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    Hello All, It had certainly been a while since I posted on this forum, but I recently discovered an online colorizer that would enable me to take any image, including older sumo images, and colorize them. I tried it out with several photos, but I think the ones below turned out the best. It really gives these photos more life. The famous photo of 5 yokozuna in 1954 (Azumafuji (middle) had just retired and Tochinishiki (far left) had just succeeded in his rope run) A photo of the 38th Yokozuna Terukuni Futabayama's final dohyo iri at his retirement ceremony. He is attended by Haguroyama at left and Terukuni at right A seemingly interested Haguroyama (with a bandage of some sort on his chin) looks at a photographer during a jungyo. Chiyonoyama looks anxious while his tsukebito help him with the tsuna The 38th Yokozuna Tamanishiki poses with some civilians A very happy Tamanoumi and Kitanofuji show off their Zensho-Yushogaku's to the public I'll try to post more later when I have more time, but this was very interesting and I hope you guys like it!
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    Okay, the penalty shoot-out between Furanohana and Chijanofuji.... (Making sure that I am using the Octofinal/Saucer Quarterfinals list, and not the Quarterfinal/Saucer Semifinals list...) As a reminder, if the team is through to the real quarterfinals, that's a penalty scored. Otherwise, it is missed. We use the first five penalty takers for both players, and then go to sudden death if need be. Furanohana goes first..... France! - The ball hits the post! 0-? Chijanofuji next.... France! - That one hit the crossbar! 0-0 Furanohana...... Spain! It's in! 1-0 Chijanofuji...... Belgium! Likewise 1-1 Furanohana..... England! Lovely shot 2-1 Chijanofuji...... Italy! Keeping pace.... 2-2 Furanohana....... Belgium! It's now 3-2 Chijanofuji....... Spain! Still keeping pace! 3-3 Furanohana....... Croatia! Eeeek. That one was saved by the keeper! It remains 3-3 So, this is the last penalty of the five.... If Chijanofuji scores, he will win the match. If he loses, we will go to sudden death... Chijanofuji.... . . . . . . . . . . . . England! It's in! 4-3 Chijanofuji survives the penalty shoot-out, and is through to the Saucer semi-finals to face Kaba!
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    . Hello dear friends of game 21! This is a comment on this selection post from my friend Tameiki. He was the only one who said he would help us two old men manage Game 21 if necessary. And just that fall came this weekend. Asojima already said goodbye in January and on Saturday I had an accident and am now in the hospital with just a very simple Android mobile. Tameiki had offered us to bring the management of the game into a new form. He introduced them to us. Asojima and I liked it, and I asked him to use the new shape for this basho. The fact that this happens under these circumstances makes things a little more difficult, but I am sure that we will solve this together and that you will find it good. I will hopefully leave the hospital myself next week and also hand in my pick late, but I will be there. Maybe I'll get back to you in between. Have fun! Profomisakari
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    Welcome to Game 21 for the Nagoya 2021 Basho. This was supposed to be a transition Basho, but circumstances are deciding differently and Profomisakari will be back next Basho as the main administrator of the game. In his introductory message in May, he mentioned that I had been working on a new way to submit your picks and here it is. I hope you will like it and please do send us your feedback to help us determine whether we should pursue this project or go back to the traditional format of the game. And now, with no further ado, let's play! HOW TO PLAY GAME 21 Shortly after the Banzuke is published, 21 potential bouts are selected by the admins. You just have to decide which bouts will or will not take place and, if they will, who you think will be the winners. Each correct pick will earn you one point. If a Rikishi is listed in one of the potential bouts but never appears on the Torikumi for the 15 days of the Basho, the bout will be counted as correct for all the players. If two or more entrants end up with the same number of correct picks, the two following