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    Oshiogawa-beya announced that Bilguun's shikona will be Kazenoumi Kei, 風の湖 競.
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    Nothing is known yet, we're just guessing - another Asofuji at first maybe, the older uncle If he's an uchideshi of Aminishiki and Ajigawa wants to create a new pattern for his future heya, we may get now to something completely different
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    The 3 Onami Waka-brothers yesterday were appointed PR ambassadors for their hometown Fukushima with the mayor in front of Arashio-beya oo o o the 3 already were made PR ambassadors for the rice of Minami-Soma on the 17th, Wakatakamoto and Wakamotoharu were on location and tasted the new rice - Wakamotoharu had talked on local TV how they ate it as a child and the producers acted promptly - more food donations for the heya o o oo
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    Anyone else getting 'Talk to the hand' vibes from this new statue?
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    Hi guys nice to be here thx, its done for me, sorry for the last step, I was little busy at work, happy to enter in the sumo and start the compétition against you Jejima, I will try to learn the rules for the d.day ;)
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    Except... is he considered tied with Ichi? If you just move them a number of slots as they appear on the banzuke, then yes, but if you drop Ichi three actual places in the math (to M3W), he's behind Midori.
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    The only one in trouble here is the swindler, not the swindled. There's a reason gutter press is called gutter press. Really enjoyed Miyagino on Hiro's show btw.
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    Well, hopefully so far it's just the tabloids being the tabloids. But now that this story has broken, would there be any forthcoming interview with/comment by Hakuhō in more reputable outlets?
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    Not yet posted - here it is: Ichinojo's yusho portrait for Nagoya 2022 o
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    The tabloids think that there will be some scandal and Hakuho being involved may mean he violates the contract he had to sign to get his kabu
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    Wait, so a manager scammed Hakuho, his plans are now on hold, and he may be punished by the JSA? But I dont understand why would they punish him...
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    There's actually one precedent I decided to follow above others because of the similar logjam: Nagoya 2011. Tochinoshin falls 6-9 from Kw, Yoshikaze 7-8 from M1w, Yoshikaze lands at M2 while Tochinoshin has to settle for M4e. https://sumodb.sumogames.de/Banzuke.aspx?b=201107 I think the current situation is similar enough to warrant use of this precedent, but whether the banzuke committee decided the same is a different matter.
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    Arghhhh I was moving house and completely forgot to do my gtb entry before I went off grid for a few days! That'll learn me. Best of luck, all.
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    The final national event before the National Student Championship was the Wakayama Corporate-College Tournament, held over the weekend. The individual final was contested between arguably the two strongest second year students, as Nihon University's Masai Hanaoaka beat the bulldozer Masaharu Goshima from Takushoku by uwatenage. Hanaoaka almost didn't make the finals, as he was pushed around for most of his semifinal vs NSSU's Choijil, but eventually managed to force him out a split second before hitting the dohyo himself. The team final was won by corporate powerhouse Nippon Express, beating Takushoku 2-1. Individual winner Hanaoaka didn't do so well in the team event, losing both his matches in the knockout rounds, though still scoring a respectable third place with Nihon University. Nippon Sports Science University, fielding a watered down team, lost 2-1 in the quarterfinals to eventual champs Nippon Express. NSSU keeps running tall but underpowered Yuki Sotoo in their lineup, which I don't understand considering their 2nd-year Mongolian Bucheroon is easily better at this stage as a replacement for Nakamura (see below) The monstrous Daiki Nakamura - defending champ of this event + the reigning amateur yokozuna + the 2x reigning Kokutai champ - didn't compete. There seems to be a plan to conserve him for bigger events, and to get lower-year members more experience. The team's strength will drop significantly when Choijil, Nakamura, and Ishizaki graduate soon. The whole event is online, timestamped here at the start of the individual semifinals:
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    Kofu had about 2500 spectators o Myogiryu waiting for his turn - Mitoryu moushi-ai keiko with Asanowaka o o Sendagawa for the NSK on the 17th had to do the obligatory pledge for Kofu to evict yakuza from the jungyo o o
