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    Day 8 (results, text-only results) 8-0 Yw Terunofuji 7-1 M10w Myogiryu 6-2 S1e Mitakeumi, M6w Onosho, M8e Okinoumi, M11e Endo, M17e Chiyonokuni I apologise that this took a long time to make. So, shin-Yokozuna Terunofuji is off to a great start, looking utterly dominant in most of his matches and didn't look like he would lose in those that were more challenging. It certainly seems to be his for the taking at the moment. The quality of the competition just isn't up to his level and he has been the most dominant rikishi of the last year. That's no disrespect to one-behind Myogiryu, who has shown some good form this basho against mid-ranked opponents. We're without Yokozuna Hakuho for this tournament, since his whole heya was sidelined again for COVID reasons. This time it was Hokuseiho who kept testing positive and a a result we've been robbed of a potential head-to-head (assuming that Hakuho's body would have made it that far) against Terunofuji. Ozeki Shodai has been his usual self, and should make his kachi-koshi. Kadoban Takakeisho opened up the basho with three straight losses and looking shaky doing so. He's improved since then and now sits at 4-4, but it'll still be a fight to avoid demotion. However, aside from Terunofuji, I wouldn't say that anyone was looking good enough, that if Takakeisho's having a reasonable day, that it would be an automatic loss. I'm not counting him out just yet. In the lower Sanyaku, Mitakeumi has looked like his better self, but given his history anything from 8 to 12 wins by the end of the basho seems plausible. Meisei, Takayasu and Ichinojo have all struggled to some degree, so there is good potential for number of slots to open up. Of course, none have yet and we don't know if Takakeisho will be occupying one of them. Kiribayama has the lead position at the moment in case any should open up. Finally, we should remember that Asanoyama still exists. However, his Sekiwake rank is just a placeholder as her serves his suspension and he can be ignored for the rest of the basho. ky-COVID Hakuho Y Terunofuji 8-0 5-3 Shodai O Takakeisho 4-4 6-2 Mitakeumi S Meisei 3-5 (x) susp Asanoyama S 3-5 Takayasu K Ichinojo 3-5 2-4-2 Hoshoryu M1 Takanosho 4-4 M2 Kiribayama 5-3 4-4 Wakatakakage M3 Kotonowaka 3-5 3-5 Tamawashi M4 Daieisho 5-3 M5 Takarafuji 4-4 4-4 Ura M6 Onosho 6-2 3-5 Shimanoumi M7 Terutsuyoshi 3-5 6-2 Okinoumi M8 Tobizaru 4-4 4-4 Aoiyama M9 Hidenoumi 3-5 4-4 Chiyotairyu M10 Myogiryu 7-1 6-2 Endo M11 ... 5-3 Chiyomaru M16 6-2 Chiyonokuni M17 At the bottom end of the division, Tokushoryu is the most endangered rikishi, needing 5 wins to keep his place. There are four more riksihi needing at least four to have survivable records. One thing we learnt from last time is that having a survivable record can take precedence over a candidate with a strong promotable record. Further good news for the rikishi at this end of the division is that Juryo (as per usual) is not producing much in the way of good promotion candidates. Only Akua and Sadanoumi seem reasonable at the moment and Sadanoumi still requires 3 for a proper promotable record. Everyone