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    Official. The first time he’s kyujo from day 1 since becoming Yokozuna.
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    I am SO relieved. He's obviously listening to the advice of his Oyakata. So mature. Great to know that he's receiving support from the NSK and is not being pressured to retire.
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    If the reports of physical violence against his shisho's wife are true, he'll have a one-way ticket back to Mongolia.
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    Compilation of Gal Sohen vs Rikishi https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1QG4y187cu
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    What they could do that I think would make sense is have Nagoya, Fukuoka and one other (presumably Sapporo) on rotation so that each got 2 basho every 3 years
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    The article is from October third. If the mainstream have yet to pick it up after a month and a half, that’s pretty weird.
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    That was in the tabloids quite a while ago http://npn.co.jp/article/detail/200024474 Takatoriki mentioned it on his channel on October 1st
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    Seiyashi was indeed missing something (but what?), and WAKATAKE will be kind of glad being wrong because he missed the deadline by three minutes. Reonito (Y1e) 2-0 Sakura (YOe) 2-0 Gurowake (YOw) 2-0 Jakusotsu (S1e) 2-0 Oshirokita (S1w) 2-0 Hakuhonofan (S2w) 2-0 Profomisakari (K1e) 2-0 Sumo Spiffy (K1w) 2-0 shimodahito (M1w) 2-0 Jejima (M2w) 2-0 WAKATAKE (M1e) 0-0-2 Seiyashi (M2e) 0-2 Ryoshishokunin (M3w) 0-0-2 The Kyokai (M3e) 0-2 Kiribayama's aites: 1. Ura, 2. Wakatakakage
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    @Kumafuji On the buysumotickets.com website, they have a "Contact" page (click on the "Contact" link at the top of the screen). This allows you to not only purchase tickets, but to also ask questions. I recommend you read the FAQ first and if you still have questions or concerns, you should contact them to discuss them, especially if you are feeling a little hesitant about ordering through them.
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    Nikkan made an interview with Nakamura at the school. He was fed plenty of white rice at the heya and gained 3kg in the 10 days he stayed there, eating twice as much as his usual amount. He aims for sekitori within 5 years. o
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    Kyushu these days Hoshoryu o oo with Meisei o oo io Shodai o o o Tamawashi on the 5th o o
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    They could have a “Hokkaido Classic” on an off month for an old school 7 days, bring back all the different possible draws, and recruit some random big farmers and promote them to temporary ozeki like the old days.
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    Another basho preview: 「Top Division Hopes」Kyushu Tourney Outlook - YouTube
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    Sekiwake Houshouryuu trained at home today, 17 bouts. 13 of them against Meisei, going 7-6. It was a fierce session and when they fell together at some point he demanded to know who won.. When he was told he had lost he said "aah, shit.." "We both take our training seriously. If you don't go all out in training you can't do well during a basho. I've established myself in sanyaku and I think I had a good year but it still isn't over.. I want it to end well so it would really be a good year, " he said.
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    Kadoban 5th time Shoudai trained at home today, facing Makushita and under mates and going 10-2. "Everything as usual. I hope to face the coming basho in good form. The kadoban status does not influence my preparations. I am going all out.. " he said. The winter jungyo will be visiting his home town. "I hope to greet the fans with a smile, since I tend to frown when I lose.." he summed.
