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    Quite a short list of absentees for the start of this basho which is good. Yokozuna Terunofuji Ms17e Oshoryu Ms42e Obara Ms50w Ishiura Sd10w Mishima Sd30w Suguro Sd45w Sakurai Sd70e Fukuazuma Sd70w Daiseizan Jd12w Takashoki Jd27e Tochihayate Jd31w Ryubumaru Jd37w Kanryu Jd39w Nishikinoryu Jd66e Wakayahara Jd75w Nakaishi Jd84e Hokutoshio Jd92e Fubu Jd96e Sawada (intai) Jd101w Mihonoumi Jk8w Izumigawa Jk9w Roman Jk12e Wakakaneko Jk13w Tsubakifuji Jk14w Chikureisen Also a couple of shimpan kyujo as reported by Akinomaki:
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    Kyushu 2022: M17 Tier: Atamifuji+3 - Since Nagoya 2021 J7 Tier: Hokuseiho+1 - Since Hatsu 2021 Ms15 Tier: Yoshii+2 - Since Kyushu 2019 Ms30 Tier: Setonoumi+3 - Since Nagoya 2022 - This guy is doing insanely well for someone with no fanfare out of middle school. He also spent 3 basho on the sidelines last year, and he's clearly completely recovered from whatever kept him out. A 6-1 in his Makushita debut sees him now in the top half of the division. On a 4 basho streak of at least 5 wins as well. Otsuji+1 - Since Haru 2020 Chiyotora - Since Aki 2022 Ms45 Tier: Kototebakari - New entry. Kotoshoho's brother. Won Kanazawa national high school tournament about a year ago. Ms60 Tier: Daihisho - Since Hatsu 2021 other than Nagoya 2021 Sd50 Tier: Tanji+3 - Since Aki 2022 - Someone at +3 this low on the list indicates a very impressive start from a middle schooler. Built on his first two 6-1s with a 5-2 in his third basho. Almost definitely a future sekitori unless misfortune befalls him. Shunrai - Since Aki 2021 except for Natsu 2022 - He was inadvertently left off the list last basho, but he was on my list that I make before I write the post. Not sure what went on there, but I edited the previous basho's list to put him there. Sd75 Tier: Mogamizakura - Kyushu 2021, Natsu 2022, and Nagoya 2022 Sd90 Tier: Rinko+1 - Since Aki 2022 Hayashiryu+1 - Since Aki 2022 The last two have now had identical records in 3 straight basho. Kiryuko (newcomer last time who I expected to see again) was born on October 31, 2002. If he was born the next day, he'd be in the Ms30 Tier.
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    A bit late - the e(picture)-banzuke for Kyushu 22
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    I do wish you would use the dedicated thread we have for these articles instead of opening a new one every time.
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    Deputy chief shimpan Kumegawa is kyujo the whole basho, deputy chief shimpan Fujishima is replacing him http://www.sanspo.com/article/20221112-WD6RNZMWNBPSBCVIZHOFFKHJTA/ - Fujishima nowadays regularly is only at the torikumi making conferences, but not at the dohyo Shimpan Edagawa is also kyujo, for now same Tokitsukaze-beya's Izutsu oyakata is replacing him. - no reasons given for the 2 shimpan kyujo
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    Scores for banzuke purposes: Asashosakari 13 (12+Top) Athenayama 11 ryafuji 11 Koorifuu 9 Rocks 9 Sakura 9 (8+TB) Holleshoryu 8 Jejima 8 Profomisakari 8 WAKATAKE 8 chishafuwaku 8 (7+TB) Yarimotsu 7 Total: 109 / 12 = 9.08 ---> -1 win An obvious KK/MK cut again, even if the mean score doesn't quite agree this time. The new banzuke for Kyushu 2022: Asashosakari (Ye 12-3 Y) Y YO chishafuwaku (Yw 7-8) Athenayama (Oe 10-5 J) O --- Rocks (Se 8-7) S Tsuchinoninjin (Ow 0-0-15*) ryafuji (M4w 10-5 J) K Sakura (M1w 8-7) Mmikasazuma (Kw kosho) M1 Holleshoryu (Sw 7-8) WAKATAKE (Ke 7-8) M2 Koorifuu (NR 8-7) Hakuryuho (M2w kosho) M3 Jejima (M2e 7-8) Tameiki (M3w kosho) M4 Profomisakari (M4e 7-8) Yarimotsu (M3e 6-9) M5 Chartorenji (M1e 0-0-15) Rather different results for the two yokozuna, although chishafuwaku wasn't far from a positive outcome. Sadly we're down to just one ozeki, however, after continued absences by Tsuchinoninjin, and Rocks not really coming close to completing his promotion run. Kadoban Athenayama easily cleared his name and as runner-up he just might bear watching in Kyushu.
