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    I was feeling mighty nostalgic this weekend, and went through some of my old photos and videos from January, 20520. Here is one of my favorite videos from our very fortunate Miyagino beya visit, showing Hokuseiho before he went mae-zumo. Ishiura is doing shiko in the background and another of the rikishi does a slightly humorous practice exercise in the foreground. It was an extraordinary experience to be able to visit, particularly as the pandemic would fall down around our ears only weeks later. . I hope we shall one day be able to visit the heyas again and watch asageiko. If I ever get to go again, it would be great to take a couple of the sumo forum crew along.
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    The gang visited Tsukubasan Shrine today!
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    Degeiko will be very limited.
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    That'll give them something to talk about when you go into the scanner booth at security. I suppose you could slap it to show that you don't have any weapons.
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    I posted that after watching Herouth's coverage of the lower divisions over on Tachiai. The "ugly and mean" part refers to his sumo: he was overwhelming people on brute strength and was not averse to the occasional dame-oshi. I seem to recall that Herouth had been following his progress since his amateur days and thought that he was a bit of a bully.
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    Beyoncé won't qualify now with Kotoyuki being available.
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    https://www.usasumo.com/shop/sumo-equipment/ You don't have to wait until you get back to Japan to buy a mawashi! Here's 2 official ones you can choose from. They even have package deals you can purchase. This way, you can be prepared BEFORE you get on the plane to Japan. I know you can hardly wait!!
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    OK, next trip to Japan I'm getting a mawashi! I'd better start working on my 63 year-old shiko.
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    Oops, so many posts in this thread, I forgot they were already mentioned. My only consolation is that this version is a different one from the page 2.
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    ****** ATTENTION EVERYONE ****** THIS IS A JOKE. I THOUGHT IT WAS OBVIOUS BUT APPARENTLY NOT TO EVERYONE ****** Here's an excellent video showing how to tie a mawashi. The ad could be put on either 1) the front part that goes under the rikishi OR 2) along the "belt" part (front center). Option 1 is the easiest. You would simply mark the end of the mawashi fabric "A" & put that end under the rikishi & part way up his back as shown in the video. Then you put the ad right in front of his privates. When it's time to put the mawashi on, make sure you place end "A" part way up his back and then you would see the ad at the front where it's supposed to be. Continue wrapping until done. (End "B" will be the end that's tied off at the back). Option 2 is more difficult to describe. The ad will go on the "belt" at center front but the mawashi will be almost completely wrapped before you see the ad. This is doable because I believe that the mawashi is put on in about the same manner each time to avoid discomfort for the rikishi. I don't believe it's folded randomly each time. Just be sure to always start with end "A". For option 2, (to determine where to place the ad), start wrapping at end "A" and wrap as normal. The ad will be put on the mawashi about X-number of inches from end "B" where it's tied off in the back. (The "X" -- in inches -- is determined by the rikishi's girth). To measure this for the purpose of determining where to place the ad on the "belt" part at center front, wrap the mawashi until you have end "B" of the fabric centered in front of the waist (see video). Stop at this point and measure the distance from the end of end "B" to the center back. To THIS measurement, add the distance from the center back to the center front where the ad will be placed. (The total measurement will be approximately the circumference of the rikishi's waist). Finish wrapping the mawashi by taking end "B" around to the back & tie it off. Mark the center front. That's where the ad will be placed. To wrap the mawashi after the ad has been placed, start at end "A" & wrap as normal. As shown in the video, you'll know if you wrapped it correctly if the fabric (end "B") ends right in front of the rikishi's waist. That end is taken back around to the center back & tied off (see video). You should see the ad right in front of the rikishi on that top layer. To have the name of the company along the vertical "strap" in the back, add it after having folded the mawashi fabric 6 times lengthwise. Then when you are ready to put the mawashi on the rikishi, make sure when the "strap" is placed partway up the back, that the name of the company is shown. Anyway, this is supposed to be a joke. I thought people would figure it out when I suggested using rhinestones on the mawashi in my first post. lol Also, the ad slogans I suggested using sound innocuous by themselves but seem sometimes quite risque on a mawashi. I am a retired person, a sumo fan with some free time so I thought I would have some fun. It's absurd, I know ........
