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    Total tally for today's degeiko: Bout breakdown for today's degeiko: The green column represents the winning rikishi and the red row represents the losing rikishi. So, for example, Green Makushita and Red Midorifuji means Makushita won 5 bouts against Midorifuji. In Ishiura and Hakuho's case, the (+1) represents the bouts where I felt the winner was not clear, but who I thought nevertheless won the bout. General Thoughts/Opinion Hakuho did very well against Takakeisho today, winning nearly all the bouts, except 1 (or 2) as the latter was unable to establish sufficient distance between the former. After Hakuho, I felt Takayasu did exceptionally well, especially against Asanoyama, and his 5-9 result against Hakuho is ahead of his peers. If the former Ozeki is to win the yusho, this could be it. Makuuchi newbie Midorifuji put up a commendable effort as well and will probably maintain his top division position. Ishiura fought the most bouts today and fully deserves his sekitori status, but the same cannot be said for his younger stablemate. Very disappointing...
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    Happening right now, live feed of the training session streamed on youtube. It seems to me that it is the official NSK account
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    (NOTE: The following is taken from correspondence between Cal and me. To clear up any misunderstanding --- Cal didn't go back to the US because of his draft notice). CAL: No, I took my Draft exam at Camp Zama, near Tokyo. It was an Air Force base, I think, but I'm not sure which branch. I went to Hanakago's on a dare. I never planned to become a Sumotori. I went probably to get my ass kicked. Betty, my stepmom, told Oyakata Hanakago to make sure I lost, but to try not to hurt me. The guy I fought (I fought him 7 times and I won 4 of them, and I didn't even know the rules). But Hanakago was so impressed with the spirit I had, that he wanted me to stay. That was a big NO from me, but Hanakago talked me into staying for a tournament, so I did. Then I went back to the States and started working for Ford. One of my co-workers was married to a Japanese girl, and she would always get the Japanese newspaper in which they started calling me a chickenshit, etc. So that was when I came back to Japan and took it seriously. Yes, I had to start from the bottom again. I'm not real sure how long I was gone, but the Japanese Ambassador showed up at my sister's house looking for me once, and she just knew I had done something really bad. My arteries in my leg are eaten up due to my time in Japan. I got a real bad cut on my heel just before a tournament. I kept going to the Japanese doctors and of course, they would throw some iodine on it and say you are tough and are a Sumotori, get back out there. Finally, I had red streaks running up to my balls and I couldn't put any weight on it, and I fought that day and told Hanakago I was going to a base after this fight and talk to a doctor I could understand. I was still a Marine dependent so they told me to get a hold of my parents, we might have to amputate that foot. I wouldn't tell them nothing. My dad had just left for Korea on a month-long TDY and I said my mom is a gypsy in California somewhere. I ended up in their hospital at Yakota Air Base for 33 days (that’s another story) before I got out. I was supposed to use a wheelchair or crutches for the next 20 days, with my leg up in a sling at night. Of course, I got to know all the doctors and nurses pretty well, so you can imagine the looks on their faces when I was there (at the basho) for my first fight, and that was the tournament I won, with the nine-man play off. I had one of the worst cases of blood poisoning and gangrene they had ever seen. This is why Hanakago would often call Wajima names. Wajima would complain about minor things like a splinter in his toe. The doctors always told me that when I got older, that leg would come back to haunt me. Well, I never planned on living past 50, so it would have been no big deal.
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    Naruto scooping up the Kaiyo High grads. By far the most promising Kaiyo graduate lately is 193cm/165kg Daiki Nakamura, who became student yokozuna in his first year at college. He will graduate from Nittaidai (where Naruto also has a connection and donates to/trains with their sumo club) in 2 years and would be a very exciting addition to the pros. Takei so far is the biggest name of these recruits. He featured as ozeki in mikawa's 2017 middle school banzuke and was a respectable high schooler who had his final year wiped out by COVID. He is big, strong, and steady, though not particularly athletic or crafty.