else will have to put together a serious winning streak. (1) 1-7 Chiyoshoma M5 ... M9 Hidenoumi 3-5 (1) M10 M11 Kotoeko 2-6 (3) ky-COVID Ishiura M12 Tochinoshin 2-6 (4) (2) 4-4 Kagayaki M13 Tsurugisho 4-4 (2) (3) 3-5 Kaisei M14 Yutakayama 4-4 (3) (4) 3-5 Ichiyamamoto M15 Chiyonoo 3-5 (4) (2) 5-3 Chiyomaru M16 Tokushoryu 3-5 (5) (2) 6-2 Chiyonokuni M17 (6) 2-6 Mitoryu J1 Akua 7-1 (1) (7) 2-6 Daiamami J2 Kyokutaisei 2-4-2 (x) (6) 3-5 Wakamotoharu J3 Sadanoumi 6-2 (3) (6) 4-4 Shohozan J4 Kaisho 5-3 (5) (4) 6-2 Abi J5 Bushozan 5-3 (5) (7) 4-4 Oho J6 (5) 6-2 Daishomaru J7 J8 Kotoshoho 6-2 (6) (6) 6-2 Nishikifuji J9 J10 Nishikigi 6-2 (7) There have been a number of bad performances in Juryo, including seemingly injured Azumaryu and Hakuyozan. However, their ranking might be enough to save them if rikishi below them don't start winning soon. These include veteran Kyokushuho who needs 5 to be safe and shin-Juryo Asashiyu (ex-Murata), who is certainly finding sekitori competition a struggle. No one in Makushita has a claim yet, but aside from the two undefeated rikishi in the extended promotion zone, the best position in the promotion queue belongs to Terasawa, sitting at 3-1 at Ms1e and with over a strong-looking Juryo rikishi Daishoho to boot. I'm hoping the man with the famous mawashi gets promoted. J6 Hakuyozan 1-7 (3) J7 Tohakuryu 2-6 (2) (3) 2-6 Azumaryu J8 J9 (2) 4-4 Yago J10 ky-COVID Enho J11 Midorifuji 3-5 (3) (5) 2-6 Kyokushuho J12 Hokuseiho ky-COVID (4) 3-5 Takakento J13 Asashiyu 1-7 (6) (4) 4-4 Churanoumi J14 Daishoho 6-2 (2) 3-1 Terasawa Ms1 Chiyoarashi 2-2 2-2 Hiradoumi Ms2 Kotokuzan 3-1 1-3 Chiyootori Ms3 Hokaho ky-COVID (x) 1-3 Jokoryu Ms4 Kotoyusho 3-1 2-2 Tochimaru Ms5 Akiseyama kyujo (x) ... Ms9 Tsushimanada 4-0 ... 4-0 Kitanowaka Ms11 Given that we're well into Day 9 already, I will wait to post the Juryo and other lower division results.
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    @Asashosakari will not be able to provide coverage of this topic this basho. I've covered before, and I am willing to do so again. It'll be about 8 hours before I get Day 8 up though, but it will come. Thanks for your patience.
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    A list of all basho, with details, where the Juryo Yusho was won with more wins than the Makuuchi Yusho. One interesting thing that's hard to tell because of the change in tournament timing is that the first six of these were consecutive. This covers the entire Yusho era. There are 31 occurrences of this out of 504 basho. Date Rikishi Rank Record Rikishi Rank Record 1928.10 Miyagiyama Y1e 9-2 Y Wakashima J7e 10-1 Y 1929.01 Tamanishiki S1e 10-1 Y Musashiyama J4w 11-0 Y 1929.03 Toyokuni O1w 9-2 Y Shimizugawa J12e 10-1 Y 1929.05 Tsunenohana Y1e 10-1 Y Shimizugawa J1w 11-0 Y 1929.09 Tsunenohana Y1e 8-3 Y Oshima J5e 10-1 Y 1930.01 Toyokuni O1w 9-2 Y Ayazakura J1w 10-1 Y 1935.01 Tamanishiki Y1e 10-1 Y Kasagiyama J3w 11-0 Y 1942.05 Futabayama Y1e 13-2 Y Surugaumi J1w 14-1 Y 1950.01 Chiyonoyama O1e 12-3 Y Masumiyama J7w 13-2 Y 1950.09 Terukuni Y2eHD 13-2 Y Yonekawa J11e 14-1 Y 1954.03 Mitsuneyama O1e 12-3 Y Aichiyama J20w 13-2 Y 1955.03 Chiyonoyama