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    In the customary kachikoshi photos, Nishonoseki has revealed its koenkai board: Quite a number of corporate sponsors (denoted by the "kabushiki kaisha" kanji after the end of the company name).
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    Wakatakakage made it into the rankings for the first time, pushing out Ichinojo, he had 9 kensho today. Tamawashi won't get enough kensho to get even close to 100, even if he wins all his remaining bouts: Tomorrow just 2, for the last 3 days 2 komusubi with minor packs left, who maybe have results too bad to meet him - he'll likely get Takayasu and Tobizaru and maybe Kotonowaka - not more than 5 kensho on average. Day 11 http://www.sumo.or.jp/pdf/honbasho/kansen/torikumi/2209_11.pdf 144: Terunofuji 109: Takakeisho 75: Kotonowaka 61: Hoshoryu 61: Tamawashi 61: Takayasu 60: Tobizaru 55: Kiribayama 46: Ura 42: Wakatakakage
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    Hello I create for my YouTube channel, SumoParis, new videos about Kinboshi from 1939 to 2019 (7 videos online this month) https://www.youtube.com/c/SumoParis (Thanks Moti and Martina) Today Part 1 - 1939-1959 Enjoy !
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    When @Gurowake and I looked at it in the past, it sorta seemed like ending up mathematically below the lowest rank on either the current or the next banzuke could get one demoted, though of course as with all banzuke considerations, this wasn't always applied consistently. All I'm saying is that at 7-8 he's 100% safe, while at 6-9 he has to hope that banzuke luck and committee deliberations go in his favor.
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    Even after 20+ years of watching, I am about 0.0001 % familiar with sumo culture compared with the elders on this forum, but, with Mitakeumi supposedly harboring an injury and the sole Yokonzuna out, my guess is, he is only going on to fulfill his Ozeki duty.
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    Quite consistent with the match itself, which had overtones of a cat playing with its prey. Could see the shimpan also gesturing about his post-bout demeanour.
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    Thank you; I don't know that they'd explicitly call it, but it looks like it would apply in the bout in question: Kabai-te (庇い手) literally translates as defending hand. When the two wrestlers fall together, the wrestler on the lower side is referred to as shini-tai, or dead body, meaning that he is the loser even if he doesn't touch the ground first. In this case, if injury is foreseen, the wrestler on the upper side is allowed to support his weight by sticking out a hand on the ground (kabai-te) prior to the shini-tai wrestler touching the ground first. Although the wrestler on top touches first, he is still declared the winner.
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    Interestingly, in the 50s and 60s the northern prefectures dominate (Hokkaido, Akita, Aomori) while in the 80s and 90s the cities dominate (Aichi, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka) - influence of the tournament locations taking over from the traditional sumo stock?
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    No one asked for this, but I just made one for shusshin. Could've made this sooner https://chiyotasuke.github.io/shusshin-graph/
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    Happy birthday Nekonishiki I hope you got everything you wanted or at least a Hungarian flag big enough to wrap it in.... Edit.... 55? Same age as me? At least for the next 11 days anyway...HINT,HINT ,HINT
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    Hokuseiho, on the other hand, collapse to go 8-7. Opponents realize that he's just standing up at the tachiai, so every opponent runs at him hard and knocks him over.
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    Hiro is introducing SPT on the oyakata channel
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    He was able to sit out half of last basho so he’s had more time to rest than most of the guys though, and they were kind enough to write that tournament off for him and give him a second chance to escape demotion. Understandable that in these circumstances he’d draw a little more criticism than usual.
