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    New Makuuchi Atamifuji trained at home today- 64 bouts.. "Even though I'm a sekitori now, I am trying to do the number of training bouts I did while I was ranked in the lower divisions. 60 is about usual ," he said calmly. Isegahama Oyakata was telling him to go for the left upper arm hold, but he failed to do so, causing the Oyakata to become very angry. "I looked shameful today. I just couldn't get it done, although I was told what to do.. It's inexcusable.." he said. His famous smile returned after the session though. "I love sumo and I have been doing sumo while laughing since I was in Senior High school.. I'll be up in Makuuchi next basho and I wonder if I will be able to show some coolness.." he summed. Was in my favorites list, and that just cemented that..
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    Terunofuji talks of his plans for the next basho. "I just started moving my body recently. The way I am at present, wouldn't it be unreasonable to enter? I still haven't decided but i will be consulting with my Oyakata and will come to a decision," he said. He has only recently lost his crutches and started walking on his own. Health? "All I have been told is that the surgery was successful." He came down to the keikoba, and was seen giving advice to Atamifuji. "I'm doing what I'm able to do," he said, hitting the teppole and working on his upper body. " I'll be doing my best to get back in shape, just like I did when I dropped to Jonidan. As long as I have a mage, I have a responsibility. The YDC said I could take time to heal, so I feel a lot of pressure has been lifted from my shoulders. If that's how it is, I think I have another chance to gambarize, " he summed.
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    Kiribayama underwent surgery in both nostrils to remove some puss at the end of September, it was divulged today. It won't stop him from entering Kyushu. "I no longer wake up in the middle of the night with a stuffy nose.. My sumo consists of hitting with my head, so I hope to overcome the fear.." he said. He had 21 bouts against Makushita and under rikishi from his heya today. "There really is no way of knowing who will win the yusho. I think I have a chance.." he summed.
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    Ura is reaching the final stretch of preparations. Today he faced the lower rankers of his heya and was 12-1. He is already in Fukuoka. The weather there is milder than in Tokyo. "It's really nice," he agreed. "Every year, the head of the koenkai here brings me fresh fish from the market so every meal is really a delight.. " he said. Fukuoka has always been good to him. Last year he had 10 wins and got his first special prize. Other than the one time he was kyujo, he always got his kachikoshi in Kyushu. "It feels refreshing to be here and the wind is nice. I prefer cool weather," he added. He had three kachikoshi and two makekoshi this year. "Yeah, I'm a bit unstable.. I'm not getting stronger either. I feel I have been gambarizing well, though. Deep inside, I feel I am really doing well but people around me quite vocally think I should gambarize more," he said. Still, he agrees that he should aim for sanyaku. "People in Fukuoka are cheering me on to go higher. I agree I need to do that. I hope to fight the 15 days without injury. It's all about doing that, right?" he summed.
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    Keiko at the Kyushu locations Asanoyama, Asanowaka in Fukuoka Ura in Fukuoka o o o o o o o o Kiribayama in Fukuoka oo Sadanoumi in Onojo, with Hiradoumi o o
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    34 years old Maegashira 4 Sadanoumi trained at his heya's Fukuoka lodgings today, facing Myougiryuu and Hiradoumi and going 7-12 and then lent his chest to the lower rankers doing butsugari.. "I'm in much better shape than I imagined. The basho is getting closer and I'm looking forward to receiving much love from the fans (he's a local boy)," he said. He's dong a lot of fundamentals as well, working on the speed of his tachiai. "I always think about that," he said.
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    I can only imagine how much the YDC explicitly stating they'll give him some leeway to get healthy has helped Terunofuji mentally. Hopefully it's something that continues for riksihi with more complicated injury issues, even if it's only Yokozuna.