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    A short documentary about two Hiroshima rikishi at Nittaidai - Takuma Terao and Kengo Furuta, both lightweight wrestlers. The have been great friends and rivals ever since a young age, and joined Nittaidai together. Two months ago, at the National Weight Class Championships, Takuma won the under-75kg category, and later that day, Kengo won the under-85kg category. This was the first time in the tournament's history that two rikishi from Hiroshima both won Yusho. They are later shown competing at the National Student Championships last week:
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    Scores for banzuke purposes: Holleshoryu 10 (9+Top) Asashosakari 9 (8+TB) Rocks 9 (8+TB) Jejima 8 Mmikasazuma 8 WAKATAKE 8 chishafuwaku 8 (7+TB) Athenayama 7 Hakuryuho 7 Yarimotsu 7 Sakura 6 Profomisakari 5 Tameiki 5 Total: 97 / 13 = 7.46 ---> no adjustment One of the most obvious KK/MK lines ever. The banzuke for Aki 2022: Asashosakari (Ye 9-6 J) Y chishafuwaku (Yw 8-7) Athenayama (Ow 7-8) O Tsuchinoninjin (Oe 0-0-15) Rocks (Sw 9-6 J) S Holleshoryu (M1w 10-5 Y) WAKATAKE (Kw 8-7) K Mmikasazuma (M3w 8-7) Chartorenji (M1e kosho) M1 Sakura (Se 6-9) Jejima (M4w 8-7) M2 Hakuryuho (M2w 7-8) Yarimotsu (M4e 7-8) M3 Tameiki (M2e 5-10) Profomisakari (M3e 5-10) M4 ryafuji (Ke 0-0-15) A successful start into his yokozuna tenure for chishafuwaku, but senior tsuna wearer Asashosakari retained the top spot on the rankings. Both ozeki moved on to Aki basho as kadoban, freshly returned Athenayama with a near miss and Tsuchinoninjin with his second straight absence. No new ozeki - Sakura, who had carried two strong results from March and May into Nagoya Basho, unfortunately missed the promotion by a mile and will have to start all over. For Aki it's now Rocks on a run of two decent scores and seeking the third, while Holleshoryu could take a two-basho shortcut to ozeki with another yusho-quality result.
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    Summarising a few other sources courtesy of Herouth over on Twitter: Nikkan and Sankei Shimbun (parent paper of Sanspo) have picked up the story as well, so it's in the mainstream press (or as Herouth puts it, the "small tabloid breaking gossip" bong has run out of copium). Ichinojō has no comment other than the usual "I'll focus on my own sumo". Shibatayama has also been asked about the story by Tokyo Sports; he confirms that the NSK knows about it, that there are investigations ongoing, but no further comment for now. Apparently no formal report/complaint was filed and he personally knows no further details either in his capacity as a director. If Ichinojō really has done all he's said to have done, Kyūshū is going to be his last basho - I wonder how he will take the prospect of forcible retirement.
