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    Takakeishou has been training at Takekuma beya, ex-Goueidou's heya. "It's great to prepare in a different atmosphere. He is a revered elder. It's not only the training, I've learned a lot of things non- sumo related as well.. " he said. Today, he trained at home. "If possible, I'd like to get another yusho this time to end the year on a high note.." he hoped.
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    "I don't usually say stuff to the young rikishi and I don't intend to pursue this matter with them any more as I don't like to get involved like that. I just wanted to tell them that if they talk to each other, they should do it where they won't be seen, not near the dohyo," explained Shoudai. There was a feeling that this may cause some demoralization amongst the lower rankers, but after the session Shoudai was seen talking to them as usual, so no worries, says the reporter. So much for "being assertive"..
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    Pretty boring entry from me. Sanyaku - Went with consensus. I never actually enter it into my sheet because it usually requires little thought. M2-M4 - This was the only thing that made sense to me, but I do think they hate to give sanyaku demotees a full demotion, even if the section seems overcrowded. I was looking at under-demoting Ichinojo at Midorifuji's expense somehow, because I feel like something like that will manifest, but I couldn't stomach it. M8-M9 - Pretty standard here as well, but my first draft had Takarafuji first and Takanosho last, which I thought wasn't unreasonable. For consistency, I would've given Onosho similar leniency rather than overpromoting Chiyoshoma, so I had them in a close battle for M10W behind Abi. Chiyoshoma/Abi and Kotoeko/Kotoshoho were the two decisions I spent the most time on, but still have no confidence in what I've done. Wasn't really interested in changing anything else.
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    Interestingly enough, the whole thing was a bit of an issue in Japan not too long ago: https://www.cbc.ca/news/science/wrestlers-slammed-by-stronger-skin-infection-study-1.735836 Study of interest involving rikishi: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/09/080928210041.htm https://www.jwatch.org/jd200604250000011/2006/04/25/hairy-perils-judo-brush-with-fungus
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    Shodai today at the heya - with Nishikigi and Hokutofuji on degeiko oo oo o Tamawashi at the heya, after 9 with ms Tamashoho, 5 with 2 jd/jk rikishi at the same time o o o Takakeisho after keiko - till the 24th he was at Saitama Sakae sempai Takekuma's heya for degeiko o Mitakeumi on the 24th at the heya o Tamanoi on the 24th has installed a monitor like amazumo uses for quite a while, he learned it from his high school sempai who is coach at Nittaidai, recording keiko with a smartphone - Tatsunami-beya has installed it in June, more and more heya use this o oo Tohakuryu did 11 bouts with Toyodai kohai Hatsuyama and Minato-beya's Akitoba who came for degeiko o
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    Kadoban Ozeki Shoudai trained at home today, hosting visitors Hokutofuji, Nishikigi, and others, going 8-4. Two of the younger rikishi were chattering loudly. "If you want to talk, do it outside, " ordered Shoudai calmly. The rest of the session continued in silence.
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    Is it just me or does it seem like with the post-COVID return of degeiko, there seems to be much more inter-ichimon degeiko going on? I might be wrong, but it felt like before the pandemic, this was really limited to Ozeki and Yokozuna privilege to go out and train with whomever they like. I don't know if anyone has the answer but I wonder what has brought these particular combinations about... the stables aren't even remotely geographically close to each other (nor is Tokiwayama near Takekuma where Kintamayama reported Takakeisho as having visited). I can understand that Meisei and Hoshoryu want to challenge themselves against rikishi of a similar level, is that all it is? But one would think it'd be much easier for Onosho to head over and visit Sadogatake (unless he's moved far away from his heya)! Arashio beya does seem to be very progressive and welcoming of rikishi, fans and also the oyakata's interaction with the media (ie. NHK & also Sumo Prime Time), which is a really nice development.
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    Putting Tamawashi at K2 is definitely justifiable; I just don't think it's going to happen. The thing about the Abi example is that he didn't do enough (or even come close) to forcing open an extra sekiwake slot. Tamawashi and Tobizaru did, at least according to known precedents (e.g. winning M1Es go up). And what the committee considers "definitely going to get the rank" is completely up to them, right? They're deciding who gets the rank. So, once they've determined everyone who's going to land at komusubi or sekiwake, only then do they choose the appropriate order. At least, that's the outcome history generally shows.
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    I'm familiar with the evocative phrase "brown-noser", but this opens a whole new vista of eewww.
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    I put Daieisho at K1w and put the two promotees at K2. i put Terutsuyoshi at M16w and demoted Hiradoumi. Otherwise, I am pretty much the same as most guesses. I think small differences will make big effects in the results where everyone has similar banzuke decisions.
