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    Some oyakata merch: the NSK is selling ema - blocks of cypress traditionally used to write prayers/wishes and hung in shrine precincts. These are printed with the faces of the 104 oyakata of the NSK, including their kabu and their active shikona. And yes, this includes Kaisei, although his just seems to have been a head shot of his formal rikishi photo. In typical Japanese fashion, this is a gacha, so the various oyakata appear to be assigned into rarity tiers based on their highest rank while active. All former yokozuna are in the highest rarity tier, for instance, and all former ōzeki one tier below. (It just so happens that this is also a great pictorial look to roughly see how many ex-oyakata ranked sekiwake, ōzeki, or yokozuna; the komusubi are lumped in with the maegashira and the rare ex-jūryōs.) The joke comes with the "bad luck" and "super bad luck" tiers, which are occupied by the oyakata channel hosts Otowayama, Iwatomo, Shiranui, and Onogawa (super bad luck): instead of a nice formal photo, these four are pulling funny faces on their ema. These were up for grabs during the basho, and apparently were popular enough that they sold out once and the NSK had to announce it being restocked over Twitter. I hope this becomes a regular item because this is one gacha I'd spend the hell out of.
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    Teru is not going to be a dai-yokozuna, but definitely one of the more memorable ones. He defied all sorts of odds to get where he is at. He's earned the rope and the respect of many even if he doesn't get to 10
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    The problem is, they can't even really make Hokotofuji fight higher up the banzuke, either, because if they put him against the sanyaku it's giving him free wins.
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    Aki 2022 -Day 10: Kaisei the Brazilian veteran is at Makushita 1E, losing his sekitori status after 12 years. INTAI. Rouga the Russian is 3-2 at Makushita 1W, his highest career rank. Tomokaze is 2-3 at Makushita 2E. Ex- Maegashira 3 piano player, returned a few basho ago after a serious injury that sidelined him for 6 bashos. Yoshii, 19 year old ex-Junior high Yokozuna boy wonder, is 2-3at Makushita 3E, his highest career rank. Fujiseiun is 3-2 at Makushita 5E, his highest career rank. Ishiura is at Makushita 10E, losing his sekitori status after 7.5 years. KYUJO Shishi, Ukrainian, is 3-2 at Makushita 11E. Akiseyama, ex-Makuuchi, is 2-3 at Makushita 11W. Hokutenkai, Mongolian, is 3-2 at Makushita 12W. Asanoyama, ex-Ozeki, is 5-0 and kachikoshi at Makushita 15E. A zensho yusho will promote him to Juryo. Back after a six-basho suspension. Kawazoe is 3-2 at Makushita 15 tsukedashi. Joins ex-Hakuhou's heya this basho at this rank, college Yokozuna. Ishizaki is 3-2 at Makushita 16W. Entered at Sandanme 100 tsukedashi in May 2021. Mukainakano is 2-3 at Makushita 17E. Highest career rank. Dewanoryuu, Mongolian, is 3-2 at Makushita 17W. Kanzaki, is 4-1 and kachikoshi at Makushita 21E, his highest rank. He started from Sandanme 100 tsukedashi in March 2022. Kiryuukou, ex-Tokitsukaze's son number 1, is 2-3 at Makushita 22W, highest career rank. Fujitoushi is 3-2 at Makushita 24E. Osanai is 2-3 at Makushita 31E. He will not push. Joukouryuu (ex-Komusubi) is 0-5 and makekoshi at Makushita 33W. Arauma, Mongolian, is 2-3 at Makushita 34E. First ever foreigner at Isenoumi beya. Nobehara is 0-2-3 at Makushita 36W. Kyujo Miyagi is 2-3 at Makushita 37W, highest career rank. Wakatakamoto is 2-3 at Makushita 40W. Eldest bother of Wakatakakage and Wakamotoharu. Nabatame is 4-1and kachikoshi at Makushita 49W. Half Thai. Suguro is at Makushita 50W. Sandanme 