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    About 1300 Kensho have been applied for, 4 new sponsors with the minimum of 1 each day = 60 kensho. Most individual kensho are on Takakeisho, 153. http://www.sanspo.com/article/20221111-IRCMZQPSGFNAXNJBSWV2LXDULU/ Without the yokozuna, the 2 ozeki will have the big bunches in turn, Shodai has an extra incentive to clear kadoban New kensho this basho - I bought those in the past as presents: onsen bath salt (no drugs) from Kracie https://www.kracie.co.jp/khp/tabi/ Center Meal - service https://centermeal.net/ Land and House Investigators Association http://www.chosashi.or.jp/ SR Fukuoka association - social insurance consultants https://www.sr-fukuoka.or.jp/
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    And late again, so we'll have the Monday deadline this time as well, just in case. The lineup for Kyushu 2022: 1. Ryuo 9 2. Wakatakakage 7 [score?] 3. Chiyosakae 7 4. Ryuden 6 5. Kinbozan 6* 6. Chiyotora 6 7. Inoue 6 8. Hoshoryu 5 [score?] 9. Hokuseiho 5 10. Asashinjo 5 11. Takakeisho 4 [score?] 12. Kiribayama 4 [score?] 13. Kotonowaka 4 14. Roga 4 TB: [pick?] (* marks rikishi with no makekoshi since debut) The scoring and thus your game assignment: For sanyaku: Please predict an exact record for each rikishi. The target record will be calculated after the deadline and will be chosen so that it bisects the predictions as evenly as possible. The predictions will then be converted into + and - votes as usual; one point for each correct prediction. For lower-ranked rikishi: Please predict for each rikishi if he will finish KK or MK; one point for each correct prediction. (For clarification: If you're expecting an outright makekoshi for one of the sanyaku high-rankers, just predict MK, exact records are only needed on the kachikoshi side of things.) First tie-breaker: From among those 14 guys up there and the further 13 rikishi who are currently just shy of a 5-KK streak (6 'veterans' + Covid-extended Nishikikuni + 4 maezumo newcomers + tsukedashi Kanzaki and Hatsuyama...whew), please guess how many KK you expect in total. Your tie-breaker guess may be anything from 0 to 27. Only exactly correct guesses qualify at this tie-breaker stage. Note: Sanyaku count as correct for the tie-breaker if they achieve KK, they do not need to meet their target records. Next 13 tie-breakers if needed: Correctly predicted rikishi, one-by-one in ballot order, i.e. starting at Ryuo. Extra tie-breakers, should two or more players have entered identical ballots: Proximity of their tie-breaker guesses to the correct number, followed by proximity of their sanyaku rikishi guesses to the correct records (one-by-one in ballot order). Final tie-breaker: earliest entry. Note: Rikishi who show up on the before-shonichi kyujo list will be excluded from scoring (even if they end up joining the basho later), so it is not necessary to re-submit your entry if you picked such a rikishi as a KK; he will not count for points anyhow. You may, however, notify me if you'd like to reduce your tie-breaker guess by one point to compensate for the "missing" rikishi. Your position on the entry list (for final tie-breaker purposes) will be deemed unchanged in this special situation. Any other changes to a ballot will be considered a new entry, with correspondingly lower priority for the final tie-breaker. Deadline: Shonichi noon Monday 9am JST. ----- Simplified entry template: 1. Ryuo KKMK 2. Wakatakakage W-L 3. Chiyosakae KKMK 4. Ryuden KKMK 5. Kinbozan KKMK 6. Chiyotora KKMK 7. Inoue KKMK 8. Hoshoryu W-L 9. Hokuseiho KKMK 10. Asashinjo KKMK 11. Takakeisho W-L 12. Kiribayama W-L 13. Kotonowaka KKMK 14. Roga KKMK TB xx ----- Good luck!
