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    EDIT: Also FWIW -- they were even with in the category of "Opponent's who KK'd", with ten apiece. To be clear, 7.73 rounds up to eight just as 8.07 rounds down, and with them both having a median of 8 it's difficult to make this argument around KK status. Looking at it another way for further clarity (though this is gonna get nerdy): Wakatakakage's opponents won 51.6% of their matches Takayasu's opponents won 53.8% of their matches. 51.6% is ~96% of 53.8%, so ~4% lower. A 4% difference is statistically insignificant in datasets such as these.
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    Senshuraku (Day 15), Haru 2022 J12w Atamifuji: 7-8 (7 KK, 47-17) Ms2e Kanno: 3-4 (6 KK, 36-13) Ms4w Oshoma: 3-4 (2 KK, 12-9) Ms19w Fujitoshi: 3-4 (5 KK, 33-9) Ms34e Kinbozan: 7-0 (3 KK, 19-2) Ms53e Mukainakano: 5-2 (5 KK, 24-11-7)* Ms53w Moji: 1-6 (5 KK, 28-14) Sd10w Suguro: 4-1-2 (3 KK, 15-4-2) Sd25e Miyagi: 5-2 (5 KK, 26-9) Sd29w Kiryuko: 6-1 (5 KK, 27-8) Sd40w Nobehara: 6-1 (5 KK, 26-9) Sd56w Tatsuguchi: 2-5 (5 KK, 25-17) Sd73e Raiho: 5-2 (3 KK 17-4-7)* Jd67e Aoifuji: 4-3 (2 KK, 9-5)
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    I love Takayasu, and am heartbroken, but his loss is on him. You get the opposition you get, when you get them. That's the sport, and it's never been any different. Hell, let's look at the total wins of everyone they fought: Wakatakakage's opponents had a combined 116 wins, 7.73 on average, median of 8. Takayasu's opponents had a combined 121 wins, 8.07 on average, median of 8. The slightest of edges to Takayasu, though really it's negligible. How about if we look at opposition ranking? Top spot on the banzuke = 1, bottom spot on the banzuke = 42 -- you get the picture. This gives us: Wakatakakage's average opponent ranking was 10.3, median 10, which would be roughly M1w this basho. Takayasu's average opponent ranking was 15.6 (M4e/w), median 19 (M6e). So overall, as commented on, Takayasu faced a slate with slightly better results than those who Wakatakakage face, but those Wakatakakage faced were facing much stiffer competition overall. Reality is, Takayasu lost to the 12-3 yusho winner, a 9-6 hot & cold ozeki, and an 8-7 hot & cold sekiwake. A very good 12-3. Wakatakakage lost to a 10-5 M4, an 11-4 shin-ozeki/sanyaku mainstay and the same 9-6 hot & cold ozeki, also a very good 12-3 -- and he beat Takayasu both in regulation and in the playoff. Doesn't get much more clear-cut than that.
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    I'd like to do a strength of schedule analysis but I went to sumodb and saw that Takayasu has a 12-12 record against Aoiyama and now I'm too shook to do anything.