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    Oshoma with Naruto-oyakata received the kesho mawashi today at the city hall of Karatsu https://www.saga-s.co.jp/articles/gallery/944541?ph=2 o with the head of the koenkai
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    More pics from the team event Nichidai captain Haruyama watches from below - he had lost to Nakamura o Kawabuchi's return win after a year in the sf against Toyodai's Odofu o B-class winner Waseda o
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    Terunofuji today - the decision about kyujo is after a talk with the oyakata o o o advice for Atamifuji o o o o Atamifuji did 64(!) keiko bouts, with makuuchi and makushita ooo with Nishikifuji, who did 19 bouts: 12-7, with also Terutsuyoshi (who did 29 bouts) & others - ms Hikarifuji did 40 bouts o o o
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    Dear friends! I am very concerned about Tameiki’s absence. You know that after Tameiki published the rankings he determined, Shatsume reported an error. At first I was hoping Tameiki would react to this himself, but checked the situation and had to agree with Shatsume. I then emailed Tameiki, taking the opportunity to tell him about a few minor errors in his ranking that I found during the review. I only briefly posted in the forum that Shatsume's contradiction is correct. I didn't post the corrected ranking because I thought Tameiki will do that. Unfortunately I have until today still no sign of life from Tameiki, neither peer mail nor in the forum. This worries me so much because I want all players to have enough time to place their bets. Plus I'm not able, to carry out the automatic recording of player tips in the same good way that Tameiki has done very well for the last 6 bashos. Even before the last basho he got in touch relatively late and explained to me in an email notice that he had to stand in for a colleague at short time and had no internet access. At that time, he opened the game online on Sunday before Shonichi just before midnight. Because it now seems to be sure that he can't make it this time, I've prepared a fight selection and will publish here with a bet tailored to my possibilities. I know this can only be a temporary fix. You know that Asojima retired from Game 21 last year for reasons of age. Since I'm even older than Jim, the thought in the back of my mind is that I'll too have to stop one day. I'm only doing this because the game is very important to me. That's why I was very happy when Tameiki offered to work with me and introduced a lot of new and good things this year. For this reason, too, it would be a pity if he could no longer continue. So let's hope that the reasons for his inability to do so are only temporary for him and that he can continue again soon. Tameiki, we need you! Profomisakari
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    Announcing the November 2022 edition of Guess Kisenosato's Aite.... / Guess Hokutofuji's Aite.... Guess Kiribayama's Aite All you have to do is guess K1W Kiribayama's opponent each day, before the torikumi comes out. If you guess correctly, you get a shiroboshi. This is surprisingly more fun (or frustrating) and challenging than it should be. It also gets you to think a bit more about the 'inner-workings' of sumo. Here is the current banzuke:- Banzuke for November 2022 Reonito (YOE 10-5) Y1 Sakura (YOW 9-6) YO Gurowake (Y1E 8-7) Jakusotsu (S1W 9-6) S1 Oshirokita (S1E 8-7) S2 Hakuhonofan (K1E 11-3-1)Profomisakari (K1W 9-6) K1 Sumo Spiffy (M1E 10-5)WAKATAKE (M2W 8-5-2) M1 shimodahito (M3E 8-4-3) Seiyashi (M1W 7-7-1) M2 Jejima (M3W 4-11) The Kyokai (M4E 3-12) M3 Ryoshishokunin (M4W Kosho) Banzuke-gai Chartorenji (M2E 0-0-15) Comment: Hakuhonofan will be considered for promotion to Ozeki with a yusho, or yusho equivalent. The rules are as follows:-1. Guess K1W Kiribayama's opponents on each day of the basho.2. Entries need to be in before 11:30 am Japan time on the previous day, except for the days 1 and 2 entries which need to be in before 11:30 am Japan time on the Friday prior to the start of the basho. If it turns out that the daily toriukumi is printed before these times, then any entry proved to have come afterwards is not allowed for that day (so enter early to be safe).3. Tie-breakers to decide the Yusho.... We look at the result of the day 15 prediction, then day 14, and so on back to day 1. If still a tie, then the highest ranked on the banzuke can claim the Yusho.4. If K1W Kiribayama goes kyujo during the basho, we switch to K1E Tamawashi (K2E Tobizaru, then K2W Daieisho kept further in reserve, if needed due to a mass spate of kyujos) for the days after his fusensho loss (I.e. we can still guess who gets the freebie). For the immediate day afterwards, (unless it is known very soon after the event), everyone will get a 'kyujo'.5. Players that are leading the Yusho race (especially in the final few days of the basho), are requested / expected to get their picks in very early (before all the other players, if possible) - in order to avoid suspicions of 'tactical picking'.6. If the kyokai changes the originally posted torikumi for any day (such as for a late kyujo), the first version released will be used for the purpose of this game. (Highlighted, so that I will remember it, unlike in a previous basho!) 