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    Kadoban 5th time Shoudai trained at home today, facing Makushita and under mates and going 10-2. "Everything as usual. I hope to face the coming basho in good form. The kadoban status does not influence my preparations. I am going all out.. " he said. The winter jungyo will be visiting his home town. "I hope to greet the fans with a smile, since I tend to frown when I lose.." he summed.
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    Although it won't be happening, I kinda like the idea of moving notoriously hot Nagoya to November and have Sapporo in July instead.
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    Kotonowaka trained at the Fukuoka lodgings of Sadogatake beya today. He is currently in second place (46) after Wakatakakage (49) with most wins in the calendar year. "There's not much I can do with that, as it is not entirely up to me. I'll just take the bouts a day at a time," he said. He faced Kotoshouhou and Kotoekou and was showing good form, 21-3. "Not only the number of bouts are important - I want to do worthwhile training. It would be good if I could do that. My body is moving well. I want to be a bit more precise," he said. He showed a lot of oshizumo today, showing he is becoming more and more versatile. Yesterday, the boys went out to the beach for some fishing and caught a few, then cooked them. "I am very good at eating. I impatiently waited for them to return .." said the non-fisherman Kotonowaka
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    Hi Game21 friends! According to our rules, today would already be the last day to submit our tips. Due to Tameiki's absence and the need to establish a secure data entry policy for myself first, I have decided to change the deadline to Sunday, September 13 (Shonichi) at 11:00 a.m. (JST), 2:00 a.m. (UTC) Until now I've got tips from 7 players: Mmikasazuma Yarimotsu Hakuryuho Tochinofuji RaeucherLax Benihana Karasukasei Thank you! I have entered these votes into my evaluation system. Now I hope that many other players will give their tips. If I subsequently invite our regular participants by name again, that shouldn't be patronizing, only just a reminder. And of course new interested participants are also invited this time I look forward to your tips! Profomisakari
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    The presentation of the kesho mawashi at the city hall of Karatsu
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    Myougiryuu turned 36 a month ago. Yesterday, he trained at home with Sadanoumi and Hiradoumi and was 12-2. "My usual pace.. I'm using different techniques but the foundations are the same. I'm not suffering from any major injuries, and I'm not tricking my way to winning.. I'm able to train as I planned and I'm healthy, regardless of my age. Tamawashi's yusho was a great stimulus. I feel I want to face the strong guys at the top," he said, his eyes becoming two small slits.
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    Takakeishou trained at the heya's Fukuoka lodgings today. He had 10 bouts against Takanoshou and was 9-1. "I'm in the final stages of preparations. and I'm easing off on the pace now. I just need to not get fatigued and face day 1 in good form. I'm not looking at the number of training bouts- I'm looking at the contents and concentrating on each bout at a time.," he said. Terunofuji is probably out. "I enter every basho with the purpose of getting the yusho. so nothing has changed. I've never thought that it's OK to lose because the Yokozuna is there. All I can do is to go all out." he added. Kyushu has been good to him- his first Juryo yusho and his first Makuuchi yusho were decided there. "I really shouldn't get carried away by those thoughts. It's really useless to think about that.. I like these provincial bashos- there's a sense of a change of the atmosphere and it is very refreshing," he summed.
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    Terunofuji needs to take the time to rest and come back strong for January, the YDC said its ok, so please Teru, rest
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    https://www.buysumotickets.com/faq#pre-orders I definitely recommend pre-ordering, the earlier the better, even nowadays. Some seats are hard to get or sell out quickly. If you're pretty flexible and you just want tickets for weekdays, you should be okay. But if you're picky like me or you are concerned about ending up empty-handed for whatever reason, then pre-ordering is a good idea. Keep in mind that Jeff doesn't have access to any tickets prior to when they go on sale to the general public. The day they go on sale is when he jumps in & tries to fill his pre-orders on a first come-first serve basis. You'll notice that on Jeff's site, there are certain types of seats that he doesn't even try to get for his customers on weekends or holidays because they're too difficult to even try for. The link above answers FAQ.
