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    Asahi has plenty of pictures (courtesy of the Kyokai) from today's tsuna-uchi session at Isegahama, including of Terunofuji wearing his first rope. Here Satonofuji is tying the knot on a Shiranui rope once again. Isegahama teaching Terunofuji the dohyo-iri: Terunofuji trying it for himself: And a sneak peek of Terunofuji's dohyo-iri (the caption says that about 30 people from both the heya and the ichimon participated in the tsuna-uchi):
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    Apparently Isegahama-oyakata's kanreki may be imminent, as Ajigawa-oyakata (ex-Aminishiki) tweeted a picture of a red rope being braided at Isegahama-beya today: The day before, he had posted a rather baitey photo of hemp hung out to dry, which led many to assume that that was for Terunofuji's rope. Terunofuji's tsuna-uchi may be soon, though, (maybe even later today to get two ropes for the price of one keiko-ba setup) as Isegahama surely would want his deshi to be an attendant as his kanreki dohyo-iri. We may get some nice pictures in the next few days of Isegahama in his red tsuna teaching Terunofuji the Shiranui dohyo-iri. (Update: Isegahama-beya did indeed braid two ropes today. Isegahama-oyakata spent time teaching Terunofuji the, erm, ropes of the dohyo-iri, and they posed in a picture with keshomawashi and wearing tsuna as well). Since I'm down the rabbit hole of yokozuna dohyo-iri styles, Isegahama's kanreki will only be the second kanreki to be performed in the Shiranui style since Tachiyama's (private) kanreki in 1937. Assuming that Terunofuji is the tsuyuharai and either Hakuho or Harumafuji (much less likely, but may be an outside chance) will be the tachimochi, it will also be only the second kanreki to involve two Shiranui attendants (the first being Kokonoe-oyakata's in 2015 where both Hakuho and Harumafuji were the attendants). If this last is true, then Isegahama's kanreki will be the very first kanreki in history where all participants were Shiranui yokozuna.
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    Already used by @since_94. I'm surprised you didn't catch that, unless ... wait, were you maybe toking taking something?
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    Asahi reported last week that the Aki basho will be held in the Kokugikan as usual, with a 50% capacity cap of 5,000 spectators. The basho will run from 12 September to 26th September. Publicity materials for ticket sales feature only Hakuho in the Shiranui stance so far, but the image for the Aki basho brochure has yet to be released on the NSK's Twitter (it's usually released by now after the preceding basho). Perhaps they're waiting for Terunofuji's dohyo-iri to be able to composite the image of two yokozuna. Priority ticket sales will run in two phases from 1 August to 4 August, then 7 August to 12 August. Normal sales will commence from 14 August, with phone reservations being available from 5 September until 24 September, two days before the conclusion of the basho. It has not yet been decided whether same-day ticket sales at the Kokugikan will take place.
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    Sumo World ran an excellent feature back in 1988 (Doreen Simmons wrote it) around the time Channel 4 started the UK coverage, and she reviewed some of the local newspapers' comments, which were very stereotypical, and also in relation the London Koen re Konishiki. Though it has to be said she did also highlight those who made positive comments. I still miss the Channel 4 coverage, it was unfortunate that it fell away so badly after the London Koen. The last full series they did was the 1992 Hatsu Basho and on a few episodes they squeezed highlights of two days' bouts into one, and the replacement of Lyall Watson with Brian Blessed. OK, we didn't have any online coverage in those days, but the UK coverage was good back then and Sumo World was in its heyday. I miss it greatly, though I still have every issue from January 1980 until January 2002. Swami
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    Hello All, It had certainly been a while since I posted on this forum, but I recently discovered an online colorizer that would enable me to take any image, including older sumo images, and colorize them. I tried it out with several photos, but I think the ones below turned out the best. It really gives these photos more life. The famous photo of 5 yokozuna in 1954 (Azumafuji (middle) had just retired and Tochinishiki (far left) had just succeeded in his rope run) A photo of the 38th Yokozuna Terukuni Futabayama's final dohyo iri at his retirement ceremony. He is attended by Haguroyama at left and Terukuni at right A seemingly interested Haguroyama (with a bandage of some sort on his chin) looks at a photographer during a jungyo. Chiyonoyama looks anxious while his tsukebito help him with the tsuna The 38th Yokozuna Tamanishiki poses with some civilians A very happy Tamanoumi and Kitanofuji show off their Zensho-Yushogaku's to the public I'll try to post more later when I have more time, but this was very interesting and I hope you guys like it!