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    How about a compromise - Just make 6 komusubi slots and then start counting the maegashira from M3e
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    Here come the Final Results! As first the final bout results, including the last ozeki bout between Mitakeumi and Takakeisho. Nr A - B A B X Day Result 1 S1w Abi - M1e Daieisho 24 5 0 D8 A 2 M15e Akua - M14w Yutakayama 5 23 1 D10 B 3 M10w Aoiyama - M13w Chiyonokuni 7 17 5 D13 A 4 M13e Chiyomaru - M5w Ishiura 7 10 12 X 5 M8e Chiyoshoma - M11e Myogiryu 7 19 3 D10 A 6 M12w Chiyotairyu - M6w Kotonowaka 7 12 10 X 7 M4w Endo - K1w Hoshoryu 7 22 0 D14 B 8 M6e Hokutofuji - M7e Takayasu 17 12 0 D7 B 9 M2e Ichinojo - M3e Onosho 21 8 0 X 10 M17w Ichiyamamoto - M11w Terutsuyoshi 14 10 5 X 11 M17e Kagayaki - M15w Tochinoshin 6 22 1 X 12 M4e Kiribayama - S1e Wakatakakage 13 16 0 D4 A 13 M12e Kotoeko - M8w Sadanoumi 16 8 5 D14 A 14 M16w Kotokuzan - M14e Kotoshoho 4 23 2 D10 B 15 M3w Meisei - Y1e Terunofuji 3 25 1 X 16 O2w Mitakeumi - O1w Takakeisho 19 9 1 D15 A 17 M7w Okinoumi - M9e Tobizaru 12 17 0 D4 B 18 M10e Shimanoumi - M9w Wakamotoharu 15 13 1 D2 B 19 O1e Shodai - M2w Tamawashi 18 11 0 D6 B 20 K1e Takanosho - M1w Ura 19 10 0 D10 A 21 M5e Takarafuji - M16e Nishikigi 11 2 16 X As Mitakeumi won we have now the following final players ranking: Rk Player Pts TB 1 shimodahito 12 182 2 Asapedroryu 12 156 3 Profomisakari 12 146 4 Hakuryuho 12 139 5 WAKATAKE 12 136 6 Yarimotsu 11 143 7 Athenayama 11 138 8 Wamahada 11 137 9 Asojima 11 135 10 Chankomafuji 11 134 11 Oortael 11 128 12 Flohru 10 123 13 Karasukurai 10 119 14 Tameiki 10 119 15 Susanoo 10 115 16 ChickyStarr 10 110 17 Shatsume 10 109 18 Hoshotakamoto 9 125 19 Benihana 9 99 20 ScreechingOwl 9 96 21 Kellyama 8 91 22 Chartorenji 7 88 23 Fujisan 7 74 24 kujo 7 57 25 Suwihuto 6 77 26 Hakuhonofan 6 66 27 Tochinofuji 6 63 28 RaeucherLax 6 52 29 chishafuwaku 5 89 As we can see, because he had the winner Mitakeumi and Asapedroryu had him not, is in a group of 5 players with each 12 point, but with the clear best tiebreaker value TB1, the winner of the game 21 in March 2022: S h i m o d a h i t o our japanese friend, living at the american western coast, the great torch manager. Great Congratulations !!! Many thanks to all players for partizipation. Special thanks to Tameiki for the hard work of bout selection and for the organizing of the direct vote inputs. And please excuse me Athenayama that your name was missing in the ranking table above. I also don't understand why my computer mouse has put the name Hakuhonofan in your place. Maybe this player bribed my computer mouse. I can't explain it any other way. I'll ban this mouse and buy a new one . And now the invitation: In May we'll have a new game 21. You all and many many new players are invited. Profomisakari
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    Good luck with the GTB guess for that banzuke
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    It's maths. This conflates the rank vs. win record issue, but I would note that 4% of 42 is 1.68, which I guess is 2 with some 'might convenient rounding' to give that full rank difference. This isn't a poll. These are two datasets based on observational results, a MOE doesn't exist here. The significance level for studies such as these is typically set to 5%. Also, either 4% is 1 rank difference, or it's significant. Which is it? I stand by the difference in overall opposition quality being negligible, which leads to a play-off making complete sense. The data supports that conclusion. Wakatakakage then got that playoff win, which combined with his regulation win over Takayasu more than makes up for any intrinsic factors that may have been involved.
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    I'm out of reactions, but I'm frankly baffled by the continuing argument that he was somehow unfairly denied the yusho by not being given an easier schedule.
