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    Asanoyama and 6th matches don't go well together
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    Entries received day 9 Gaijingai Shodai Hoshoryu Azumaryu RaeucherLax Hoshoryu Myogiryu Azumaryu Tenshinhan Shodai Ichinojo Kagayaki Athenayama Shodai Hoshoryu Hiradoumi Sumo Spiffy Hoshoryu Terutsuyoshi Azumaryu Jakusotsu Shodai Kotonowaka Terutsuyoshi WAKATAKE Hoshoryu Ichinojo Onosho gernobono Shodai Nishikigi Kagayaki tsunamiko Shodai Ichinojo Terutsuyoshi shimodahito Shodai Nishikigi Terutsuyoshi Fujisan x x x Standings after Day 9 Name Base Pts Bonus Pts Total Gaijingai 46 42 88 RaeucherLax 37 48 85 Athenayama 31 47 78 Tenshinhan 45 33 78 Sumo Spiffy 36 41 77 gernobono 41 30 71 WAKATAKE 33 36 69 Jakusotsu 36 33 69 tsunamiko 37 24 61 shimodahito 26 33 59 Fujisan 31 21 52
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    I'm curious about that too. It's possible there could be 8 lower Sanyaku but only 2 (Y)O. But all of Hoshoryus Sanyaku records before were simple KK or that one 9-6 @Octofuji mentioned. WTK on the other hand had his JY last time. But he is 8-11-6. He would have to win out; but could also get a MK. Then comes Kitanofuji to mind: promoted after July 1966, record: 8-10-10 (28). Only one other Ozeki: Yutakayama. But with 4 Yokozuna. The lowest ranked Y that Basho, Sadanoyama, got promoted to Ozeki with a... 8-9-13Y (30) record! Anyway. Sometimes you think a Rikishi got robbed. But when I see Mitakeumi and Shodai fight (and also Ichinojo) it seems like the audience gets robbed.
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    Yeah it must be a very strange feeling. At least Aoiyama will have some other things to be remembered by, contrary to Shunketsu/Ishide/Komahikari, whose only memorable achievement (apart from shikona madness) was henkaing Kotonowaka Sr. to intai. (nice glimpse of Junior at the start of the clip)
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    Dallas Sumo Club - Keiko (November 20, 2022) It's been a few weeks since we've been able to do a normal Sunday keiko, due tournaments and demonstrations at public events... But we were surprisingly joined this Sunday by two attendees of our demo at the Fort Worth Texas Japan Fall Fest - Dom (middleweight) and Parker (heavyweight)! Please support our new deshi to gamabarize by cheering them on and let us know which bouts were you favorite in the comments! Support Dallas Sumo Club: https://www.dallassumoclub.org/ Join Dallas Sumo Club: Sunday 11AM - 2PM & Wednesday 9AM - 12PM Arlington School of Self Defense 2225 W Park Row Dr. Pantego, TX 76013
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    I almost missed this, but Jonokuni Yobidashi Kenta continues to punch above his weight, appearing on Makuuchi sweep duty, and here he is doing taiko drumming on Hiro Morita' Sumo Prime Time on day 3 of Kyushu (starting at 0:23):
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    It's good to see Enho doing better at 7-3. A juryo yusho playoff with him and Hokuseiho would be fun!
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    From the Press conference: He asked to retire after September but Kokonoe convinced him to continue. "If you train hard enough, you'll succeed," said the Oyakata then. "I have no regrets. I know deep inside I gave 100 percent. My day 7 bout against Aoiyama and the feeling that I could not generate any power and got blasted out caused me to decide finally. I did not want to continue showing shameful sumo. I'd like to thank my support group and the okamisan who, whatever happened, up or down, never ceased to support me. I'd like to somehow return the favor now. I hope to open a yakiniku restaurant because I like meat... Diet first, though.." he said.
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    Sole lead for Hōshōryū. None of Ōhō, Takakeishō, Wakatakakakage, or Kiribayama look likely to stop him.
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    Very nice of him not to grab any unwarranted Makushita yushos. Tamashoho following in the footsteps of his sensei?
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    The problem with the word on the street is it often gets run over by events.
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    I wish the word on the street had clarified a bit more about what sort of clinic Shodai was going to put on.
