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    This is a translation I did of the Nikkan Sports article covering today's intai kaiken. Most of the information is already covered here but hopefully it may still be of some value
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    Dear TUG Supporters and Gamers, The early start of 2021 Nagoya Basho took me by surprise. I can't remember, since I have started playing Sumo games, a Basho to start so early. As I will be on vacation the first 8 days of the Basho, I decided to suspend TUG for the 2021 Nagoya Basho.  Hope all of you, continuous supporters of TUG, to rejoin me during 2021 Aki Basho! Good luck and sorry for any inconveniences! Achiyama, TUG Rijicho
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    Hokutofuji doesn't even make it to the top 28? There are people who would rather watch Kagayaki matches than Hokutofuji matches?
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    It comes down to a final match between Hakuho and Terunofuji, but in an unprecedented occurrence one will be the survivor as five rikishi enter the final day leading at just 10-4. Parity and randomness has invaded the banzuke, with many upsets followed immediately by the upsetter being upset by someone much lower, leading to the crazy ending, where Hakuho and Terunofuji are scheduled to meet in the final match and the three others (Ichinojo, Shodai, and Ura) at 10-4 all lose to heighten the suspense and kill any possible playoff. Along with the unpredictability of the matches, poor ventilation and a second week heat wave leads to another unprecedented situation with the four top gyoji ordered to rest after some curious decisions are revealed to be symptoms of heat exhaustion. The only survivor among the top rank is Konosuke, who officiates in his usual slot and then returns for the final four matches on each of the last four days as the intervening matches are done by a rotating group of Makuuchi gyoji looking for promotion as the reports on the overheated sanyaku gyoji get more serious day by day. The shortage of gyoji is so serious that yobidashi Kunio steps in to officiate a few Jonokuchi matches on the final day, pointing the gunbai at Shonanzakura’s opponent before tachiai contact and still getting it right as the lovable loser is felled by a stern stare from his opponent like a footballer looking for a penalty. In the finale, after several matta and ignored te wo tsuite warnings, both rikishi rise for the tachiai … but there is no actual contact. Konosuke yells “Hakkeyoi!” but neither engages, as two of Hakuho’s toes (thankfully, on the same foot) have nearly switched places and in trying to shake off the injury he has unraveled his knee into an impossible angle. Terunofuji has suffered some form of sudden knee pain as well and the affected leg is swinging like a pendulum. Both hop toward the other and lean in and nothing happens for six minutes except groans of agony by those close enough to see what has taken place. Even Konosuke looks away in horror and affixes a glare on the head judge. Finally the head judge calls it off and it takes twelve minutes for a doctor to arrive and another five for him to decide who to attend to first. By this time a second doctor has arrived from the stands but is blocked by yobidashi because she is female. At this point, NHK discovers that it is six o’clock and goes off the air without warning. Abema TV experiences a sudden denial of service attack later found to emanate from Russian cyber criminals. News reports explain that the building was evacuated at this point and nobody ever finds out how two large men managed to get off the dohyo with only one working leg each. Weeks go by with no official announcement of a yusho winner as the Olympics and Paralympics take centre stage (with no sumo presence in the opening or closing ceremonies of either event). Media speculation is all over the map, exploding into scandal once the Olympics and Paralymics end. Rikishi are interviewed but are careful to say no comment as ordered, some making it clear by their tone that such orders have been issued but not answering further. Finally someone tracks down Asanoyama, who has retreated to a 16th-century Shinto temple in the countryside to contemplate his future. He carefully sits on a park bench and motions the reporter over and says “listen, this is what I heard. They have nobody who is unbiased to make a decision on how to resolve this, so they are going out of Japan. To keep things fair they have hired an American company currently doing something in Arizona, called Cyber Ninjas.” His suspension is promptly doubled to twelve basho. Shonanzakura tells a friend (who tells a reporter) he cannot wait to face him. Finally, three and a half weeks before Aki, an announcement that Day 1 will commence with a five-man ketteisen before Jonokuchi, minus any qualifying rikishi choosing not to compete. The incomplete match has been scored as a double kyujo leaving five rikishi tied at 10 wins, and the banzuke has been prepared without reference to a yusho winner. Hakuho immediately announces online that he will be competing, before the press conference actually ends. The second portion of the press conference annnouces that yusho-yusho-tied yusho with the last two as Ozeki is enough for a promotion to Yokozuna, but Terunofuji has decided to retire while he can still hop and has some hope of walking at some point in the future. Ichinojo decides not to compete, claiming further back injury. Nobody is surprised. A news crew is allowed inside Miyagino beya and films Hakuho training hard and somehow showing no sign of injury, and even acting as gyoji for a joke match between 200cm tall Hokuseiho and tiny Enho, and when Enho’s brave tachiai launches him through Hokuseiho’s legs and out of the dohyo without so much as a touch, Hakuho points to Hokuseiho as the winner of “the first-ever henka that is neither left nor right!” Everyone laughs, including the Yokozuna, so hard that he injures his lungs and announces his intai a few days later. Shodai trains well but registers a fever of 42.3 Celsius degrees (108 Fahrenheit) on Day 1 and is out, leaving Ura as the default yusho winner. In the basho he goes 2-13 and is demoted back to Juryo.