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    Shodai made it to 2nd place in the end, it took him 9 days to enter the rankings at all. The 3 ozeki as the top 3, in the order of their result this basho. Wakatakakage in the end with just the same amount as Abi - but next basho his sponsor popularity will surely get a boost. Day 15 http://www.sumo.or.jp/pdf/honbasho/kansen/torikumi/2203_15.pdf 194: Mitakeumi 138: Shodai 116: Takakeisho 102: Takayasu 96: Kotonowaka 87: Endo 79: Abi 79: Wakatakakage 74: Terunofuji 59: Hoshoryu
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    Last time I commented on the lackluster nature of the Ozeki runs of Sakura and Andoreasu. Well, they certainly made it known they deserved to be there with results over 13 wins each, and Andoreasu with over 14 wins. Both of them "only" need an overall Yusho before scoring less than 10 wins in a future basho for promotion to Yokozuna. Konosato returns to Ozeki the easy way with a 14-win performance of his own. We're back to 5 Ozeki only 4 basho after having none. Ozeki Chishafuwaku is kadoban from scoring an MK. None of the other Sekiwake managed to score 10 wins, but they did all get KKs so they return as Sekiwake. Ganzohnesushi and Oshirokita need only 10 wins for Ozeki promotion with strong results in the prevous basho, while Norizo needs a bit over 14 (14.19 to be exact). GONZABUROW takes one Komusubi slot and would have taken an extra Sekiwake slot with a slightly better performance. Kobashi earns automatic promotion to Komusubi with a KK at M1e, and Chankoyama's was ranked too low to force an 11th sanyaku spot, even with a Yusho. There was some difficulty in the top half of Makushita to get everyone there to fit. There are quite a lot of weak promotions and nasty demotions in that area, but that's sometimes how the banzuke bounces. Andoreasu(O2e, 14.32 wins) O Sakura(O2w, 13.29 wins) Flohru(Ow, 7.92 wins) O2 Chishafuwaku(Oe, 1.61 wins) Konosato(S2w, 14.07 wins) O3 Ganzohnesushi(S2e, 9.28 wins) S Norizo(Se, 8.75 wins) S2 Oshirokita(Sw, 7.87 wins) GONZABUROW(M1w, 11.87 wins) K Kobashi(M1e, 8.21 wins) Chankoyama(M11w, 14.9 wins) M1 Oskahanada(M10w, 13.19 wins) Asashosakari(M2e, kosho) M2 Kaito(M7w, 10.7 wins) Athenayama(M11e, 11.82 wins) M3 Frinkanohana(M5w, 8.84 wins) Bill(M6e, 9.04 wins) M4 Terarno(M12w, 10.16 wins) Kutoyama(M5e, kosho) M5 Pandaazuma(M9e, 7.77 wins) Golynohana(Kw, 0.64 wins) M6 Hakuryuho(M6w, 7.23 wins) Taka(Ke, 0.05 wins) M7 Hironoumi(M14w, 9.58 wins) Mariohana(M4e, 1.95 wins) M8 Kotononami(M8w, 7.23 wins) Gaijingai(M3w, 1.37 wins) M9 Kitakachiyama(M4w, 2.3 wins) Torafujii(M2w, 0 wins) M10 Kaiowaka(M3e, 0 wins) Tomisakae(J6e, 12.91 wins) M11 Nantonoyama(J6w, 12.88 wins) Anjoboshi(M12e, kosho) M12 Kintamayama(M7e, 2.64 wins) Andonishiki(M15w, 8.06 wins) M13 Saruyama(J2w, 9.96 wins) Kuroimori(M8e, 1.81 wins) M14 Kyoju(M14e, 6.99 wins) ScreechingOwl(M10e, 2.54 wins) M15 Oyama(J3w, 8.99 wins) Balon(J10e, 11.88 wins) M16 Gansekiiwa(M9w, 0 wins) Achiyama(J1e, kosho) J1 Andrasoyamawaka(J1w, kosho) Unkonoyama(J7e, 10.02 wins) J2 Akishiki(J13w, 12.88 wins) Choshu-yuki(M13e, 1.81 