100 tsukedashi in November 2021, brother of Fujitoushi. Highest career rank. KYUJO Hatsuyama, is 3-2 at Makushita 60E, his highest rank. He started March 2022 from Sandanme 100 tsukedashi. Maikeru, half Filipino, is 3-2 at Sandanme 5E. Kayou is 4-1 and kachikoshi at Sandanme 7W, his highest rank. Started off at Sandanme 90 tsukedashi in May 2022. Naya, Taihou's third grandson (second eldest) is 3-2 at Sandanme 9E. There is another grandson, Yukio, but he's a pro-wrestler. Daiseizan is at Sandanme 10W, highest career rank. Inner Mongolian. KYUJO Kototebakari is 4-1 and kachikoshi at Sandanme 13W. Kotoshouhou's younger brother . Highest career rank. Itadaki, Canadian father, twelve years in sumo, is 3-2 at Sandanme 14W. Hanafusa, Ex-Kisenosato's favorite recruit is 4-1 and kachikoshi at Sandanme 16W, highest career rank. Mudouhou, Taihou's other grandson (youngest) is 3-2 at Sandanme 22W. Shinohara is 4-1 and kachikoshi at Sandanme 29E. Wakanoshou is 5-0 and kachikoshi at Sandanme 33E, highest career rank. Tokitora is 2-3 at Sandanme 48W. Kotokenryuu, 18 years old Mongolian, is 3-2 at Sandanme 49E, highest career rank. Shunrai, ex-Tokitsukaze's 17 years old son number 2, is 4-1 and kachikoshi at at Sandanme 58E. Furanshisu from the Philippines is 1-4 and makekoshi at Sandanme 66E. Kazekenou, is 5-0 and kachikoshi at Sandanme 74E, his highest rank. Oushouumi is 5-0 and kachikoshi at Sandanme 78E. Hayashiryuu - Ex-Kisenosato's recruit- 16 years old, one of the Hayashi twins - is 3-2 at Jonidan 10W, his highest rank. Rinko - Ex-Kisenosato's recruit- 16 years old, the other Hayashi twin - is 3-2 at Jonidan 11E, his highest rank. Kaitoma (Kairou) - Mark Aaron Justin Toma- Brazilian-Filipino, is 2-3 at Jonidan 25W. Suyama, small first ever student/graduate from Tokyo University, is 3-2 at Jonidan 62W, his highest rank. Satonofuji - the bow twirler is 2-3 at Jonidan 78E. 45 years old. Hokuouzan (Hagiwara), half Turkish, is at Jonokuchi 15W. Kyujo for the last 5 bashos. KYUJO Ootani, ex-Hakuhou's new recruit is 5-0 and kachikoshi at Jonokuchi 16W, his debut basho. Kagamiou (yes, he's still active..) Mongolian ex-Maegashira with injuries, has been out more or less since day 5 of July 2020, banzuke-gai.
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    https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202209200000397.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=nikkansports_ogp Updates by Nikkan: According to Isegahama, surgery might be a possibility, and the right knee is "completely dislocated". Asahi further supplements this with information that both knees are actually in bad shape.
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    I think it was always well accepted by everyone that Terunofuji fell into the Asahifuji-type, late-career, short-tenure Yokozuna promotion category rather than the Hakuho-type where you get the rope while young and enjoy a long reign.
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    Hello I create for my YouTube channel, SumoParis, new videos about Kinboshi from 1939 to 2019 (7 videos online this month) https://www.youtube.com/c/SumoParis (Thanks Moti and Martina) Today Part 1 - 1939-1959 Enjoy !
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    Tamawashi on day 9 passed Takatoriki to compete in his 1457th consecutive match (even with his kyujo last basho, and while open to debate, the NSK is protecting his attendance streak due to his kyujo not being of his own accord). He is now in 3rd place on the all time consecutive match list https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202209190001056.html
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    Aki 2022: O Shodai -> K Kiribayama (2) -> S Hoshoryu (4) -> M1 Tobizaru (6) -> ?
