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    I think the real trick for Shodai is figuring out how to win this basho whilst simultaneously remaining kadoban next tournament for his yokozuna run.
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    Maezumo began today, the eight eligible shindeshi from this basho's group were joined by delayed Mongolian Kazenoumi and banzuke-gai Shokeima, back in action following a two-basho kyujo. Five bouts in the opening session, results: X Shokeima Kazenoumi O X Toriyama Kotosato O X Kosei Kazeeidai O O Tsuru Okano X X Sakuraba Negishi O Best bout was Tsuru-Okano, a nice minute-long yotsu battle between two Saitama Sakae boys. Sakuraba tried a sidestep-and-ketaguri, but the kick either missed altogether or had no effect, he was dumped on the floor immediately and looked concerned about his already-wrapped left knee.
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    Maezumo started today, 3 bouts in the focus, especially the last one with the nephew - playlist with full coverage for the basho training at the heya on the 9th o Already Aminishiki style o o o Negishi-Sakuraba oo o oooo o oo Kotosato-Toriyama (2nd) Toriyama at the heya o oo Tsuru-Okano (4th bout) 3rd bout was Kazeeidai-Kosei, first a returner bout, Kazenoumi won against? (yobidashi call was missing and the gyoji hard to understand)
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    So far he's faced Hoshoryu, a nemesis who's always given him trouble, Takakeisho, an Ozeki who for some reason always tries to rip his head off, and Shodai, who is kadoban and therefore invincible. Three tough matchups at the start for him, but hopefully he can find his groove and get back on track.
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    Shodai has been top Ozeki three times already. The last one never to make it to O1e was Tochinoshin.
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    Rikishi taking a bath in a teacup - rikishi teabags new from the fan appreciation event, also on sale at the basho he might need a nice hot relaxing bath (mistaken for Takakeisho: o)
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    I'm a little out of practice after this year, but let's give it a shot. Remember, ridiculous is good; merely unlikely is not as good. 1) In Juryo, Chiyonokuni pushes Akua completely off the side of the dohyo, and (as Akua hurtles his way through the crowd trying to miss little old ladies) he hits Hiro Morita, who's interviewing a lady from Houston, Texas. Hiro gets blasted an extra two rows and ends up in a face-down crumple. Horrified, Akua turns him over, but recognizes Morita-san and says with a huge grin ... "SUMO PRIME TIME!" 2) The new Komusubi, Tobizaru is hazed in the usual way by the San'yaku. Daieisho tells him that as a new member he has to give gifts from his home town to the rest of the guys. As an Edogawa native, Tobizaru sends each of them a potted bonsai and a small bag of goldfish. After day two Hoshoryu (in on the joke) tells Tobizaru "thanks for the tiny tree, that was great; but the little fish tasted terrible!" 3) And the best one: "Word on the streets is that Shodai is going to put on an ABSOLUTE CLINIC in Fukuoka and show these sumo clowns who the REAL BOSS is."
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    Unless you expect Takakeisho (and I guess Mitakeumi...) to lose their Ozeki rank and drop out of Sanyaku, they won't be collecting any kinboshi. For my guess I'll put Daieisho and Tamawashi as kinboshi recipients. Beyond that, I dunno. Takayasu, Ichinojo, Meisei? As to the "lose to the same opponent three times" bit, I'll say Tamawashi for that one.
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    Day 3: Kishikaisei continues to lead the Kyushu standings (51.25). Unkonoyama (42.45) is his closest pursuer. Oyama (38.90), Andonishiki (37.45), Kajiyanosho (32.86) and Pandaazuma (30.50) are in the 30+ club. With a lack of real breakout performances thus far, Oskanohana would not need much effort to clinch the title. And indeed, a minor improvement in an otherwise mediocre basho (8.50 Kyushu points) is enough to keep everyone else at bay. As speculated yesterday, Susanoo's good score was somewhat fragile, and he dropped from solo lead to shared lead in Tippspiel today and from shared lead to also-ran in Quad, giving him a net loss for the day. Unkonoyama rebounded today and finds himself (back) in 3rd place. 4th place is contested among the two Polish top gamers, with Golynohana leading over Kitakachiyama by 0.34 points. Players between 6th and 9th are separated by about 4.5 points: Konosato is 6th (down from 4th), Ganzohnesushi is 7th (up from 10th), Pandaazuma is 8th (up from 9th), and Kaito is 9th (down from 4th after losing more than 20 points in one fell swoop...). Joaoiyama rounds out the Top 10 (down from 8th). Flohru and chishafuwaku make appearances in the 100+ club.
