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    Very short list of shikona changes this time, only two in addition to that of shin-Juryo Gonoyama which was announced along with his promotion. Sakaigawa-beya's Mizuno is now Zuitenryu, the first kanji is a different reading of the first of his home city, Mizunami in Gifu prefecture. There's a shrine called Tenryu-ji in the city of Kani, also in Gifu prefecture, perhaps that inspired the rest of the shikona? Tamanoi-beya debutant Imazeki is now Toshunryu, the middle kanji there is taken from his real given name, Shunsuke. J14w Nishikawa > Gonoyama (豪ノ山, ごうのやま) Jd57e Mizuno > Zuitenryu (瑞天龍, ずいてんりゅう) Jk17e Imazeki > Toshunryu (東俊隆, とうしゅんりゅう) Two rikishi from Takasago-beya change the given name only. Asanoyama begins his comeback by reverting to his real given name, Hiroki. Meanwhile, his veteran stablemate Asatenmai switches from his real given name to Matazo. Sd22w Asanoyama Hideki > Hiroki (広暉, ひろき) Sd26e Asatenmai Seita > Matazo (又三, またぞう) Two rikishi also make shusshin adjustments, although one is rather more long distance than the other. Sd30e Kayo - Chiba-ken, Ichikawa-shi > Okinawa-ken, Naha-shi (沖縄県那覇市) Jk17e Toshunryu - Tokyo-to, Minato-ku > Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku (東京都中央区) I don't remember seeing anything about it last basho but it looks like there was a mini-COVID quarantine in Yamahibiki-beya, Jd76w Tenichi and Jd103w Masutani have maintained their ranks from the last banzuke. Tenichi therefore avoids falling to Jonokuchi for the first time since the 1993 Natsu basho, his first basho on the banzuke.
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    https://www.sumo.or.jp/EnHonbashoBanzuke/index/ Makuuchi Terunofuji Y --- Takakeisho O Mitakeumi --- O Shodai Wakatakakage S Daieisho Hoshoryu K Abi Kiribayama M1 Takanosho Kotonowaka M2 Ichinojo Tamawashi M3 Ura Wakamotoharu M4 Takayasu Endo M5 Sadanoumi Aoiyama M6 Tobizaru Okinoumi M7 Hokutofuji Tochinoshin M8 Nishikigi Shimanoumi M9 Kotoeko Chiyotairyu M10 Meisei Kotoshoho M11 Midorifuji Terutsuyoshi M12 Takarafuji Ichiyamamoto M13 Chiyoshoma Myogiryu M14 Tsurugisho Onosho M15 Oho Yutakayama M16 Daiamami Nishikifuji M17 Chiyomaru
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    Here are the results- of the Nagoya 2022 GTB, delayed because I had to remove a small blockage in my artery yesterday-at home now, everything good. We have a third time winner in Nantonoyama with 71 points!! As I stated yesterday, 8 players with 70 points and higher. I with my three komusubi, ended up very low, even lower than Barry White. 17 new players,( one of the runner-ups) and 14 playing for the second time, which is just as important. Milestones: Asashosakari - 110th basho (!!) Heriokuno - 110th basho (!!) Taxinohana -100th basho (!!) Manatsumai - 100th basho (!!) Ketsukai- 90th basho Itachiyama - 90th basho Hope you enjoyed the game, see you next basho. Special thanks to Andoreasu and Doitsuyama for their bnever-ending endeavors in keeping this game alive. To see how you did, go here. And now, on with the Ba-show!!.
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    Asanoyama Hiroki is his full shikona as of this banzuke. Only the given name changed, his surname is still Asanoyama. No idea whether he changes back to Hideki, because Hideki was chosen to honor his deceased high school coach, and it could be he feels like he dishonored the name by getting involved in the scandal.
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    Eh, getting most of the ranks right is what counts; the rest is guessing a few coin flips correctly
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    The All Japan College Sumo Championships (Women) took place today at Nihon University Sumo Dojo. The hosts were dominant in the team tournament with their A team beating their B team in the final. Openweight winner was Ami Fukuzato (University of Shizuoka). Rest of the results to follow.
