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    Much schadenfreude to be had in jonidan today as would-be bad boy Ohtani ran into a man he couldn't bully and got squished by Asashiyu (Murata). He gave a big, petulant yelp as he hit the ground drawing a look from Asashiyu that said "Jeez kid, show some dignity".
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    Are they trying to get Kiribayama force-promoted to sekiwake by feeding him cans? Looking at the W/L matrix I don't even have confidence that they're going to do the kore yori sanyaku any more, so: Day 15: Takarafuji
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    One thing I've noticed this basho, from playing the daily pick games, is that there seems to be a lot of fights between guys who haven't faced each other in a year or more, or where their head-to-head is skewed in some fashion from results ages ago not mirroring more recent results. I picked Hoshoryu without a second thought because the last time Oho beat him, they were in division six; Hoshoryu's win was in division three, but still, at that point you just go off current form, and it feels obvious. As for the spread of winners, you made me curious about this history, so I went digging. Before Teru flattened everyone last year, there were three straight years, and four of five (2016, 2018-20) where there were five different winners. 2020 was especially notable since it effectively had what we're talking about—nobody winning two bashos in a calendar year—just with one of the tournaments taken out due to COVID. So, I wondered how many sixes I'd find if I went back more. I only found one: 1972. That was surprising. That said, looking at the time since Hakuho was blowing everyone up every basho, it seems to be by far the most "egalitarian", if you will, in terms of how many different people win titles. It's not great if you're like a Yankees fan or Yankees hater, who likes where there's a really dominant champion to root for or against. But if you like your bashos full of mystery, it looks like this might be the best time to be a sumo fan.
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    Today (Day 12) we had two bouts. All three leaders Tochinofuji, Kujo and Sumo Spiffy have one correct and one not, but the former sole leader Suwihito has both. And with his great TB1 he came with this result back to the first place Tomorrow is no game 21 bout. Rk Player Pts TB 1 Suwihito 10 103 2 Tochinofuji 10 90 3 Kujo 10 73 4 Sumo Spiffy 10 69 5 Mmikasazuma 9 79 6 Shatsume 9 76 7 Shimodahito 9 69 8 Wamahada 9 62 9 Karasukurai 9 61 10 Yarimotsu 8 62 11 RaeucherLax 8 60 12 Benihana 8 50 13 ScreechingOwl 8 50 14 Hakuryuho 8 49 15 Chankomafuji 8 45 16 Profomisakari 7 56 17 Athenayama 7 51 18 Hakuhonofan 7 49 19 Chishafuwaku 7 48 20 Fujisan 7 41 21 Wakatake 6 52 22 Flohru 6 49 Profomisakari
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    Two grandsons, and one nephew of famous Yokozunae rising to the top of the banzuke, aged 22, 25, and 23 respectively, must be an absolute dream for the Kyokai. In this basho Hoshoryu beat Kotonowaka, Oho beat Hoshoryu, and Oho and Kotonwaka are yet to meet. If those three end up battling it out for supremacy over the next ten years it will be a sumo story for the ages. You couldn't write a better movie script. Now I just hope it happens.
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    I meant out in terms of being unlikely to get his 10 wins next basho and therefore out as a returning Ozeki.
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    There's only one scenario I see where Takayasu goes to sekiwake, and it involves him winning out, Shōdai holding rank, Wakatakakage and Mitakeumi MK, and Kiribayama, Tobizaru, and Daieishō doing no better than 9-6.
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    I suppose the Mitoryu one is one I can come up with without searching. Chiyonokuni was safe by the numbers (just) and could have been considered borderline, but was not demoted in favour of Mitoryu who went 12-3Y at J6 and that was only last year. Situations like these are what makes me feel the need to build a more powerful search query off the DB, but I probably don't have quite enough technical skill and time to do that right now.
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    Ah, good ol' familiar Day 12 with raised hopes of a Takayasu yusho. I don't know why I keep setting myself up like this, I already feel prepared for disappointment.