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    So I will try this for the first time. As a Shindeshi, I will try to do my brand of guessing and use my 4-Basho Experience at Sumo Game to gambarize for Kachikoshi. Hakkeyoi!
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    I've learned that drug test will be orally administered. Kyokai: "Did you do drugs?" Rikishi: "No." Kyokai: "Okay. Let us know if that changes."
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    Real- quite a large studio audience. After the initial feigned shock at his saying it out loud-he used every opportunity possible to repeat it.
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    One of the few college tournaments held this year is what's usually considered the biggest tournament of the first half of the college sumo season - the East Japan Championship. It was a great tournament for Nippon Sport Science University, as they took both the individual and team titles. Team winner: Nippon Sport Science University; Team runner-up: Nihon University; 3rd place: Toyo University and Takushoku University Individual winner: Daiki Nakamura (NSSU; 3rd-year); Runner-up: Hidetora Hanada (NSSU; 2nd-year); 3rd place: Kazuma Kawabuchi (Nihon; 2nd-year) and Hatsuyama Sho (Toyo; 4th-year) No real surprises. The top 4 in the individual tournament are all regular high placers, with the finalists having each won major titles (Nakamura 2 of them), and the team final again comes down to the 2 best teams in college sumo, NSSU and Nihon University. Winner and runner-up: Nakamura and Hanada (Nakamura used some deft footwork to win by uwatenage -- they don't look too happy do they!) Team winner - the team final came down to match 5, with Hanada prevailing over rival Kawabuchi from Nihon Univesity
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    https://tachiai.org/2019/08/19/tachiai-interviews-kintamayama-part-5-you-cant-bleep-it-out-thats-my-name/ Seems to be on Kintamayama's channel, actually.
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    Several years ago, when I innocently told a Japanese sumo friend of mine to be sure to watch Kintamayama's videos on Youtube, he freaked out & said, "Those are words you should NEVER say in public!!!" I kept saying, "What? WHY??" He finally told me that Kintamayama means "Golden Mountain Testicles!"
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    One thing to note, for people interested in tracking promising prospects for ozumo, East Japan champions have a very good track record of making sekitori if they turn pro. Tohakuryu, Yutakayama, Endo, Mitakeumi, Chiyotairyu, Takekaze, Shohozan, etc., and all of those but Tohakuryu are well-established sekitori and have reached makuuchi. I think over the last 20 years it's almost a 100 percent sekitori rate for the winners who go pro. And even runners-up like Murata and Kizakiumi made juryo (I think Mitoryu might've been a runner-up too). It might actually be a more telling tournament than the major national events. Nakamura has also captured major titles (student yokozuna + Kokutai champion), so keep your eye on whether he joins ozumo. I believe he's given a 'college first!' type response in the past when asked.
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    Individual final (time stamped) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aznZCk91Xq0&t=18517s Team Final (time stamped) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aznZCk91Xq0&t=11290s Can't embed for some reason....
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    The groundbreaking ceremony for the new Araiso-beya was held today. Takayasu attended, and I also hear Onogawa-oyakata (former Maegashira Kitataiki) and Nakamura-oyakata (former Sekiwake Yoshikaze) were present too. The building is scheduled to be completed in May 2022. A couple of interior visualisations were also released, including the twin-dohyo keikoba. The heya's koenkai registration opens tomorrow.
