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    Dallas Sumo Club - Keiko Highlights (February 13, 2022) Patrick Hubbard (blue belt BJJ) tried his legs at sumo and was able to stay in the ring for quite some time. Once learning the basics, he'll surely become a fierce opponent. Jessica Byrd straps on the mawashi and goes over the basics of sumo, including the tachiai. Sean Byrd, her husband and our team-mate with the most dangerous hands in DFW returns to the dohyō after a small break. Our faces enjoyed the vacation, but missed our giant. Albert Martinez was completely on fire today and dominated after finding his footing. He's definitely ready for the upcoming Mighty Eagle 16th Texas Classic Sumo Tournament in San Antonio this upcoming Saturday! Kashōkuma (Drew Bramlett) is able to get back into the ring after delivering a yorikiri to an illness. Once he falls back to basics, he delivers some confident wins. Stephen Pretto gets better on his feet and is able to maneuver well at the tawara for some well-deserved wins. Osuushigishi (Jared Tadlock) maintains his status as a wicked foe in dohyō and technical artist with a parry to every oncoming attack. Hananooni (Jonathan Flowers) stays wild and constantly moving, frustrating his opposition. Kurowashi (Matt Jim) is able to ward off most smaller competition, but is sometimes taken off balance by a last ditch effort. Dallas Oyakata (Corey Morrison) has a bit of a rough practice, but is able to obtain a few wins.
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    Heya: Takadagawa 高田川 Eff: 3/30 Shisho: Akinoshima 安芸乃島 Ex. Shisho: Maenoyama (前)の山 Heya Flag(s): (前) Mae/Zen In Front of Ai Ai Indigo 藍 Jonidan Akatsuki Akatsuki Dawn 暁 Sandanme Akinoyama Akinoyama Aki (Peaceful Art) Province (Ss) – Mountain 安*芸*乃山 Makushita Awanokuni Awanokuni Awa (Peaceful Room) Prov. (Ss) – Nation 安*房*乃国 Makushita Daijo Daijo Great Power 大乗 Makushita Dairaido Dairaido Offspring of Mighty Thunder 大雷童 Juryo Ebisumaru Ebisumaru Fishing God (Ebisu)– Domain 恵比寿丸 Sandanme Gorikiyama Gorikiyama Vigorous Strength Mountain 剛力山 Makushita Hakuyozan Hakuyozan White Eagle (SS var.) Mountain 白鷹山 Juryo Kagayaki Kagayaki Radiant 輝 Maegashira Maenofuji Maenofuji Mt. Fuji (前)乃富士 Makushita Maniwayama Maniwayama Maniwa (Real Garden) City (Ss) - Mountain 真庭山 Jonidan Matsugashima Matsugashima Pine Tree Island 松ヶ島 Jonidan Onojo Onojo Great Rustic Castle 大野城 Makushita Otsuji Otsuji Real Name – Great Crossroad 大辻 Makushita Ryuden Ryuden Thunder Dragon 竜電 Komusubi Sakura Sakura Cherry Blossoms 櫻 Jonidan Setonoumi Setonoumi Seto (Channel) Nankai coast (Ss) – Sea 瀬戸の海 Sandanme Shonannoumi Shonannoumi Shonan (A Train) – Sea 湘南乃海 Makushita Tenei Tenei Heavenly Blessing 天惠 Sandanme Updated 7/11/22
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    Hello everyone! I'm a lurker in this forum for some 4 months now, recently created an account and decided to introduce myself :) I'm a new sumo fan, I started watching Sumo videos on Youtube on April 2021 and my first basho I accompanied live was the May 2021! I am always excited to learn more about this amazing and fascinating sport! My favorite wrestlers are: Kaisei, Wakatakakage, Mitakeumi, Hokuseiho and Atamifuji. Happy to meet you all, Kaitetsu
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    The Kyokai youtube channel will be featuring Oyakata singing, again. New ones up daily at 17:00 JST. 11.2 - Kakuryuu Oyakata singing Sinatra's "My Way" 12.2 - Kasugayama Oyakata (Ikoi)- ""Ito (Tapestry)" - Miyuki Nakajima 13.2 - Izutsu oyakata, ex-Toyonoshima - ""Yoni Kakeru " by YOASOBI 14.2 - Kabutoyama Oyakata , ex- Ooikari- "FF (Fortissimo)" by Hound Dog 15.2 - Tokiwayama Oyakata, ex Takamisugi - "Himawari no Yakusoku, (the Promise of the Sunflower)"- Hata Motohiro