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    Day 12: Again, no update for Norizo Cup today, so we have to make do with yesterday's standing from that game. In the Kyushu Masters, Kishikaisei had some kind of meltdown today, losing 14 points on a single day. And yet, he continues to lead the standings with 46.00 projected points. But Ketsukai isn't too far behind now (40.00). Other players with some outside chances for the Green Mawashi are ScreechingOwl (37.70), TochiYESshin (34.29), Susanoo (33.50), Golynohana (32.81), Kasamatsuri (30.00), and Pitinosato (30.00). In the World Championship, Susanoo's lead over Oskanohana looked very solid, but on paper only. For days, I have been writing that Susanoo's lead rests on volatile dailies. A single misstep, and it would go south; two missteps, and it might be beyond repair. Today, the first misstep indeed materialized. Susanoo lost a little bit in Tipspiel (now tied for 2nd instead of solo 2nd). He lost in Quad (now tied for second instead of solo 2nd). But most crucially, he lost in Toto where he moved from a jun-yusho tie among two to a jun-yusho tie among six. I guess that Susanoo needs at least two strong days (better three) in Tipspiel, Quad, and Toto to stay in the race. As you can see from the graph below, Oskanohana regained the lead in the World Championship standings. Interestingly, the lead came out of a corner that I did not pay too much attention to. In fact, Oskanohana also lost in Toto today and could not really capitalize on Susanoo's loss in that game. But Oskanohana moved from a huge tie for 8th to a 2-man tie for 2nd in my Oracle projections. The Spaniard is also lurking outside of the Top 10 in a few games. The downside to his lead is that Oscar now also has a high, but volatile score: Oracle can turn in many directions on the last three days. Somehow I have the feeling that the World Championship could be decided via an Odd Sumo gamble. We'll see... Kaito ended his presence in the trophy-relevant regions, and after losing more than 16 points today he was overtaken by Golynohana. Unkonoyama remains 5th. No changes among the lower half of the Top 10: Kitakachiyama in front of Joaoiyama, Pandaazuma, Konosato, and ScreechingOwl.
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    Interesting that Shiden and Shonannoumi are up in Juryo tomorrow, facing Shimazuumi and Gonoyama, respectively, while Asanoyama gets Ms10 Kamito.
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    more from the 36th Kimura Shonosuke NHK Kagoshima news clip vid final basho Natsu 2013 Hakuho-Kisenosato o o yomiage of the final bout Hakuho-Harumafuji at his retirement party 2014 o
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    So we have another chance for a lower level scorer to pull a win out of the fire with his bullseye pick. I did it in 2019, and ChickyStarr did it again in 2021. Can Obana join the club?
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    Exciting finale ahead of us then. Oho handled Hoshoryu much more easily than I think many of us anticipated. Sets up a great weekend. Could Takayasu return to Ozeki soon? 11-4 last basho at M4 followed by a minimum of 10-5 this time at M1, if he implodes. With Mitakeumi out and Shodai probably Ozekiwake in January, that could work in Takayasu’s favour if he puts up similar numbers in the new year. With a yusho in there, no doubt for me.
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    Day 12 http://www.sumo.or.jp/pdf/honbasho/kansen/torikumi/2211_12.pdf 172: Takakeisho 82: Takayasu 67: Shodai 60: Tobizaru 57: Hoshoryu 40: Endo 39: Kotonowaka 33: Kiribayama 32: Meisei 31: Abi
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    Yūshō arasoi, Day 12 Makuuchi 10-2: S1w Hōshōryū, M1e Takayasu, M13w Ōhō 9-3: Ō1e Takakeishō, M9w Abi, M15e Kagayaki 8-4: K1w Kiribayama, M5w Nishikifuji, M11e Ōnoshō, M16w Hiradoumi Nerves? Or an old rival having his number? Whichever way it was, Hōshōryū let Takayasu and Ōhō back into the lead with a hatakikomi loss to the latter. Takakeishō defeated Nishikifuji to send the Isegahama man one back in the arasoi, but Hōshōryū's loss meant that Ōnoshō, Kiribayama, and Hiradoumi, who all secured their KK today, are nominally part of the arasoi. Not a bad showing for the Sakaigawa rikishi, who stayed in the top division by the skin of his teeth last time, but should be going a fair ways up if he doesn't drop a lot more matches. There are a lot of intra-arasoi matches tomorrow that should see this leaderboard thinned out a bit. Because Takayasu and Ōhō are due a match tomorrow, there will be at least one 11-2 leader by tomorrow. Not so good news for Takakeishō, who faces Hōshōryū and has a chance to claw level with him, but still won't be in the lead even if he wins, or Abi and Kagayaki, who face each other to guarantee one of them a 10-3 record as well. Curiously enough, all of the 8-4 crowd are facing 6-6 opponents tomorrow: Kiribayama, Nishikfuji, Ōnoshō and Hiradoumi are facing Meisei, Kotoshōhō, Okinoumi and Endō respectively. Jūryō 9-3: J5e Akua, J3e Tsurugishō, J6e Hokuseihō, J12w Ōshōma 8-4: J11e Enhō, J3w Mitoryū, J9e Daiamami 7-5: J2w Bushōzan, J8w Kōtokuzan, J9w Daishōhō, J13w Rōga, J14w Gōnoyama It was a pretty similar story in jūryō today, as erstwhile sole leader Akua fell to a chaser, Ōshōma, to be dragged level with a whole bunch of other rikishi. The only arasoi member from yesterday not to take advantage was Enhō; Mitoryū and Daiamami both won to go to one behind, and a whole bunch of KK-seeking rikishi bring up the arasoi at 7-4, including Enhō's vanquisher, Gōnoyama. Not a bad showing for J13w Rōga on his sekitori debut, and which result should ensure at least one more basho in jūryō. The same can't be said of Rōga's fellow sekitori debutant, Tsushimanada, who is 5-7 and one loss away from a probable demotion. And again as with makuuchi, we have Tsurugishō v Ōshōma tomorrow, so there will be at least one 10-3. Akua takes on Rōga, while Hokuseihō has Daishōhō. The last intra-arasoi match is Enhō v Mitoryū, so one of them will definitely fall to 8-5 tomorrow.