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    Day 5 Kofu - hometown of Ryuden o o Shodai also talked to the press, his party tomorrow being reported as "Hell's ozeki promotion party" o o Takakeisho at keiko o from Kuki Mitakeumi o o o spectator digest in 3 parts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCHKaX8UIPU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4GDQBnXna0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itWg9utYQNs
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    Terunofuji had surgery on both knees on the 18th, Isegahama oyakata told it to the media today. Terunofuji already left hospital and is doing rehab. http://hochi.news/articles/20221022-OHT1T51146.html?page=1 The article as usual adds that it will be difficult for him to be at the Kyushu basho - the media till the end write as if it would be normal to join even if he can hardly walk, though we know he can't possibly be at the basho
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    Not a good sign for the next basho, just shortly after his yokozuna promotion party, Terunofuji is now kyujo again. The NSK announced today that he will be kyujo at the jungyo tomorrow in Kofu https://www.yomiuri.co.jp/sports/sumo/20221021-OYT1T50246/ He told at the party but no news about the decision yet
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    Abi: I'm doing my best. Not 100 percent yet - can't do push-ups but training with the lower tankers and gradually getting there. Intend to enter Kyushu and show the fans some good sumo, taking it day by day. Mitakeumi: I think it's mostly a mental issue. It's not the greatest feeling to be demoted so quickly from Ozeki but I shall do my best. I'll try to win ten and return to Ozeki. I wasn't thinking of the win loss thing today (faced Takakeishou, Shoudai and Takayasu, 1-2). More about checking out my tachiai..
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    Day 4 Kuki, Saitama with about 1800 spectators - pref. locals Daieisho and Abi talked to the fans o Daieisho was 1-4 in keiko bouts with Takakeisho, 1-2 in bouts with others oo oo Abi was fit enough to lend his chest for butsukari o o o Mitakeumi talked to the media oo he did proper keiko - 3 bouts, a win vs. Takakeisho, losses to Shodai and Takayasu o o oo oo o
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    Day 3 Chiba, about 2800 spectators the Chiba pref. locals: Takanosho (from Kashiwa), Kotonowaka, Hoshoryu (graduated in Kashiwa) oo oo o o o o ooo fan favourite Tobizaru o oooo local news A spectator video from Ome
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    Tobizaru spoke today at the jungyo. "I want to take a step forward and have the speed of a monkey AND the power of a gorilla!" he said.
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    2:25h HQ video from the complete Chiba jungyo today
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    Day 2 Chikusei, Ibaraki with about 1800 spectators - the fans cheered for Takayasu as the pref. local, pref. local Nishonoseki also showed up local NHK vid the jungyo repeats the last bouts of the basho, with changing results - Takayasu won (the local always wins at these events) after a torinaoshi and also Shodai won that day o o o oo ooo in focus also at the dohyo-iri o oooo a bit of the others oo o o o o
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    The tabloids are increasingly rumoring about this recently, the problem (mondai) of the ex-tsukebito of Hakuho and now disappeared manager of Hakuho/Miyagino, Koubou II - disappeared with probably 100 million yen of Hakuho's money. A problematic case of a manager: The rikishi in question is Sandanme Koubou. "We just wanted to ask him some questions. Other than that, nothing extraordinary," said Hanaregoma rijicho. It turns out that he submitted his intai paperwork on the 10th. Apparently he had decided to retire after Osaka basho already half a year ago, but with the basho cancelled he went right ahead last week. Not processed yet, as was mentioned above. Real name Kondo Shota or Masahiro as in the DB, representative of the company Office Konjo, to which sumo entertainer Akatsu is attached. http://www.miyamatakeru.com/koundousyouta-keirei/ After intai he first opened a chanko restaurant, likely sponsored by Hakuho, in 2013 Office Konjo and became Hakuho's manager, managing his appearance on TV shows, demanding horrific fees, but sometimes cancelling the appearance later http://bunshun.jp/denshiban/articles/b2144 In July he disappeared, due to probably debts of about 1000 million yen - seems he didn't quit gambling. Apparently he also managed the Hakuho-cup and now it may lack sponsors, the next one may be in danger. The tabloids talk about a return of yaocho talk, building the new heya won't happen and they'll stay at Azumazeki, losing the heya, Hakuho violating the contract with the NSK to behave properly and getting thrown out, etc. http://www.dailyshincho.jp/article/2022/09281131/?all=1 http://taishu.jp/articles/-/104980?page=1 Kintamayama may be right in that he won't stay for long in the NSK