-up at this year's Usa national tournament Corporate Taisei Matsuzono: best 4 at the 2020+2021 All Japan Championship; 2022 Kokutai runner-up; 3-0 in the amateurs vs Kinbozan Tetsuya Ochiai: 2022 Corporate champion, 2021 All Japan best 8. Unsure if he's actually competing though since he's turning pro in January. Soichiro Kurokawa: runner-up at this year's corporate championship + former Kokutai champ + a two-time runner-up in the All Japans Kojiro Kurokawa: 2020 All Japan champion + corporate champion Hiroshi Takeuchi: winner of this year's Kariya national tournament, beating student yokozuna Choijil in the final Reo Yamaguchi: 2020 All Japan runner-up, 2021 All Japan best 8, best 8 at this year's Kyushu national tournament Daisuke Tanaka: 2020 East Japan champion (beating Oshoma in the final) + best 8 at this year's Kyushu national tournament Tomohiro Seigo: 2017 All Japan champion, best 4 at the 2022 corporate championship
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    Can´t we have a generic henka collection thread where every discussion about it would be moved ?
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    Wonder if he was just automatically entered in the All-Japan due to winning the corporate title, if he's debuting in January I don't know if it's wise to compete in the December tournament - he hurt himself in October's Kokutai and had to withdraw from the individual portion of that event. Is the risk of injury worth the chance of a slightly higher rank? But great to get confirmation of his debut - he's built like a bull and can do it all the dohyo, combining power with skill. In middle school he won the Hakuho Cup by beating Kototebakari and Otsuji, then he was a man among boys becoming 2x high school yokozuna and throwing opponents such as Wakanosho around like kids, then still a teenager he beat many top adult competitors in becoming corporate yokozuna and going 5-0 in team competition at the Kokutai. Other than current amateur yokozuna Daiki Nakamura, he's the amateur I'm most excited about turning pro, definitely a top division mainstay and potentially a top-tier one if he stays healthy. Here he is on the right, as a high schooler, at the 2021 All Japan Championships, bulldozing the defending champion at the time (who'd beat Kinbozan in the final a year earlier) to reach the quarterfinals. Keep in mind this is an adult event with the competitors being the top of the college and corporate amasumo world. His only loss at the event was to the eventual champ - Nakamura (go to 29:00).
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    Now we have it: Ochiai will join Miyagino-beya and start at the Hatsu basho. The press conference to announce it will be on Dec. 1st in Tottori. o No mention of the All Japan yet, which is on the weekend - he's in the tournament https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAAXlvIKwl0 So far ms15TD, he can get the ms10TD there
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    Both henka's were unacceptable, but since no shimpan held up a hand so they could agree to bitch-slap the guilty party, it is de jure acceptable.
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    Takayasu' injury seemed like a neck stinger to me. Glad he's okay. The injury just adds to the henka controversy. I am okay with henka; sumo is difficult enough not to use all the (legal) arrows in your quiver.
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    Excuse me please! It became later as I thought. Of course, I had seen yesterday that both SumoSpiffy and Mmikasazuma had X-typed fight #15. But there should still be some tension in the game. And there were still some shifts between the other players. Here is now the final player ranking: Rk Player Pts TB 1 Sumo Spiffy 13 120 2 Mmikasazuma 12 130 3 Yarimotsu 11 107 4 Tochinofuji 11 97 5 Shatsume 11 96 6 Shimodahito 11 89 7 Kujo 11 80 8 Suwihito 10 103 9 Wamahada 10 69 10 Karasukurai 10 68 11 Flohru 9 100 12 Profomisakari 9 76 13 Athenayama 9 71 14 RaeucherLax 9 67 15 Chankomafuji 9 64 16 Hakuryuho 9 62 17 Benihana 9 57 18 ScreechingOwl 9 57 19 Hakuhonofan 8 56 20 Chishafuwaku 8 55 21 Fujisan 8 48 22 Wakatake 7 65 Now it only remains for me to congratulate the winner. Congratulations, Sumo Spiffy! Thanks to all the players for being patient with me. The next basho will take place in January. We will certainly do a new Game 21 for this and You're all invited, but also as many new players as possible or those players who weren't there this year only because of the initial confusion. Of course we now have to think about what we can do if Tameiki doesn't come back. I would appreciate it if someone found who would like to take part in the management of the game and let me know. At some point I will have to retire from the game management. If you want to take part and later manage the game on your own, please let me know!! If necessary, I can still assist you at the beginning. In the next few days I will finish the ranking started by Tameiki. After that, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, above all peaceful, New Year. Profomisakari
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    Too good not to add some post-basho extra spice. Terunofuji will announce his unexpected intai the day after, putting the NSK in disarray. Some suggest to declare Shodai victim of long COVID and retroactively putting him on hold since March. Other to promote either Wakatakakage or Mitakeumi if they win a sumo karaoke contest (they won't). Some ventilate a special promotion for Takayasu, but the matter is quickly dropped after it was revealed he lost the Kyushu basho (because of course he did) against Sadanoumi - Sadanoumi Koji, disguised as his son because he lost a bet with Hakkaku the night before. The matter is eventually solved by the Japanese government, who declares Takakeisho dense enough to be juridically two people, providing this way two Ozeki for Hatsu 2023.
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    The page for this Kyushu basho - still for the free juryo course - day 1 without the kensho though https://fanclub.sumo.or.jp/contents/595078 I add the fanclub pages with kensho to the days where available. I noticed that the Google cache has html versions also for the image pdf files on the NSK main site, when I searched for the gyoji kensho for Shikimori Kandayu - google/search?マイング駅地下1番街&sitesearch=www.sumo.or.jp -> day 4 webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:rA6EhNtnSe4J:https://www.sumo.or.jp/pdf/honbasho/kansen/torikumi/2211_04.pdf Quite a chaos though and not very reliable - the gyoji announcer terms for the kensho can be found on the page, e.g. RNA for the Moderna kensho, but you won't have the bout on which it is put
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    Roga yesterday was at Tottori Johoku high to report his juryo promotion to his old school and promised headmaster Ishiura much more progress from now on (I think I heard him reply "get to yokozuna quickly") then he watched keiko at the sumo club and gave his kohai some advice local NHK vid FNN news clip: https://www.fnn.jp/articles/-/433732 http://www.nnn.co.jp/news/221020/20221020044.html with Futagoyama-oyakata o - the kesho mawashi from there are a bit more interesting than those from other high schools and universities and vary - it will be interesting to see his