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    O1e Takakeisho (8-3) hatakikomi M5e Hokutofuji (6-5) o o o o O1w Shodai (5-6) yorikiri S1e Wakatakakage (6-5) o o o o o S1w Hoshoryu (10-1) yorikiri S2w Mitakeumi (4-7) o o o o o o o o o o o o M3w Midorifuji (6-5) sukuinage K2e Tobizaru (5-6) o o o o K2w Daieisho (5-6) oshitaoshi M2e Meisei (6-5) o o o M6e Nishikigi (5-6) oshidashi K1e Tamawashi (3-8) o o K1w Kiribayama (7-4) sotogake M6w Ryuden (7-4) o o o o M1e Takayasu (9-2) oshitaoshi M5w Nishikifuji (8-3) o o o o o o o o o o o M1w Kotonowaka (7-4) okuridashi M2w Ichinojo (2-9) o o M7e Endo (5-6) uwatedashinage M3e Ura (2-9) o o o M4e Wakamotoharu (6-5) yorikiri M7w Myogiryu (6-5) o o M4w Sadanoumi (5-6) oshidashi M10e Aoiyama (4-7) o o M8e Takarafuji (1-10) tsukiotoshi M13e Okinoumi (5-6) o o M8w Tochinoshin (5-6) hatakikomi M15w Atamifuji (3-8) o o o M9w Abi (8-3) tsukidashi M13w Oho (9-2) o o o o o o o M15e Kagayaki (8-3) oshitaoshi M10w Chiyoshoma (4-7) o M12e Kotoeko (6-5) hikkake M14e Ichiyamamoto (6-5) o J11e Enho (8-3) shitatenage J1e Tohakuryu (4-7) o o o J6e Hokuseiho (8-3) yorikiri J2w Bushozan (6-5) o Ms23e Tamashoho (6-0) hatakikomi Ms4e Asanoyama (5-1) o o o o o o o o o o Jd14e Otani (6-0) oshidashi Jd34w Oyamada (5-1) o Jk15w Takerufuji (6-0) oshidashi Jk5w Kyokutaisei (5-1) o
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    Maybe the most popular and most decorated Shonosuke forums/search/?q=36th Shonosuke Especially well known for his calligraphy topic/37604-sumo-calligraphy/ o The NSK announced today that Toshihiro Yamazaki, the 36th Kimura Shonosuke had died yesterday at age 74 due to lung cancer. Like the present and former Kandayu (now Inosuke), he had a path of Shikimori Yonokichi->Kandayu before being promoted to Inosuke Shonosuke for Kyushu 2011 o o retirement after Natsu 2013 o o 2017 o
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    The 36th has followed.