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    The Room tour - Araiso, the special advisor of the company, with ex-TV Asahi announcer Yuki Maeda and a CM for the company - making of Also this year a CM for location sponsor AI-koumuten (also in Nagoya) by now Nishonoseki - making of and interview the company is Osaka based, likely they'll also provide an Osaka location - the CM
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    Hullo. Available in stereocolor, surround sound, and haptic stimulation: the newest and latest edition of the beloved Superbanzuke Ranking. Permalink: http://99998271.com/sb/sb202211.html
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    New sponsor Kracie puts the kensho on Oho, so he has 2 fix now Day 3 torikumi/2211_03.pdf - better list: amazonaws/attachments/475115/三日目.pdf 48: Takakeisho 39: Takayasu 29: Tobizaru 28: Shodai 12: Hoshoryu 10: Ryuden 9: Sadanoumi 8: Mitakeumi 7: Abi 7: Kagayaki 7: Hiradoumi 7: Wakatakakage 7: Daieisho
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    O1w Shodai (1-1) yorikiri M1e Takayasu (1-1) o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o O1e Takakeisho (2-0) oshidashi M1w Kotonowaka (0-2) o o o o o o o o o o o o o o S1w Hoshoryu (2-0) hikkake K1e Tamawashi (0-2) o o o o o o S2w Mitakeumi (2-0) oshidashi M2w Ichinojo (1-1) o o o o o o o o o S1e Wakatakakage (1-1) yorikiri K1w Kiribayama (1-1) o o o o o o o K2e Tobizaru (2-0) hatakikomi M2e Meisei (0-2) o o o o o o o o o K2w Daieisho (1-1) oshidashi M3e Ura (0-2) o o o o o M3w Midorifuji (1-1) katasukashi M4w Sadanoumi (1-1) o o o o M5e Hokutofuji (1-1) yorikiri M4e Wakamotoharu (1-1) o o M5w Nishikifuji (2-0) tsukidashi M6w Ryuden (1-1) o o o o M6e Nishikigi (1-1) yorikiri M7e Endo (0-2) o o o o o M8w Tochinoshin (1-1) hatakikomi M7w Myogiryu (1-1) o M9e Takanosho (2-0) oshidashi M8e Takarafuji (0-2) o M9w Abi (2-0) oshidashi M10w Chiyoshoma (0-2) o o o M11e Onosho (2-0) oshidashi M10e Aoiyama (0-2) o M11w Kotoshoho (2-0) hikiotoshi M13e Okinoumi (0-2) o M12w Chiyotairyu (1-1) oshidashi M12e Kotoeko (1-1) o o M13w Oho (1-1) oshidashi M14w Azumaryu (0-2) o M14e Ichiyamamoto (2-0) hatakikomi M15w Atamifuji (0-2) o o o M15e Kagayaki (2-0) oshidashi M16e Terutsuyoshi (0-2) o o M16w Hiradoumi (2-0) tsukidashi J1w Chiyomaru (1-1) o o o J11e Enho (2-0) hikiotoshi J10e Chiyosakae (1-1) o J13w Roga (1-1) uwatenage J14w Gonoyama (0-2) o o o Ms5e Daishomaru (1-0) yorikiri Ms4w Asanowaka (0-1) o o Ms8w Tomokaze (1-0) hatakikomi Ms9e Dewanoryu (0-1) o Ms13e Kawazoe (1-0) yoritaoshi Ms12w Tochikodai (0-1) o o o o o o Ms37e Kototebakari (1-0) yorikiri Ms37w Kairyu (0-1) o Jd18w Suyama (1-0) tsukiotoshi Jd18e Maenofuji (0-1) o o o o o o o o o
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    Not just injured himself, but did so after balancing on the edge of the dohyo after the bout where it seems he could have either remained or taken a more measured leap off it and avoided that injury. Hopefully it's not series.
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    If Tokihayate wins and there are an even number of sekitori withdrawals between now and Day 5, the Torch will likely get paired into Juryo again, probably against Oshoma, who 2 people have. If they don't need a fill-in in Juryo or Shiden wins, the next torch match should be against Shonannoumi (who two other people have), who is already 2-0 due to winning his Day 2 match in Juryo. They actually did it right this time unlike last time when they penciled in Tomokaze to fight his first match in Juryo Day 2 and then they didn't need a sekitori fill-in. There's still a chance that my pick of Daishomaru might end up with it, but he'll likely have to get past Asanoyama, so I think I'm out of contention there unless the Torch bounces back from Juryo onto someone with a loss in Makushita. J6 isn't looking too likely either, but if the Torch heads into Juryo it'll at least have a chance, and no one else with my rank has any points yet either, so maybe...