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    Nagoya 2022 : Kinbouzan (Yersin) is at Makushita 1E, his highest career rank. Sandanme 100 tsukedashi in November 2021 from Kazakhstan . Rouga the Russian is at Makushita 2E, his highest career rank. Kanno is at Makushita 2W. Started off at Sandanme 100 tsukedashi in March 2021. Tomokaze is at Makushita 3E. Ex- Maegashira 3 piano player, returned a few basho ago after a serious injury that sidelined him for 6 bashos. Akiseyama, ex-Makuuchi, is at Makushita 6W. Fujiseiun is at Makushita 8E, his highest career rank. Shishi, Ukranian, is at Makushita 14E. Dewanoryuu, Mongolian, is at Makushita 17W. Osanai is at Makushita 20W. He will not push. Mukainakano is at Makushita 21E. Highest career rank. Wakatakamoto is at Makushita 21W. Eldest bother of Wakatakakage and Wakamotoharu. Joukouryuu (ex-Komusubi) is at Makushita 23E. Nobehara is at Makushita 24E, his highest career rank. Ishizaki is at Makushita 26E. Entered at Sandanme 100 tsukedashi in May 2021. Kanzaki, is at Makushita 27E, his highest rank. He started from Sandanme 100 tsukedashi in March 2022. Nihonyanagi is at Makushita 29W. Fujitoushi (Suguro) is at Makushita 30E. Hokutenkai, Mongolian, is at Makushita 31W. Kiryuukou, ex-Tokitsukaze's son number 1, is at Makushita 37E, highest career rank. Yoshii, 18 year old ex-Junior high Yokozuna boy wonder, is at Makushita 38E. Arauma, Mongolian, is at Makushita 42W. First ever foreigner at Isenoumi beya. Mudouhou, Taihou's other grandson (youngest) is Makushita 44E. Naya,, Taihou's third grandson (second eldest) is at Makushita 45W. There is another grandson, Yukio, but he's a pro-wrestler. Maikeru, half Filipino, is at Makushita 52W. Nabatame is at Makushita 59E. Half Thai. Hatsuyama, is at Sandanme 10E, his highest rank. He started March 2022 from Sandanme 100 tsukedashi. Miyagi is at Sandanme 12W. Asanoyama, ex-Ozeki serving punishment, is ranked at Sandanme 22W and is back after a six-basho suspension. Kototebakari is at Sandanme 27E. Kotoshouhou's younger brother . Highest career rank. Back to back Jonokuchi and Jonidan yushos. Itadaki, Canadian father, eleven years in sumo, is at Sandanme 28E. Kayou is at Sandanme 30E, his highest rank. Started off at Sandanme 90 tsukedashi last basho. Suguro is at Sandanme 39W. Sandanme 100 tsukedashi in November 2021, brother of Fujitoushi. Kotokenryuu, Mongolian, is at Sandanme 49E, highest career rank. Shunrai, ex-Tokitsukaze's son number 2, is at Sandanme 52E, his highest career rank. Daiseizan is at Sandanme 67E, highest career rank. Inner Mongolian. Wakanoshou is at Sandnme 67W, highest career rank. Hanafusa, Ex-Kisenosato's favorite recruit is at Sandanme 71E, highest career rank. Furanshisu from the Philippines is at Sandanme 84W. Shinohara is at Sandanme 88W. Oushouumi is at Jonidan 6W. Tokitora (Shimoyama) is at Jonidan 19E. Kairou - Mark Aaron Justin Toma- Brazilian-Filipino, is at Jonidan 53W. Satonofuji - the bow twirler is at Jonidan 56W. 45 years old. Hokuouzan (Hagiwara), half Turkish, is at Jonidan 107E. Suyama, small first ever graduate from Tokyo University, is at Jonokuchi 16E. Kagamiou (yes, he's still active..) Mongolian ex-Maegashira with injuries, has been out more or less since day 5 of July 2020, banzuke-gai.
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    Do you really think that was relevant in any way? My GTB draft had exactly the same order of lowest Maegashira without wasting any thought about supension shenanigans.
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    As far as I can tell, there’s only one other instance of an 8-7 at J1w not moving east—Wakamiyama all the way back in 1968. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Banzuke.aspx?b=196805#J http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Banzuke.aspx?b=196807 In that case though, the J1e guy Daimonji also got screwed, missing out on promotion with an 8-7 too. Wakamiyama at least responded with a 14-1 yusho, but Daimonji went 5-10. Correction: There were four others. Missed those when I scanned the list first time. Last time was in 1980. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Query.aspx?show_form=0&form1_rank=J1w &form1_wins=8&form1_losses=7&form2_rank=J1
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    Hands up, who saw Hidenoumi getting stuck at J1w coming?
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    Makushita Sandanme Jonidan Jonokuchi (New shikona in red.)
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    Makushita-joi Takakento Ms1 Kinbozan Roga Ms2 Kanno Tomokaze Ms3 Daishomaru Kamito Ms4 Chiyonoumi Chiyoarashi Ms5 Shohozan Akiseyama Ms6 Tsukahara Tsushimanada Ms7 Kotoyusho Fujiseiun Ms8 Hamayutaka Kainoshima Ms9 Tsurubayashi Tochikamiyama Ms10 Oshoryu Tochiseiryu Ms11 Kitaharima Hakuyozan Ms12 Shiden Oki Ms13 Yutakasho Shishi Ms14 Fukai Shonannoumi Ms15 Suzuki
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    Juryo Ryuden J1 Hidenoumi Azumaryu J2 Tohakuryu Kagayaki J3 Daishoho Asanowaka J4 Mitoryu Chiyonokuni J5 Tokushoryu Atamifuji J6 Bushozan Akua J7 Kotokuzan Hiradoumi J8 Enho Kaisho J9 Churanoumi Shimazuumi J10 Ishiura Kaisei J11 Tochimaru Kitanowaka J12 Yago Oshoma J13 Hokuseiho Chiyosakae J14 Gonoyama
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    The only thing that might get him in against all odds is that he has learned Japanese by himself, he spoke to the Nikkan reporter in a mix of Japanese and English - he was quoted saying that he likes the sumo culture, how much that was mixed with English in the real interview is up to our guesses though. If he manages to get relatively fluent till the next try, he might convince some oyakata that it is not a waste of time to have a try with him. He'd have to undergo a 6 month kenshu period before he can appear at a shin deshi kensa, a debut at almost 25 for a foreigner would really be something. One - also highly unlikely - possibility for him would be to join a Japanese company with a sumo club and win the corporate championships in September or get at least a sdTD qualification there. That would be the ticket in, but someone would have to get him such a job in Japan.