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    It will be a good matchup and clash of styles. Wakanosho is very promising indeed, but in his career has only beaten 2 opponents who ever KK'd in makushita, and none on the form that Asonoyama is now - it's a big jump from who he's beaten to someone performing at mid-makushita level. And as we've seen, Kototebakari had a rough introduction to makushita. Waka's thrusting is fierce, but he'll be overpowered if Asonoyama gets a hold of him. Both have what it takes to beat the other, but who will implement it better? I hope the latter, because I want to see the big Asonoyama vs Asanoyama showdown
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    Based on some past instances, seems like a 6-0 Aso might get a 5-1 Ms opponent?
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    Terunofuji once scored 2-13 as an ozeki.. hope Shodai is not aiming for that record (Hey, but I might eventually become a yokozuna too then! ).
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    Part of me secretly wishes Terunofuji would retire and we could see the free-for-all that is the run for the next yokozuna. Kinda like that 1992-93 period. In a way that period is already going on, but unofficially.
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    I know the sanyaku looks bad, but if we pretend that they're tennis scores the whole scenario changes! At 6-3, Wakatakakage won his first set! Good work Wakatakakage!
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    Part 5 : 1990-1999 Enjoy !
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    Choshu-Yuki is kindly doing her best to save me from this ignominy. 66 +1 Suwihuto J3 | 0-15 | 161 69 48 | 26 6 7 67 -1 Choshu-Yuki M2 | 0-15 | 159 58 59 | 16 8 5
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    As I today saw the table and especially Yarimotsu's TB value, I wouldn't believe it, especially after yesterdays discussion about just this TB value. I thought my mouse had again gone through the table and had changed some Points. I checked again and again, but all is right. Both have only one of today's both bouts correct, Yarimotsu the favorite Wakatakakage (only 3 votes against him), Sumo Spiffy the absolut underdog Ura (22 voted different) This is a TB difference of 19 for Sumo Spiffy. Between both is now Kellyama, who had both winners correct. This is now the ranking: Rk Player Pts TB 1 Sumo Spiffy 9 96 2 Kellyama 9 92 3 Yarimotsu 9 86 4 Tochinofuji 8 88 5 Wamahada 8 79 6 Athenayama 7 64 7 chishafuwaku 7 64 8 Chartorenji 7 60 9 RaeucherLax 7 56 10 Oortael 7 55 11 Hakuhonofan 7 55 12 Hakuryuho 7 51 13 Chankomafuji 7 51 14 Asapedroryu 7 50 15 Susanoo 7 50 16 shimodahito 6 71 17 Asojima 6 66 18 Profomisakari 6 51 19 Benihana 6 46 20 Shatsume 6 43 21 ChickyStarr 6 37 22 Tameiki 6 37 23 Achiyama 5 40 24 Fujisan 5 30 25 ScreechingOwl 5 24 26 WAKATAKE 4 27 27 Flohru 4 21 Tomorrow (day 10) will the second time be no bout, but on day 11 we have two bouts: 7 Hiradoumi against Oho and 18 Onosho against Tsurugisho Profomisakari
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    It is difficult to trace the Morinaga-sho this basho, Abema won't broadcast the announcement each day. Today it was on Hokutofuji, who is not in the rankings Day 9 http://www.sumo.or.jp/pdf/honbasho/kansen/torikumi/2209_09.pdf 144: Terunofuji 94: Takakeisho 64: Kotonowaka 55: Kiribayama 54: Takayasu 53: Tobizaru 48: Tamawashi 46: Ura 39: Daieisho 34: Ichinojo