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    Damn, that's a lot of old magazines. You should consider sending them to the Internet Archive so they can digitize them, so I can read them online
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    Some corona-related updates: Asahi reports that 7 people from Takasago beya, including shisho Takasago (ex-Asasekiryu) and Asanoyama have been infected with the coronavirus. A very weird touch of irony that it's after ex-Nishikijima and Asanoyama have been caught and disciplined for breach of guidelines, and at least in Asanoyama's case, presumably more abiding by them now, that they get infected. Aki will take place in the Kokugikan as usual, with the 50% limit on spectators (therefore max 5000) in place. The November basho will be properly the Kyushu basho again, taking place in the Fukuoka Kokusai Centre, with a limit of 3,700 on spectators. The rules for spectators will be the same as in Tokyo. Sumo trains will not operate to ferry rikishi to Fukuoka (so same procedure as the decamping to Nagoya, I presume), and the banzuke will be announced in Tokyo.
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    Interesting allusion to Takakeisho having to change his style if he wants to avoid further injury from buchigamashi. I'm keen to see what he can possibly change to. My worry is that if he could change, he would have changed by now. He's had five significant injury episodes in less than four years and I don't think he will be wrestling at 30.
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    There's a video on Youtube of Konishiki-Kotoinazuma, I believe it even comes up as the top result, which has Dutch Eurosport commentary for some reason, and literally the only thing he talks about before the tachiai is how fat Konishiki is. I just checked and the uploader turned off comments so you can't even scroll down and read an alternate perspective from people who actually know sumo. Nothing that can be done about that except to just educate people I guess. Tell them not only how fantastic sumo is but that it's absolutely not a weight contest.
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    I said I was sorry and I regret my actions ... wait, which one are you talking about?
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    What an excellent idea! I just asked his friend, uh, Guuguru-zeki, and got the answer. Robot-translated: "For the dedication bale at Meiji Jingu on the 27th, select the Unryu type. The predecessor master (Yokozuna Takanosato) that I admire was a Shiranui type, but the Unryu type that "I had longed for a long time" was performed by famous Yokozuna such as Showa Taiho and Heisei Takanohana at Nissho Noseki Ichimon. rice field. My father, Sadahiko Hagiwara, "If you think about the balance, that's good." Said. Of the current 3 yokozuna, the only cloud dragon type is the crane dragon. If Kisenosato becomes the Unryu type, there will be two Unryu types, and each type will be divided into two." Source: https://news.1242.com/article/110883 (That crane dragon is of course good old Kakuryu, and Unryu is cloud dragon.) Now back to Terunofuji, over!
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    It appears to be Jason Kidd, Michael Finley and Charles Barkley (as cited) against 3 American Y/O's (Akebono Y, Musashimaru O, Konishiki back to Maegashira in 1996). Of course, the sportswriter didn't take the effort to mention the names of the "sumo wrestlers". From the article: "Now, I truly wish I could sit here and write something poetic or even halfway entertaining about a 3-on-3 game featuring Charles Barkley, Jason Kidd, and Michael Finley taking on a team of sumo wrestlers with Michael Jordan serving as the referee. But doesn’t that description itself just say it all? " Translation: "I could do the minimum effort task of finding out who the sumo wrestlers were, and maybe get some interesting backstory, but why challenge my audience?"