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    Promotion/demotion picture, Day 10 Sanyaku and joi (X) 5-5 Terunofuji Y (2) 6-4 Takakeisho O Shodai 1-9 (X) O Mitakeumi 3-7 (5) (1) 7-3 Wakatakakage S Hoshoryu 5-5 (3) (4) 4-6 Daieisho S (X) 0-0-10 Abi K Ichinojo 4-6 (4) K Kiribayama 6-4 (2) (1) 7-3 Tobizaru M1 (2) 6-4 Kotonowaka M2 (O) 9-1 Tamawashi M3 Ura 6-4 (2) (3) 5-5 Nishikigi M4 Takayasu 8-2 (O) M5 Sadanoumi 6-4 (2) (2) 6-4 Wakamotoharu M6 M7 M8 Hokutofuji 9-1 (O) A very dismal basho for the senior sanyaku. Shōdai will be kadoban next basho, and Mitakeumi needs to win out to avoid being dumped to ōzekiwake. Takakeishō is also not yet safe, although he will at worst be kadoban and probably will secure his 2 more wins given he has been fighting quite well this basho. Of the sekiwake, only Wakatakakage is having anywhere near a good tournament, having come back strongly from 0-3 to remain in the arasoi and reignite talk of an ōzeki run. Hōshōryū and Daieishō are both misfiring this basho, and chances are good that we will lose at least one of them from the rank. As for the komusubi, Abi is certain to drop out of the joi altogether with a zenkyū, but only Kiribayama looks like a lock to remain in sanyaku. Ichinojō is also not performing well. The downward(!) pressure on the junior sanyaku slots means that we could be back to a slimmed down 4-5 member junior sanyaku: Wakatakakage + Hōshōryū/Daieishō + Mitakeumi, then Kiribayama and whichever of the sekiwake manage to limit their losses to 8. It's also probably a pretty rare combination to see how the shimpan will deal with haridashi sekiwake that go 7-8. My guess is that in the event that there is no free regular komusubi slot, Daieishō, being ranked at S2e and probably being considered under "sekiwake kadoban" due to his borderline record last basho, will be dropped out of sanyaku altogether even if he goes 7-8, but my guess is (not as) good as yours. That same downward pressure also makes things fairly awkward for the joi, which contain at least 3 members who make a pretty strong case for sanyaku. Tobizaru, at M1e, is 1 win away from a possible sanyaku debut. Tamawashi is currently in pole position "by the numbers" to stake a claim for his old stomping grounds of sekiwake. Takayasu, should he win the yūshō or even go double digits, would also have a very good claim to return to sekiwake, leaving Hokutofuji with the weakest promotion case despite arguably the best basho of his career thus far. We might be seeing another basho of haridashi sekiwake/komusubi with new faces, which might be a bit unusual. That leaves the remainder of the joi that are 2 or more wins away from their KK (but likely to get it) being hard out of luck, with Kotonowaka, Ura, and Nishikigi likely to be jammed at M1e and down at best. Makuuchi-jūryō Next Result East Rank West Result Next M9 Kotoeko 4-6 (2) M10 M11 Chiyotairyu 3-7 (3) (3) 4-6 Okinoumi M12 Ryuden 6-4 (1) (2) 5-5 Ichiyamamoto M13 M14 Yutakayama 3-7 (5) (3) 5-5 Terutsuyoshi M15 Tsurugisho 2-8 (X) (4) 4-6 Mitoryu M16 Hiradoumi 4-6 (4) (5) 3-7 Shimanoumi J1 Chiyomaru 4-6 (4) J2 Azumaryu 6-4 (2) (1) 7-3 Atamifuji J3 Tohakuryu 6-4 (2) (1) 7-3 Kagayaki J4 ... (5?) 8-2 Hokuseiho J9 The only confirmed demotion from makuuchi by now is M15e Tsurugishō. Yutakayama looks exceedingly likely to join them, whereas the other MK-trending rikishi in this area may yet save themselves with a few more wins. Upper jūryō has yet to supply any outright KKs, although arasoi-involved Atamifuji and Kagayaki are likely to get theirs and would be front runners for the two spots in makuuchi. Heck, even Shimanoumi may yet make a return to makuuchi, although it would involve one hell of a second wind for the hapless newlywed. Naturally the picture will clear up a bit more in the following days, but as is to be expected for this area of the banzuke, the rikishi haven't deigned to grace us with sufficiently strong (or weak) performances to say much more than this. EDIT: See Sakura's post here for Tsurugishō's demotion status as of Day 10. Looking a little less likely than yesterday, but still eminently possible, is the promotion of J9e Hokuseihō. His best record now will be 13-2, and that has a 50-50 chance to get him promoted to makuuchi. 