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    o o Y1e Terunofuji (5-3) uwatenage M4e Nishikigi (4-4) o o o o o o o o o o o S2e Daieisho (2-6) oshidashi O1w Shodai (1-7) o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o S1e Wakatakakage (5-3) yorikiri O2w Mitakeumi (3-5) o o o o o o o O1e Takakeisho (6-2) hikiotoshi M4w Takayasu (6-2) o o o o o o o o M3w Ura (5-3) oshidashi S1w Hoshoryu (4-4) o M1w Midorifuji (4-4) katasukashi K2w Kiribayama (5-3) o o o M1e Tobizaru (5-3) okuridashi K1w Ichinojo (2-6) o o o M2e Kotonowaka (5-3) uwatenage M2w Meisei (3-5) o o M3e Tamawashi (7-1) oshidashi M5w Sadanoumi (4-4) o o o o o o o o o o o o M7w Onosho (3-5) oshidashi M5e Takarafuji (1-7) o M8w Hokutofuji (8-0) yorikiri M6w Endo (3-5) o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o M6e Wakamotoharu (6-2) tsukiotoshi M9e Myogiryu (4-4) o o o o o M9w Kotoeko (4-4) oshidashi M7e Aoiyama (1-7) o o M10e Nishikifuji (6-2) yoritaoshi M8e Tochinoshin (3-5) o o M13w Oho (6-2) katasukashi M10w Takanosho (4-4) o o o o o o o M15e Terutsuyoshi (4-4) okuridashi M11w Chiyotairyu (1-7) o o o M14e Chiyoshoma (6-2) hatakikomi M11e Kotoshoho (4-4) o M12w Ryuden (4-4) kotenage M16w Hiradoumi (4-4) o M12e Okinoumi (4-4) yorikiri M15w Tsurugisho (1-7) o M14w Yutakayama (3-5) oshidashi M13e Ichiyamamoto (4-4) o o o M16e Mitoryu (4-4) oshidashi J1e Shimanoumi (3-5) o J5e Hidenoumi (3-5) yorikiri J2w Azumaryu (5-3) o J3e Atamifuji (6-2) oshidashi J7e Kotokuzan (4-4) o o J7w Enho (3-5) kainahineri J4e Kagayaki (5-3) o o o Ms15w Chiyoarashi (3-1) hatakikomi Ms15TD Kawazoe (2-2) o o o o o lower from Toyama o shinjo shusse hirou o o o
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    Day 6 results: Chiyosakae - loss (Sumo Spiffy, Gansekiiwa) Tochimusashi - win (Athenayama, Flohru, Gaijingai, Achiyama, Fujisan) Bushozan - win (Koorifuu) Azumaryu - win (Benihana, Tameiki) Hokuseiho - win (HaraKiri) Kaisho - win (WAKATAKE) Atamifuji - win (Akogyokuseki) Almost a perfect day, while we get 11 players still getting wins, and raising the yusho line for the basho. Gaijingai remains in the sole lead with 6 wins Active Streaks Aki 2022 6 - Gaijingai 5 - WAKATAKE, HaraKiri 4 - Tameiki 3 - Athenayama, Achiyama, Koorifuu, Akogyokuseki 2 - Benihana, Fujisan 1 - Flohru *For some reason I was listing Akogyokuseki as "Atamifuji" who is her default picks for this basho
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    Seeing as his intai was less than a year ago, by Akinomaki's criteria, that would suggest dropping him from this (it also sounds like it'll be a more Kotoyūki-style, quiet event). If we're all agreed, we'll put everything about his danpatsu into his own intai thread? I haven't found a thread on him, so we might as well keep him here with the others, his event certainly still is delayed. No mention of intai-zumo, so really just a danpatsushiki, which would make it a small event. The new idea Sanoyama has for this is to even allow people who come that day without reservation to have a cut for a modest fee of 30 000 Yen, including a soft drink and a light meal. He only has invited about 250 so far to have a cut and hopes for 200 more from the general public. As side program while the people wait till he returns with a new haircut, a sekitori talk-show and singing by brother Chiyomaru (and more) is planned https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2022/09/13/kiji/20220913s00005000345000c.html o o He obviously doesn't expect a sell-out
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    Part 2 : 1960-1969 Enjoy !
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    Ikioi (Kasugayama) at his talk event today told that he plans his intaizumo for next June. https://www.sanspo.com/article/20220913-QOQWQVBWARLMPHEF4VDJ7D5P6Q/