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    Yes, Hanakago Beya under former Yokozuna Wajima's mismanagement. The worst thing he did was to put up his kabu as collateral on a loan in connection with a failed chanko restaurant he owned. Using his kabu in this manner was strictly forbidden. He was heavily in debt. Other Oyakata pressured him to resign from the Sumo Association. Hanakago Beya eventually folded completely with all the remaining rikishi transferring to Hanaregoma Beya, an affiliated heya. Here is an excerpt from wikipedia about what happened ---- (Note: I included the second paragraph about Wajima's professional wrestling career because it helped him pay off his debts. Surprisingly, to me at least, as a result, he was back on good terms with the Sumo Association). Retirement from sumo Following his retirement Wajima took over as oyakata, or head coach, of Hanakago stable in 1981, having married the eldest daughter of the previous stablemaster (former maegashira Onoumi) who had reached the mandatory retirement age for elders of 65.[9] However, his time there as oyakata was controversial. He lacked leadership qualities and most unusually did not even live in the stable, preferring to commute.[10] Hanakago declined to the point when it did not have any top-division wrestlers left. In 1982 his wife attempted suicide and he was demoted from his position as a judge as a result. The marriage eventually ended in divorce.[10] In 1985 he was pressured by fellow oyakata to resign from the Sumo Association after it emerged that he was heavily in debt due to the failure of his chankonabe restaurant and had put up his share in the Association as collateral on a loan, a practice strictly forbidden.[10] The stable folded completely with all its wrestlers transferring to the affiliated Hanaregoma stable.[10][2] Professional wrestling career To pay off his debts, Wajima turned to pro wrestling. Shohei Baba, owner of All Japan Pro Wrestling, convinced him to join his promotion and train at their dojo.[11] He debuted in 1986. Because of his status as a former yokozuna (the first since Kinichi Azumafuji to turn to pro wrestling), Wajima was pushed as a superstar, feuding with Stan Hansen over the PWF Heavyweight Championship. In the long run, however, accumulated injuries from his sumo years limited his potential as a professional wrestler, and he ended up retiring from the game altogether in 1988.[1] His last recorded match was held December 16, as he and The Great Kabuki defeated Jerry Blackwell and Phil Hickerson. His wrestling career helped him with his debts, and soon he was in good terms with the Sumo Association.[12]
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    More Asanoyama support - he has a kesho mawashi with this fish, a shiroboshi like kachidama next to it o Atamifuji support, at and in the city hall of Atami o o support for the Onami brothers from the local lions club - at their school, the parents got one as well o
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    Day 15 And at last the LKS yusho was decided - Wakatakakage's defeat at the hands of Shodai meant that Holleshoryu was the winner, collecting his fifth cup. (Belated) Congrats! Asashosakari had to settle for the jun-yusho, shared with Rocks but not three other players on the same points score as only these two also hit the tie-breaker prediction The final standings for Nagoya basho: Day 15: 13/13 Decisions, TB 11 Pos Player Pts TB 1 Holleshoryu 9 12 2 Asashosakari 8 11 2 Rocks 8 11 4 Jejima 8 16 4 Mmikasazuma 8 12 4 WAKATAKE 8 12 7 chishafuwaku 7 11 8 Athenayama 7 12 8 Hakuryuho 7 12 8 Yarimotsu 7 14 11 Sakura 6 12 12 Profomisakari 5 12 12 Tameiki 5 9 Shin-yokozuna chishafuwaku joined the two runners-up in getting the TB right. The not-so-new ballot for (from?) Aki 2022: Kamito 7 1. Ryuo 8 Nobehara 6* 2. Kiryuko 7* 3. Wakatakakage 6 Wakamotoharu 5 4. Nishikigi 6 5. Chiyosakae 6 Kainoshima 5 6. Suzuki 6 7. Mukainakano 6* 8. Ryuden 5 Tochimaru 4 9. Kinbozan 5* 10. Chiyotora 5 11. Inoue 5 --- 12. Hoshoryu 4 13. Midorifuji 4 14. Hokuseiho 4 15. Gonoyama 4 A new toriteki in the top spot after Kamito's departure, and a big batch of sekitori additions at the bottom including a second sanyaku-ranker in Hoshoryu.
