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    Once his boobs learn how to do their own brand of sumo he'll be unstoppable
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    from what the papers posted after intai o Nov. 2001 in Kochi: 2 friends from Meitoku Gijuku high to join ozumo, the later Toyonoshima and Kotoshogiku o new recruit for Hatsu 2002 o new juryo for Nagoya 2004 o new makuuchi for Hatsu 2005 o ginosho Kyushu 2006 (with Homasho) o New sekiwake for Haru 2007 o win over Asashoryu Haru 2008 o over Harumafuji Haru 2009 o ozeki promotion after Aki 2011 o o o o the yusho, Hatsu 2016 loss to Toyonoshima on day 13 o final day against Goeido o o o o o o o o o o o o o with parents and wife, with supporters o o o o o next day o next Saturday the wedding reception o parade at the heya location in Matsudo, Chiba in February o and home in Yanagawa in March o o vs. Kisenosato, Aki 2016, Hatsu 2017 o o o with Toyonoshima, Kochi jungyo 2016, Aki jungyo 2019 o o in Yanagawa before the 2019 Kyushu basho o o o o at Kyushu basho, the parents watched almost every day, and were also often seen at other hon-basho oo afterwards at the city hall o his trademarks, the gaburi-yori o and for a while, the Koto-Bauer oo ooo oo Aki basho 2020 o this basho down in juryo: a final Koto-Bauer, the last torikumi, vs. Chiyonoo oo o
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    Time for everyone's favorite post-basho post of the thread to close out the 2020 sumo year, the top 10 updates November edition: - Takakeisho wins his second yusho and is now officially in the top 10 list for rikishi with most yusho without making yokozuna. He is in a 12 way tie for 6th place, including Mitakeumi, Terunofuji and father-in-law Hokutenyu - Terunofuji participated in his 3rd playoff and has the dubious distinction of being winless so far. He needs to participate in one more playoff to crack the all time top 10 - Kotoshogiku retired this basho and finished with 828 career wins, which was 32 short of tying 10th place Terao - Kotoshogiku retiring this basho places him at 6th place on the all time wins list for makuuchi with 718. This places him behind Taiho and above Kisenosato, Harumafuji, Musashimaru and Takanohana II. He is also the second ozeki to be on this list - Hokuseiho now stands at 21-0 from pro debut, tying heya-mate Enho and Kototenta aka Earthquake. He will now be looking to surpass these two and challenge for the recognized official record of 27 wins by Jokoryu - Kotoshogiku retired this basho and finished with 1496 career matches, which was 79 short of tying 10th place Akinoshima - Kotoshogiku retiring this basho places him at 6th place on the all time makuuchi matches list with 1332. This places him behind Terao and above Akinoshima, Hakuho, Kotonowaka I and Takekaze - Tamawashi now has 1301 consecutive career bouts, having never missed a bout either. He is currently in 8th place and could look to tie 7th place Toyonoumi at 1316 consecutive bouts is he manages to compete in all 15 days of Hatsu 2021 - Hakuho was ranked in makuuchi for the 98th basho. Next basho he will tie 2nd place Kyokutenho with 99 basho - Kakuryu was ranked in makuuchi for the 83rd basho. He needs to survive until Nagoya 2021 in order to tie 10th place Wakanosato - Hakuho extends the yokozuna basho record to 79 - Kakuryu was ranked as yokozuna for the 39th basho. He needs to survive to Natsu 2021 to tie 9th place Asashoryu - Kotoshogiku competed in his 22 basho post-ozeki career. His retirement stops this progress and places him in 5th place on the list, below Konishiki and Takanonami - Terunofuji competed in his 18th basho post-ozeki career. This places him in 8th place on the list. He will tie 6th place Wakahaguro and Kirishima at 20 basho if he is not re-promoted to ozeki for Haru 2021 - Tochinoshin competed in his 6th basho post-ozeki career. He will tie 10th place Kaiketsu (whose record ended with re-promotion) if he is active in Haru 2021 - Takayasu competed in his 5th basho post-ozeki career. Because he is one behind Tochinoshin, he is not in position to get into the top 10 unless Tochinoshin were to retire or be re-promoted first - Mitakeumi competed in his 21st basho in sanyaku. He needs 4 more basho in sanyaku to crack the top 10 (Tochiozan - 25) - Hakuho was ranked as a sekitori for the 100th basho and is ranked in 8th place on the all time list. He is the only yokozuna to do have 100 basho as sekitori. Above him is 7th place Takamiyama at 104 basho - Kotoshogiku retired this basho with 97 basho at sekitori. This was one basho short of cracking the top 10 (Chiyonofuji and Takekaze at 98) - Hanakaze extends the all time basho record to 207 while competing at age 50. No indication he will retire anytime soon - Tenichi and Terunosato competed in their 165th basho together, holding joint 5th place on the all time list - Fujinokaze competed in his 163rd basho, holding 7th place on the all time list - Sawaisamu competed in his 160th basho, holding 8th place on the all time list - Itakozukura and Gorikiyama competed in their 159th basho, jointly holding 9th place on the all time list with Kasachikara and Koriyama - Kotoshogiku retired this basho with 55 kachi-koshi basho in makuuchi. This places him in 10th place on the all time list tied with Konishiki - Kotoshogiku retired this basho with 59 kachi-koshi basho as a sekitori. This left him one short of cracking the top 