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    Welcome to Game 21 for the Nagoya 2021 Basho. This was supposed to be a transition Basho, but circumstances are deciding differently and Profomisakari will be back next Basho as the main administrator of the game. In his introductory message in May, he mentioned that I had been working on a new way to submit your picks and here it is. I hope you will like it and please do send us your feedback to help us determine whether we should pursue this project or go back to the traditional format of the game. And now, with no further ado, let's play! HOW TO PLAY GAME 21 Shortly after the Banzuke is published, 21 potential bouts are selected by the admins. You just have to decide which bouts will or will not take place and, if they will, who you think will be the winners. Each correct pick will earn you one point. If a Rikishi is listed in one of the potential bouts but never appears on the Torikumi for the 15 days of the Basho, the bout will be counted as correct for all the players. If two or more entrants end up with the same number of correct picks, the two following tiebreaker rules will apply: TB1: entrants will earn TB points for their ability to spot winning outsiders (i.e. the fewer players pick up a Rikishi the more points you score) and the entrant with most TB points will be the winner. TB2: if the first tiebreaker does not suffice to separate them, the entrant with the earliest submission time will be declared the winner. The deadline to play is the Friday before Shonichi at 11 AM (JST), 2 AM (UTC) If you want to play, simply click the link below. it will take you to a multiple-choice form that will offer you three choices for each bout: A if you think the first Rikishi will win B if you think the second Rikishi will win X if you think the bout will not take place In addition to your picks and your Shikona, the form will ask for a valid email address. The reason for this request is (a) to allow the system to send you a copy of your picks and (b) to allow you to update your choices until the deadline by clicking the “Edit Response'' button that is in the email. Besides, after you have submitted your choices, you will have access to global selection statistics (not individual player’s picks). So, if you want to play for the upcoming Nagoya Basho, HERE IS THE LINK. The deadline to play is Friday 2 July at 11 AM (JST), 2 AM (UTC) To help you prepare your picks before getting to the form itself, here are the bouts for the upcoming Basho: Nagoya 21 History Rank A # Rank B # X 1 12-11 M8w Aoiyama M7e Myogiryu 2 9-9 M13e Chiyomaru M16w Ishiura 3 5-3 M16e Chiyonokuni M12w Kagayaki 4 4-3 M14w Chiyonoo M10w Terutsuyoshi 5 3-2 M7w Chiyoshoma M9w Shimanoumi 6 5-3 M4w Chiyotairyu M4e Kotoeko 7 0-1 M14e Daiamami M12e Tochinoshin 8 7-7 M1w Daieisho M3e Hokutofuji 9 5-4 M1e Endo O1e Terunofuji 10 1-1 M2w Ichinojo M2e Takanosho 11 0-1 M17e Ichiyamamoto J1e Yutakayama 12 9-11 M9e Hidenoumi M15e Tsurugisho 13 2-3 M5w Hoshoryu M11w Kotonowaka 14 13-12 M11e Kaisei M8e Takarafuji 15 1-2 M6w Kiribayama M6e Onosho 16 1-1 K1w Meisei K1e Wakatakakage 17 10[+1]-10 S1w Mitakeumi O1w Takakeisho 18 5-5 M5e Okinoumi O2e Shodai 19 1-2 S1e Takayasu M3w Tobizaru 20 0-0 M10e Tamawashi M15w Tokushoryu 21 1-1 M13w Ura M17e Ichiyamamoto Ganbatte! Tameiki
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    OK, unfortunately, none is factually correct. I do speak the language. Honorifics in Japanese simply explained here. An okami, as a role, is not limited to sumo and I can speculate 9 of 10 Japanese would never associated with sumo. To give you a different example Ikioi's name is not Ikio-zeki, even though he might have been called that.