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    Sorry, I didn't make that clear. After his retirement, he was outspoken (well, OK, this is Japan) about the PRC move to demote Mongolian culture in Inner Mongolia (e.g., teaching only Mandarin in the schools).
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    Presentation of the new facility by AI komuten, like those for Kyushu to be used for amateur sumo training camps during the rest of the year. The sauna is maybe a first for a sumo-beya: o o o o
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    Missed this last time,so let me get this going this time... There is suspicions that the hooligan element as finally arrived in sumo,when the crowd greets every rikishi with chants of "You fat bast**d,you fat bast**d"
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    Nishihara's first mage!
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    First training session on the new dohyos today. "I want to produce strong, sturdy rikishi!" declared the Oyakata. The boys trained for two hours. "The two dohyos let me divide the group into two-those that have to work on something, and those that do outright keiko.. The training was intense as usual.." he added .
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    Pics overview of the heya opening o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o banners from Ushiku and Ami - the heya is on the border o o Videos News clip from the local paper https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxcmK2rTDlk from the Ami town assembly member who does PR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gw5Z3c-nziY
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    If it's a breast cancer screening, he's checking out the wrong foreigner, IYKWIM.
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    Shimanoumi looks like he's inspecting Kaisei's nipple
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    Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh. Forgetting ichinojo being a COVID case cost me big. Would have put him into M2w instead. The only incorrect placement then would have been Ichiyamamoto/Takarafuji costing me 4 points. Would have set a new record (?) with 80 points as I have all other 40 Rikishi correct. What a tragedy.... Yokozuna E: Terunofuji Y1e (12-3) Yokozuna W: None Yokozuna E2: None Yokozuna W2: None Ozeki E: Takakeisho O2w (8-7) Ozeki W: Mitakeumi O1e (6-9) Ozeki E2: None Ozeki W2: Shodai O1w (5-10) Ozeki E3: None Ozeki W3: None Sekiwake E: Wakatakakage S1e (9-6) Sekiwake W: Daieisho K1w (11-4) Sekiwake E2: None Sekiwake W2: None Komusubi E: Hoshoryu K1e (8-7) Komusubi W: Abi S1w (7-8) Komusubi E2: None Komusubi W2: None Maegashira E: Kiribayama M2e (10-5) Maegashira W: Takanosho M4w (11-4) Maegashira E2: Kotonowaka M2w (9-6) Maegashira W2: Tamawashi M3w (9-6) Maegashira E3: Ura M6e (9-5-1) Maegashira W3: Wakamotoharu M6w (9-6) Maegashira E4: Takayasu M1e (6-9) Maegashira W4: Endo M4e (7-8) Maegashira E5: Sadanoumi M12w (11-4) Maegashira W5: Aoiyama M11e (10-5) Maegashira E6: Tobizaru M5w (7-8) Maegashira W6: Okinoumi M10e (9-6) Maegashira E7: Hokutofuji M3e (5-10) Maegashira W7: Tochinoshin M9w (8-7) Maegashira E8: Nishikigi M10w (8-7) Maegashira W8: Shimanoumi M8e (7-8) Maegashira E9: Kotoeko M7w (6-9) Maegashira W9: Chiyotairyu M13e (8-7) Maegashira E10: Meisei M13w (8-7) Maegashira W10: Kotoshoho M9e (6-9) Maegashira E11: Midorifuji M16w (9-6) Maegashira W11: Ichinojo M1w (0-0-15) Maegashira E12: Terutsuyoshi M8w (5-10) Maegashira W12: Ichiyamamoto M15w (8-7) Maegashira E13: Takarafuji M7e (4-11) Maegashira W13: Chiyoshoma M11w (6-9) Maegashira E14: Myogiryu M12e (6-9) Maegashira W14: Tsurugisho J2w (10-5) Maegashira E15: Onosho M5e (2-4-9) Maegashira W15: Oho M14e (6-9) Maegashira E16: Yutakayama M14w (6-9) Maegashira W16: Daiamami J6e (11-4) Maegashira E17: Nishikifuji J6w (11-4) Maegashira W17: Chiyomaru J1e (8-7) So it is 51 points an a MK, for sure. Ganzohnesushi