tiebreaker rules will apply: TB1: entrants will earn TB points for their ability to spot winning outsiders (i.e. the fewer players pick up a Rikishi the more points you score) and the entrant with most TB points will be the winner. TB2: if the first tiebreaker does not suffice to separate them, the entrant with the earliest submission time will be declared the winner. The deadline to play is the Friday before Shonichi at 11 AM (JST), 2 AM (UTC) If you want to play, simply click the link below. it will take you to a multiple-choice form that will offer you three choices for each bout: A if you think the first Rikishi will win B if you think the second Rikishi will win X if you think the bout will not take place In addition to your picks and your Shikona, the form will ask for a valid email address. The reason for this request is (a) to allow the system to send you a copy of your picks and (b) to allow you to update your choices until the deadline by clicking the “Edit Response'' button that is in the email. Besides, after you have submitted your choices, you will have access to global selection statistics (not individual player’s picks). So, if you want to play for the upcoming Nagoya Basho, HERE IS THE LINK. The deadline to play is Friday 2 July at 11 AM (JST), 2 AM (UTC) To help you prepare your picks before getting to the form itself, here are the bouts for the upcoming Basho: Nagoya 21 History Rank A # Rank B # X 1 12-11 M8w Aoiyama M7e Myogiryu 2 9-9 M13e Chiyomaru M16w Ishiura 3 5-3 M16e Chiyonokuni M12w Kagayaki 4 4-3 M14w Chiyonoo M10w Terutsuyoshi 5 3-2 M7w Chiyoshoma M9w Shimanoumi 6 5-3 M4w Chiyotairyu M4e Kotoeko 7 0-1 M14e Daiamami M12e Tochinoshin 8 7-7 M1w Daieisho M3e Hokutofuji 9 5-4 M1e Endo O1e Terunofuji 10 1-1 M2w Ichinojo M2e Takanosho 11 0-1 M17e Ichiyamamoto J1e Yutakayama 12 9-11 M9e Hidenoumi M15e Tsurugisho 13 2-3 M5w Hoshoryu M11w Kotonowaka 14 13-12 M11e Kaisei M8e Takarafuji 15 1-2 M6w Kiribayama M6e Onosho 16 1-1 K1w Meisei K1e Wakatakakage 17 10[+1]-10 S1w Mitakeumi O1w Takakeisho 18 5-5 M5e Okinoumi O2e Shodai 19 1-2 S1e Takayasu M3w Tobizaru 20 0-0 M10e Tamawashi M15w Tokushoryu 21 1-1 M13w Ura M17e Ichiyamamoto Ganbatte! Tameiki
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    Dear TUG Supporters and Gamers, The early start of 2021 Nagoya Basho took me by surprise. I can't remember, since I have started playing Sumo games, a Basho to start so early. As I will be on vacation the first 8 days of the Basho, I decided to suspend TUG for the 2021 Nagoya Basho.  Hope all of you, continuous supporters of TUG, to rejoin me during 2021 Aki Basho! Good luck and sorry for any inconveniences! Achiyama, TUG Rijicho
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    Bench Euros 2020 Saucer Semifinals Winners progress to the Saucer Finals. Losers go home. Match 1: Refioji: Athenayama Shounokuni (Ukraine) vs Baku (Turkey) Match 2: Refioji: Godango Kaba (Finland) vs Chijanofuji (Slovakia) Bench Euros 2020 Bowl Quarterfinals Winners progress to the Bowl Semifinals. Losers go home. Match 1: Refioji: Athenayama Terarno (France) vs Nantonoyama (Italy) Match 2: Refioji: Godango chishafuwaku (Portugal) vs Achiyama (Spain) Match 3: Refioji: Jakusotsu Ojisan (Sweden) vs Jejima (England) Match 4: Refioji: Nekonishiki Pitinosato (Netherlands) vs Andrasoyama (Wales) Bench Euros 2020 Cup Quarterfinals Winners progress to the Cup Semifinals. Losers progress to the Plate Semifinals. Match 1: Refioji: Pitinosato Fujiko (Denmark) vs Joaoiyama (North Macedonia) Match 2: Refioji: Pitinosato Ganzohnesushi (Austria) vs Atenzan (Czechia) Match 3: Refioji: Jakusotsu Kuma-Koma (Croatia) vs Godango (Hungary) Match 4: Refioji: Nekonishiki Djodjoyoshi (Poland) vs Athenayama (Belgium) On the plane home (economy class): Nekonishiki (Russia) Finngall (Germany) Jakusotsu (Scotland) Furanohana (Switzerland)
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    Ok, I modified my table to match yours as I suppose you would have liked to? Thanks.
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    Love the new format, thx so much to @Tameiki for stepping up and supporting @Profomisakari (get well soon) providing this game for us
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    If only Ukraine could have won in normal time - or if I had not put so much faith in my hunch that Wales would win. Well done Godango.