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    Asanoyama support at home in Toyama vid o vid Tsushimanada support - at the parking lot of the city hall of Isahaya - for the first juryo promotion from there since 45 years ago Shishiho - another at the local branch office in Takaki-cho vid o not a direct support: Takayasu as scarecrow at a traditional festival in Hitachi-Ota, Ibaraki vid
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    Here is now - with a delay - the opening of the game by me: Welcome to Game 21 for the KyuShu 2022 Basho! This is how the game 21 works: Instead of Tameiki I here chose 21 possible fights, which you can see in the table below. You should predict whether A - the first named rikishi will win, B - the second named rikishi will win or X - the fight will not take place at all. You get one point for each correct prediction. If a rikishi is listed in one of the potential bouts, but never appears on the torikumi during the 15 days of the basho, nobody gets a point for this bout. If two or more participants have the same number of correct picks, the following two tiebreaker rules apply: • TB1: Competitors receive TB points for their ability to spot winning underdogs (i.e. for each player who guessed the outcome of the fight differently, one TB point is awarded). The contestant with the most TB points becomes the winner. • TB2: If TB1 is insufficient to determine a winner, the entrant with the earliest submission time will be declared the winner. Exceptionally, due to the late opening of the game, the deadline will be on Sunday, September 13 (Shonichi) at 11:00 a.m. (JST), 2:00 a.m. (UTC). Unfortunately, I cannot generate the multiple code form. As a substitute, I offer you to enter "A", "B" or "X" (if possible not others) for each fight in the last column of the table below and send me this table by email to ro-urban@t-online.de , e.g. also with an attached DOC file. That way you would prevent me from making my “popular” copying mistakes. These bouts I have selected: 0 (Your Players Shikona) A/B/X 1 Abi - Aoiyama 2 Atamifuji - Hiradoumi 3 Azumaryu - Oho 4 Chiyoshoma - Kotoeko 5 Chiyotairyu - Ichiyamamoto 6 Daieisho - Meisei 7 Endo - Myogiryu 8 Hokutofuji - Nishikifuji 9 Hokutofuji - Terutsuyoshi 10 Hoshoryu - Ura 11 Ichinojo - Mitakeumi 12 Kagayaki - Takarafuji 13 Kiribayama - Kotonowaka 14 Kotoshoho - Onosho 15 Midorifuji - Nishikigi 16 Okinoumi - Tochinoshin 17 Ryuden - Wakamotoharu 18 Sadanoumi - Takanosho 19 Shodai - Takakeisho 20 Takayasu - Tamawashi 21 Tobizaru - Wakatakakage This table shall be also your Input Form. Please enter your Shikona in the header of the table, send it with an Email to ro-urban@t-online.de and enter the subject of the email: "Game 21 KyuShu 22" and your Shikona And one more sentence: If you think you must change one or more details of your vote, send me a new Mail. I need the timestamp of this mail for TB2! I hope for many many participants – and I hope that Tameiki will very soon be back. We need him. Profomisakari
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    Basho preview: Kyushu Basho Outlook – Juryo rikishi ready to rock! - YouTube
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    Tamawashi has said in the past that he pushes the opponent's head back so that the opponent can't see him. The GoPro made that point very effectively.
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    On the fourth day of Christmas the shimpan sent to me Four komusubi, three sekiwake, two wobbly ōzeki and a yokozuna with a bum knee~ (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
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    I wish to give my thoughts about this channel. There have been enough episodes already to form an opinion. Disclaimer : this is being written out of extreme jealousy and subjectivity. Grrr. This is pure gold. Only long term fans like myself can really and truly appreciate this fully. Of course newer fans can thoroughly enjoy this, but it’s a different kind of enjoyment. Hiro has the charisma to make even a mundane subject seem interesting. Really fun. The only small drawback I could find (and believe me, I was looking..) is that the translations are sometimes lacking, surprisingly. The Tamawashi episode was pure platinum. I liked that he didn’t even need to don a mawashi to take on Tamawashi. Damn.
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    How did I miss this one? Hippiry belated burpity!
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    Same order of pics as above in the overview o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
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    ***Note*** Edited original Topic title to reflect new information we now have. Given that he's participating in Kyushu, his demise doesn't appear imminent, but there are clearly some significant concerns surrounding Ichinojo. Ichinojo is suspected of having used physical violence against his heya's Okami. Both he and his Shisho have been questioned by NSK and an investigation is ongoing. Ichi appears to have a serious drinking problem, and the relationship between he and the heya is said to be beyond repair. No mention of kyujo in Kyushu though. Yikes https://news.yahoo.co.jp/pickup/6444391
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    In a way, this explains his unexpected yusho in July, having missed May due to the virus. He got his act together to prove a point. Geez, so much for 'injury-free'.