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    That explains quite a bit then. Drunken but not deliberate is far more a grey area than "he whacked her." So maybe his exit from sumo is not imminent, and he just needs a new heya and some AA meetings.
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    From what the news says, this has been slowly brewing over the course of a year, and maybe things have only just really come to a head. On mobile now so it's not convenient to share the link, but Herouth just tweeted another Nikkan article. The okamisan incident was when he got absolutely shitfaced at a bar - the okamisan came to bring him back and tried to help him up, but he shook her off and his arm hit her in the process - sounded accidental, or at least not deliberate, even though getting hit by a rikishi in any way can't be a joke. There's also apparently money trouble between Ichinojō and the shisho - seems like the shisho owes Ichinojō something, might be the cut from kenshō or prizes or something like that. To be fair to Ichinojō, it's looking less black than it did when the news first broke. There's no excuse for doing stupid things while drunk, but it's still a lesser degree of fault than doing it while in full possession of one's faculties, and he won't be the first rikishi to have the relationship with his shisho soured over ancillary matters either.
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    Kyokutaisei will be back after 4 basho kyujo, since mid Haru - at jk5. He's scheduled to fight same rank Fujinonami on day 1. He's the 2nd ex-makuuchi rikishi after Masunoyama to fight in jonokuchi. In preparing for the basho he had been to Miyagino-beya for degeiko. o Also back after 4 (but full) kyujo basho is ex-juryo Asashiyu, at jd60w - last on the dohyo in January
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    Now starts the next Basho and to Shatsumes explanation, that the ranking is wrong, gave a first answer. But the ranking is still not corrected. I had hoped Tameiki will do this. But he is lost since this time. I had in the last time other things to do, but here ist my corrected ranking for 2022 (until Aki Basho): Nr Name 2022 Points TB1 score 1 Flohru 59 742 5 2 Profomisakari 58 689 5 3 Hakuryuho 56 601 5 4 Chankomafuji 55 604 5 5 Oortael 54 592 5 6 Yarimotsu 52 599 5 7 Shatsume 52 579 5 8 ChickyStarr 51 537 5 9 Asojima 49 671 5 10 Susanoo 49 517 5 11 Tameiki 46 504 5 12 Athenayama 45 464 5 13 Asapedroryu 45 460 5 14 Fujisan 45 450 5 15 Wamahada 44 475 5 16 Benihana 44 453 5 17 Hakuhonofan 44 452 5 18 Kellyama 43 464 5 19 Tochinofuji 41 432 5 20 RaeucherLax 41 355 5 21 WAKATAKE 40 403 5 22 shimodahito 39 502 4 23 chishafuwaku 37 443 5 24 Achiyama 37 356 4 25 Karasukurai 36 382 4 26 Sumo Spiffy 34 450 3 27 Chartorenji 33 378 4 28 kujo 33 320 4 29 ScreechingOwl 33 290 4 30 Hoshotakamoto 31 404 3 31 Mmikasazuma 19 176 2 32 Peeter 18 190 2 33 Suwihuto 17 224 2 34 Gansekiiwa 9 70 1 35 Takanorappa 6 90 1 And because Tameiki started his "eternal ranking" with the Hatsu Basho 22, we only need to divide Scorer and TB1 by the number of attendances and reorder. That makes: Nr Name Eternal ranking Points TB1 score 1 Flohru 11,8 148,4 5 2 Profomisakari 11,6 137,8 5 3 Sumo Spiffy 11,3 150 3 4 Hakuryuho 11,2 120,2 5 5 Chankomafuji 11 120,8 5 6 Oortael 10,8 118,4 5 7 Yarimotsu 10,4 119,8 5 8 Shatsume 10,4 115,8 5 9 Hoshotakamoto 10,3 134,7 3 10 ChickyStarr 10,2 107,4 5 11 Asojima 9,8 134,2 5 12 Susanoo 9,8 103,4 5 13 shimodahito 9,8 125,5 4 14 Mmikasazuma 9,5 88 2 15 Achiyama 9,3 89 4 16 Tameiki 9,2 100,8 5 17 Karasukurai 9 95,5 4 18 Peeter 9 95 2 19 Athenayama 9 92,8 5 20 Asapedroryu 9 92 5 21 Fujisan 9 90 5 22 Gansekiiwa 9 70 1 23 Wamahada 8,8 95 5 24 Benihana 8,8 90,6 5 25 Hakuhonofan 8,8 90,4 5 26 Kellyama 8,6 92,8 5 27 Suwihuto 8,5 112 2 28 Chartorenji 8,3 94,5 4 29 kujo 8,3 80 4 30 ScreechingOwl 8,3 72,5 4 31 Tochinofuji 8,2 86,4 5 32 RaeucherLax 8,2 71 5 33 WAKATAKE 8 80,6 5 34 chishafuwaku 7,4 88,6 5 35 Takanorappa 6 90 1 Profomisakari
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    Official. The first time he’s kyujo from day 1 since becoming Yokozuna.