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    Round of 16 is over so let's have a look at what happened. Asapedroryu keeps the lead but the pursuers get closer. Athenayama remains in the second place 9 points behind the leader. Best score of this round is Jejima with 60 points which makes him a valuable contender for the final win. Pitinosato also achieved a pretty ggod score which helped him gain a rank. Achiyama had unfortunately the second lowest score of the round which explains why he lost one rank. Lord Shamrock and Djodjoyoshi had also pretty good scores having as a result to go up a rank. They remain too far from the lead though. I believe till rank #6 all players could still win provided they have great performances from now on. Clearly Asapedroryu, Athenayama and Jejima have the biggest probability to win this fantasy game even though we could have some surprises on the way. 3 rounds left, next one is the quarter finals, prepare your roster wisely ! Standings after the round of 16 : Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 R16 TOTAL 1 Asapedroryu 54 33 97 37 221 2 Athenayama 58 41 67 47 213 3 Jejima 45 46 58 60 209 4 Pitinosato 53 50 32 50 185 5 Achiyama 48 49 55 32 180 6 Walilewaleliwalela 33 28 73 44 174 7 Djodjoyoshi 24 38 42 52 156 8 Lord Shamrock500 38 23 32 56 149 9 Chishafuwaku 32 26 54 30 142 10 Fc Loosers 37 30 26 41 134 * (Achiyama and Wali -4 points for transfer cost) Evolution between round 3 and round of 16 : +/- Asapedroryu 0 Athenayama 0 Jejima 0 Pitinosato +1 Achiyama -1 Walilewaleliwalela 0 Djodjoyoshi +1 Lord Shamrock500 +1 Chishafuwaku -2 Fc Loosers -1
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    I always wondered about that as well. Who is the guy who started this thread back then anyway?
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    It’s hot: being wrong I just might But there is nothing wrong with my sight On the penalty stop And all five shootout hops Hugo Lloris jumped all six times right
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    Sekitori each think there's a chance, They will push through and win the Big Dance, But over here on the Forum, It seems there's a quorum, That everyone's upset with France.
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    The basho's not yet in my thoughts Where I am it's the height of the hots As I type this I see It might hit forty-three And there isn't A/C in these spots Is that laughter I hear, Ramat Gan? "Forty-three? Sweater weather, my man!" There's usually no way To predict what you'll say But here, in a limerick, I can
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    For the only universally valid reason: because it has always been that way.
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    Hello! I am afraid I will be moving during the basho and will have spotty internet. This means that Break The Curse will be taking a kosho. Hope to see you in September.
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    I'm too lazy to scroll through, but the late 90's TV Series "Oz" was about 20 years ahead of it's time and remains, IMO, one of the greatest show of all time.
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    I went to the department store advertised on Amuru's mawashi back in the day simply because it was on Amuru's mawashi, so the advertising clearly works on weak-minded fools with too much time on their hands.
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    So which heya has the most rikishi? There are 659 (11 less than last basho) rikishi in 42 heyas listed on the new Nagoya Banzuke.. List of 20 or more rikishi heyas: 1. Hakkaku, 30 2. Kokonoe, 28 3, Kise and Takasago with 26 5.Sakaigawa and Tamanoi 25 7. Sadogatake who were 2nd last basho, dropped to 7th place with 24 this basho after a lot of retirements. 8. Takadagawa, 22 9. Oitekaze, 20 Heyas with the least rikishi: Kagamiyama (2) Nishikido (4) Kataonami (5) Sekitori numbers: 7 - Oitekaze- (5 Makuuchi, 2 Juryo) 5- Kokonoe (5 Makuuchi), Kise (4,1), Isegahama (3,2) 4- Tokiwayama (2-2)
