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    If that was posted by Kintamayama, I can guess the date.
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    There was none, but looks like we can use one - since he lives in Tokyo (shitamachi), I put it in this subforum Since Feb. 25th Gaga is doing a diet and lost about 20kg in a month. 1 meal a day, like this: o abstaining from his beloved ice cream and he gradually made it up to a 10 000 steps walk every day - "The first week I thought I'd die". Since his active days he suffers from diabetes, so he drinks green tea now during the interview (behind a pay wall) oo
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    Drrring drring. Hak: "Now what? I'm in the middle of my rehabilitation poker game.. Does three of a kind beat a flush?" Teru: "Boss, I'm back. I was expecting some kind of congrats.." Hak: "Don't ever expect anything and you shall never be disappointed. Congrats for what?" Teru: "My triumphant return to Ozeki of course, overcoming hardships etc. etc." Hak: "Oh that.. so it finally happened, huh?" Teru :" Yes, and you can sound a bit more empathic.." Hak: "Well it doesn't really count does it, as I wasn't around to dame-oshi you out of the ring.." Teru: "I am actually looking forward to facing you on the raised ring, sir. If and when you do return, old timer.." Hak: "Big words.. you don't want to get on the wrong side of me, believe me." Teru: "This isn't 2015 and I'm not afraid of you anymore. Nobody is. Changing of the guards and stuff.." Hak: "You're lucky Kak isn't around any more - even he can still handle you, if this wasn't 2021.." Teru: "Yeah, right.. don't forget I'm packing a ticking bomb. " Hak: "And I have a deadly toe with ingrown toenails. See you in July, robot!" Teru: "Unless i steal your glasses, old-timer!" It goes on but I have to go buy groceries so another time, perhaps. In actuality, this is an invitation to play the "Guess the Banzuke" game!! 23 years, 137 bashos. Please play. Game rules: Guess the Banzuke. Simple. You get two points for a bulls-eye and one point for just getting the rank right. You get no points for getting no points. Tiebreakers - Most total guesses, then we check the banzuke backwards - getting the lower half right will be important. The most correct guesses in the last ten places will win the tiebreaker. If still tied, we go up a ranking at a time like a penalty shootout. It's up to you to check if you are on the list of entries. It's going to be your fault if you don't notice that your entry went missing in the Internet void. No late entries will be expected or accepted. Those are the rules, and the rules will never be changed. Just like the dohyo will never be lowered. It's an axiom. For rules, standings and ceremonial fishmongering: http://www.dichne.com/Guess.htm For the nifty entry form: http://sumodb.sumoga...b/GTBEntry.aspx For the "new" archives: http://sumodb.sumoga...gtbarchive.aspx See if you are on the entry list: http://sumodb.sumogames.de/gtb/GTBEntryList.aspx Deadline: Monday, April 19th, 2021 at 18:00 GMT ("Get My Translations") - PLEASE NOTE-THIS IS ONE WEEK BEFORE THE OFFICIAL BANZUKE ANNOUNCEMENT!! Special thanks to Andoreasu who runs it, Doitsuyama who automates and maintains it and to Terunofuji who shone through the darkness of what was 2020.
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    No, not what happens to Chiyomaru in summer in Okinawa... Came across this tongue-in-cheek video where a sujo Youtuber rates various rikishi on hotness.
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    Big financial news: Tokyo tape futures way down Bye, Kotoyuki!
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    Well, it's a picture of a framed picture so it has reflections in the glass, but here it is:
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    Four pictures turned up of Sorakaze's danpatsu-shiki, which took place at Oguruma-beya. Regarding Toshonishiki, his left knee buckled when he lost his last bout, although he managed to get up and limp away. You can even see the two shimpan on the far side (Tamanoi and Tanigawa, I think) flinch. So I guess injury can be put down as the cause of his unexpected intai.
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    The top post has been updated following the closure of Azumazeki-beya and Minezaki-beya after the 2021 Haru basho.
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    "Maybe cookouts soon ... or later (no relatives)" ... Natsu basho, come!
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    Kotoyuki-san, Fused fingers, flying exits, a Batman villain?