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    Day 10: Here are the standings after two thirds of the basho. However, as there has been no update on Norizo Cup, I used yesterday's standings from that game. Kishikaisei extended his lead in the Kyushu Masters and now sits at a solid 58.25 projected points. Ketsukai remains in 2nd (44.50), TochiYESshin in 3rd (43.75), and Susanoo (42.11) in 4th. Notable others with good scores are Kaito (40.47), Golynohana (34.50), Unkonoyama (34.00), Flohru (32.50), ScreechingOwl (30.91), and Kasamatsuri (30.00). In the World Championships, I am delighted to report that most players on the chart experienced an upward tick. Susanoo solidified his lead over Oskanohana. Of course, many things can happen on the home stretch. If everything else fails, Oskanohana could still try to clinch the title with a Hail Mary move in Odd Sumo. Kaito makes a big splash today, notably after moving into shared jun-yusho position in my Oracle projections. If he can keep up with this, he might even have a say in the trophy decision. Golynohana remains in 4th place with a strong performance today. Unkonoyama and Kitakachiyama stay in 5th and 6th place, respectively with very minor upward ticks. The first positional change was caused by Pandaazuma's improvement (from 9th to 7th). As a consequence, Joaoiyama drops from 7th to 8th while Konosato slips from 8th to 9th. Andoreasu stays 10th, but his lead over Ganzohnesushi (0.52 points margin) and ScreechingOwl (1.27 points margin) is tiny.
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    Kyushu 2022: S Wakatakakage -> M1 Takayasu (1) -> O Shodai (2) -> M2 Ichinojo (4) -> O Takakeisho (5) -> K Tobizaru (9) -> M1 Takayasu (10) -> ?
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    I think it's within reason, considering the lack of upper sanyaku, that if Hoshoryu wins the rest of his matches, he'll be promoted to Ozeki. Maybe even with a single loss as well if he wins the yusho. I don't think either will happen on the balance of probabilities, but I wouldn't be entirely shocked by it. That is, I'd probably take a bet if I got, say, 3-1 odds. (Contingent on him actually performing that well, of course.)
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    If that's the best the current kimarite-gakari can do, the Kyokai should call the previous Oyama and reemploy him until he's 100.
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    Losing a yotsu battle against Midorifuji of all people tells it all. Mitakeumi was lucky to have even four Ozeki basho on his slate, being saved by Covid in July. I really wonder what's ailing him exactly. On the other hand, might this really become the first Makuuchi kachi-koshi for Azumaryu in his 8th attempt?
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    K2e Tobizaru (5-4) oshidashi O1e Takakeisho (6-3) o o o o o o o K2w Daieisho (4-5) oshidashi O1w Shodai (4-5) o o o o o M4e Wakamotoharu (5-4) yorikiri S2w Mitakeumi (4-5) o o o o o o o o M3w Midorifuji (4-5) katasukashi S1e Wakatakakage (5-4) o S1w Hoshoryu (8-1) uwatenage M4w Sadanoumi (4-5) o o o o o o o o o K1e Tamawashi (2-7) gasshohineri M3e Ura (1-8) o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o K1w Kiribayama (6-3) uwatenage M1w Kotonowaka (5-4) o M2e Meisei (5-4) yorikiri M1e Takayasu (7-2) o M5w Nishikifuji (7-2) tsukiotoshi M9w Abi (7-2) o o o o o o o M13w Oho (8-1) okuridashi M11e Onosho (5-4) o o o o o o o M15e Kagayaki (6-3) tsukiotoshi M11w Kotoshoho (5-4) o M12e Kotoeko (5-4) abisetaoshi M15w Atamifuji (3-6) o Ms4e Asanoyama (5-0) yorikiri Ms1w Shonannoumi (4-1) o o o o o o o o o o o Ms13w Nishinoryu (1-4) yorikiri Ms4w Asanowaka (0-5) o o o o o Ms13e Kawazoe (4-1) oshidashi Ms17w Hayatefuji (3-2) o o o o o o Jd13e Kaiyuma (3-2) yorikiri Jd18w Suyama (2-3) - the hype is dying down o o o Chiyotairyu press conference o o o o
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    Shame that he's leaving sumo so suddenly during the basho. He was one of the absolute rank-and-file makuuchi mainstays, only very briefly dipping his toe into juryo a few times over the years and I'll miss his presence. On a side note, it's somehow nice that he's opening something other than a chanko-nabe restaurant. I actually kinda feel like next time I'm in Japan I should do a Tokyo former rikishi restaurant tour. I don't know if anyone has a big list of former sumo wrestler restaurants anywhere, but I'm sure you can make a nice long route by now.