wins) J3 Oortael(M13w, 2.25 wins) Sutārokku(J4e, kosho) J4 Asapedroryu(M16e, 2.39 wins) Kajiyanosho(J3e, 5.84 wins) J5 Next-ozeki-ura(Ms1e, 11.81 wins) Chelseayama(Ms4e, 13.17 wins) J6 Hagamachikuni(J8e, 8.06 wins) Shatsume(M15e, 0 wins) J7 Metzinowaka(J2e, 4.71 wins) Fujisan(J5w, 6.44 wins) J8 KazeJihi(J7w, 6.47 wins) Takanorappa(J12w, 8.89 wins) J9 Arawaka(J14e, 9.56 wins) Joaoiyama(J4w, 4.31 wins) J10 Yarimotsu(Ms11w, 15 wins) Gaanaa(J11e, 7.51 wins) J11 Reijinguoshan(J5e, 4.31 wins) Sherlockiama(J12e, kosho) J12 Ketsukai(J13e, 8.46 wins) Ruziklao(J9e, 6.01 wins) J13 Susanoo(Ms3e, 9.92 wins) Unagiyutaka2(Ms7e, 11.81 wins) J14 Sukubidubidu(M16w, kyujo) Profomisakari(Ms9w, 12.64 wins) Ms1 Harmony(Ms14w, 14.7 wins) Wamahada(J11w, 6.11 wins) Ms2 Zannah(Ms6e, 10.29 wins) Netsuzakura(J9w, 3.75 wins) Ms3 Mmikasazuma(Ms3w, kosho) Hidenotora(J14w, 6.8 wins) Ms4 Tsuchinoninjin(Ms4w, kosho) TochiYESshin(Ms5e, 7.83 wins) Ms5 BlackPinkMawashi(Ms5w, 8.46 wins) Kyodaitimu(Ms8e, 10.25 wins) Ms6 Seki Haruaki(J8w, 1.96 wins) Shiroikumo(Ms2w, 6.74 wins) Ms7 WAKATAKE(Ms9e, 9.86 wins) Kishikaisei(Ms1w, 5.41 wins) Ms8 Jejima(Ms8w, kosho) Doreikishi(Ms15w, 11.68 wins) Ms9 The Chosen One(New, 12.28 wins) Kōrinokoishi(Ms2e, 3.82 wins) Ms10 Chumsinomaru(Ms13e, 9.16 wins) Veshana(Ms11e, kosho) Ms11 Rowitoro(Ms6w, 5.38 wins) Musasabi(Ms12e, kosho) Ms12 Sanjuroku(New, 10.79 wins) Kashunowaka(J10w, kyujo) Ms13 Stusan(Ms14e, 7.8 wins) Hogashi(Ms7w, 2.89 wins) Ms14 BariiHachiBenson(Ms12w, 6.21 wins) Suwihuto(New, 8.63 wins) Ms15 Taliesin(Ms15e, 7.37 wins) Shimodahito(Ms10e, 4.35 wins) Ms16 Kuodorūpuru(Ms16w, kosho) Randomaru(Ms17e, 6.47 wins) Ms17 Marushiki(Ms16e, 4.25 wins) Yeyisoshin(Ms10w, kyujo) Bg Dannybo(Ms13w, kyujo) Bg
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    I got an email from the USSF and noticed a couple really interesting tidbits hidden inside. Apparently a group is trying to oust the current USSF president and one of the meeting minutes is accusing someone of vote stuffing. Obviously I had a breakdown after the last tournament so knowing nothing about the issues at stake I support the side trying to change things in literally any way. Board meeting April 22nd. I think I'm going to watch if it's on zoom or call in if that's an option.
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    Remember when Ichinojo, in his Makuuchi debut (!) at M10 (!!) had to fight two Ozeki and two Yokozuna in the final five days, only getting an easier opponent on the final day after he lost to Hakuho to drop a win back? This is par for the course; what's unusual is the recent san'yaku weakness that, combined with the schedulers not taking them seriously until it was too late, kept contending lower maegashira from being similarly challenged.
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    I think an impressive 13-2 will do it; anything less probably not.
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    The db says the last M19 was Kiyonomori in Aki 1959. He reached M9 and retired in 1967, then ran Kisebeya until 2000, producing a Komosubi (Aobayama); passed away in 2019 at age 84.