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    Hooting like an owl Never to be heard again Ukiyoe man
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    Some Kotoyuki pics o oo o o o o with his younger brother on a visit to the heya in 2008 - he wanted to support Kotoyuki and is now physiotherapist - too late to help o
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    Loved the hoots! Also loved the manly crying when he got that kinboshi. He gave that bonus money to his brother's college fund.
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    Ah, Kotoyuki! I'm sad to see you go, dude. So here's a haiku.
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    One memorable anecdote- his hooting pissed Hakuhou off, who at some point reprimanded him in front of the other rikishi. "Stop clearing your throat loudly. You are not a dog, so stop barking!" said Hakuhou back then. Kotoyuuki wasn't the only one- Chiyoootori was doing it as well at the time. Chiyoootori stopped at the additional behest of his oyakata. Kotoyuuki did not stop. "I've been doing this since I was in Sandanme to pump myself up. I 'm not doing it for the audience's laughs. It is part of my inner rhythm. That is what i want people to understand," he said. When asked by reporters at some point if he would give up sumo if he had to give up the hooting and his principles, he immediately replied that he would (he went on to suddenly stop doing it, replacing it with his "helicopter" move which did not garner much attention..). The audience loved it and was heard shouting at him to go on and not stop doing it, many times imitating the sound loudly. "Kotoyuuki is a handsome guy. I was too scared to continue doing it. I should apologize to him (for imitating him).. He is a cool guy, " added Chiyoootori back then. Hooting right at the man..
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    Ex-Noborufuji on the 3rd has opened his 2nd Ken-chan steak house in Miyazaki city. He opened the first in April 2019 in Ozuka-cho, this one is in the Gujibun area. o o o
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    1 - Yamashita Shosuke (山下 昇介), Kagoshima 2 - Tasaki Masami (田崎 正美), Osaka 3 - Sakamoto Shoma (坂本 正真), Tokyo 4 - Ichikizaki Daisuke (市来崎 大祐), Kagoshima 5 - Aino Shogo (相野 祥吾), Chiba 6 - Suzuki Masane (鈴木 真実), Shizuoka 7 - Igarashi Sho (五十嵐 翔), Toyama 8 - Suzuki Nozomi (鈴木 希), Shizuoka 9 - Kudo Keita (工藤 佳太), Iwate 10 - Matsuda Ten (松田 天), Tottori 11 - Yokoyama Tsukasa (横山 司), Tokyo 12 - Nakagawa Kyutaro (中川 球大郎), Osaka 13 - Kitayama Keigo (北山 慶悟), Fukui 14 - Ote Kira (大手 希星), Kumamoto 15 - Nara Subaru (奈良 昴), Aomori 16 - Onozawa Ayato (斧澤 亜矢斗), Saitama 17 - Hyodo Kotaro (兵頭 虎大郎), Ehime 18 - Kagaya Ryota (加賀谷 涼太), Akita 19 - Tanimura Ryuki (谷村 竜喜), Toyama , Taniyama, Kokonoe (Haru 2021) 20 - Kunitsugu Kosuke (國次 晃輔), Okayama 21 - Yamashina Takahiro (山科 啓容), Mie 22 - Takeguchi Hiroto (竹口 広徳), Ishikawa 23 - Ito Kota (伊藤 航太), Miyagi 24 - Tsubakihara Masatsugu (椿原 将嗣), Osaka 25 - Matsunaga Akane (松永 聖鐘), Hyogo 26 - Ikemoto Soma (池本 颯茉), Gifu 27 - Abe Yuma (阿部 佑磨), Fukushima 28 - Kurosaki Seiru (黒崎 碧琉), Niigata 29 - Saito Shintaro (齋藤 芯太郎), Hiroshima 30 - Uemura Kotaro (上村 光太郎), Kumamoto 31 - Iga Chikanosuke (伊賀 慎之助), Kagawa 32 - Maeda Hajime (前田 哉), Wakayama
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    I'd hate to see the worst ones. The first one works. The second one, oof, but okay. The less said about the third, the better. What's the difference between a successful rikishi and a guy in a fat suit? One does "my brand of sumo", the other does "off-brand mae-zumo". It's after 5pm, cut me some slack.