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    Terunofuji just needs to gambarize.
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    More pics from the team event Nichidai captain Haruyama watches from below - he had lost to Nakamura o Kawabuchi's return win after a year in the sf against Toyodai's Odofu o B-class winner Waseda o
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    From another thread The dark secrets of sumo wrestling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Je3y80b9_QA At the beginning the most interesting part of the documentary, about Kyuta Kumagai - the reporter calls him Kamagai and says his dream is to become yakozuna. He said he wants to win all 3 national tournaments - there are only 2 actually, the unofficial 3rd is likely the Hakuho cup. In the end Kyuta wins the Tokyo block preliminary tournament for the wampaku championships, the documentary was filmed a week before that. He lost there in the first round. The full results in Excel format are now on the site http://wanpaku.or.jp/tournament/result.html
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    Dear TUG Supporters and Gamers, The 2022 Kyushu TUG Banzuke was made by Oshirokita. I express my continuous gratitude to him for helping me with the making of TUG Banzukes in a very short notice. Here is the Banzuke: Kyushu 2022 Banzuke TUG East Rank West Shikona (Aki 2022) Shikona (Aki 2022) Katunazuma Y1e, 13--2 J-Y Y Jakusotsu O1e, 8-7 O1 Athenayama O1w, 8-7 O2 Profomisakari O2w, 8-7 Achiyama S1w, 8-7 S1 Pitinosato K1e, 9-6 Holleshoryu O2e, 5-10 S2 Wamahada K1w, 8-7 K1 Flohru S2w, 7-8 K2 Fujisan M3w, 12-3 ScreechingOwl M1w, 9-6 M1 HaraKiri NEW, 15-0 Y Benihana M3e, 10-5 M2 Chishafuwaku M4w, 10-5 Gansekiiwa S1e, 5-10 M3 SumoSpiffy M2w, 7-8 Oshirokita M6w, 10-5 M4 Philioyamfuji M1e, 5-10 Andonishiki M9w, 10-5 M5 Ziggyama M2e, 5-10 Gaijingai M7w, 8-7 M6 Akogyokuseki M5e, 5-10 Wakatake M4e, 4-11 M7 Joaoiyama M6e, 5-10 RaeucherLax M8e, 7-8 M8 Mmikasazuma M8w, KOSHO Hakushin M7w, 6-9 M9 Kyoju M9e, 7-8 Jejima M11e, 6-9 M10 Shimodahito M11w, 6-9 Andrasoyama M10w, KYUJO2 M11 Kishikaisei M10e, KYUJO3 BANZUKE-GAI Sakura M5w, Intai INTAI
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    Both easier said than done.
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    It was just Takatoriki and a net tabloid that pointed it out - it was simply ignored elsewhere. I didn't post it then, because it was only this one article and then nothing more happened - I might have posted it hadn't it been my favorite rikishi being in the crossfire. The NSK knew all along before his yusho, apparently they wanted to keep it an internal affair.