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    I believe this is Arikawa of Nishonoseki-beya. If it is him, he put up a 5-2 record at that basho from Jonidan 82 West From the heya website, bottom of the page
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    Former Sekiwake Tamanofuji died on the 21st after suffering from liver cancer, at the age of 71. He joined Kataonami-beya in 1967, but following a 6-1 result in his honbasho debut he left to join the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force, serving at Camp Obihiro in Hokkaido. After being discharged three years later he resumed his ozumo career with back-to-back yusho and a 15-bout winning streak. He reached Makuuchi in 1974 and won three sansho and two kinboshi during his time in the top division. After retiring he was first Minatogawa-oyakata before taking over Kataonami-beya. After reaching the mandatory retirement age he became the first oyakata to be re-employed as a consultant for five years, although he retired from that role a few months early, perhaps due to his illness.
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    For those, who haven't heard him sing
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    . Hello dear friends of game 21! This is a comment on this selection post from my friend Tameiki. He was the only one who said he would help us two old men manage Game 21 if necessary. And just that fall came this weekend. Asojima already said goodbye in January and on Saturday I had an accident and am now in the hospital with just a very simple Android mobile. Tameiki had offered us to bring the management of the game into a new form. He introduced them to us. Asojima and I liked it, and I asked him to use the new shape for this basho. The fact that this happens under these circumstances makes things a little more difficult, but I am sure that we will solve this together and that you will find it good. I will hopefully leave the hospital myself next week and also hand in my pick late, but I will be there. Maybe I'll get back to you in between. Have fun! Profomisakari
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    Don't knock it, Tobizaru at m3w is about the only thing I got right!
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    I predict that Asanoyama will not save himself from being kadoban.
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    If Hakuho goes 15-0, the 'Murkah in me says he's earned it. The parts of me that know better say he should be thankful he can still walk and leave it at that.
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    Yusho - Terunofuji Jun-yusho - Takakeisho Bonus predictions: Takayasu does well until day 11, Hakuho does well enough not to be forced to retire, Enho makekoshi in a big way, Ikioi retires
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    Daieieisho, presently enrolled at Nichidai graduate school, and Nichidai graduate Tsurugisho, both Oitekaze-beya, were at the university today to receive new individual kesho mawashi from the Nichidai alumni organization. Presented by Nichidai rijicho Tanaka and his wife, vice president of the Japan women's sumo federation - she designed the kesho mawashi. o o Tsurugushi with one of the 7 gods of fortune, Daikokuten, with the reds rays of the rising sun (like the Asahi flag) on yellow as background , Daieisho with cherry blossoms in front of Mt. Fuji
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    The presentation of the kesho mawashi by headmaster Ishiura and the designer, local painter Nakao: he specially displayed the kirin-shishi with opened eyes (usually shown with them closed), to have the sleeping lion in Takakento become awaken https://www.nnn.co.jp/news/210310/20210310031.html Haru day 1 o Takakento brought the kesho mawashi to the NHK new juryo interview on day 3 https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1164y1D779 o the lion is still sleeping
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    New juryo Bushozan today received the traditional orange kesho-mawashi from Saitama Sakae high: "I'm extremely happy. The kesho mawashi I yearned for the most." http://hochi.news/articles/20210225-OHT1T50176.html Haru day 1 o
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    Day 13, part 1 Takayasu, second straight kachikoshi after 4 straight makekoshi: "Compared to the near past, my body and soul are perfect." Wakatakakage, getting his 10th win via a freebie, looking at a yusho or sansho chance: "I heard about the kyujo after asageiko. I did everything as usual. Strange feeling.. Two more bouts to go, all I can do is do sumo, giving it my all! " Takakeishou, losing to Shoudai and getting his third loss, at a loss for words: "I couldn't do my own attack. Tomorrow, I'd like to concentrate and do what I usually do." Kiribayama, returning from kyujo because of a shoulder injury and winning his 7th: "I thought I wanted to gambarize till the end. I want to exert power and get my