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    Promotion/demotion picture, Day 10 Far be it from me to improve on an institution, but I'm trying out something this time - the concept of a promotion/demotion queue that roughly gives an idea of who is in line to go up or down, as the results currently stand. The queues are to be read from left to right - the first in queue will be first to be demoted/promoted, as the case may be. Bolded names are near-surefire movements. Legend:X - favourable banzuke outcome failedO - favourable banzuke outcome reached~ - favourable banzuke outcome missed except via banzuke luckN - number of wins for favourable outcome Sanyaku/joi 0-0-11 Terunofuji Y (O) 8-3 Takakeishō O Shōdai 5-6 (3) (2) 6-5 Wakatakakage S Hōshōryū 10-1 (O) S Mitakeumi 4-7 (X/3) (X) 3-8 Tamawashi K Kiribayama 7-4 (1) (3) 5-6 Tobizaru K Daieishō 5-6 (3) (O) 9-2 Takayasu M1 Kotonowaka 7-4 (3) 6-5 Meisei M2 Ichinojō 2-9 (X) (X) 2-9 Ura M3 Midorifuji 6-5 6-5 Wakamotoharu M4 Sadanoumi 5-6 6-5 Hokutofuji M5 Nishikifuji 8-3 (~?) 5-6 Nishikigi M6 Ryūden 7-4 Demotion queue: Tamawashi, Mitakeumi, Daieishō, Tobizaru Promotion queue: Takayasu, Kotonowaka, Meisei, Midorifuji Let's get the hopeless cases and obvious movements out of the way. Mitakeumi has missed his 10 win target to immediately reascend to ōzeki, and is for all intents and purposes now just a sekiwake. After suffering his seventh loss to Hōshōryū, he must win out to keep rank, lose no more than 1 to drop to komusubi at least, or else fall out of sanyaku altogether. He's at least in a better position than Tamawashi, who actually has an outright MK at komusubi (being one more loss from one rank below), guaranteeing a drop to maegashira next basho. While Tobizaru and Daieishō are nominally in the demotion queue, the next worst-faring of the sanyaku are actually not in that bad a position yet. They need 3 wins out of 4 to hold rank, and while I don't think both of them will do so, they're still at least not yet an automatic demotion like Tamawashi will be. The front runner for Tamawashi's vacated komusubi slot will be none other than his runner up from last basho, Takayasu. Like Tobizaru last basho, Takayasu has gotten more than a minimum KK and should be undeniable for a sanyaku spot this time. We might be in for another round of multiple komusubi if the dice fall just right (e.g. Mitakeumi and Wakatakakage 7-8, both of the Oitekaze pair holding rank), but it's too early to sort out the various permutations with clarity just yet. Besides Takayasu, no one has yet guaranteed a sanyaku berth, even were there to be space. Kotonowaka needs at least one more win to be technically eligible, but 8-7 or 9-6 M1w going to M1e is not unprecedented when there's a sanyaku logjam, the latest victim being Hokutofuji in Nagoya-Aki 2019. 10 wins would make it really difficult for the banzuke committee if there isn't a lower sanyaku meltdown, so that's presumably the target Kotonowaka needs to start working towards. Rather distantly behind him are the KK-trending Meisei and Midorifuji, although those are, like their demotion counterparts, unlikely to be part of a sanyaku-joi exchange, and they would need to win out to have a shot without a mass departure from sanyaku. As a footnote, Takakeishō secured his KK to ensure we at least have 2 full non-kadoban ōzeki next banzuke if you include yokozuna-ōzeki Terunofuji, and Shōdai won to give himself some breathing room to clear kadoban. Should Shōdai fail to clear kadoban, and assuming Wakatakakage does not get demoted, he would fall to S2e on the next banzuke. Makuuchi/jūryō (3) 1-10 Takarafuji M8 Tochinoshin 5-6 (O) (O) 4-7 Takanoshō M9 Abi 8-3 (O) (1) 4-7 Aoiyama M10 Chiyoshōma 4-7 (1) (O) 7-4 Ōnoshō M11 Kotoshōhō 6-5 (O) (O) 6-5 Kotoekō M12 Chiyotairyū 2-6 (X) (1) 5-6 Okinoumi M13 Ōhō 9-2 (O) (1?) 