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    W/L scores: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- shikona ranking score kosho Gonzaburow HO 11-4 0 Golynohana NO 7-8 0 Derosa HO2 4-11 0 Flohru NO2 9-6 0 Oskahanada HS 12-3 0 Screechingowl NS 9-6 0 Ganzohnesushi HS2 8-7 0 Andrasoyama NS2 5-10 0 Frinkanohana HK 8-7 0 Gaijingai NK 6-9 0 Oortael HK2 13-2 0 Bill NK2 7-8 0 Asapedroryu HM1 13-2 0 Ruziklao NM1 9-6 0 Kishikaisei HM2 3-12 0 Torafujii NM2 2-13 0 Gansekiiiwa HM3 6-9 0 Balon NM3 13-2 0 Kaito HM4 12-3 0 Holleshoryu NM4 1-14 0 Kaiowaka HM5 8-7 0 Unkonoyama NM5 13-2 0 Pandaazuma HM6 6-9 0 Wamahada NM6 4-11 0 Asashosakari HM7 0-0-15 1 Reeeen NM7 8-7 0 Joaoiyama HM8 7-8 0 Kasamatsuri NM8 4-11 0 Andoreasu HM9 9-6 0 Kajiyanosho NM9 10-5 0 Taka HM10 3-12 0 Chishafuwaku NM10 6-9 0 Athenayama HM11 13-2 0 Kazejihi NM11 0-15 0 Oshirokita HM12 6-9 0 Sakura NM12 7-8 0 Fujisan HM13 13-2 0 Profomisakari NM13 15-0 0 Kitakachiyama HM14 7-8 0 Shatsume NM14 12-3 0 Konosato HM15 7-8 0 Hidenotora NM15 3-12 0 Jejima HJ1 0-0-15 0 Kuroimori NJ1 4-11 0 Achiyama HJ2 0-0-15 1 Netsuzakura NJ2 6-9 0 Andonishiki HJ3 13-2 0 Kotononami NJ3 6-9 0 Hakase HJ4 12-3 0 Takatakataka NJ4 0-0-15 0 Susanoo HJ5 8-7 0 Kashunowaka NJ5 0-0-15 1 Anjoboshi HJ6 0-0-15 0 Kintamayama NJ6 8-7 0 Doreikishi HJ7 1-14 0 Nantonoyama NJ7 7-8 0 Hironoumi HJ8 8-7 0 Kyoju NJ8 2-13 0 Oyama HJ9 15-0 0 Mmikasazuma NJ9 7-8 0 Sukubidubidu HJ10 0-0-15 0 Kobashi NJ10 9-6 0 Bariihachibenson HJ11 0-15 0 Dare NJ11 0-0-15 0 Kirinoumi HJ12 9-6 0 Takanorappa NJ12 0-0-15 0 Tsuchinoninjin HJ13 0-0-15 0 Kurofuji NJ13 0-0-15 0 Neko HJ14 0-0-15 0 Chelseayama NJ14 9-6 0 Chartorenji NR 4-11 0 Kakushoyama NR 14-1 0 suwihuto NR 5-10 0 Thanks for playing and see you in may!
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    Good tournament! Having been able to catch all 15 days for the first time in years, it seemed like the patrons got their money's worth. Maybe it's absences due to injuries, but I'm not seeing a real, dominant, yokozuna-bound character in this group. Maybe that's a good thing. Parity at the upper ranks means the yusho is fair game for anyone on a streak. In my mind, it would be nice to see someone with a bit of character, a spark, ya know? Just IMHO.
