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    Kasugano stable has a strong golf tradition. Tochinoshin can tell you all about it.....
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    Sho Igarashi is middle school yokozuna, Tottori Johoku's Ochiai high school yokozuna. o o oo o o o o o o o o
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    Congratulations to Igarashi and Ochiai being crowned middle school and high school yokozuna. May their amateur success be replicated on the professional dohyo. Nikkan Sports ran an article (via Yahoo) interviewing Ochiai about his achievement, I thought I might share the details: "It would be impossible to show the strength of Tottori Johoku Sumo Club without a match this year. I aimed to demonstrate this if I were to fight a match. I had a goal in the long run, and so thought about how to achieve that even with the tournament being cancelled. [Since Grade 2] I was fascinated by how men could fight head on without any weapons. I did not know it at the time, but once I got into sumo, I felt that the former Yokozuna Kotozakura was amazing - he wasn't particularly tall or heavy, but he hit like a bull." Despite being a predominantly oshi-wrestler, Ochiai demonstrates a willingness to learn yotsu techniques, even showing his surprising admiration for one of yotsu's greatest masters: "I don't want to lose in a different way I was unaware of. My favourite rikishi is Hakuho, who boasts the most wins of all time. He is adaptive and never panics. I want to get stronger in 2021 and get ever closer to becoming a sumo monster.". Ochiai seems 100% Japanese and might be a possible candidate for Miyagino/Hakuho-beya, or perhaps too obvious a pick? Hakuho seems to demonstrate a keen scouting eye, but his choices tend to be a little left-field.
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    Kasugano-oyakata (Mitch Hedberg) on golf.
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    "There is talk of a national state of emergency. We really don't know what will happen, but we'd like to somehow do the basho, even without spectators.." said Shibatayama PR man.
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    Happy New Year everyone!! All the best wishes to sumo and you all!
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    Already in Japan - so a happy 2021 to you all
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    Pyx-Lax: I thought I recognized that name. A quick search showed me that they had done a record with Sting. Good stuff!
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    They have been discharged, hopefully no more positive test results until long after the conclusion of the basho.
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    I think he meant, that at the moment no one plays golf due to covid.
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    The sumo federation streamed the whole New Year's sumo live, 7.5h video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq1ZYpeguyw There was a broadcast on TV, with former NHK announcer Kariya and Waka, but I can't find it yet. https://s.mxtv.jp/tokyomxplus/mx/article/202012201400/detail/ Edit: It was more or less the same as the last part on the YT stream
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    You meant Japan, not Tokyo which reported about 1400 new cases. Things are not looking good but I am still hoping for successful sumo in Jan.
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    In English: https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2020/12/459b1211f598-sumo-top-flight-wrestler-wakatakakage-infected-with-coronavirus.html
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    I'm just sitting here watching the global countdown. As I write it's about 8 minutes to 2021 in Afghanistan. Did you know that 2020 had the 28 shortest days since 1960.
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    Celebs rankings for January 2021: Mudouhou, Taihou's other grandson (youngest) is at Makushita 43W. His third grandson Houzan (second eldest) is at Jonidan 1W. There is another grandson, Yukio, but he's a pro-wrestler. Amakaze, at Makushita 29E, former Juryo stalwart with one basho in Makuuchi and seemingly nice guy, was injured in July 2018 and dropped all the way down to Jonidan 50. He is gradually working his way back to you babe. Toyohibiki - Makushita 31W. Russian Rouga - Makushita 2W, his highest rank. A good kachikoshi wil find him in Juryo in March. 17 year old ex-Junior high Yokozuna boy wonder Yoshii , Makushita 26E, his highest rank. Tsuyukusa, half Polish, has retired. Hagiwara, half Turkish, Sandanme 47E, his highest rank . Masutouou, the 34 year old Hungarian, 15 years in sumo, is ranked Sandanme 40E. Masunoyama, ex-Makuuchi, "The big -hearted guy with a small heart" or "The Heavy Breather" is at Sandanme 4W. The two headed monster destined for greatness Dewanoryuu the Mongolian, Makushita 59W, his highest rank and Nihonyanagi at Makushita 52E, his highest rank. Hokuseihou, Hakuhou's new recruit at Makushita 15W, his highest rank. A 7-0 yusho and he will find himself in Juryo in March. 21-0 career. Bolivian Kirameki (Daniel VELEZ GARCIA ) is ranked at Sandanme 90E, his highest rank. He is regarded as a Japanese citizen from Aichi. Shishi, Ukranian, ( Sergey Sokolovski) Sandanme 23E, highest career rank. He is 18-3 career. There's a guy at Jonidan 85W. His full name is Shouri Shori. Shori about that.
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    Kotonowaka trained at home (where else?) and faced Kotoshouhou and others for some fierce training. reflecting on his year, dropping to Juryo because of an injury and returning: "It was a learning experience. My body is moving well now and if I could be able to be fully prepared for the basho, it would be great.. I think it would be good to be promoted to sanyaku and would like to do sumo that would please my grandfather (RIP ex- Yokozuna Kotozakura and ex-ex Sadogatake)," he said. Kotoshouhou also trained at home today. He is in reach of sanyaku after only three bashos, all with kachikoshi. His two classmates are climbing as well- Houshouryuu is a few blocks behind and Ouhou has finally made it to Juryo. "My classmates are getting close to me, slowly but Shirley. I want to go at it with passion and zeal!" he said.
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    The final kensho standings this year, for those in makuuchi for Hatsu 2021 http://www.nikkansports.com/sports/sumo/data/sm-ranking.html - these are not the numbers of kensho envelopes like Nikkan lists them to be, but multiplied by 6 for 6-man-en(-10000yen) money to the rikishi per kensho in the end 6210 Takakeisho 3378 Asanoyama 2106 Endo 1944 Mitakeumi 1836 Shodai 1746 Hakuho 1332 Terunofuji 1224 Hokutofuji 1068 Takayasu 1002 Kakuryu 876 Daieisho 726 Tokushoryu 690 Ryuden 690 Kiribayama 636 Takarafuji 606 Myogiryu 564 Yutakayama 558 Okinoumi 528 Terutsuyoshi 504 Tochinoshin 498 Takanosho 462 Kagayaki 402 Onosho 288 Chiyotairyu 288 Tobizaru 288 Aoiyama 270 Sadanoumi 270 Tamawashi 240 Shimanoumi 216 Meisei 204 Kotoeko 186 Chiyonokuni 180 Kotoshoho 174 Hoshoryu 150 Wakatakakage 144 Kaisei 120 Kotonowaka 102 Ichinojo 102 Akua 60 Chiyoshoma 0 Midorifuji 0 Akiseyama
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    Since I'm new to Sumo, it's interesting to see retired rikishi and try to get a feel for their historical era. Miyamoto-Bukozan-Takekabuto-Tsurugidake, who went intai in 2012, has had matches against current and recent rikishi Kaisei, Chiyonokuni, Akiseyama, Aoiyama, Arawashi, Gagamaru, Ikioi, Kitaharima, Sadanoumi, Shohozan, Sokokurai, Takarafuji, Takayasu, Tamawashi, Tochinoshin (and no doubt others); he also has a 2-0 record against Kisenosato. The strangest fact of all is that Miyamoto, wrestling as Tsurugidake, defeated Miyogiryu, who was then wrestling under his real name ... Miyamoto!
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    Now that I've listened to them more closely, I'd say these guys are stupendously good for anyone who loves 'classic' heavy rock.
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    Wakatakakage is confirmed positive