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    Terunofuji online morning after press conference oo o o o YDC - press conference of chief Yano with Shibatayama o o The Onamis at the Fukushima prefectural office - Wakatakakage could report his first sansho o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhvrA0j-rUk o o
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    Day 15 02.6s J1e Tokushoryu (7-8) tottari M11w Kotoshoho (1-6-8) 23.8s M15w Hidenoumi (10-5) sukuinage M9w Hoshoryu (8-7) 03.9s M8w Tobizaru (10-5) shitatenage M16e Kaisei (8-7) 41.3s M16w Daiamami (9-6) yorikiri M8e Kotonowaka (6-9) 09.1s M7w Kagayaki (6-9) yorikiri M14e Kotoeko (8-7) 03.0s M13e Terutsuyoshi (8-7) yorikiri M6e Tamawashi (5-10) 09.1s M10e Midorifuji (5-10) oshidashi M5w Okinoumi (3-12) 25.6s M4w Myogiryu (7-8) yorikiri M10w Ryuden (6-9) 02.1s M11e Chiyotairyu (6-9) hatakikomi M3w Shimanoumi (4-11) 13.5s M3e Meisei (10-5) yorikiri M14w Tsurugisho (9-6) 02.7s M2w Wakatakakage (10-5) oshidashi M2e Hokutofuji (9-6) 04.5s M13w Chiyoshoma (8-7) uwatenage M1w Onosho (4-11) 09.1s M4e Kiribayama (7-8) okurihikiotoshi M1e Takarafuji (3-12) 05.6s K2w Daieisho (8-7) tsukidashi M12e Akiseyama (7-8) 06.0s K1w Mitakeumi (8-7) oshidashi M6w Ichinojo (7-8) 05.6s M12w Aoiyama (11-4) hatakikomi K1e Takayasu (10-5) 02.6s S1w Takanosho (8-7) oshidashi M7e Tochinoshin (7-8) 06.2s S1e Terunofuji (12-3) oshidashi O2e Takakeisho (10-5) 12.9s O1w Asanoyama (10-5) uwatenage O1e Shodai (7-8)
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    Senshuraku: Hakuyouzan, winning the Juryo yusho: "I was nervous but decided to go all out without thinking about anything I think it was good sumo. I had a lot of forward-moving bouts this basho. I still have a lot of things to overcome , but I'm glad I did manage to have forward-moving bouts.. I just want to stick to my style and my aim is to do oshi-zumo that will not let me lose to anyone!" Ex-Juryo Kaounishiki has retired. Takakento makekoshi in his Juryo debut: "I have to stabilize my thrusts. I can't go out there half-heartedly.." Hidenoumi, getting his first double digit wins in Makuuchi: "I really can't believe this. My brother and I both got double digit wins and the fact that we will be climbing the banzuke together makes me the happiest." Tobizaru, double digit wins like his brother: "We did not speak to each other during the basho very much, but it turned out well. I want to do keiko so that I can add more power and do more forward-moving sumo!" Hokutofuji, ending the basho with nine wins: "The 15 days flew by. I was able to beat two Ozekis . I especially got a confidence boost when I was able to beat my nemesis Shoudai. " Daieishou, getting his kachikoshi on the final day after dominating last basho: " I was a bit nervous, but I was able to do my own sumo fully. I had a lot of bouts with some bad content so I'll need to address that.." Akiseyama, makekoshi on final day: "These 15 days made me very tired, as usual.. I'm glad I won seven bouts, so I would like to fix that and gambarize with a lot of training!" Mitakeumi, three wins in the end and kachikoshi, six straight bashos at sanyaku: "It's finally over.. I'd like to hear from everyone the reason I couldn't get double digit wins. I'll be contemplating about this. I don't see any problem.." Takanoshou, third straight kachikoshi at Sekiwake: "I've got to get double digit wins otherwise it's not good. If I keep getting less than ten wins I'll never climb higher. I will gambarize so I will be more and more active next basho." Terunofuji: "I was able to return to my former position (Ozeki) thanks to everyone's support. My way to return the favor is to show everyone that I'm going all out every time I mount the dohyo. I am relieved to have been able to do that.." Shoudai, kadoban for the second time next basho: "I'm kadoban again.. My tachiai is out of whack and i have no idea why that is. It's frustrating, but I want to gambarize while using this as a springboard for next basho." Meisei, tenth win by downing Tsurugishou and winning the fighting spirit prize: "I just thought that I wanted to go all out. This basho, i was checking out my opponents' sumo properly and faced them with a lot of thought, which was good." Aoiyama, beating Takayasu and getting his 11th win and the fighting spirit prize as well: "I'm happy. I think I was able to do my brand of sumo this basho. I want to build my confidence and train really hard for the next basho." Takakeishou:"If I can't win, it's no use. My losses this basho came because i was weak. I want all four of us Ozeki to go all out next basho and show our power. With that in mind, I will be training hard." Wakatakakage, winning the technique prize: "I'm glad I was noticed. I want to polish up my technique more and more. I think everyone was happy with my performance and I'm happy to have shown them my good side.."