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    Apart from Hakuho, the missus also spoke to Sports Hochi briefly, something that rarely happens anymore. Here is the translated article below. At the venue, Hakuho's family members prayed for him as he entered the ring. At the moment of victory, Sayoko and her four children huddled together and wept. "I didn't feel happy or anything like that. I just couldn't stop crying." They got married in February of 2007. They have overcome many hardships together in the past, but this time was particularly trying. "It was the most exciting and harrowing 15 days I've ever had. My three older children were told that this was an important basho, and that Dad had to work hard. After his knee surgery, he couldn't do much in his daily life. He only practice for about a month before the Nagoya basho. I think he was able to build and maintain his body and mind. He has been able to come this far with the support of everyone around him. I have nothing but gratitude." "We called each other everyday because we were in different parts of the country. But we didn't talk about our difficulties, thinking it would be concerning if we did. So we always tried to talk about positive things. My older children also used their cellphones to send him text messages before going to bed." While there was much to be said about his conduct in the ring, at home, he has a face of a kind father. During the restrictions during the pandemic, Hakuho's activites were in the kitchen as well. He began to cook, something he had always enjoyed, and began to serve his family. "He would make Mongolian food and stuff. One interesting happened - on Father's Day, the children wrote letters to each other, and the younger one wrote, "Dad, thank you for all the delicious food." The yokozuna himself was infected with the virus and had a difficult time, but it was a precious time nonetheless as the family got to spend more time together." Sayoko recounted. It's been 14 years since he became yokozuna, but Sayoko remained determined to do everything in her power to support his journey, saying, "Even if its a tough road ahead, I want to support everything the yokozuna has decided to do."
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    Here you go. It's rough, but here's the gist. Source ―― How do you feel one day after the yusho? “The severity of yesterday is gone. Today is a wonderful day. The best.” ―― What kind of basho was this for you? “In my sumo life up to now a lot has happened. 44 yushos and the accompanying memories. The value of this yusho is right up at the top.” ―― Why is this one at the top in terms of memories? ”Because my sumo career was on the line.” ―― Zensho yusho in the basho in which your sumo career was on the line. ”Yes, it’s unbelievable, isn’t it.” ―― Did your feelings change during the 15 days? ”Yes. Physically and mentally, my body gradually grew larger.” ―― Were you concerned in the early going? ”Yes. Not having any losses in the early matches was big.” ―― Was your concern the reason for your facial expression after your day-one win? ”It was an expression of ‘hey, I can do this.’” ―― At what point did you feel like you found something to carry you through? “I would say the first day. For example, to understand it easily, think of a left-handed batter batting righty. Or a right-handed golfer swing lefty. It was big that I was able to win with that tachiai on day one. At times I’ve led with my right leg, but when I step in from my left leg, my right leg is the pivot, and in my mind I thought I couldn’t do that for 15 days.” ―― So you were worried about whether your step-in with your right leg would work? ”Well, leading up to the basho I was training with Sandanme. A right-handed batter switching to lefty. Can you do it? During the season. During the season. ” ――This is the first time you’ve fully expressed your spirit. ”Well, I was feeling that my back was up against the wall.” ―― Is this the most you ever went through the basho with thoughts of retirement? ”This basho, intai was close by, right next to me really. I pushed myself like never before.” ―― When did thoughts of intai disappear? “After I got katchikoshi. My 51st 8-straight-win start. Even after becoming Yokozuna, kachikoshi is still the first hurdle to clear. For me, 10 wins is kachikoshi for a Yokozuna, and 12 wins is double digit. So first 8 wins—kachikoshi. Then 10, then 12, and after I got to 12, I felt like I could aim for the yusho. ” ――Having produced the result, how are you thinking in terms of your future course of action? ”It’s not for me to decide. Whatever those around me decide, that’s what I’ll do.” (This Japanese here is unclear but I think what he really means is that he plans to continue if those around him want him to.) ――After the 15 days, how’s your right knee feeling now? ”Waking up today, it feels like there’s some fluid accumulation.” ――You were tied with Terunofuji after 14 days. “For 14 