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    Here are a few scanned close up views.
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    The "3 Onami Brothers" local Fukushima koenkai presented Wakatakakage with a new shimekomi. The koenkai top two were at Arashio-beya today. https://www.minpo.jp/news/moredetail/2021101591212 Unfortunately the mawashi in the box has no colour information attached, hopefully later articles will mention it and show WKTKKG breaking it in. Else we'll have to wait for the basho to start.
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    Recently a huge collection of ozumo banzuke and other documents, which belonged to sumo scholar Teiji Kojima, went online courtesy of the Art Research Centre at Ritsumeikan University. I've only recently begun delving into it but it's clearly a tremendous resource to have so many large images of banzuke now available. Indeed, I've managed to solve a little mystery that has puzzled me for quite a while. Looking at the banzuke for the 1940 Natsu basho, you'll see several sekitori designated as RG (欄外), short for rangai, margin. There are plenty more in the lower divisions, although they are mislabelled as haridashi in the database. These rikishi were all involved in military service as the Sino-Japanese War intensified, as a result of which they were absent from varying numbers of basho, and were set aside on the banzuke in separate boxes. The rikishi were a mixture of oushou (応召) and nyuuei (入営) - unless I'm mistaken, the former refers to a conscripted man while the latter is one who enlisted voluntarily. Interestingly the distinction is included above each rikishi's shikona; this can be seen most clearly in the 1941 Natsu image, the third and last banzuke to feature the separate boxes. I had long wondered what those rangai designations looked like on the printed banzuke, and thanks to the Kojima collection I now know. From left, 1940.05 / 1941.01 / 1941.05. Navigating the collection using the search forms can be rather hit-and-miss, and the English mode seems to be a machine translation, unlike that nice introductory post linked at the start. So far I've been browsing through banzuke using this result - clicking the thumbnail image will open that particular book of banzuke, SP01 being the earliest and SP10 the most recent.
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    Obviously you don't know about the Sumo scandal in Kashmir.
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    With Hakuho towing the line, and nobody getting busted for drugs, or for violating covid rules at hostess bars, or random Olympic speculation...the gap between basho feels longer than ever. I already miss the yokozuna and his wacky antics.
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    As my late father would have said 'Don't eat it all at once'.
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    Kinta, these royalties I'm sending for your Rolls collection are killing my business. Can we renegotiate? How about I design you a shirt to sell for yourself? The merch angle seems to work for other sumo content providers. It would supplement your tip jar. Also, it's easy to set up a redbubble shop.
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    Woah someone is going to break a record made by Hakuho. Go Hanakaze!!
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    You're contradicting yourself. The system needs a change, but how to do that is a tough question i can't answer properly. A sumo culture outside Japan would definitely help. Foreigners having a background in serious school/club sumo, would be a thing to consider for the JSA. This would also mean, that those who want to try ozumo, know better what awaits them on a daily basis, and probably have already picked up learning the language. We've seen a good share of guys who couldn't cope with the life off-dohyo. I don't think they are generally accepted, but the younger and more accustomed the fans are to the global community, the higher the acceptance is. Like it is almost everywhere on this beautiful blue marble. Talent, luck, perseverance and not to forget networking. Luck, that many of the chosen had the talent and the willpower to persevere. And it helps to grow up in harsh conditions. Hakuho wasn't born in a yurt on the steppe, but he was no stranger to a life on horseback, far from "civilization". If you can survive that, you can survive sleeping on tatami in the same room with 5/6/7 - or more - other guys...and you can the shit they throw at you as greenhorn, especially a foreign greenhorn.
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    Taka (O1w 9-6) O pandaazuma (O1e 7-8) ScreechingOwl (K1e 12-3) S1 joaoiyama (K2e 10-5) Athenayama (M1w 13-2) S2 Itachiyama (O2e 5-10) Susanoo (K1w 8-7) K1 Andoreasu (M6e 14-1) Oroganosato (M1e 11-4) K2 Asapedroryu (Sw 7-8) Fujisan (K2w 7-8) M1 Konosato (Se 6-9) Sushibomber (M5e 8-7) M2 Terarno (M2w 7-8) Nekonishiki (M3e Kosho) M3 Ganzohnesushi (M3w 7-8) Gernobono (M11w 10-5) M4 Andonishiki (M14w 11-4) Taxinohana (M15e 10-5) M5 Frinkanohana (M14e 9-6) Schnappamawashi (M12w 8-7) M6 Manatsumai (M4e 5-10) Pitinosato (M4w 5-10) M7 Oortael (M7w 7-8) Flohru (M7e 6-9) M8 Norizo (M5w 5-10) Kintamayama (J2w 11-4) M9 Jejima (J5e 12-3) GONZABUROW (M10e 7-8) M10 Heiershoryu (M8w 6-9) Asashosakari (M11e Kosho) M11 Kishikaisei (M2e 2-13) Kyoju (M8e 5-10) M12 Sakura (M10w 6-9) Oshirokita (M6w 4-11) M13 Tsunamiko (M13w Kosho) Golynohana (M16e 8-7) M14 kuroimori (M12e 6-9) Basoyama (M17e 8-7) M15 Bill (J5w 11-4) Jakusotsu (M9w 4-11) M16 Rikishimiezi (M15w 7-8) Profomisakari (J1e Kosho) J1 Tainosen (J2e 8-7) Akamiri (M13e 5-10) J2 Hana-ichi (J14w 14-1) Gansekiiwa (J8e 10-5) J3 chishafuwaku (J4w 8-7) Shinkansen (J4e Kosho) J4 Kashunowaka (J9e 10-5) Packamawashi (J3w 7-8) J5 Mariohana (J10e 10-5) Anjoboshi (J1w 6-9) J6 Watashi (J7w 8-7) Kitakachiyama (J3e 6-9) J7 Yassier (M9e 0-0-15) Kajiyanosho (J7e 7-8) J8 Metzinowaka (J6e 6-9) Mayumi (J12e 8-7) J9 Netsuzakura (J8w 7-8) Hogashi (J13e 8-7) J10 Nantonoyama (M16w 0-0-15) Wamahada (J6w 4-11) J11 Kaiowaka (J11e 7-8) Kaito (J11w 7-8) J12 Gawasukotto (J10w 5-10) Unkonoyama (J12w 5-10) J13 Heisikuomi (J9w 3-12) Doreikishi (neu 7-8) J14 Takanorappa (ms1e 4-11) Uminoyume (J14e 3-12) ms1 kamogawa (ms2e 0-15) Oyama (J13w 0-0-15) ms2 Tenshinhan (ms1w 0-0-15)
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    Oh come on. You've been a legend for quite a while, you just wouldn't acknowledge, because you are too modest.