Y1e 13-2 Y Tochihikari J3w 15-0 Y 1960.07 Wakanohana Y1e 13-2 Y Hanada J5e 14-1 Y 1961.11 Taiho Y1w 13-2 Y Uchida J7w 15-0 Y 1962.11 Taiho Y1e 13-2 Y Okanoyama J5e 14-1 Y 1963.11 Tochinoumi O1w 14-1 Y Kitanofuji J5w 15-0 Y 1968.07 Kotozakura O2wHD 13-2 Y Wakamiyama J1w 14-1 Y 1972.01 Tochiazuma M5w 11-4 Y Masuiyama J8w 12-3 Y 1975.09 Takanohana O1w 12-3 Y Aobayama J4e 13-2 Y 1987.03 Hokutoumi O1w 12-3 Y Takamisugi J7e 13-2 Y 1996.11 Musashimaru O1w 11-4 Y Tochinonada J13w 13-2 Y 1999.01 Chiyotaikai S1e 13-2 Y Miyabiyama J1w 14-1 Y 2003.11 Tochiazuma O1w 13-2 Y Kokkai J2w 14-1 Y 2005.09 Asashoryu Y1e 13-2 Y Toyonoshima J1w 14-1 Y 2006.03 Asashoryu Y1e 13-2 Y Baruto J11e 15-0 Y 2007.11 Hakuho Y1e 12-3 Y Sakaizawa J13e 13-2 Y 2013.07 Hakuho Y1e 13-2 Y Endo J13w 14-1 Y 2014.09 Hakuho Y1e 14-1 Y Tochinoshin J5w 15-0 Y 2015.09 Kakuryu Y1w 12-3 Y Shohozan J6w 13-2 Y 2019.05 Asanoyama M8w 12-3 Y Takagenji J2e 13-2 Y 2020.09 Shodai S1e 13-2 Y Chiyonokuni J11w 14-1 Y
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    This makes perfect sense. In the context of "underrated/overlooked", you really can't be talking much about now. How would we know now who is overlooked or underrated today? That information won't be available until later. Thus, the context really has to be "at some point in the past, compared to what they accomplished", and you can't get any further underrated than to go from not being able to find a heya to take you until the last minute because you were too skinny, to go on to be the most dominant Yokozuna ever.
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    Three sessions of three bouts each, three shindeshi and three returnees. Results and standings Results and standings Results and standings: Session 1, Day 3: O Chiyoshishi Fukuminato X X Masutani Tsuyasato O X Nakanishi Urasaki O Session 2, Day 4: O Chiyoshishi Tsuyasato X O Masutani Nakanishi X X Urasaki Tsuyasato O Session 3, Day 5: O Chiyoshishi Tsuyasato X X Masutani Urasaki O X Nakanishi Tsuyasato O Standings: > Chiyoshishi Kokonoe 3-0 > Tsuyasato Minato 3-2 Urasaki Tatsunami 2-1 Masutani Yamahibiki 1-2 Nakanishi Futagoyama 0-3 > Fukuminato Minato 0-1-2 Chiyoshishi was the best performer here with three easy wins against the returning Minato-beya pair. Tsuyasato looked solid enough and also reached three wins, all against the three newcomers. Fukuminato however offered little resistance in the opening bout and didn't appear again, hopefully he'll be closer to 100% fit in November. Urasaki has good core and leg strength due to his surfing background, no sumo experience but he didn't look bad at all. In any case, two wins are two more than his older brothers could muster in maezumo. Not too much to say about the other two newcomers at this point. Shussehiro today, from left Urasaki, Masutani, Nakanishi.
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    I've covered before, and can do so again. If people don't mind waiting an extra few hours before Day 8 goes up that is.
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    J1e Mitoryu is kyujo from Day 9; lots of lower back taping yesterday, I noticed. Kaisho will collect the free win.