kachikoshi!" Terasawa, Asanoyama's tsukebito, clinches the Makushita yusho: "I was planning on acquiring a right hand inside grip and pulling him towards me, but he got his first step in. I was over-eager.." He won eventually, turning the tables at the edge. His mawashi was stolen before last basho and it shook him up. "That was before last basho and is over with. I managed to refresh my feelings." Upon entering sumo in May 2018 he injured his lower back and went kyujo, subsequently undergoing surgery for hernia and dropping to banzuke-gai. He rehabilitated seriously."I did a lot of fundamental training and gambarized." He is said to have done more than 500 shikos a day. Asanoyama congratulated him today. "Great - yusho, huh.." "If the ozeki were to yusho as well that would make me very happy.." Ex-Takanoiwa also has a nephew in sumo- Hokutenkai, who is doing well so far. He clinched the Sandanme yusho today. "I went out there promising myself I would not pull at all (he did pull at the end..) I was conscious of the yusho race. I was nervous but I won so that's good. I want to add some weight and need to train well and get stronger for Makushita. I won't get any easy wins there. I need to make my slow and light tachiai stronger.." Ex-Asahouryuu on Asanoyama: "My 40th birthday is on senshuraku! My junior should be winning the yusho!! Kotoshougiku, 8th loss, coupled with the three kyujo losses, 11 losses total, ranked at M11-serious danger of demotion: "The loss has nothing to do with my injury. The reason for my loss is that I was late in attacking." Shoudai, beating Takakeishou and remaining tied for the lead: "I think my tachiai was good. I was aware that I had to hit hard. I think I was able to do the sumo I had imagined. I had time to think about my sumo when the May basho was canceled. I had to improve my first step at the tachiai and strengthen my horsepower. It's showing now. The keiko has come alive.." His tachiai does not come from a low position with his head- he raises his head and hits with his chest. "You can't improve bad habits in a short time. I was thinking if I added physical strength my first step will be stronger as well." He had 13 wins in January and 11 wins last basho and was involved in the yusho race till the end in both. "It's a great mystery to me, but I can't bring myself to be conscious of the yusho. I have prior experience with this, but I have no anxiety or impatience like I had in January. I'm able to go about it as usual at this point." There has never been a yusho winner from Kumamoto . "I want to gambarize for the sake of all the people that enjoy my sumo. I want the next two days to be injury-free. It would be great to return to the heya with a smile.."
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    Day 12: Wakatakakage, losing in the two-loss rikishi confrontation against Tobizaru: " My tachiai was half-hearted. My weak side emerged.." Tobizaru, tied for the lead, asked about the yusho and his nerves: "I'm not nervous and not thinking about it.. I want to win the next three bouts, then I'll think about it.. Today I was able to attack without pulling." Today, he got the Morinaga Seika kensho for the most interesting bout. "I never got that before so I am very happy. I'm not very popular yet.. I really am not nervous. It's much scarier to be nervous." "Hey, there's no yusho parade this time, so why don't you win it??" said his Oitekaze Oyakata. Tobizaru was stuck in Juryo for three years. "Those were difficult times for him. He is a hard trainer. Things have changed these last two years," added his Oyakata. Daieishou, makekoshi as shin-Sekiwake: "I'm still not good enough. No use being sad. I want to gambarize till the end.." Ounoshou, beating Terunofuji in a three-loss rikishi confrontation: "I calmly denied him my mawashi and was able to do sumo, and that was good. I'm not changing anything I'm doing , so if I will be able to face my opponents one by one and go all out it will be good." Mitakeumi, losing to Takayasu for his fifth loss, getting further away from double-digit wins: "I'm still full of willpower. I want to win solidly and get those double digits.." Former Makuuchi and one-time great hope Joukouryuu got his kachikoshi (after losing his first three bouts) at Makushita 1, almost certain to return to Juryo next basho: "I gave up at some point but my shisho told me not to and the people around me were very supportive. After I lost my first three bouts my family bought me a good luck charm. I put it inside my mawashi and won four straight. I usually watch the Makuuchi bouts on TV at home. My 2-year old daughter asks me where I am. It makes me a bit sad, but now I'm feeling like 'just wait and see..' I have been encouraged by many people throughout my injuries and all I can do is thank them.. It's taken me some time, but I want to gambarize and aim upwards!"" Takanoshou kachikoshi, probably in Sanyaku next basho: "I don't know if my sanyaku promotion will happen so all I had in mind was to get that kachikoshi.. Tomorrow