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    Atamifuji just turned 20 and is already in makuuchi. He's the youngest sekitori and made it to juryo without a MK. All that despite not having a particularly notable high school sumo career (never made it to the top 8 in a national event). Takarafuji was a good but not great collegiate rikishi (playing 2nd fiddle to Tokushoryu) who reached sekiwake and has now spent 65 basho in makuuchi - a very fine career but now at a point where significant decline is to be expected. Tiny Terutsuyoshi's best result in amasumo was top 16 at a national tournament but he has been a top division regular for a while now. I never expected more than juryo for him and he started out slowly, but he kept getting better and better. Nishikifuji had 0 notable results in college (wasn't even a starter on his team) and was hardly celebrated coming up the rankings, but is now closing in on sanyaku with his third straight double-digit win basho since entering makuuchi. Similar story for Midorifuji. Terunofuji did a year or two of amasumo, then wanted to quit after a year in his first stable, but switched to Isegahama and was brought to life. Of course, he could've been more accomplished without injury, but he's still reached sumo's highest rank, just like the previous foreigner to enter Isegahama. The Isegahama sekitori, of which there are many, have done far better than most who enter with comparable credentials. Of course, every heya will have some off tournaments as well.
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    Kyushu 2022 - Day 9 I'm a day late with the Nakabi update. Of note, former Sd90TD Kayo achieved his fourth KK. Heyamates Takahashi and Kazuto are both contending for the Sd yusho. Will they face each other at the end? J7w Kinbozan: 5-4 (6 KK, 45-14) Sd, Ms yusho Ms18e Kanzaki: 1-4 (4 KK, 22-11) Sd yusho Ms37e Kototebakari: 2-2 (4 KK, 26-5-1) Jk, Jd yusho Ms45w Kayo: 4-1 (4 KK, 20-5) Ms51e Wakanosho: 1-4 (4 KK, 24-9) Ms51w Hatsuyama: 3-1 (4 KK, 22-9-1) Sd4w Hanafusa: 2-3 (4 KK, 22-6) Sd18w Kazekeno: 4-1 (4 KK, 22-4) Jk yusho Sd21w Kotokenryu: 3-2 (3 KK, 24-8-1)* Sd22w Toseiryu: 3-1 (4 KK, 23-8-1) Sd32e Tanji: 3-1 (3 KK, 20-5) Sd43w Takahashi: 5-0 (3 KK, 18-1) Jk, Jd yusho Sd48e Wakamiyabi: 1-3 (3 KK, 17-8) Sd66w Kazuto: 5-0 (3 KK, 17-2) Sd77e Arise: 0-5 (3 KK, 15-11) Sd80w Hayashiryu: 2-2 (3 KK, 16-9) Sd81e Rinko: 3-2 (3 KK, 17-9) Sd86e Tatsuosho: 3-2 (3 KK, 18-8) Jd3e Daikinryu: 2-2 (3 KK, 16-9) Jd6w Michihaya: 2-2 (3 KK, 16-9) Jd18w Suyama: 2-3 (2 KK, 12-7) Jd24w Daishimatsu: 2-2 (3 KK, 14-11) Jd30w Kanazawa: 3-1 (2 KK, 15-7-3)*
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    Well we already knew that May gets you in. Now we know that November gets you out.
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    This is highly unusual. to say the least. The last guy to retire before halftime during a basho? Maybe Tochinowaka? I don't know, there's got to be more here. Still, it's Meigetsuin - he was always a little sideways.
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    Pre-Kyushu basho ozumo gappuri soken with Asahiyama-oyakata - highlights from last basho, the 3 recent danpatsushiki and the party of Terunofuji, visit to Oshiogawa-beya, basho outlook https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV18d4y1k7qn/
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    Two jolly gentlemen walking along a corridor of posters at Kyushu. They pan too quickly in spots, but you get a good view of most of them.