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    Kiribayama underwent surgery in both nostrils to remove some puss at the end of September, it was divulged today. It won't stop him from entering Kyushu. "I no longer wake up in the middle of the night with a stuffy nose.. My sumo consists of hitting with my head, so I hope to overcome the fear.." he said. He had 21 bouts against Makushita and under rikishi from his heya today. "There really is no way of knowing who will win the yusho. I think I have a chance.." he summed.
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    34 years old Maegashira 4 Sadanoumi trained at his heya's Fukuoka lodgings today, facing Myougiryuu and Hiradoumi and going 7-12 and then lent his chest to the lower rankers doing butsugari.. "I'm in much better shape than I imagined. The basho is getting closer and I'm looking forward to receiving much love from the fans (he's a local boy)," he said. He's dong a lot of fundamentals as well, working on the speed of his tachiai. "I always think about that," he said.
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    I can only imagine how much the YDC explicitly stating they'll give him some leeway to get healthy has helped Terunofuji mentally. Hopefully it's something that continues for riksihi with more complicated injury issues, even if it's only Yokozuna.
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    Terunofuji talks of his plans for the next basho. "I just started moving my body recently. The way I am at present, wouldn't it be unreasonable to enter? I still haven't decided but i will be consulting with my Oyakata and will come to a decision," he said. He has only recently lost his crutches and started walking on his own. Health? "All I have been told is that the surgery was successful." He came down to the keikoba, and was seen giving advice to Atamifuji. "I'm doing what I'm able to do," he said, hitting the teppole and working on his upper body. " I'll be doing my best to get back in shape, just like I did when I dropped to Jonidan. As long as I have a mage, I have a responsibility. The YDC said I could take time to heal, so I feel a lot of pressure has been lifted from my shoulders. If that's how it is, I think I have another chance to gambarize, " he summed.
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    @MidnightAgent Yeah, Takayasu was my 2nd choice after Onosho. A single decision can make a big difference! Your well placed confidence in the former Ozeki earned you the win. Congratulations and good luck with the upcoming basho!
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    For Futagoyama-beya Yuto Onodera 小野寺悠斗 (183cm,120kg), 3rd year from Wakakusa middle school in Ohtawara. He started with sumo at that school under coach Mita (on the right in the pic) and won in a row the Tochigi pref. championships: "I'm anxious if I can apply my strength, but I want to become sekitori." http://www.shimotsuke.co.jp/articles/-/653341
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    Special fan service: all who come to see the basho get this panorama newspaper extra with 7 top rikishi - does it mean Tamawashi is sekiwake? - likely, but we'll see on Monday http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/local/kyushu/news/20221029-OYTNT50210/
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    I wish to give my thoughts about this channel. There have been enough episodes already to form an opinion. Disclaimer : this is being written out of extreme jealousy and subjectivity. Grrr. This is pure gold. Only long term fans like myself can really and truly appreciate this fully. Of course newer fans can thoroughly enjoy this, but it’s a different kind of enjoyment. Hiro has the charisma to make even a mundane subject seem interesting. Really fun. The only small drawback I could find (and believe me, I was looking..) is that the translations are sometimes lacking, surprisingly. The Tamawashi episode was pure platinum. I liked that he didn’t even need to don a mawashi to take on Tamawashi. Damn.
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    The site says the result will be published on the NSK site this month, not yet though PR with the 4 selected fan made posters (shown in the above post)
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    Ticket sales have started, no day sold out yet and chair seats in all categories are still available for day 15 https://sumo.pia.jp/vacant/va11.jsp They use more than one poster design - this one looks like their own boring usual one This is not for international use better look at the main one more
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    Izutsu sat right next to Ajigawa and also sold tickets for HIS danpatsushiki on the 28th, a day before Ajigawa's o o
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    He sold them himself o
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    Eating and drinking is also allowed again at the seats - slowly sumo is getting back to normal: now at 87%=9265 seats allowed (maybe they'll also report again tomorrow how many were really filled) http://www.sankei.com/article/20220508-YD2GTJPZPJIOZJUSM4U2I6E6OE/