it's Tobizaru. As for helping out my heyamate Takakeishou get the yusho, I'm not thinking of that- I would like to think only of my own sumo." Takakeishou, getting a freebie due to Endou's kyujo; " I heard about it this morning after training. I did not change anything in my daily routine. A fusensho doesn't mean it's a day off. I did today what I do every day. Shoudai tomorrow? Every day is important. There is nothing to change ahead of tomorrow.." Shoudai tied for the lead and winning his tenth after beating Takarafuji: "I didn't imagine that I would have double digit wins so quickly. I think the flow is good. We still have three days to go. I'll do everything in order not to lose my concentration. I'm not thinking about the yusho, I'm just feeling great. Since day 1 I have asked not to be told who I'm facing the next day, and it seems to be working well.. I just want to concentrate on doing my own sumo to its fullest." Asanoyama, one win behind the leaders: "I'm not thinking of the past- I will try to exert all my power and give it my all. If I do my own sumo, the results will follow. My body is moving well. I can only face the bouts with my own body!"
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    Day 11: Kitanofuji-san, the NHK commentator and ex- Yokozuna who was doing the in-house radio today, when asked by the announcer next to him what he thought of the Wakatakakage- Chiyotairyuu match: "Hmm, I guess Wakatakakage did a good hikkake. I saw that and went to the toilet, truth be told.. " "We just had a bit of a toilet break by Mr. Kitanofuji.." announced Sawadaishi announcer.. Tomorrow, Wakatakakage faces Tobizaru with both tied for the lead. "It's going to be difficult- I don't know which of them to root for.." said Kitanofuji san. Maegashira 1 Takanoshou continues to amaze and needs another win for kachikoshi: "I was able to attack from underneath so that was good. I've been able to beat some Sanyaku and higher rikishi. Yesterday I was also able to do good sumo against Terunofuji. It's building up my confidence. My body isn't sluggish. I am able to be calm and my nervousness is just at the right level. I think that's good.." His nickname is "Onigiri-kun" because of his smile that makes him look like an onigiri. "I think that's cool.." he summed. Takakeishou had a right shoulder spasm at the end of his match today: "It's an everyday occurrence.. I'm OK. " Terunofuji, kachikoshi and a certain return to sanyaku after three years: "Well, I think I'll be able to be back in sanyaku so that's good. It's not over yet so I would like to gambarize for the days remaining." Tobizaru, ties for the lead and aiming to become the first Makuuchi newbie to get a yusho in 106 years: "I was thinking of moving ever forward without running away. " He tried a leg trip that was his downfall on day 6, but he has learned from that. "I tried it for a second but abandoned it quickly. I haven't been aware of the yusho race at all. I just want to concentrate on one bout at a time.." Shouhouzan beating injured Kotoshougiku and getting his third straight win after eight straight losses: "Injuries are scary. When I faced Giku-zeki last basho he was a different person.." Kotoshougiku, injured calf, 4th straight loss after rejoining the basho: " In times like these (with an injury) the parts of my body I don't use become conspicuous." Shimanoumi, losing at the last minute to Enhou: "He's the type of opponent who makes it hard for you when he gets inside, so I went out solidly. I lost moving forward, so at least that's good.." Chiyotairyuu, losing to Wakatakakage, sixth straight loss after five straight wins: "I though he was going to shift at the tachiai, so I pushed my hand out too late. That was my worst sumo this basho." Tokushouryuu, 34 years old and beating the 21 year old Houshouryuu: "When you're on the dohyo age means diddley squat. I also still feel young!" Kotoshouhou, getting his 7th win after three consecutive losses: "During my losing streak I was in too much of a hurry and all over the place. I decided to do a reset and went out feeling that way." Mitakeumi, demolishing Kagayaki "If I only could have done this kind of sumo from day 1.." Asanoyama, eighth straight win: "My body is moving extremely well. Solid sumo is my kind of sumo. I was in shock after the first three days (lost all bouts). I was contemplating going kyujo. Then I thought if I'm in the doldrums, all I can do is get out there and do it. Since day 4, I've been telling myself to concentrate on the bout at hand. It goes without saying that an Ozeki should get kachikoshi.." There has never been anyone who got the yusho after starting off the basho with two straight losses (let alone three) since the advent of the 15 day basho in 1949. He still has to face both Shoudai and Takakeishou, so he still has a chance to yusho. " I have three losses. I am not thinking of what happened before and am concentrating on doing my own sumo. Today is today, tomorrow is tomorrow, and that is how I'll face each day!"