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    Sanspo says both Takakeishou and Asanoyama were 4-6 and not 6-4, so go figure. OTOH, Takayasu is reported to being 10-4 against the Ozeki and ex-Ozeki camp.This, after a grueling session with Hakuhou who he managed to beat 5 times out of fourteen. “This was my best training session yet.. I feel I accomplished something and without many half-hearted attempts..” he said.
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    (NOTE: The following is taken from more correspondence between Cal and me). Cal: I was not even supposed to compete in the basho where I won the 9-man playoff. It started off with me begging Hanakago to just let me try and get the 4 wins so I wouldn't be demoted. He did not want me to. Then he wanted me to stop after I got my 4 wins. Honestly, the foot was getting better each day, and I did stay off it. Nishimouri would go through slow-motion practice with me as soon as he knew who I was fighting. Usually he had already fought the guy, and/or someone in our stable had. No one on the outside of Hanakago's stable knew about my foot because I was in a Base Hospital. You can share anything with Houmanumi or SF. I will look for some more articles. I have some on boat and car racing.
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    Since I said I might work out the provisional scores, I went ahead and did it. It was a little more trouble than expected though, so I don't know that I'll be doing it again! The provisional post-Hatsu ranking - current pre-Hatsu standings in brackets. The list includes all top 20 both pre and post: Players in red are kosho-absent and will keep their existing score, not get the listed provisional + Hatsu total. Pretty tight race the whole way down. Reonito and Gurowake drop pretty decent Aki '19 scores from their records, but Gurowake's was a little better, allowing Reonito to slip by into a provisional 1st place. Many are feeling the pain of expunging big Kyushu '19 results. Gooner loses touch with his 57-point yusho, while chishafuwaku (2nd, 54), Kobashi (3rd, 53) take a tumble as well. Atenzen and Okisuruga (tied 5th, 48) are also hit, but Okisuruga manages to hang onto a spot in the top 5. Jemuzu will delay losing his 46-point performance by taking this basho off. Asashosakari also loses a yusho from his record, from Aki '19, but seems untroubled by it, only losing 2 ranks. Heading in the other direction, Seki Haruaki drops a subpar Kyushu '19 score to make a leap from 12th to 6th. Kaito provisionally debuts in 7th after obtaining a 6th score. And SHiFT drops a 99th out of 100 Kyushu '19 result to make a huge shift into 8th. Shatsume gains some ground to round out the top 10 but will find it nigh impossible to progress further, with huge scores dropping off over the next 2 basho. Konosato, on the other hand, loses a rather bad Kyushu '19 score to advance from 22nd to 14th, and stands to drop an even worse score off his record next basho. There's certainly a platform here from which he can assault the top 5 in the near future. Korinokoishi is set to expunge a well-below average result as well, but it appears he'll wait to do so. Good luck to all competing!
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    Ok, winner of game 1 is Kaito. Game 2 is Shodai. So he’s Ozeki, does anybody intervene?
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    I have to admit, I don't follow him on anything, it is funny though, John Gunning pointed out that he went to football after Sumo, and I started in football and went to Sumo. He was great at it, and every stable was after him, kind of like being selected first round in our NFL draft. Hanakago was as close as a second family I will ever know, and how he ruined his legacy is terrible, however this is just my opinion, probably because I was so close to him. Hanakago took a big chance on me, but he was a bit of a rebel himself, at that time all the good athletes were going to baseball, and soccer, you got money right up front, Sumo, you had to earn it. Takamiyama (who I admired greatly) was okay with the Sumo way and the Sumo life, I was just from a different cut of cloth. Great talking with you, have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Years. Happy Trails, Cal
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    Asanoyama faced Takakeishou, Takayasu and Terunofuji for ten bouts, winning six.”Tachiai and then the offense.. I couldn’t do my own sumo at all and that’s the issue..” he said. “Both Terunofuji and Takayasu suffered through injuries and made it back and it has been a great incentive for me. Although our ranks are now different, I want to do my best not to lose. My shoulder is getting better by the day. I want to train with the sekitori and bring back my feeling,” he summed
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    Boy do I have news for you. Tomorrow's degeiko will be livestreamed on the Kyokai's Youtube channel at 0800 JST, though the link will be open by 0700 JST. Here's the link for tomorrow. I'll definitely be there with the same name, so see you guys in the live chat...