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    Day 14 13.4s M14e Kotoeko (8-6) yorikiri M12e Akiseyama (7-7) 64.8s M16e Kaisei (8-6) yorikiri M11e Chiyotairyu (5-9) 07.6s M13w Chiyoshoma (7-7) yorikiri M11w Kotoshoho (1-5-8) 27.0s M14w Tsurugisho (9-5) kimedashi M10e Midorifuji (4-10) 08.9s M16w Daiamami (8-6) yorikiri M9w Hoshoryu (8-6) -------- M8e Kotonowaka (6-8) fusen M15e Yutakayama (4-10) 18.1s M7e Tochinoshin (7-7) yorikiri M15w Hidenoumi (9-5) 05.5s M13e Terutsuyoshi (7-7) tsukiotoshi M7w Kagayaki (5-9) 09.2s M3e Meisei (9-5) yorikiri M6e Tamawashi (5-9) 09.2s M2e Hokutofuji (9-5) yorikiri M10w Ryuden (6-8) 04.7s M12w Aoiyama (10-4) kotenage M2w Wakatakakage (9-5) 06.3s M1e Takarafuji (3-11) yorikiri M5w Okinoumi (3-11) 02.4s M1w Onosho (4-10) tsukidashi M3w Shimanoumi (4-10) 51.1s M8w Tobizaru (9-5) kubihineri K1e Takayasu (10-4) 06.4s M4e Kiribayama (6-8) uwatenage K2w Daieisho (7-7) 02.9s K1w Mitakeumi (7-7) oshidashi M4w Myogiryu (6-8) 02.7s S1w Takanosho (7-7) yorikiri M6w Ichinojo (7-7) 05.1s O2e Takakeisho (10-4) oshidashi O1e Shodai (7-7) 19.5s S1e Terunofuji (11-3) yorikiri O1w Asanoyama (9-5)
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    Side note: thank you for pointing out, @Amamaniac! Corrections done! And for now, the real deal: Day 13 05.5s M14e Kotoeko (7-6) hikiotoshi J3e Chiyomaru (9-4) 11.1s M12e Akiseyama (7-6) yorikiri M15e Yutakayama (4-9) 15.6s M15w Hidenoumi (9-4) uwatenage M11w Kotoshoho (1-4-8) 03.0s M16w Daiamami (7-6) yorikiri M11e Chiyotairyu (5-8) 21.8s M13w Chiyoshoma (6-7) yorikiri M10w Ryuden (6-7) 02.3s M16e Kaisei (7-6) okuridashi M10e Midorifuji (4-9) -------- M14w Tsurugisho (8-5) fusen M9e Chiyonokuni (8-5) 04.5s M12w Aoiyama (9-4) oshidashi M8w Tobizaru (8-5) 12.8s M8e Kotonowaka (5-8) oshidashi M13e Terutsuyoshi (6-7) 12.6s M9w Hoshoryu (8-5) uchigake M7w Kagayaki (5-8) 13.0s M7e Tochinoshin (6-7) yoritaoshi M4e Kiribayama (5-8) 15.9s M3w Shimanoumi (4-9) oshidashi M5w Okinoumi (3-10) 14.7s M2e Hokutofuji (8-5) oshidashi M6w Ichinojo (7-6) 03.7s M1w Onosho (3-10) oshidashi M1e Takarafuji (2-11) 06.4s K2w Daieisho (7-6) oshidashi M3e Meisei (8-5) 05.5s K1w Mitakeumi (6-7) oshidashi M6e Tamawashi (5-8) 22.8s M2w Wakatakakage (9-4) yoritaoshi K1e Takayasu (10-3) 08.8s M4w Myogiryu (6-7) hatakikomi S1w Takanosho (6-7) 19.9s O2e Takakeisho (9-4) hatakikomi O1w Asanoyama (9-4) 02.6s S1e Terunofuji (10-3) yorikiri O1e Shodai (7-6)