7. If the sumo forum goes down for a long period of time, you may still make your picks to Jejima or Jakusotsu at the 'obvious' gmail addresses or by any other method. Special prizes (many thanks to Yaochoyama): 1. Outstanding performance (shukun-sho) - the one who correctly picks the aite the most consecutive days. You have to have a minimum of three to win this prize. 2. Fighting spirit (kanto-sho) - the one who limits their incorrect aite picks to the shortest number of consecutive days (literally the one whose longest losing streak is the shortest). Any losing streak of 5 or more days would disqualify you from this prize. 3. Technique (gino-sho) - the one who is best at making correct picks when no one, or hardly anyone else does. A point system is used as follows and you need at least 3 points to claim this prize: 3 points if you're the only win to make the correct pick 2 points if you're one of two to make the correct pick 1 point if you're one of three to make the correct pick New players () are cordially invited to this game!
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    I will pick the dark horse Chiyonokuni then, he is already in Juryo and has persistent injury woes. He might be tipped to drop into makushita and retire. Chiyonoo might also retire since he is struggling to return to sekitorihood. I can see Chiyotairyu hanging on until 2023 Kyushu even with a drop to Juryo.
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    Terunofuji I don't think is officially confirmed as absent; it's just extremely likely given that he just underwent surgery. It's still possible that there's a miraculous recovery and he'll be ready in a week. Also to consider is that the promotional materials may have been developed before the surgery. But really, they're going to put the only Yokozuna they have on the promotional materials regardless.
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    Ex-Takamiyama donated kesho-mawashi and other items to the koenkai of Ichinoseki city Higashiyama town, Iwate, where Azumazeki-beya had a summer training camp for 30 years. o The koenkai had thanked him on the 5th for the long time cooperation o
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    Narutobeya has set up in lodgings on the seanside in Karatsu City for the Kyushu basho. https://www.instagram.com/p/CkkXMYYrHX1/
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    Yobidashi Kenta Maeda was able to join the most recent jungyo, playing the taiko, doing some announcing, but mostly yobidah-ing around setting things up, etc. On the Instagram pages, some views of the selkitori during practice. https://www.instagram.com/p/CkcWcM0PPOr/
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    Poster and ticketing for Natsu 2022 out. Whichever design house the NSK is collaborating with (or whoever is doing this in-house) has really got good ideas. The poster this time looks like a homage to traditional Buddhist mandala art (typically geometric circular or concentric designs representing various concepts such as the spheres of consciousness, planes of the world, etc). The sekitori dohyō-iri, taken with a slightly panoramic angle (from the NHK roundup, perhaps?), comprises the circular elements, while the top 5 sekitori (Terunofuji, the three ōzeki, and Wakatakakage (a harbinger of things to come?)) fill out the image at the centre and corners. Bonus points for using the inner sides of the mizuhikimaku (the curtain hanging from the tsuriyane, black on the outside with the NSK's mon on it, but pink on the inside), that was already on the background of the dohyo-iri elements(!), to pad the image, giving the whole image hints of a lotus flower. A very elegant, parsimonious, and neat composition when considering the elements, but unfortunately the relatively riotous colours of the keshō-mawashi make the end effect rather chaotic, despite only using 6 rikishi (the same three rikishi have been just rotated around the inner and outer rings). The effect feels somewhat similar to the poster with the attempted homage to the Tokyo Olympics poster, where the idea is there but the execution falls short. As for ticketing, most of the masuseki have been sold out or is going fast, while chair seating remains relatively available. PS: Also, should this thread perhaps be shifted to the Honbasho Talk subforum to fulfil the purpose of being the Natsu 2022-related thread?