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    Sumo related: Hiroko Ichige, the okamisan of kokugikan chaya no.1 Takasagoya, granddaughter of yokozuna Hitachiyama has died on the 12th at age 84 due to liver cancer https://www.yomiuri.co.jp/sports/sumo/20221114-OYT1T50259/
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    Good point. However, I believe that the actual cut-out should be 31+ (which would even work better for your narrative). The 1980s boys in particular are on their way to retirement with just a couple exceptions. However, people 30 or younger are all looking good actually. Here my analysis of the present Maakuchi banzuke rikishi by age (the asterisk shows that they are going to turn of age very soon):
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    Seki-Oracle: As a pre-basho game Oracle was of course significantly more affected by all the Covid shenanigans in July than Toto and Quad were. However, short of throwing out the results altogether I didn't really see how I could reasonably improve upon them to take account of the unique circumstances, so in the end I let them stay as they were. Back in May, yokozuna Pandaazuma posted his first ever result below 7-8 at the rank, and unfortunately Nagoya saw him follow up on it with a second 6-9, which means he entered Aki basho at risk of an involuntary retirement, should he score a third straight MK there. Norizo was already at the precipice in Nagoya after three makekoshi in the preceding five tournaments (four in six = also intai), and he saved himself ever so barely, tied for the last points score that was still above the joi-jin KK/MK line. None of the five ozeki were kadoban so we weren't going to lose any in the downward direction, but the opposite one was of course possible. And the one ozeki who was on tsunatori did it in style, with the yusho. Congrats to Oskahanada for reaching the ultimate rank in Oracle! This did it for him: 2022.03 O2e 15-0 J (sole 2nd place) 2022.05 O1e 9-6 (tied 4th-9th place) 2022.07 O2e 14-1 Y (1st place) Another ozeki in freshly promoted Golynohana also had an excellent result, finishing Nagoya basho in 3rd place. Combined with his previous result, the Natsu yusho, that would be a promotable run, but of course the yusho still happened as sekiwake, and I can't quite give that much credit for it. It's easily enough to be considered for a tsuna run in Aki, of course. The remaining ozeki results saw decent 9-6 scores for Kaito and Gansekiiwa, and a big 5-10 makekoshi for chishafuwaku who thus went on to Aki basho with kadoban status. The sanyaku ranks saw another expansion from 11 to 12 on the heels of last basho's, so we're at the nominal max now. The promotion of Torafujii to komusubi from all the way down at M9 may look weird in light of his 10-5 record, but he was actually the tournament runner-up to Oskahanada. Had Torafujii been ranked in the joi already, his points total would have converted to 13-2 there. Norizo (Ye 8-7) Y1 Pandaazuma (Yw 6-9) Oskahanada (O2e 14-1 Y) Y2 - Golynohana (O3e 13-2) O1 Kaito (O1e 9-6) Gansekiiwa (O1w 9-6) O2 chishafuwaku (O2w 5-10) Frinkanohana (Sw 10-5) S1 Andoreasu (Se 8-7) - S2 Wamahada (M2e 11-4) DeRosa (M5e 10-5) K Torafujii (M9e 10-5) Kishikaisei (Ke 7-8) M1 Susanoo (Kw 7-8) Bill (M4e 8-7) M2 Konosato (M8e 9-6) Asashosakari (M1w 7-8) M3 Oshirokita (M6e 8-7) Ganzohnesushi (M6w 8-7) M4 Kitakachiyama (M3e 7-8) Andrasoyama (M7w 8-7) M5 Flohru (M4w 7-8) Mariohana (M2w 6-9) M6 Balon (M1e 5-10) Choshu-yuki (M12e 9-6) M7 Athenayama (M14w 10-5) Unkonoyama (M10w 8-7) M8 Takanorappa (M11e 8-7) GONZABUROW (M3w 4-11) M9 Taka (M8w 7-8) Kotononami (M15w 9-6) M10 Sakura (M9w 7-8) ScreechingOwl (M10e 7-8) M11 Oortael (M5w 4-11) Hakase (M7e 5-10) M12 Ruziklao (M12w kosho) Mmikasazuma (J2e 11-4) M13 Shatsume (J1e 10-5) Metzinowaka (M13e 6-9) M14 Profomisakari (M13w 6-9) Sukubidubidu (M15e 7-8) M15 Terarno (J4e 10-5) joaoiyama (M16e 7-8) J1 Kobashi (J1w kosho) Saruyama (M11w 4-11) J2 Pitinosato (M14e 4-11) bariihachibenson (J5e 8-7) J3 Kasamatsuri (J9w 10-5) Seki Haruaki (J6e 8-7) J4 Netsuzakura (J3w 7-8) Anjoboshi (J2w 6-9) J5 Doreikishi (J3e 6-9) Gusoyama (J11w 9-6) J6 Holleshoryu (J5w 7-8) TochiYESshin (NR 9-6) J7 Gusokaze (J7w kosho) Kurofuji (J8e kosho) J8 Chartorenji (J8w kosho) Kaiowaka (J9e kosho) J9 Hidenotora (J7e 5-10) reeeen (J12e 7-8) J10 Kajiyanosho (J10w kosho) Fujisan (J11e 6-9) J11 Andonishiki (NR 5-10) WAKATAKE (NR 4-11) J12 Nantonoyama (J4w 0-0-15) Kakushoyama (J6w 0-0-15) J13 -