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    Day 12 06.4s M14e Kotoeko (6-6) yorikiri M16e Kaisei (6-6) 13.1s M14w Tsurugisho (7-5) yorikiri J3w Chiyonoo (6-6) 07.6s M12w Aoiyama (8-4) oshitaoshi M16w Daiamami (6-6) 03.3s M15w Hidenoumi (8-4) okuridashi M11e Chiyotairyu (5-7) 03.2s M11w Kotoshoho (1-3-8) okuridashi M13e Terutsuyoshi (6-6) 19.4s M10w Ryuden (6-6) oshitaoshi M15e Yutakayama (4-8) 12.3s M12e Akiseyama (6-6) yoritaoshi M9w Hoshoryu (7-5) 15.3s M8e Kotonowaka (4-8) uwatenage M13w Chiyoshoma (5-7) 04.4s M6w Ichinojo (7-5) yorikiri M10e Midorifuji (4-8) 06.2s M9e Chiyonokuni (8-4) tsukiotoshi M4w Myogiryu (5-7) 04.4s M3e Meisei (8-4) oshidashi M8w Tobizaru (8-4) 04.2s M7w Kagayaki (5-7) yorikiri M3w Shimanoumi (3-9) 62.9s M7e Tochinoshin (5-7) shitatenage M1e Takarafuji (2-10) 30.8s M4e Kiribayama (5-7) sukuinage M1w Onosho (2-10) 05.1s K1e Takayasu (10-2) oshidashi M2e Hokutofuji (7-5) 04.2s M2w Wakatakakage (8-4) hatakikomi K2w Daieisho (6-6) 11.6s S1e Terunofuji (9-3) tsukiotoshi M6e Tamawashi (5-7) 04.1s O1w Asanoyama (9-3) yorikiri K1w Mitakeumi (5-7) 04.0s O1e Shodai (7-5) hatakikomi S1w Takanosho (6-6) 08.1s O2e Takakeisho (8-4) oshidashi M5w Okinoumi (3-9)
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    Day 11 15.7s M15w Hidenoumi (7-4) yorikiri M13w Chiyoshoma (5-6) 08.0s M16e Kaisei (6-5) yorikiri M13e Terutsuyoshi (6-5) 14.8s M12w Aoiyama (7-4) oshitaoshi M15e Yutakayama (4-7) 03.9s M14w Tsurugisho (6-5) yorikiri M12e Akiseyama (5-6) 03.4s M16w Daiamami (6-5) oshidashi M9e Chiyonokuni (7-4) 19.6s M8w Tobizaru (8-3) tsukiotoshi M14e Kotoeko (5-6) 06.0s M10w Ryuden (5-6) yorikiri M8e Kotonowaka (3-8) 02.2s M7w Kagayaki (4-7) oshitaoshi M10e Midorifuji (4-7) 03.9s M7e Tochinoshin (4-7) hatakikomi M11e Chiyotairyu (5-6) 07.6s M9w Hoshoryu (7-4) sukuinage M5w Okinoumi (3-8) 13.4s M3e Meisei (7-4) yorikiri M6w Ichinojo (6-5) 06.2s M2w Wakatakakage (7-4) oshidashi M6e Tamawashi (5-6) 36.4s M1e Takarafuji (2-9) oshidashi M3w Shimanoumi (3-8) 05.1s K2w Daieisho (6-5) tsukiotoshi M1w Onosho (2-9) 04.6s M2e Hokutofuji (7-4) oshidashi K1w Mitakeumi (5-6) 02.6s S1e Terunofuji (8-3) yorikiri S1w Takanosho (6-5) 04.9s O1e Shodai (6-5) tsukiotoshi K1e Takayasu (9-2) 04.9s O2e Takakeisho (7-4) tsukidashi M4e Kiribayama (4-7) 05.4s O1w Asanoyama (8-3) yorikiri M4w Myogiryu (5-6)