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    Sumo has old dudes awaiting intai.
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    As we appear to have a winner already: Honours All Kaito's, Unrivalled Humour, Outstanding.
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    His deltoid contusion is nowhere near what the other two have got. Frankly it's a miracle Takayasu stayed in makuuchi over that one horror year of injury.
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    Source: https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202012190000375.html Kakuryu continued to refrain from training, but took this opportunity to teach Kiribayama and Onosho. "I want to proceed step by step. It is important to return to form. It certainly won't be good if I practiced hard and got injured again. Teaching people reminds me of myself and that will do good for me."
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    Source: https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202012190000344.html Takakeisho seems to be maintaining level flight. Today, he practiced with Asanoyama, Terunofuji and Takayasu, winning 6/10 bouts, though the specifics are not reported. The Ozeki emphasised quality over quantity, stating, "It is more important to improve your senses. I want to do this without rushing. With the temperature in Tokyo getting colder this week, I feel that my body's getting stuck and rigid. I want to warm up and concentrate on my feelings. There seem to be parts getting better and parts getting worse. I'm still building my body but will probably make it by shoinichi. I'm stil in the middle of it and wish to do this carefully. It's a good thing to have an actual battle at this early stage."
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    Source: https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202012190000334.html Today, Hakuho fought 14 bouts with Takayasu to train his yotsu skills, specifically getting the left grip after the right. He faltered slightly, only winning 9. "As I have said before, I'll be fighting different types of rikishi. I would like people to take special note of that. Tomorrow, it'll probably be someone different." Bonus For one second, Enho was once again the Prince of Twist, executing the very rare Zubuneri (i.e. head pivot twisting throw, which Midorifuji used twice in Kyushu) on Makushita Sakigake. It looks like Midorifuji's rise has finally given him some inspiration. Super Bonus From the Kyokai's Instagram page. No explanation necessary.
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    Given your track record, that decision on your part is making those of us who went the other way queasy
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    Here are some selected images from the Sumo Kyokai's Twitter which I felt gave a better view of today's degeiko: Here's Onosho attempting a nodowa against Hakuho: Here's Ichinojo doing butsugari with Kakuryu, though the cupping marks on his back are really not encouraging... The whole Miyagino gang showed up. Note Enho's svelte figure, additional black wristbands, he and Ishiura's general pudginess and the faceshielded press. According to the video, they only fought Makushita today. And here is a very dirty but spirited Takakeisho doing butsugari with Hakuho: And let's not forget the newlywed Goeido watching over the proceedings: Bonus Video, video, we demand video! Well, here is some news footage of the bouts.
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    Takayasu faced Mitakeumi, Terunofuji and Ounoshou for 15 bouts and guess what- 13-2!!. He didn't go for his left hand grip-just all -out attacks from the tachiai. "I wasn't thinking of the style- I just thought about what kind of sumo I wanted to do. Left hand, right hand - I just didn't want it to be half-hearted," he said. Last basho he was 8-7 in sanyaku. "When I can't generate power, the wins don't follow. If I suffer from some pain, I can't generate the power, so I need to seriously build up my power and gambarize while aiming to develop a body that will not get injured," he said.
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    Hattoizakura's new plan: Matta matta, as long as he can See, big guys in the squat Get quite tired and hot Finally, henka, and down goes his man!
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    He's alternating kyujos until hosting Olympics.
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    Have A Kinboshi, Unless He Objects.
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    This video encapsulates the modern world. Cringe-worthy ignorance of the topic he's covering (or feigned ignorance), and played to other ignorant people as if they're in on the joke, too.
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    Kudos to Andoreasu (who already won the game on day 13) for going the distance - all the way!! Congratulations!!