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    Kadoban Ozeki Shoudai trained at home today, hosting visitors Hokutofuji, Nishikigi, and others, going 8-4. Two of the younger rikishi were chattering loudly. "If you want to talk, do it outside, " ordered Shoudai calmly. The rest of the session continued in silence.
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    It's not crazy: Myogiryu 2018.03 M15w 6-9 2018.05 M16e
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    15W. Makes sense to me almost like leaving a 7-8 Hiradoumi in Makuuchi. But as you know, I'm very good at this. Now that we're discussing this, it probably is totally wrong..
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    Kyujo today from the jungyo: Adding to previously kyujo Terunofuji, Kiribayama and Takarafuji, Takayasu was out due to a right toe injury, Ichinojou due to chronic back pain, and Terutsuyoshi, fever due to swollen tonsils.
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    Where's Terutsuyoshi going in that scenario?
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    https://technosports.co.in/2022/10/26/all-upcoming-web-series-disney/ scroll down to 45. And now enjoy the trailer:
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    "I don't usually say stuff to the young rikishi and I don't intend to pursue this matter with them any more as I don't like to get involved like that. I just wanted to tell them that if they talk to each other, they should do it where they won't be seen, not near the dohyo," explained Shoudai. There was a feeling that this may cause some demoralization amongst the lower rankers, but after the session Shoudai was seen talking to them as usual, so no worries, says the reporter. So much for "being assertive"..
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    https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/c5d10f8d684a1c12e4843d83956d3bc4ba627aaa http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?r=9120&l=e
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    Today was the Hakke yoi event for the new Shiko funjatta with main members of the original video message from lead role Motoki Masahiro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wMcA8mlSp4 o Motoki Masahiro, the one with most awards, 3 for the lead role in the original, is not in the new production, but contributed another interview as PR for today's start of streaming, a big part the same recording as the first interview. He praises the new cast and now doesn't mention in any way that most other main characters of the old cast are still in it, in the first interview he calls it an extra fun to be able to see what the old characters do now.
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    2 in the leading role, an actor and an actress. The story of the new drama series: she (Rikka Ihara 伊原六花) is the only remaining member of the sumo club of the university, and it is about to vanish, he (Shono Hayama 葉山奨之) joins. The first 2 episodes of 10 in all will be streamed on Oct. 26th others for the sumo club are a gamer, from ballet, body building (Asayamabana inspired), track and field, and again a female manager Today was the dosukoi event with new members and the directors, streaming starts tomorrow, body building entertainer Nakayama Kinni-kun (kinniku=muscles) put himself in the focus o oo o The full event the 2 in the leading role o oo with the present director and the original and now general director of the series oo o
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    Miyagino on the 9th presented the Hakuho 22nd yusho portrait from Haru 2012 to the city of Minami Uonuma http://www.city.minamiuonuma.niigata.jp/docs/36467.html
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    Kiyomigata & Tateyama oyakata at a Q&A session
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    Shibatayama was the NSK representative and raised a toast at the party in the kokugikan banquet hall (down below) to celebrate 150 years of Hochi shimbun and the move of the paper's head office to a location near the kokugikan. o Takasago's Kunio and Rikinojo gave a taiko performance