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    More details. The heya is not asking to get rid of Ichinojou. On the contrary, the oyakata is seeking ways for reconciliation. The drinking started around 2017, after which the Oyakata forbade him to go out socially for a year. But two - three weeks after the ban was lifted , he started drinking again and returning home in the early morning hours and missing training. "I can't control myself, so please continue treating me strictly," he is said to have said back then. He went out with friends, causing some problems, at which point the okamisan started accompanying him to keep an eye on him. There were times he didn't drink, but when he started, he couldn't stop. When drunk, he used to hit the okamisan and squeeze her hands so tightly bruises could be seen. He threw things at her once as well. When he didn't go out, he would down a whole case of beer, and drink 1-2 bottles of whiskey at the heya. The okamisan was pushed to the floor at times, it is being said. He seems to acknowledge he has a drinking problem but would not cooperate with the Oyakata in seeking help from the Kyokai or seeking any sort of medical treatment. But what brought on the drinking? "I was not allowed to live by myself till now and that is the main reason.. If I can live alone, I won't drink," he explained back then. So last December, Minato Oyakata let him live alone, on condition he stopped drinking. Ichinojou agreed, but soon went back on his promise and started drinking again. One day this February, he didn't show up for keiko. When asked why, he answered that he was so plastered he couldn't wake up. The next day the Oyakata got ready to have a talk with him, but Ichinojou sent him a note saying he will talk to him only through a lawyer. That's when Minato Oyakata gave up and went to the Kyokai for help. He then turned to Ichinojou's friends and discussed with them ways to mend this in case the addiction got worse, and is carefully considering how to deal with this in the future. "He has been talking to the Kyokai for more than half a year. We don't want to judge Ichinojou. We want him to use this as an opportunity to take a good look at himself," said people close to the heya.
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    Yeah! This is why I was really pumped about 4 Komusubi and getting back to picking in the joi. Hokutofuji's opponents will be pretty straightforward for the entire first week, but there are so many options with the sanyaku that it'll be hard to get people to agree. 4. Daieisho
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    stay healthy Oshoumi (and all rikishi)
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    "When drunk, he used to hit the okamisan and squeeze her hands so tightly bruises could be seen. He threw things at her once as well. When he didn't go out, he would down a whole case of beer, and drink 1-2 bottles of whiskey at the heya. The okamisan was pushed to the floor at times" ^ The initial reports sounded really bad, then it seemed like things may have been overblown......but those details above makes it seem worse again if true. From those it sounds like he has a habit of intentionally getting physical with her. Accidentally pushing someone off with too much force is one thing, but being purposefully aggressive and violent over and over is another. Probably a good thing he's not living at the heya now.
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    Day 2: There was quite some turmoil in the Kyushu Masters standings. As of now, Kishikaisei (47.78) sports a 0.07 points lead over runner-up Oyama. Ketsukai makes a big splash and moves up to 3rd place (45.50) while yesterday's leader Konosato drops to 4th (41.99). Other players north of 30 points are Fujisan (33.03), Andonishiki (31.88), and Unkonoyama (30.07). As the graph below indicates, the race for the World Championship title now gets really hot. Oskanohana lost some ground, and is currently standing at only 4 points for the basho. In contrast, pre-basho runner-up Susanoo gained momentum (26.44 points for the basho) and now trails the Spaniard by only 0.9 points! Susanoo has never won the title, but he leads (together with Norizo) for most Vice World Championship titles (2006, 2007, 2017). Will he be able to finally become World Champion? We'll see... Konosato cooled down a bit today and slipped from 2nd to 3rd. He now has an improving Kaito on his heels (up from 6th). Unkonoyama stays in 5th place. Golynohana was one of the few contenders with an upward trend today, moving from 9th to 6th in the process. Kitakachiyama has a very poor start into the basho, dropping from 4th to 7th. The basho start for Joaoiyama is even poorer (0.2 points in Kyushu Basho) and he slips from 7th to 8th. Pandaazuma goes from 8th to 9th while Ganzohnesushi remains in 10th. Choshu-yuki, Andoreasu, and Kajiyanosho currently have a good chance to enter the Top 10.
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    Day 1: In the Kyushu Masters, Konosato took an early lead with 50.79 points. He led over Oyama (44.62), Kishikaisei (35.43), Pandaazuma (34.22), Unkonoyama (31.88) and Frinkanohana (30.03). In the World Championship, most of the top contenders were off to a soft start. Most importantly, leader Oskanohana was only 52nd in the Kyushu standings with a meager 8.05 points. But none of the next four players in the ranking were able to really capitalize on that (all below 20 points on shonichi). So it was Konosato who jumped from 9th to 2nd place in the overall standings. Runner-up Susanoo dropped to 3rd. Kitakachiyama was off to a relatively good start (22.74 points) and improved from 5th to 4th. Unkonoyama slipped from 3rd to 5th. Kaito edged out 20 points on shonichi which kept him in 6th place. Reigning World Championship Joaoiyama did not look like he could defend his title, and with a poor start (11.12 points) he dropped from 4th to 7th. Record title holder Pandaazuma entered the Top 10 in eighth place. Golynohana dropped from 7th to 9th while Ganzohnesushi kept 10th place. Two new players entered the 100+ points club, viz. last year's runner-up Bill and Kishikaisei.