days I just looked down and mounted the dohyo when it was my turn because there’s pressure. Of course I (as Yokozuna) was always following. My experience having won 44 times came in handy. His (Teru’s) sumo was really stable. His movement has really become more precise compared to a few years ago." ―― Now that you’ve won your comeback yusho, what’s your next goal? “When I woke up this morning, for the first time in a while I had the nice feeling that today there was nothing to do. That I don’t have to go train. I don’t have to move my body. Don’t make me think about next time. I’m going to take my time to relax.” ―― Will it be a new feeling now that there will be two Yokozuna? “The sense of responsibility will go from 1 to 2, so it will make things a little easier.” ――What was your aim with your tachiai on day 14 against Shodai? “Well my knee wasn’t in good shape, and I felt there was a good chance I’d lose at tachiai. I decided on doing that tachai when I woke that morning. I didn’t realize I started so far back behind the line.” ―― For the Terunofuji match only you braced against your right left and led with your left. “It was unconscious. It was with my left? The first of the basho with my left? I was in the moment.” ――What was the thought behind the scream and winning fist pump after you won the yusho? “This was the first time intai had ever come so close to me. I felt I cleared that after 12 wins. Yusho was one more hurdle to clear. All that came out when I did so. 70% of the Japanese fans thought Terunofuji woulc win in terms of strength. Even for me, I hadn’t trained with him for years and it was the first bout with him for years, and I wasn’t sure how it would go.”
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    I interrupt your unseasonal dose of fandom wars to bring you the transcript of Hakuho's winner's interview (as requested by @Benihana): https://www.asahi.com/articles/ASP7L6JFSP7LUTQP01V.html Q: You've come back with a zensho yusho. A: Yes, it's the best. Q: You had an intense battle with Terunofuji. How did you feel about it? A: I didn't pay attention to thoughts that "my right knee wasn't good". I just gave my all. Q: What did you think when you won? A: Before the basho, I didn't think I could win with a zensho yusho. I'm really relieved. Q: Your family is here? (@Eikokurai: May be relevant to your last post) A: My four-year-old daughter just knew that her father was a sumo wrestler, but actually got to see it in action in good shape. I hope she remembers this. Q: What about your right knee surgery in March? A: I was wondering about the surgery. I thought I would never be able to mount the dohyo again. Q: What are your aims after this? A: This was my 899th win as a yokozuna. After 1 more I will be at 900. With the aim of [that] one win I will give my best. Q: [Your thoughts on] 15 days of a "do or die" basho. A: I went forward with the aim of gambarising for the Tokyo Olympics. Now we're here, and I could fulfil my promise to my father. It was a grave matter. I think it was good to have an aim like that. Q: What is the state of your knee? A: It fought for 15 days. If I couldn't have stepped up [to the dohyo] by myself, I would have always have had regrets till the very end. Thinking about various other things instead, I could step on the dohyo and achieve a zensho. Q: Was there a realisation to end it here? A: Let's not talk about that. Let me rest. Q: What about Terunofuji? A: For the 15 days, he was the only one who fought with that intensity. There was truly a sense of stability, and it was completely different from the Terunofuji who stood on the dohyo three years ago. Q: Is there a difference compared to previous championships? A: All my goals, dreams motivations, and records inspired me. Taiho said he lost his ambition after winning 32 times. I found meaning in that no one had won a yusho after 6 basho off. I set another record, and that is good.
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    Araiso spoke more about his plans. "I want to have two dohyos. I got the idea from the Kashima Antlers football team who have 4-5 practice pitches, one for the young players and others for the other players. I'd like to do the same with our guys eventually. I'd also like to have some wampaku sumo there. The kids training in one dohyo right next to the sekitori- that would be cool. In order for that to happen, I need two dohyos.." he explained. "I also did wampaku sumo when I was in the fourth grade at the Kokugikan. I will never forget the feeling of awe and excitement back then. That is directly what caused me to enter sumo. There was no place for me to do sumo in my home town and I couldn't go all out and train, but that memory kept me going I think there are others who feel now as I felt then. Letting them feel that feeling and giving them that experience could lead to the birth of a future Yokozuna. Making this possible is our mission, is what I'm thinking," he added.