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    S1e Wakatakakage (12-2) yorikiri O1w Takakeisho (8-6) o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o M6w Kotonowaka (11-3) oshidashi O2w Mitakeumi (10-4) o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o O1e Shodai (8-6) sukuinage M7e Takayasu (12-2) o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o M6e Hokutofuji (8-6) oshidashi S1w Abi (7-7) o o K1w Hoshoryu (7-7) hatakikomi M4w Endo (7-7) o M7w Okinoumi (5-9) katasukashi K1e Takanosho (4-10) o M5w Ishiura (2-6-6) okuritaoshi M1w Ura (3-11) o M1e Daieisho (7-7) tsukidashi M2e Ichinojo (9-5) o M2w Tamawashi (7-7) hatakikomi M3e Onosho (5-9) o o M13e Chiyomaru (5-9) oshitaoshi M3w Meisei (1-13) o M9e Tobizaru (8-6) oshitaoshi M4e Kiribayama (9-5) o o M5e Takarafuji (5-9) sukuinage M15e Akua (3-11) o M12e Kotoeko (9-5) sukuinage M8w Sadanoumi (4-10) o o M11w Terutsuyoshi (8-6) komatasukui M8e Chiyoshoma (5-9) o o M15w Tochinoshin (9-5) yorikiri M9w Wakamotoharu (8-6) o o o M14e Kotoshoho (8-6) yoritaoshi M10w Aoiyama (7-7) o o o M16e Nishikigi (9-5) oshidashi M10e Shimanoumi (7-7) o o M11e Myogiryu (6-8) yoritaoshi M14w Yutakayama (7-7) o M16w Kotokuzan (7-7) oshidashi M12w Chiyotairyu (6-8) o o M17w Ichiyamamoto (7-7) okuridashi M13w Chiyonokuni (5-5-4) o o o J2w Hidenoumi (8-6) oshidashi M17e Kagayaki (6-8) o J13e Ryuden (12-2) yorikiri J1w Tsurugisho (6-8) o water of power from the yobidashi - the east rikishi had lost in a row o J7e Mitoryu (10-4) yorikiri J1e Oho (9-5) o o J10e Kitanowaka (10-4) okuridashi J3w Tohakuryu (6-8) o o Ms17w Shishi (6-1) shitatenage Ms26w Hatooka (5-2) o o o o
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    Yeah, I take consolation in the fact that he still clearly belongs in the joi/sanyaku when he's healthy. If not for that injury 2-3 years back, his career could have taken a very different trajectory. But being a former ozeki is great, and being a sanyaku gatekeeper ain't so bad. Who knows, the Filipino Bear may even rise up to Ozeki again someday, his sumo is strong.
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    The Atami koenkai for Atamifuji started on the 24th, with about 20 officials at a press conference at the city hall o his mother is 2nd on the right Edit: o o o o o
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    In the past days, Shimazuumi used another kesho mawashi: I should also say that he used on Day 11 a white kesho mawashi but I didn't found a good enough picture of it other than this one: Also Atamifuji did indeed receive the Hiryu High traditional kesho mawashi, again the photo is extremely pixalated so a more detailed photo accompaning is Midorifuji's Hiryu High kesho mawashi. Again, sorry for the quality of the photos, I will keep looking for better ones in the next days, I just find important to document these.
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    Takagenji/Takakenshin was on the stage of RIZIN 33 today and announced his debut as MMA fighter in RIZIN next year: Takagenji/Takakenshin will have his debut fight at RIZIN Trigger 3rd on April 16th, against ex-policeman Hideki “Shrek” Sekine jp.rizinff.com/_tags/関根“シュレック”秀樹 He wants to win by breaking facial bones o o o o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTUpXGbI_Z0
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    Kanno's started much faster than I expected. He's always had plenty of tricks, but was underpowered at times even vs smaller opponents in amasumo, and his first basho is more in line with what I had in mind. Fujiseiun is another surprise, even more so as he wasn't a notable college competitor at all. Nishikawa I expected to make a fast start with his powerful all out oshi (I think of him as half rikishi half boxer) but perhaps be more limited than Kanno in the long-run. Either way, they've both done well and should become sekitori. The track record of the Sd100TD starters is very solid so far isn't it. Now, I am hopeful that current college beast and reigning amateur yokozuna Daiki Nakamura (who has an Ms15TD but is unlikely to use it soon enough) turns pro when he graduates next year. Even being 2 years younger than Kanno, he handled him (and most opponents) like a child in high school and college. 193cm/175kg, with power, balance, and skill, in oshi and yotsu sumo. Nakamura is the first in at least 20+ years to win all 3 major titles open to college competitors: amateur yokozuna, student yokozuna, and national sports festival champ. The only amateur rikishi who rivals him as a pro prospect is 2x high school yokozuna Tetsuya Ochiai, who was pretty much unbeatable in high school and just made the best 8 of the All Japan Championship, betting several much older competitors and earning an Sd100TD. He ended up losing to Nakamura....