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    Aki 2021, Nakabi (Day 8) 5 of 6 rikishi undefeated as of day 6 remain in their respective yusho races. 3 rikishi are kyujo and have hit the wall. J12w Hokuseiho: 0-0-8 (6* KK, 39-3-15) Ms8e Shishi: 1-3 (7 KK, 39-13-1) Ms24w Atamifuji: 3-1 (4 KK, 28-4) Ms25e Ishizaki: 4-0 (3 KK, 17-1) Ms34e Kanno: 4-0 (4 KK, 21-4) Ms45w Shimoyama: 2-2 (6 KK, 33-13) Ms46e Hagiwara: 3-1 (7 KK, 37-14-2) Sd21e Fujiseiun: 4-0 (3 KK, 18-0) Sd29e Arauma: 2-2 (4 KK, 23-9) Sd41e Kyoda: 1-3 (4 KK, 21-11) Sd52e Osanai: 4-0 (3 KK, 17-1) Sd82w Suguro: 4-0 (3 KK, 16-2) Sd99e Nagata 2-2 (3 KK, 17-8) Jd4e Hogasho: 3-1 (2 KK, 14-4) Jd16w Tanimoto: 0-1-3 (2 KK, 10-5-3) Jd33w Tatsuguchi: 2-2 (2 KK, 12-6) Jd34w Goseiryu: 0-0-4 (2 KK, 10-4-4) Jd36e Moji: 3-1 (2 KK, 13-5) Jd36w Nishihara: 2-2 (2 KK, 11-7) Jd39w Asakiryu: 1-3 (2 KK, 10-8) Jd42e Akisada: 2-2 (2 KK, 11-7) Jd51e Yoshino: 3-1 (2 KK, 11-7) Jd52e Kitamura: 0-0-4 (2 KK, 8-6-4) Jd53w Mizuno: 3-1 (2 KK, 11-7)
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    Részletek - Details: -------------------------------------------------- Kumi - https://www.szumo.hu/jatek/kumi/2021akikumi.html Yoso - https://www.szumo.hu/jatek/yoso/2021akiyoso.html
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    Chiyonokuni is in the lucky M17 spot, for what it's worth.
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    Okay, found it in Twitter. Very nice. Not as clean as my OCD demands but an exciting finish nonetheless. And Daieisho!!! We have a basho.
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    If you look you will see there were no designated East Ozeki for that tournament. For some reason Nayoroiwa is listed as a haridashi, or overhang on the banzuke, so Akinoumi needed to be a YO so there was an Ozeki on the East side.
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    That THROW, though! Holy smokes. Explosive.
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    Ajigawa heya was a new heya. Athough the shisho is a former yokozuna, they had no track record yet, so Harumafuji, Aminishiki & Asofuji are the 1st generation success story.
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    Other Kyujo include Ms10e Tokisakae (0-4) Jd83w Wakaonehara (0-4) Jk4w Yoshinofuji (2-2, watched his match yesterday, he got blasted back in a stomach thrust and he pretty much collapsed. Scary situation, no clue on his condition)
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    Terasawa to juryo His little bunny is proud of him
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    Actually (now that I have checked the link that #code_number3 kindly provided), it's five eggplants! Given the twisted meaning of the eggplant emoji, it probably would have been risky having just one eggplant.
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    If you are referring to the Nagatanien set, then it's an eggplant: supposedly an auspicious omen in the first dream of the year.
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    This is the third basho in a row that Terunofuji has secured his kachikoshi on Nakabi. His personal best. What’s the longest streak of that I wonder? Hakuho did ten 8-0 starts in succession between March 2013 and Sept 2014. That must be it, surely?
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    Just from my perspective, not in general, but Myogiryu. Not that he's done anything super amazing but I thought when he dropped to Juryo a few years ago that he was done, yet he's still around (and having a nice basho at the moment). I constantly forget he exists.
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    It takes time to polish it. Look at Harumafuji’s debut vs his last one.
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    Ooh, what a scintillating prospect for fans. Not. Shodainger's Ozeki.