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    Day 10: Newcomer Tobizaru gets his kachikoshi, beating Ryuuden: "I'm able to go all out and do my own sumo. I didn't want to go chest to chest against him so I avoided that. I love it that I'm facing rikishi I have never faced before. Rather than feeling anxious, my feeling that I should go out there and give it my all is very strong!" Takakeishou, remaining tied for the lead, beating Daieishou: " We both are tsuki-oshi guys so I didn't want to lose by state of mind." He was injured last basho and left the basho after he got his kachikoshi. "I was using my body the wrong way, so I got injured. I went back to the fundamentals that i learned in elementary school. Yusho? I just want to concentrate on each bout as it comes.." Newcomer Houshouryuu, 5-5: "I won and that's good. I'd like to concentrate on each bout from now on." Ishiura, beating fellow battered Kotoshougiku: "He was a an excellent sekitori when I was growing up. I managed to give it my all and felt refreshed doing sumo!" Sadanoumi, 500th Makuuchi bout today and winning: "My oyakata has always been telling me to take extra care of myself on even -numbered months. I think one of the reasons I've been able to persevere was the fact that we had to train during jungyo." Shimanoumi, sixth loss: "I have to defend my flanks, otherwise it doesn't become my own sumo. I'd like to concentrate on hitting hard at the tachiai." Kotoshouhuo, losing to Wakatakakage who is in great shape: "I let him attack me. I just want to do my original own sumo on a daily basis. I want to concentrate on my bouts without any unnecessary thoughts.." Mitakeumi, sixth win, beating Tochinoshin and aiming for double-digit wins: "I'll be seriously aiming for that, and hopefully will do it while keeping my fighting spirit high. I know my opponent well as we train a lot together so it was a bit awkward.." Tochinoshin, sixth loss: "My tachiai wasn't that bad, but I was too high after that. My knee is not in a good way, but I'm mounting the dohyo so it's irrelevant. All I can do to continue is by firing myself up again!" Ounoshou, tied for the lead as well, kachikoshi, coming off that 0-13 start last basho: " Last basho was painful, but i'm able to go all out and do good sumo. I won't be changing anything so hopefully the results will follow!" Shoudai, remaining tied for the lead, beating his incessant opponent Terutsuyoshi by keeping him at bay: " I'm just one of the five guys with the best record.. For now, I got my kachikoshi and I'm happy. Next objective- double-digit wins!" Two more wins and Ozeki talk might be heard. "I just want to do my own sumo till the end and reach the last day.." Kotonowaka dropping to Juryo 2 because of an injury this basho, gets kachikoshi: "It's a kachikoshi after a basho I was injured in, so I'm happy but subdued. I don't want to rest on my laurels now. Return to Makuuchi? I'm not thinking of that. I just want to get through the 15 days and hopefully that will lead to a promotion.." Terunofuji, losing to Takanoshou: "Not good, right? As you saw, I was weak, that's all.." Wakatakakage, tied for the lead: "I'm able to do my own sumo. I'm happy, but I'd like to continue this way without losing my concentration."