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    Basho Review With Hiro Morita. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/backstories/1718/
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    pandaazuma (O1e 10-5) O1 Taka (O1w 4-11) Itachiyama (O2e Kosho) O2 Konosato (M3e 13-2) S Asapedroryu (Kw 9-6) ScreechingOwl (Ke 8-7) K1 Susanoo (M2w 9-6) joaoiyama (S1e 7-8) K2 Fujisan (S2e 7-8) Oroganosato (M12e 13-2) M1 Athenayama (S1w 6-9) Kishikaisei (M4e 8-7) M2 Terarno (M1w 7-8) Nekonishiki (M2e 7-8) M3 Ganzohnesushi (M6w 9-6) Manatsumai (M5e 8-7) M4 Pitinosato (M6e 8-7) Sushibomber (M7e 8-7) M5 Norizo (M1e 5-10) Andoreasu (S2w 3-12) M6 Oshirokita (M4w 6-9) Flohru (M5w 6-9) M7 Oortael (M7w 7-8) Kyoju (M13w 9-6) M8 Heiershoryu (M11w 8-7) Yassier (M9e Kosho) M9 Jakusotsu (M14e 9-6) GONZABUROW (M8w 6-9) M10 Sakura (M10w Kosho) Asashosakari (M13e 8-7) M11 Gernobono (M3w 2-13) kuroimori (M11e 7-8) M12 Schnappamawashi (J1w 11-4) Akamiri (M10e 6-9) M13 Tsunamiko (M15e 8-7) Frinkanohana (J6e 13-2) M14 Andonishiki (M8e 4-11) Taxinohana (M16w 8-7) M15 Rikishimiezi (M15w Kosho) Golynohana (M12w 6-9) M16 Nantonoyama (J5w 12-3) Basoyama (M16e 7-8) M17 Profomisakari (M14w 6-9) J1 Anjoboshi (J7e 11-4) Tainosen (J2e Kosho) J2 Kintamayama (M9w 3-12) Kitakachiyama (J8w 11-4) J3 Packamawashi (J4e 8-7) Shinkansen (J4w 8-7) J4 chishafuwaku (J10w 10-5) Jejima (J2w 5-10) J5 Bill (J11e 9-6) Metzinowaka (J1e 4-11) J6 Wamahada (J3w 5-10) Kajiyanosho (neu 9-6) J7 Watashi (J13w 8-7) Gansekiiwa (J7w 7-8) J8 Netsuzakura (J8e 7-8) Kashunowaka (J6w 6-9) J9 Heisikuomi (J5e 5-10) Mariohana (J3e 4-11) J10 Gawasukotto (M17e 0-0-15) Kaiowaka (J9e 6-9) J11 Kaito (J11w 7-8) Mayumi (J12e Kosho) J12 Unkonoyama (J12w 7-8) Hogashi (bg 5-10) J13 Oyama (J10e 2-13) Uminoyume (J14e Kosho) J14 Hana-ichi (J13e 3-12) Takanorappa (J9w 1-14) ms1 Tenshinhan (bg 4-11) kamogawa (J14w 0-15) ms2
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    It's pretty unfortunate he finally got his promotion the same time a global competition his sport has nothing to do with is finally commencing. A lot of sports writers are probably focusing on other uplifting stories from the Olympians right now, which is too bad for them because Terunofuji is one of the best examples of the sporting ideals out there at the moment.
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    She doesn't even summarize it in a way that makes sense. "His wife put him on a fish diet, he stopped drinking, he'd been relegated down to the lower ranks but because he'd done so well he won a tournament and got promoted to yokozuna." This sounds like the way a 5 year old tells a story. And really, even someone who's never watched any sumo in their life and has no interest in it is gonna be skeptical about the implication that a small change in diet is responsible for a miraculous comeback to the highest rank in the sport.
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    Tokoshoryu officially the most famous sumo wrestler of all time. deservedly so
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    Indeed. He is back for his second stint this tournament. At least this time he was wearing proper pants and decent shirt. The Georgia/Japan flag pin was a nice touch. I bet his wife dressed him for this one. A snap of him at work (properly social distanced with masks on this time):
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    Akua, proving once again why he is great value for money...
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    Araiso spoke more about his plans. "I want to have two dohyos. I got the idea from the Kashima Antlers football team who have 4-5 practice pitches, one for the young players and others for the other players. I'd like to do the same with our guys eventually. I'd also like to have some wampaku sumo there. The kids training in one dohyo right next to the sekitori- that would be cool. In order for that to happen, I need two dohyos.." he explained. "I also did wampaku sumo when I was in the fourth grade at the Kokugikan. I will never forget the feeling of awe and excitement back then. That is directly what caused me to enter sumo. There was no place for me to do sumo in my home town and I couldn't go all out and train, but that memory kept me going I think there are others who feel now as I felt then. Letting them feel that feeling and giving them that experience could lead to the birth of a future Yokozuna. Making this possible is our mission, is what I'm thinking," he added.
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    This is not surprising at all and will always happen. Some people won't have enough knowledge about a specific sport to make statements on it, and plenty of things will just come out wrong to a blood-boiling, gargantuous level. In fact, we've had much worse than this happen in this very forum just a few days ago.
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    https://www.sportscasting.com/michael-jordan-charles-barkley-were-once-involved-3-on-3-basketball-game-featuring-team-sumo-wrestlers/ Second story down, article with 9-minute video (audio comes on half-way through).
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    damn, this was one of the rikishi I liked...