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    Banzuke topics from JSA: - Takayasu at sekiwake for the 2nd consecutive basho, 5th consecutive overall in sanyaku - Mitakeumi is back at sekiwake since November 2020. 7th consecutive basho in sanyaku. 15th basho at sekiwake, which ties him for 8th place with Takatoriki and Goeido in the 6 basho era. 25th basho overall in sanyaku, which ties him for 10th place with Tochiozan - Wakatakakage becomes the first wrestler from Arashio beya to reach sanyaku since Oyutaka opened the heya in 2002. Also the 5th wrestler from Fukushima Prefecture in the post war era since Tamanoshima made sanyaku in Aki 2001. He is the 3rd wrestler from Toyo University and the 1st since Mitakeumi back in Kyushu 2016. Lastly he is the 48th collegiate wrestler to make sanyaku - Meisei is the first wrestler from Tatsunami beya since the current stablemaster took over (Asahiyutaka). He is also the first sanyaku debut since Tomonohana in Hatsu 1994. Also the 9th post war sanyaku debut from Kagoshima Prefecture and first since Chiyonoo in Natsu 2014 - The previous time we had sanyaku debuts was November 2020 when Takanosho made his debut - The previous time we had two sanyaku debuts in the same basho was Abi and Ryuden in Nagoya 2019 - Ichiyamamoto is the first wrestler since Shohozan in Kyushu 2011 to make his makuuchi debut from the current Nishonoseki beya (formerly Matsugane beya). He is the 53rd debut from Hokkaido in the post war. Lastly he is the 7th wrestler from Chuo University and first since Yago - Ura outdoes the Kaiju and has returned to the top division, now owning the record for the lowest demotion to makuuchi return, triumphantly from jonidan 106W - Chiyonoo returns to makuuchi for the first time since Haru 2017. This ends a 25 basho absence and ties him in 5th place all time for slowest return to the top division. He also gets into 7th place for lowest demotion to Makuuchi return, successfully from Makushita 51E - Tokushoryu returns to Makuuchi since Hatsu 2021 - Kotokuzan is the first Juryo debut from Arashio beya since the current stablemaster (Sokokurai) took over, and latest since Wakamotoharu in Haru 2019. he is also the 19th post war debut in Juryo from Kanagawa Prefecture since Tomokaze made it in Kyushu 2018 - Kaisho returns to Juryo since Kyushu 2019 - Abi returns to Juryo since November 2020 - Yago returns to Juryo since Haru 2021
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    Don't knock it, Tobizaru at m3w is about the only thing I got right!
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    Hakuhou had his tsuna-uchi ceremony today at his heya. "I'm quite tense during a tsunauchi ceremony. I felt the same today.. I had the coming basho somewhat in mind while doing it.." he said. This basho will be a do or die basho, as promised by his Oyakata. "At first, I felt this was going to be my last basho, but after that, I came to understand the meaning of a DOD basho. Will I advance or will I retreat, or will I stop - is what I'm wondering. This is what I understand. In any case, at this point, I will gambarize and do what I can do. I started doing sumo this week and my right knee (surgery a while ago) is better. I underwent the surgery because I wish to gambarize in Nagoya and in Aki as well, and want to fast-track my recovery in order to do well. I think the best medicine for me will be to win. We won't see the same fans coming in for all 15 days so I want to gambarize in order to be able to show all those that do come some good sumo," he added. This basho will be Terunofuji's tsunatori basho. "He is the best rikishi around at the moment, winning consecutive yushos.. He is the strongest one!" said Hakuhou. If he faces him this basho it will be for the first time in four years, since September 2017. "I have no idea when we faced each other last time, but I wish to gambarize!" he summed.
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    Refioji Athenayama Octofinal matches final day (first report). Jejima - Godango : What a match we had here ! Thanks to Denmark in S2, Godango was leading 0-1. However the win of England combined with the draw of Sweden in S3 gave 2 goals to Jejima to reverse the score 2-1 ! Alas for our Englishman Belgium evened the score 2-2 at S4. And finally, the same England that gave 2 goals to Jejima was also his executioner at S5 giving the win to our Australian 2-3 ! This was a high score game which no one deserved to lose. Unfortunately there had to be a winner. Congratulations to Godango ! (I hope I am correct!) Jejima H Godango A Goal H Jejima Chain H Goal A Godango Chain A 1. Italy N - Italy N 0 - 0 2. Spain N D - Denmark N W 0 - 1 1 3. England R W - Sweden N D 2 2 - 1 4. Wales N L - Belgium (S1) N W 2 x - 1 2 5. Ukraine Y D - England C W 2 - 1 3 6. Belgium (S1) Y W - Portugal N L 2 - 3 z 7. Switzerland Y - Switerland Y 2 - 3 8. Croatia Y D - Austria Y D 2 - 3 9. 2 - 3 Jejima Godango 2 3
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    Oddly this rule now seems to appear in some abeyance; Kakuryu kept his real name expressed in katakana when he naturalised.