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    Good point. However, I believe that the actual cut-out should be 31+ (which would even work better for your narrative). The 1980s boys in particular are on their way to retirement with just a couple exceptions. However, people 30 or younger are all looking good actually. Here my analysis of the present Maakuchi banzuke rikishi by age (the asterisk shows that they are going to turn of age very soon):
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    Konnichiwa Kaito-san, Thank you again. I'm sorry for my mistake that a word "Juryo" is left out from English sentence. Therefore, only in th case of both Japanese and English question sentences are dicided Yes [or both to No], this question is counted with each sentence. In other cases, unfortunately this question is canceled.
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    As today (the whole day) I'll be traveling from Europe (Bulgaria) to USA - Day 3 of TUG will be annulled as I cannot prepare the TUG Torikumi and the Entry Form. Sorry for any inconveniences!!! Achiyama
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    Selection Stats Day 1 Standings Day 2 Standings
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    Perhaps this thread should be renamed the Rikishi and Dohyō Status thread.
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    According to the NB Instagram, kyujo this basho are Yamane (again, Bg), Hokuozan (again, Bg), Sakurai, and unfortunately Oshoryu. They are back in Tokyo working out and healing up (under the watchful eye of one of the heya managers, I assume).
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    A video from the shindeshi kensa by the NSK - all 10 presented and measured, then some glimpses from the grip and back strength checks
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    Unfortunately he actually needs that. The Romans took better care of their gladiators.
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    These preliminary reports are surely worrisome. What stucks me the most is that the "big thing" apparently dated back to December 2021, that is shortly after he acquired Japanese citizenship (September 2021) with an evident homage to his Oyakata by adopting his own surname. I wonder whether Ichinojo having acquired his citizenship exacerbated his relationship with the heya somehow. As Seiyashi has reported, however, it is apparently not an one-way breakdown but also Minato-oyakata was actively involved in some manner (money issues). Part of the surprise however comes from this wholly new portrait of Ichinojo, especially his apparently uncontrollable drinking habit but also his reported unwillingness to join training at Minato stable. This adds up to his weight issues and his back issues (certainly existing, given his ample use of cupping on his back). I am frankly surprised he managed to remain in the joy all this time, not to mention his Nagoya yusho. Koorifuu above in this topic said it was likely a way to prove a point, but it's easier said than done. I still believe that some form of relief for his back given by his COVID-related kyujo remains involved in the equation, perhaps in addition to a moment of sobriety to prove a point indeed. Now I am wary to see what's happening next. I am not sure that Futahaguro's case sticks. It was 1987, after all - as old as poor 'ole me -, not to mention that this time around the oyakata is not just a spectator. For sure, the NSK has not changed that much since then and is still long ways from being a beacon of transparency. Moreover, I have the general impression that the Japanese have a noticeable tendency to not wash their dirty linen in public, that is not to involve the authorities. I mean, being an alcoholic is ultimately a private issue (although it's true that thing change when your job is involved), but being an insolvent debtor - like Minato-oyakata is whispered to be - can be a felony. In different circumstances, a sportsman would have called his lawyer and that's it. But not in Japan and surely not in Ozumo. Anyway, the simple fact it took the NSK almost a year to come to an active investigation makes the entire affair unsettling. My impression is that not Minato nor Ichinojo wanted this case to come out (although I cannot see how they wanted to sort it out), but it reached the Old Crones anyway. Depending on how serious the matter is - especially in Minato-oyakata's case - them both could get the boot. In another sport, Ichinojo would have had right to some time off to reach out for a psychologist and a nutritionist, not to mention moving to another stable. But this is Ozumo. I have a bad feeling about this.
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    A bit late - the e(picture)-banzuke for Kyushu 22
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    Mitakeumi was 12-2 today with ms Dewanoryu and Kairyu oo o o oo o Kotonowaka on the 9th o o Enho on the 27th oo o o o Asanoyama - beard is keiko fashion now o Kyokutaisei is back after 4 basho, as jk 5 - day 1 vs. Fujinonami o
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    Yet another video: 「True Contenders」 Kyushu Tourney Outlook Hiro has confidence in Mitakeumi to come up with 10+ wins and return to Ozeki. He might be the only one who does.
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    Kyushu these days Hoshoryu o oo with Meisei o oo io Shodai o o o Tamawashi on the 5th o o
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    Another basho preview: 「Top Division Hopes」Kyushu Tourney Outlook - YouTube
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    Today at the heya in Kyushu Takakeisho and Takanosho o o o oo o o oo Kotonowaka with Kotoeko and Kotoshoho o o o o o o Yesterday Ura trained with jd Suyama & others o Myogiryu o Kiribayama
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    The gomen-fuda for the basho has been put in place today at the Fukuoka kokusai center o the Kyushu responsible oyakata team: Onogawa, no.2 Shiratama, chief Sakaigawa in the middle, Mihogaseki, Shiranui the 4 posters for Kyushu are on sale at 7/11convenience store for 1 year starting on day 1 of the basho: you can print them A3 size at the copy machines in the stores, for 200 yen each https://www.sej.co.jp/products/bromide/subromide2111.html All other posters since Aki 2021 are still available - likely also for one year
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    Maybe as a yokozuna, he wasn't as successful as we're used to, but the joi a the time was extremely talented. With injuries and the emergence of Chiyonofuji, success would have been hard for anyone. Disclaimer: I was a HUGE fan of his when he still held the shikona Wakamisugi. The mawashi I'm wearing in my avatar is purple because he wore purple. I even had "WAKAMISUGI" written on my home-made kesho mawashi (made out of a paper bag with a crayola drawn Mt Fuji on it.)