6-5 Ichiyamamoto M14 Azumaryū 6-5 (1?) (O) 8-3 Kagayaki M15 Atamifuji 3-8 (4) (X) 0-11 Terutsuyoshi M16 Hiradoumi 7-4 (1) (4) 4-7 Tōhakuryū J1 Chiyomaru 5-6 (4) (4~) 4-7 Churanoumi J2 Bushōzan 6-5 (3?) (1) 8-3 Tsurugishō J3 Mitoryū 7-4 (2) (X) 2-9 Hidenoumi J4 Yutakayama 4-7 (X) (1) 9-2 Akua J5 Chiyonokuni 6-5 (4) (3) 8-3 Hokuseihō J6 Kitanowaka 3-8 (X) (X) 5-6 Tochimusashi J7 Kinbōzan 6-5 (X) Demotion queue: Chiyotairyū*, Terutsuyoshi, Atamifuji, Takarafuji Promotion queue: Tsurugishō, Akua, Mitoryū, Hokuseihō/Bushōzan Terutsuyoshi's disastrous record and Chiyotairyū's retirement open up at least two slots in makuuchi. The next person in danger in makuuchi is shinnyūmaku Atamifuji, who seems to have had his confidence beaten out of him. Maybe there's only so much good luck going around Isegahama stable, and Nishikifuji, Midorifuji, and Takerufuji have yoinked it all for now. He must win out to fall gently; one more loss would make him a danger from a very strong jūryō record (e.g. a 9-6 Chiyomaru or 10-5 Bushōzan), and even Isegahama won't be able to save him from a 5-10 or worse. One more person Isegahama might be called upon to save is his most senior wrestler by age, veteran Takarafuji, who's had a slightly better basho than Terutsuyoshi but only just. He's high enough that a 3-12 would probably save his skin, especially if Atamifuji is pushed first, but any worse and he is likewise in danger from a strong jūryō record, so he'd like a 4-11 to be really safe (not that he's likely to get it the way he's been wrestling). This also is probably a good place to mention a potential sanyaku shrinkage next basho if enough rikishi fall out of it, which might give him a bit more of a margin for error depending on whether M17 or even M18 reappears. On the flip side of the borderline, while Tsurugishō and Akua are currently first in line for promotions, they may yet be displaced should Chiyomaru and Bushōzan either win out or drop at most 1. Both of them need 1 more win to be ranked nominally J0 or better, and that would really help cement their place in the promotion queue. Mitoryū would like 2 wins, and both Hokuseihō and Bushōzan would like 3 - the former has the superior record and side, whereas the latter has the superior rank. There are also a number of other wrestlers who would be nominally promotable if they win out, and/or could sneak in a promotion with a win out and some luck, but it's jūryō, who are we kidding? Jūryō/makushita (1) 4-7 Shimanoumi J8 Kōtokuzan 6-5 (O) (O) 7-4 Daiamami J9 Daishōhō 6-5 (O) (1) 4-7 Chiyosakae J10 Kaishō 4-7 (1) (O) 8-3 Enhō J11 Takakentō 5-6 (1) (3) 4-7 Tokushōryū J12 Ōshōma 8-3 (O) (3) 4-7 Shimazuumi J13 Rōga 6-5 (1) (3) 5-6 Tsushimanada J14 Gōnoyama 6-5 (2) (1) 3-3 Shiden Ms1 Shōnannoumi 4-2 (1) (X) 2-4 Tsukahara Ms2 Fujiseiun 3-3 (~) (~) 3-3 Tokihayate Ms3 Daiseiryu 2-4 (X) (1) 5-1 Asanoyama Ms4 Asanowaka 0-6 (X) (X) 2-4 Daishōmaru Ms5 Hakuyōzan 5-1 (~) (~) 4-2 Chiyonoō Ms6 Tochikamiyama 3-2 (X) Demotion queue: Chiyotairyū*, Shimazuumi, Tokushōryū, Tsushimanada, Gōnoyama Promotion queue: Shōnannoumi, Asanoyama, Shiden, Hakuyōzan. Fujiseiun Amazingly for this stage in the basho, there isn't any clear demotion from jūryō yet. More amazingly, even the most imperilled don't need to win out to save themselves - yet. They've even got the bonus of some leeway in the sekitori ranks thanks to Chiyotairyū's retirement, which means one makushita rikishi can go up without forcing a jūryō rikishi down. Shimazuumi and Tokushōryū both have 4-7 records, and need to win out for absolute safety, but seeing as they're J13e and J12e, even a 7-8 isn't the end of the road. 6-9s would put them in severe trouble from Shōnannoumi and Asanoyama, currently the frontrunners in the makushita promotion. What would be more interesting is if there were no demotions from jūryō. In Aki 2017, a 4-3 Ms1w Kitataiki got shafted in favour of 4-3 Ms1e Takagenji and 6-1 Ms3e Masunoshō (now Takanoshō) when only two slots opened in jūryō. If something similar happens here, but with only one slot available from Chiyotairyū's retirement, a 6-1 Asanoyama would be a much more compelling case compared to a 4-3 Shōnnanoumi, although Asanoyama is one rank lower than Masunoshō when he bypassed Kitataiki. Also not entirely out of danger are the jūryō-jiri pair of Tsushimanada and Gōnoyama, who will be in trouble if they go MK, although Tsushimanada might be saved with a 7-8 and Gōnoyama is at least KK-trending at the moment. The frontrunners to replace them are a 3-3 Ms1e Shiden and 5-1 Ms5w Hakuyōzan, although Fujiseiun could cut in line if he KKs and Hakuyōzan doesn't win his last match. EDIT: Amendments suggested by Sakura below incorporated, being changes to Takarafuji, Tsushimanada, and Churanoumi's targets. EDIT 2: Implications of Chiyotairyū's retirement on makushita updated. EDIT 3: As jūryō and makushita aren't surefire promotions yet, bold indications have been removed.