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    Dear Mods (and Yamanashi) --- Feel free to delete this post if you think I am lacking in hinkaku. Ichinojo goes to a bar but doesn't have even one drink. He (yes, Ichinojo again) and the Minato Okamisan sign up for tango lessons together. Ichinojo fires his Tsukebito and informs his Oyakata (through his lawyer) that from now on, his lawyer will also function as his Tsukebito. Ichinijo tries to make a peace offering to his Oyakata by offering him a bottle of that traditional Mongolian drink of hospitality, fermented mare's milk. His Oyakata spits it up & Ichinojo flies into a rage and destroys the Minato guest lodgings in Kyushu. Ichinojo wins his second Yusho for the sole purpose of being able to flip the bird at his Oyakata. We get to witness his biggest smile ever. In an effort to boost ratings for his "Sumo Prime Time" show, Hiro Morita climbs onto the dohyo with his microphone just as Shodai is beginning his shiko prior to his match. Shodai gets confused and thinks Hiro is his opponent. At the tachiai, Hiro shoves his microphone in Shodai's face, causing Shodai to fall backwards off the dohyo. Shodai pops his head up and in unison, he and Hiro shout 'SUMO PRIME TIME"! The NSK is so thrilled about the incredible success of the "Sumo Fan Appreciation" event that they decide to incorporate some elements of it at the Kyushu basho. For the first time ever, men and women who have purchased Premium Tickets are allowed to fully participate in the Basho, everything from becoming official Gyoji, Shimpan, Yobidashi, Guarder of the Salt Basket, Water Boy, Giver of the Holy Napkin and even Official Announcers. They would have daily drawings to see which lucky winners get to dress their favorite rikishi in his mawashi!! (Lots of money to be made there!!). The NSK invites NHK to join the fun by inviting members of Sumo Forum to be guest expert commentators in the studio on Live TV! Fifteen magical days! It would be the talk of Kyushu (and Sumo Forum!) for weeks! Okay, folks, I'm off to rehab. See y'all later!
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    Who is the mystery lady from Houston, Texas???? Does she get smashed by Akua as well?
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    NSK data: SHIKONA KANJI NAME HEYA HEIGHT WEIGHT DOB BIRTHPLACE Kojima 小嶋 Kojima Kosei Minato 181 115 02 - February - 2006 Niigata Miura 三浦 Miura Kotaro Oshiogawa 178 110 05 - July - 2004 Saitama Negishi 根岸 Negishi Kosuke Takekuma 176 111 15 - November - 2004 Saitama Okano 岡野 Okano Sora Takekuma 173 126 22 - March - 2005 Hyogo Ragucha ラグチャー Ragucha Jamintkutoho* Takasago 181 146 08 - January - 1999 Mongolia Sakuraba 櫻庭 Sakuraba Ryo Isegahama 174 93 26 - February - 2005 Aomori Sato 佐藤 Sato Nobuyuki Sadogatake 176 169 13 - June - 2001 Chiba Toriyama 鳥山 Toriyama Yutaro Hanaregoma 190 105 18 - January - 2003 Fukui Tsendosuren ツェンドスレン Tsendosuren Toshigu* Asahiyama 178 125 18 - May - 2003 Mongolia Tsuru 鶴 Tsuru Kanato Fujishima 176 133 19 - December - 2004 Saitama * unconfirmed spellings as per ISJ
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    A short documentary about two Hiroshima rikishi at Nittaidai - Takuma Terao and Kengo Furuta, both lightweight wrestlers. The have been great friends and rivals ever since a young age, and joined Nittaidai together. Two months ago, at the National Weight Class Championships, Takuma won the under-75kg category, and later that day, Kengo won the under-85kg category. This was the first time in the tournament's history that two rikishi from Hiroshima both won Yusho. They are later shown competing at the National Student Championships last week:
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    On the fourth day of Christmas the shimpan sent to me Four komusubi, three sekiwake, two wobbly ōzeki and a yokozuna with a bum knee~ (Sorry, couldn't resist.)