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    Got it - Inazawa koenkai, 稲沢後援会. Inazawa in Aichi prefecture was Azumazeki-beya's base for the Nagoya basho (which was Kaonishiki's Juryo debut). I understand the city has a number of bonsai nurseries, hence the design.
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    http://www.asahi.com/sp/ajw/articles/14362038 One-armed sumo wrestler.
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    Terunofuji trained today at home, facing Takarafuji for 10 bouts, going 8-2 . “I’m not in bad shape. I will be concentrating on myself and my sumo. Nagoya will be a Tsunatori basho, but if I succumb to the pressure it’s over before it started..”he said. He also did some non-sumo, using tubes and weights.
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    Doesn't really count as preparations and not Nagoya, but he said this yesterday and it's cute, but, well... Takayasu finally got to meet his daughter (born in February) after Haru. Her weight has doubled since her birth. "She's sleeps a lot. She grins and is easy-going, this daughter of mine.. I give her a bath every day. I've held many a fan's child in the past, but holding my own child.. It's not a dumbbell-it's different. I can't drop her.. I'm tired.." he said.
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    https://soranews24.com/2021/06/03/nike-commercial-about-gender-inequality-in-japan-receives-backlash-online【video】/ bravo!
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    It does already! Five strippers have been kicked just this month!
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    You really lucked out with the weather. I've only been to the Kokugikan and Fukuoka but Osaka and Nagoya are on my list. Always, though when watching the July basho, the folks in the audience have their handheld fans whirring.
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    Gosh darn it, you can't leave us hanging like that.... https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202106090000662.html So apparently when Hidenoumi had his hatsu dohyo 10 years ago, he had only 2000 yen on hand, so he borrowed money from Shimanoumi. Then he had second thoughts about being in sumo at all, so he decided to give it back. Goeido's story is a different matter; Hidenoumi basically got a scolding from him after his foot injury where, due to the tabi, his sumo was screwed. Hidenoumi was commenting on how when Goeido was active, he wouldn't really interact with other rikishi much as he had his own matches and training to be concerned with.
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    Hidenoumi is nursing a pinky injury he suffered on day 9 last basho, which caused him to win only one bout in the second half of the basho. "it was dislocated and I managed to put it back in place myself, much to the surprise of my trainer.." he said. I'm in the middle of a sound check at a gig so the rest of the interesting story of how a broke Hidenoumi borrowed 2000 yen off Shimanoumi and how Goueidou told him to man up will have to wait... Maybe someone can fill in the details. Nikkan.
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    If he fought Terunofuji now (or on day one) I think he could absolutely stop a run. It’s the 14 days preceding their meeting that are the issue.
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    Just joined. No issues after de-activating ad-block for this site only.
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    @Athenayama I really hope you're gonna need this:
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    I think if Terunofuji gets the yusho in the next basho, they will have to promote him, and I suspect that he will win that third in a row. But, as we all know, predicting the future is rough and entertaining.
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    Predicting the future is such a rough game...
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    I tried to go to Dolphins Arena. My plan was to get the same day ticket sale. But I met some old friends in Osaka the night before and I arrived very late in Nagoya nursing a monster hangover and stumbled my way to the Arena after Makuuchi already started. It was so hot, it was around 43C and 80% humidity. The paths around the arena are the good old gravel in dirt so everything is sticking to you. When I got there there was almost nobody outside. You couldn't even tell a basho was going on except for the flags. I wandered around a bit and some makuuchi guys started coming out to taxis along this path in the plaza delimited by small stones. There was a diminutive grandma also there. So we stood together and clapped for the guys coming out. I always wondered how it was from the rikishi's POV. Lose your makuuchi match and go outside and there is a small grandma and a tall lanky foreigner clapping for you.
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    To clarify, the danpatsu-shiki took place at the older heya location in Higashi Komagata that they left in 2018. It seems it has remained intact since then, keikoba and all. The heya's most recent location is now home to Futagoyama-beya. A few more pictures:
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    More from Kaonishiki's danpatsushiki - first and last shisho, Robo-cut o o
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    Ex-Takamiyama took part iמ the danpatsushiki of his last deshi Kaounishiki (42), which was held in the large room of the now defunct Azumazeki-beya.. 130 cutters, no active rikishi, but Takasago Oyakata, ex-Takamisakari and Oshiogawa (ex-Takekaze) Oyakata were there as well. "It's a bit sad, although it happens.. Regarding ex-Takamisakari and the closure of Azumazeki-beya, not everyone is cut out to be an Oyakata. He's a bachelor, but if he had a wife maybe things would have turned out differently. It's difficult doing it alone, but it could be done with the help of a heya manager who can take an okamisan's place.." lamented ex-Takamiyama. Ex-Takamisakari is training junior rikishi at Hakkaku beya now. "I think he is most happy now. I think it's a good thing he moved to Hakkaku beya. I think he will be very active from here on. He is a good man," summed ex-Takamiyama. Jesse, Kaounishiki and Azumarobo Oyakata:
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    https://www.nikkansports.com/m/battle/sumo/news/amp/202105270000744.html A PCR test for the entire NSK will be held on 23 and 24th June. The heya will move to Nagoya in sequence as the tests are completed. No mention of the vaccination that was supposed to take place before the move to Nagoya, although the holding of a PCR test seems to imply that a vaccination will not take place before Nagoya after all. The same article mentions by the way that the shindeshi kensa for Nagoya will take place in the Ryogoku Kokugikan clinic on the 18th of June.
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    Thanks everyone. I mostly lurk here during hon-basho. I belong to a slew of message boards and the first thing I always do is try to make my profile page snazzy. In lieu of actual content, that is...
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    he'll be Yokozuna one day and he'll perform the shiranui style dohyo-iri during his entire career. i predict 12 yusho for him (9 as yokozuna). or maybe 46 if he fights untill his 57th birhtday .... :-P