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    Nose herpes - now that might be the most unusual reason for kyujo I've heard
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    The question is what the committee considers "definitely going to get the rank". My impression of banzuke records is roughly as you have outlined, but what sticks in my mind is Abi's string of KKs in the second half of 2019 at komusubi, yet being stuck there because there were no vacancies at sekiwake. There was a discussion back then about whether Abi would be promoted to sekiwake and then the falling ōzeki stuffed at S2, but in the event Abi never made it to sekiwake then. To me, that seems pretty indicative that the banzuke committee demotes first then promotes later. In favour of this interpretation is the fact that Tamawashi has a record that even under the more restrictive Daieishō precedent should be sufficient to force a haridashi sanyaku slot, so there's no difficulty justifying putting Tamawashi at K2.
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    Thanks ya'll. Indeed, I've been quite impressed with the 2 Waka bros in Makuuchi, very much like their 'brand of sumo' That and Raja Pradhan's enunciation of Wakatakakage cracks me up every time :P
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    Day late, but got the ol' video up now: I would post a pic of the final result, but I can't upload anything that takes up more than ~50 KB.
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    Not yet posted - here it is: Ichinojo's yusho portrait for Nagoya 2022 o
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    An ex-rikishi you-tuber who now calls himself Edomondo Chan (his mother seems to be from the Philippines - with also Spanish and Mexican ancestry, so that might be his name from her side) was at the audition for BreakingDown6, a fight event on Abema, and squashed someone who had the job to provoke him. 220kg now, though Enshunada, who it has to be from the data on his self presentation, was way below that weight while active. o o o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i__Zf8jdNH8&t=22m
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    Enho was away on degeiko today, so Hokuseiho was the only sekitori in the heya and did 16 bouts with jk yusho winner Otani o o sd Raiho getting advice from the oyakata, he was 11-13 with Otani and ms Mukainakano o o
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    The NSK posted a digest of day 1 the above lists from spectators have grown and still grow more pics o o o
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    The NSK posted videos from the nodo-jiman singing event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzsDBfNcscE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbLVx3W3Fgs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0hxxx-3yKU Still growing every day, 54 now Tokyo Crusader also keeps posting more, the channel has no playlist for it though: youtube/TokyoCrusader/query=大相撲ファン感謝祭2022 This must have been fun for the experienced fans: gyoji announcer experience - dohyo-iri, bout, kensho - the NSK edited the video for the fan who did this
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    Both days together had about 9000 visitors Chanko GP: 1st (NSK) chanko yokozuna is Michinoku-beya (there were several Chanko 1 GP yokozuna) o o o on sale at the event for 500 Yen each were also Michinoku-, Hakkaku-, Kasugano- and Shikoroyama-beya chanko o o oo o o more o oo
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    Plenty of videos Growing playlist with over 20, Jp+English titles: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL60ei_akshMiO0NqpqistMomQCoqbEwQN shiko 400 trademark song by Tateyama https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-0RCHi-XUE Ikioi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NflrRkZgViI rikishi presentation opening ceremony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OuWi8Fb8QQ handprinting - Miyagino record more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sf8N8ZeyYE4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2wx9uNPhDE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09CeyKruSN8
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    Pics overview of other events - day 1 with about 5000 fan club members & more Yusho parade experience with a rikishi that has real experience in it: Takakeisho, Terunofuji, Shodai ooo play cards with rikishi o o o ooo chess with Miyagino o ooo ping pong o o oo ooo hand push sumo with a rikishi o oo o sumo exercise demonstration with Kumagatani and Miyagino o o o looks a bit like karate o sumo with kids salt throwing experience - shown by robocop Azumazeki ooo o Ozumo Nodojiman contest - singing like at the NHK charity ozumo oo o o o o o o o o ooo other ooo o o
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    Another world record: most people doing shiko stamping at the same time - 400, up from 250 o o o ooo o
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    Preliminaries, how many seconds for 50 tegata, 10 rikishi took part. Won by Terunofuji (21.55s), runner-up Mitakeumi (25.61s), the 2 proceed to the final event. Miyagino did not take part in this. Edited September 10 by Akinomaki Miyagino now has the Guinness world record with 104 hand-prints in a minute - his 8th Guinness record o o o o o o o o o oo o o o o o o oo o o o o o o o the other thread should be merged into this
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    By the looks of the poll he's convinced everyone else too, but considering the next candidates are Kotonowaka (who's arguably yet to look comfortable in the joi) and Hōshōryū (who has a tendency to blow hot and cold) I don't think there's any other realistic option. I went for <60 because it's more likely to happen, but if Wakatakakage's 11-4 from last basho is him turning a corner he might just be able to hit 60 and I'd be cheering for him to do it (and maintain his ōzeki run momentum)