12-3 might still do it although it would be a ~25% chance and would certainly take a lot more banzuke luck. Promotion to makuuchi with 11-4 has only happened twice in recent years: once by Daikikō/Terunoumi in 1990 (the beneficiary of an expansion of makuuchi from 38 to 40), and Sōkokurai in 2014 (with a massive collapse in lower makuchi and the retirement of Kotoōshu leaving 7 slots to be filled). Jūryō-makushita Next Result East Rank West Result Next J10 Tokushoryu 4-6 (1) (2) 5-5 Chiyosakae J11 Kitanowaka 5-5 (2) (4) 4-6 Gonoyama J12 Kinbozan 6-4 (2) (3) 5-5 Oshoma J13 Tochimaru 2-8 (X) (O) 8-2 Tochimusashi J14 Takakento 5-5 (3) 0-0 Kaisei Ms1 Roga 3-2 (1) (2) 2-3 Tomokaze Ms2 (2) 2-3 Yoshii Ms3 Daishomaru 2-3 (2) (1) 3-2 Tsushimanada Ms4 Tsukahara 3-2 (1) (1) 3-2 Fujiseiun Ms5 Shonannoumi 4-1 (~) (2) 2-3 Kamito Ms6 (~) 4-1 Shiden Ms7 Tokihayate 4-1 (~) ... (2) 5-0 Asanoyama Ms15 The only clear demotion so far is Tochimaru's 2-8 record, although Gōnoyama and/or an unlucky Takakentō/Ōshōma may yet join him. Ex-ōzeki Asanoyama must be regarded as the most likely front-runner for any open jūryō slot, but if he fails to complete the zenshō the next likely candidate is Rōga, one win away from his KK at what is practically the highest makushita rank this basho (due to Kaisei's retirement). EDIT: See Sakura's post here for Tochimaru's demotion status as of day 10. While there is a trio of 4-1 records in upper makushita, they are low enough that a number of 2-3s and 3-2s may yet assert a promotion claim stronger than theirs. No doubt tomorrow will see some of these 2-3s take their leave, clearing up the picture significantly.
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    Standings after day 10: How many more wins for Takayasu? *fingers crossed*! Rank Shikona Surfs Position Standing 1. Terarno Takayasu M4w 8-2 2. chishafuwaku Takanosho M10w 6-4 3. Andoreasu*** Hokuseiho J9e 8-2 4. Holleshoryu Kinbozan J12w 6-4 5. Jejima Oshoma J13e 5-5 6. Hironoumi*** Asanoyama Ms15e 5-0 7. Ganzohnesushi** Asanoyama Ms15e 5-0 8. Achiyama** Asakoki Ms29w 1-4 9. Jakusotsu*** Osanai Ms31e 2-3 10. Sakura Osanai Ms31e 2-3 11. Mmikasazuma* DNP(1st) Ms31w N/A 12. Wamahada* Daiseizan Sd10w 0-0-5 13. WAKATAKE*** DNP(1st) Sd11w N/A 14. Koorifuu*** Otani Jk16w 5-0
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    I've similary been wondering for the last few days if he isn't just hoping to win one more and retire on that note, on his own terms. When you think about his stated goal of 10 yusho by the end of this calendar year, it's easy to conceive that he planned on intai in 2023 and wanted to get everything he could out of his body before then. I guess we'll see, I hope I'm wrong.
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    More publicity for the fan appreciation event - this time allowing fans to see what it's like to be the gyōji in charge of the PA system in the Kokugikan.
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    Some old Indonesian news (2018). Chiyonokuni and Chiyomaru went to Bali
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    Standings after day 6: Terarno better starts practicing the Heimlich maneuver to prevent Takayasu from choking. Rank Shikona Surfs Position Standing 1. Terarno Takayasu M4w 5-1 2. chishafuwaku Takanosho M10w 4-2 3. Andoreasu*** Hokuseiho J9e 5-1 4. Holleshoryu Kinbozan J12w 4-2 5. Jejima Oshoma J13e 2-4 6. Hironoumi*** Asanoyama Ms15e 3-0 7. Ganzohnesushi** Asanoyama Ms15e 3-0 8. Achiyama** Asakoki Ms29w 1-2 9. Jakusotsu*** Osanai Ms31e 1-2 10. Sakura Osanai Ms31e 1-2 11. Mmikasazuma* DNP(1st) Ms31w N/A 12. Wamahada* Daiseizan Sd10w 0-0-3 13. WAKATAKE*** DNP(1st) Sd11w N/A 14. Koorifuu*** Otani Jk16w 3-0
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    Just be glad that you don't have to deal with the hullabaloo of given name/real name/shikona/kabu the NSK employees entertain.
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    Ichiyamamoto and Shimaazumi, who were Nishonoseki's tsukebito when he was a yokozuna, went to Nishonoseki for degeiko. Build it and they will come, eh?