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    Hakuhou has wrapped up his training for the year as well. Fundamentals for more than two hours today. He intends to resume keiko on Henry the 6th January the 3rd. Back to you, Howard. Shoudai, training done for the year as well. Fundamentals 2. "I had many new experiences. It's regretful that I got injured during the basho after my yusho, a bad experience, but I will try to turn it into a good experience and hopefully it will lead me to the next phase," he said. He has been doing sumo with the lower rankers of the heya (around 15 bouts a day) but has yet to lock horns with heyamate Yutakayama. Regarding his injury- "I feel my sumo sense has returned and there is no pain. It feels like my first step has mostly returned to what it was prior to the injury. I have to achieve good results. I'd like to escape kadoban and have a year without injuries and hope to be involved in the yusho race. I hope the virus will disappear as soon as possible so we can get back to the jungyos and interacting with the fans.. As for the next basho, the closer we get to it I'll see how I feel. What will be will be, is how I will be facing it. I hope to go about it as usual.. " He has also cancelled his homecoming and will remain in Tokyo for the New Year for the first time. "It's supposed to be a week of rest from keiko but I'll be doing some personal training and will be moving my body seriously so that when full training resumes I'll be able to do sumo.." he added.
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    Last pics Hakuho - new and maybe last rope oooo oo with Asanoyama o o o o ooooo o o with Kakuryu o oo Kakuryu o ooo o Asanoyama ooooo Goeido o Shodai o o
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    And Tsuyoshi has won by TKO (referee stoppage) in round 2; a leg kick followed up with punches did the trick according to the real-time reporting over at Sherdog.
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    ISP and Chaingang are now open for registration. Both are daily games, to be played daily, obviously. Deadline-Sunday January 10th, 2 PM Japan time for most games (Bench is Friday January 8th) -check them out to be sure. ISP- http://isp.sumogames.de/Register.aspx Chaingang - http://chaingang.sumogames.de/Register.aspx Rules etc. on the pages. All other sumogames.de based games are open for registration as well- TTT, Bench, Sekitoto, Hoshitori, Quadrumvirate, Salary Cap, ODD, Oracle. and Rotosumo. Thank you.
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    Aomori-shusshin rikishi decline - blue: all, violet: sekitori o
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    https://tass.com/russia/1240703 Strange but true.
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    Ms16e Oshoryu scrimmages with the boss. https://ameblo.jp/kotooshu-naruto/image-12646670055-14873126658.html https://ameblo.jp/kotooshu-naruto/image-12646670055-14873126662.html
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    Takayasu with Onosho o ooo o with Hakuho ooo ooo ooo with Asanoyama, Goeido oo Mitakeumi o o o Kiribayama o oo Onosho with Hokutofuji o o o o with Hakuho ooo o o with Kakuryu o
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    I was about to throw away the amassed pics to make way for new ones, but I 'll try to post them instead - double pics inevitable No. 1 Takakeisho o o with young ones oo o oo with Hakuho ooooooo ooo o o with Asanoyama o oo o oo
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    Photos of the kid. https://www.rt.com/sport/511019-worlds-strongest-boy-dead/
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    https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20201229/p2g/00m/0sp/027000c Karkuryu is in...probably.
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    https://www.sanspo.com/sports/news/20201225/sum20122521420005-n1.html The kyokai will be 5.5 billion yen ($53M) in the red at the end of the year, so a little bit better than the initial projections. Somewhat similar to 2011, 4.9 billion yen loss with a cancelled basho and a non-basho. So I don't have the detailed figures as Akinomaki seems to dig up but seems that holding skeleton basho is far more preferable to cancelling, at least for revenue purposes. ”In front and behind, right and left, a hopeless situation" summed Shibatayama oyakata.
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    Banzuke topics for Hatsu 2021 - Shodai is the 10th ozeki to be kadoban in his second basho as ozeki and the first since Takakeisho in July 2019 - Asanoyama is kadoban for the first time in his ozeki career (after only 3 basho) - Last time we had kadoban ozeki was Takakeisho in July 2020 - Last time two ozeki were kadoban at the same time were Goeido and Tochinoshin in Aki 2019 - Terunofuji returns to sekiwake for the first time since Kyushu 2017, which is 18 basho (Natsu 2020 was cancelled and not counted). This is also his second consecutive basho in sanyaku. Like last basho where he was the first rikishi with sanyaku experience to fall all the way to Jonidan and return to sanyaku, he now can count this accomplishment towards the sekiwake rank as well - Takanosho is ranked at sekiwake and in sanyaku for the second consecutive basho - Mitakeumi is ranked at komusubi for the first time since Natsu 2019, which is 9 basho (Natsu 2020 was cancelled and not counted). This is still his fourth consecutive basho in sanyaku (He previously had a run of 17 basho not long ago) - Midorifuji is the newest Makuuchi debut from Isegahama since Terutsuyoshi in Haru 2019. 5th debut from Shizuoka prefecture post-war and the first since Sagatsukasa in Haru 2010. 11th Makuuchi wrestler from Kinki University and the first since Shimanoumi in Natsu 2019 - Akiseyama returns to the top division for the first time in 28 basho, last time was Haru 2016. This is the 4th slowest return on record in the 6BPY era - Oho makes his long awaited sekitori debut (no thanks to daddy) and is the second sekitori debut from Otake heya since the current Otake oyakata (Dairyu) took over. Oho and Takatoriki are also the 11th set of father-son sekitori wrestlers and the first since Kotonowaka the Younger added him and his father to the list in Nagoya 2019 - Tohakuryu (formerly Shiraishi) is the third sekitori debut from Tamanoi heya since the current oyakata took over. 11th sekitori wrestler from Toyo University and the first since Wakatakakage in Natsu 2018. 5th sandanme tsukedashi wrestler and the first since Kizakiumi in Nagoya 2019 - Oho and Tohakuryu are the 49th and 50th post-war sekitori debutants from Tokyo prefecture - Yago returns to Juryo for the first time since Haru 2020 - Ryuko returns to Juryo for the first time since Nagoya 2019 (8 basho). Since the inception of the 7-0 within Makushita 15 --> Juryo promotion in Nagoya 1977, Ryuko is the second wrestler to gain promotion from the west Makushita 15 rank since Tokitsunada in Aki 1990
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    Takatoriki (left) with his first son Yukio Naya (right) performed street pro-wrestling in front of his yakiniku restaurant Drago, against pro-wrestler customers. Yukio works part time time in dad's restaurant and the story-line was that the 2 opponents provoke him with some comments as he presents the menu specialties, dad joins the argument, it develops into a fight outside. http://hochi.news/articles/20201225-OHT1T50007.html
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    Former Maegashira Hochiyama has today switched from the Kimigahama myoseki (owned by Okinoumi) and is now borrowing the Furiwake myoseki, which in theory should still belong to the estate of the former Azumazeki-oyakata (ex-Ushiomaru).