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    Hearty salutations from the Swami! Swami
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    The culinary artists at Narutobeya have recently tackled tuna sashimi ... ... and a surprising purchase of a raclette machine (after all, Osh means "Europe")
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    The latest article says no change, the heya will move to Osaka starting on the 4th https://www.sanspo.com/article/20220214-KN7IPVC3SRM6HBMNPWEW737ELY/
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    No maezumo will be held this basho, according to this article, and the shindeshi-kensa planned for the 25th will be postponed until afterwards. Similar to last year, due to the COVID-risk of recruits travelling to and from their school graduation ceremonies. They will likely be ranked on the Natsu banzuke in sign-up order. Those granted a tsukedashi rank for this basho will be able to participate as normal, if I understand it correctly. Recruiting reports are still coming though, and joining Hanaregoma-beya is Shoran Maki? (牧 松蘭), soon to graduate from Kamezaki Junior High School in Handa, Aichi prefecture where he has been active in judo. He visited the city hall to report the news.
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    The final 15 days, Hakuho. https://fb.watch/b9QrsgaNfL/
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    I post this with a little hesitation, since I'm not in a position to corroborate its contents first-hand, but maybe between us we can see how legit this is. Herouth came across a tweet, source unknown, that posted the planned dates of all the oyakata danpatsushiki yet to happen, and the dates are as follows: Homarefuji - 19 Feb 22 Toyonoshima - 28 May 22 Aminishiki - 29 May 22 Kotoshogiku - 1 Oct 22 Sokokurai - 2 Oct 22 Toyohibiki - planned 28 Jan 23 Asahisho - planned 29 Jan 23 Kakuryu - maybe 3 Jun 23 Ikioi - maybe 4 Jun 23 Chiyootori - planned 30 Sep 23 Hakuho - planned 1 Oct 23 The list is a mixed list of dates we know of (the first 3), dates implied to be locked in (Kotoshogiku + Sokokurai), tentatives (Kakuryu and Ikioi), and planned dates (everyone else). Notably, other than Homarefuji, everyone else seems to occupy the Goeido/Tochiozan weekend in relation to each Tokyo basho. I wouldn't rule out some of the less big-name rikishi bringing their danpatsu up a bit earlier if they want and having a quieter, Kotoyuki-style danpatsu, especially if they're not anticipating major funds and/or opening their own heya (e.g. Chiyootori and Asahisho). More far out, I also wouldn't rule out the two yokozuna having their danpatsu back to back if the same crowd from Mongolia is going to be in attendance in both events, rather than having to fly them in repeatedly. Anyone on the forum able to shed some light on this?
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    I guess the thieves were watching that day and realized he didn't have anything in his mawashi. It must all be at his apartment.
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    The gyoji with a beard was Shikimori Inosuke 19th, who had a serious allergy to any kind of shaving.
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    Here is another old bout from Haru 1956, Maegashira Yoshibayama vs Komusubi Rikidozan. Rikidozan won, kimarite hatakikomi. There are several more old videos but I decided to post only these.
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    I love digging up old bouts on Youtube. Here is Sekiwake Yoshibayama vs Yokozuna Terukuni at Aki basho 1950, Day 15, kettei-sen which Terukuni won. Kimarite yoritaoshi.
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