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    Yeah it must be a very strange feeling. At least Aoiyama will have some other things to be remembered by, contrary to Shunketsu/Ishide/Komahikari, whose only memorable achievement (apart from shikona madness) was henkaing Kotonowaka Sr. to intai. (nice glimpse of Junior at the start of the clip)
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    Kyushu 2022: S Wakatakakage -> M1 Takayasu (1) -> O Shodai (2) -> M2 Ichinojo (4) -> O Takakeisho (5) -> K Tobizaru (9) -> M1 Takayasu (10) -> ?
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    And the exhaustive version... From makushita to makuuchi with very low juryo W-L records (consecutive tournaments, but not necessarily the rikishi's only juryo tournaments before reaching makuuchi), actual negative differentials but also near-misses (±0, +1, +2) for context. Does not include rikishi who had a 0-0-15 that didn't result in demotion, either old kosho or more recently due to Covid, unless the remaining W-L without the 15 absences still fits the parameters. Other absences are treated as losses, same as they were on the banzuke. 2 juryo basho: Tamaasuka - juryo 2011.05-2011.07, 16-14 (+2) record with 2 KK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal 3 juryo basho: Yoshiazuma - juryo 2011.01-2011.07, 23-22 (+1) record with 2 KK and 1 MK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal 4 juryo basho: nobody 31-29 (+2) or lower 5 juryo basho: Tsurugidake - juryo 2010.11-2011.09, 38-37 (+1) record with 2 KK and 3 MK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal 6 juryo basho: Sadanofuji - juryo 2010.09-2011.09, 41-49 (-8) record with 3 KK and 3 MK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal Hochiyama - juryo 2010.07-2011.07, 43-47 (-4) record with 2 KK and 4 MK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal 7 juryo basho: Akiseyama - juryo 2015.01-2016.01, 53-52 (+1) record with 5 KK and 2 MK 8 juryo basho: nobody 61-59 (+2) or lower 9 juryo basho: nobody 68-67 (+1) or lower 10 juryo basho: Sotairyu - juryo 2011.05-2012.11, 73-70-7 (-4) record with 5 KK and 5 MK, beneficiary of yaocho scandal (outsized promotion from Ms to J) 11 juryo basho: nobody 83-82 (+1) or lower 12 juryo basho: Seiro - juryo 2013.07-2015.05, 87-93 (-6) record with 7 KK and 5 MK Kitanokuni - juryo 1962.05-1964.03, 90-90 (±0) record with 8 KK and 4 MK 13 juryo basho: nobody 98-97 (+1) or lower 14 juryo basho: Daihi - juryo 1979.07-1981.09, 104-104-2 (-2) record with 8 KK and 6 MK 15 juryo basho: Kyokunankai - juryo 2008.03-2010.07, 111-112-2 (-4) record with 8 KK and 7 MK, beneficiary of gambling scandal (outsized promotion from J to M) 16 juryo basho: Hoshiiwato - juryo 1986.11-1989.05, 119-121 (-2) record with 10 KK and 6 MK 17 juryo basho: nobody 128-127 (+1) or lower 18 juryo basho: Daimonji - juryo 1963.11-1966.09, 135-131-4 (±0) record with 10 KK and 8 MK Harunoyama - juryo 2001.03-2004.01 (one kosho), 128-123-4 (+1) record with 9 KK and 8 MK 19 juryo basho: nobody 143-142 (+1) or lower 20 juryo basho: Chiyoo - juryo 2013.09-2016.11, 147-146-7 (-6) record with 11 KK and 9 MK ... 23 juryo basho: Azumaryu - juryo 2015.11-2019.07, 171-174 (-3) record with 12 KK and 11 MK 27 juryo basho: Mitoryu - juryo 2018.01-2022.07 (one Covid), 196-185-9 (+2) record with 15 KK and 11 MK Should be complete.