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    Sure, I think the writer of the theory was more excited by Toyonoshima finally getting Nishikijima (which he was supposedly paying for until he couldn't afford it) than in the minutiae of Kyokai regulations or Kakuryu's future. For what it's worth, someone will have to formally acquire Izutsu within the next two years, because it will have reached the three-year limit for a retired oyakata/deceased's estate to hold onto it, which as far as I know is still in force.
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    I was thinking the same thing, if nothing else it would be a handy stopgap for ex-Bushuyama, who might have to jump out of the Kasugayama hot seat soon. Ex-Masudayama only ended up in Nishonoseki ichimon because his successor took the heya there (via Takanohana's doomed breakaway), so he surely has no loyalty to them when it comes to the disposal of his myoseki. While I'm here, I read this entertaining domino theory last night revolving around the forthcoming Takasago change: Wakamatsu takes over Azumazeki-beya. Takasago switches to Wakamatsu (back to his original myoseki for his five years as sanyo). Nishikijima takes over Takasago-beya. Izutsu (Toyonoshima) switches to Nishikijima. Kakuryu's citizenship finally comes through and Izutsu is conveniently vacant.
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    O1e Takakeisho (12-1) oshidashi M17e Shimanoumi (11-2) o oo oo oo oo o o o o o o o o o oo oooo o o oo o o o oooo o S1w Takanosho (7-6) oshitaoshi S1e Mitakeumi (6-7) oo oo oo o o K1e Terunofuji (11-2) oshidashi M10e Ryuden (9-4) ooo oo o oo o o M4w Tobizaru (5-8) kekaeshi K1w Takayasu (7-6) oo o o o oo o o M1e Kiribayama (3-10) yorikiri M8w Terutsuyoshi (3-10) o M1w Wakatakakage (5-8) tsukiotoshi M5e Myogiryu (3-10) ooo M7e Tochinoshin (7-6) yorikiri M3w Okinoumi (5-8) oo M4e Hokutofuji (9-4) yorikiri M9e Tokushoryu (7-6) oo o M15e Chiyotairyu (8-5) hatakikomi M7w Endo (6-7) ooo o o M16e Chiyoshoma (7-6) oshitaoshi M11w Enho (2-11) o oo o M14e Chiyonokuni (9-4) oshidashi M12e Yutakayama (4-9) oo o J2e Midorifuji (9-4) zubuneri J12w Jokoryu (8-5) o o o o oo o o oo o o o oo oo J14w Chiyonoumi (9-4) harimanage J5w Hidenoumi (7-6) o o o J6w Wakamotoharu (6-7) oshidashi J13e Ura (8-5) ooo o oo Ms1w Naya (6-1) oshidashi Ms8w Ichiyamamoto (5-2) o o o o o o oo o Ms15w Ryuko (7-0) yoritaoshi Ms35w Ito (6-1) o o oo o o o Ms24e Shohoryu (6-1) tsukidashi Ms28e Kairyu (5-2) o Ms33w Yoshii (4-3) katasukashi Ms32e Mudoho (3-4) oo Sd21e Hokuseiho (7-0) yorikiri Sd40e Kaiseijo (6-1) o o o o o o oo o Jd6w Ofukasawa (7-0) tsukidashi Sd72w Taiyo (6-1) oo Jd55w Osuzuki (7-0) kotenage Jd78w Akitoba (6-1) o o Jk29e Nogami (7-0) oshidashi Jk6w Arikawa (5-2) oo o o oo Hitenryu intai o o o sumo broadcaster Abema o o oyakata and more: Kiyomigata on the channel, Kabutoyama on BS, the -san for makuuchi, Takasago on radio o oooo Kyushu trophies for the winner o
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    Well, he's the rare sumo wrestler who likes to punch people ... ooh, sorry, too soon??
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    Unbelievable physical transformation. He may be the rare sumo wrestler who makes a successful transition into MMA.