10 list, with 10th place at 60 basho being Taiho and Kyokutenho - Shoketsu scored his 82nd career kachi-koshi basho and ties him in 10th place with Harumafuji on the all time list - Azumaryu scored his 19th kachi-koshi basho in juryo. He needs 6 more KK basho in the second division to crack the top 10 - Sawaisamu "achieved" his 129th career make-koshi basho, extending the all time record. He will not be on the banzuke for Hatsu 2021 - Hanakaze "achieved" his 115th career make-koshi basho, placing him 3rd place on the all time list. Above him is Kasachikara at 118 make-koshi basho - Moriurara and Terunosato together "achieved" their 92nd career make-koshi basho, which places them in joint 6th place on the all time list - Higohikari "achieved" his 87th career make-koshi basho, which ties him in 9th place with Tenichi - Ikioi "achieved" his 17th make-koshi in the juryo division. 5 more MK basho will land him in the top 10 all time list for juryo make-koshi - Terunofuji doing the seemingly impossible by returning to sanyaku this basho obliterates the previous lowest demotion to return record that was set by Tochinoshin. The Kaiju had fallen all the way to Jonidan 48W, this record will probably not be overtaken for a long time, though at this point not impossible - Chiyonokuni enters the lowest demotion from makuuchi to return list for a second time, having successfully earning promotion back to the division after having fallen to makushita 46W. This puts him at 6th place aside from his 3rd place listing of sandanme 28W. He is the only person to achieve this feat twice - Ura is the second rikishi with makuuchi experience to fall to jonidan and successfully return to juryo after Terunofuji. His fall to jonidan 106W and return to sekitorihood places him 5th place on the list - Shodai is promoted to ozeki at the age of 28 years, 10 month. This places him in 7th place on the oldest promotions list (6BPY) - Kotoyuki earned promotion to makuuchi for the 9th time, placing him in a 3 way tie for 5th place. However the celebration is short lived as he went kyujo for the basho. He will have a chance to earn a 10th promotion to the division next year - Hanakaze now has 758 career losses after finishing 1-6 for November 2020. He is now 32 losses away from breaking into the top 10 all time list for career losses - Takakeisho won the yusho as ozeki, which broke a 22 basho drought between ozeki yusho. The last ozeki to win before him was Kisenosato back in Hatsu 2017. This drought is the second longest for ozeki yusho in the 6BPY era behind the 25 basho drought from Wakanohana II (Natsu 1977) to Chiyonofuji (Nagoya 1981)
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    Kadoban Ozeki Asanoyama also started training today, first interview since he went kyujo as well. Right shoulder injury, on the road to recovery. "The pain in my shoulder has mostly subsided and I am able to use it with power." Two weeks ago, he could hardly lift his arm. He did the fundamentals today. and intends to do real sumo even before the banzuke will be published on December 24th. "I'd like to go about it while doing what I am able to do. I was watching the bouts on TV from Makushita during my kyujo and wondering to myself why I feel like a fifth wheel outsider- I'm used to being out there for 15 days.. I want to banish all bad thoughts from my mind next basho!" he summed, starting a new existence under a new Oyakata, as the current Takasago will be retiring, replaced by ex-Asasekiryuu the Mongolian.
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    More from the archives of Araiwa (@Cal Martin) via @sumojoann: 1. Wakatenryu's Danpatsu-shiki Maegashira Wakatenryu was another one of Araiwa's coaches, and he was still active in Juryo when Araiwa became a rikishi. Cal remembers Wakatenryu as a great guy with a great sense of humor, and one of the few willing to practice will the young Araiwa frequently. Houmanumi Adds: The limited information I could find on the former Wakatenryu suggests that he's now 80 years old, and after post-sumo stints as a restaurateur and corporate sumo coach, ended up a successful businessman himself launching his own company. If anyone has more information on the man, please share below, I'm sure Cal would be interested. 2. Kaiketsu, Wakatenryu, and Araiwa Cal's Words: This is Nishimouri (Ozeki Kaiketsu), Wakatenryu, and me, I am thinking we were solving all the problems in the world. I think we were in Nagoya Tournament; we don't look that worn out, so it must have been a light workout. I remember very well my first two weeks off after a tournament, I didn't even think about Sumo for two weeks and I sure paid for it when we returned. I was so sore after the first day, I could not move for the second day, however Hanakago-oyakata's bamboo sword worked me even harder! Hanakago said, did you learn anything? from then on, I did some kind of workout everyday, especially if I didn't have to.
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    In fairness, the actual dinosaurs were not afforded that same right.
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    Probably a bit early for this, but meh. Poster for Hatsu 2021 released. Takakeisho front and centre on both this and the NSK website's landing page. Special mention to Aoiyama's right moob, which has taken on a life of its own.
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    Kadoban Ozeki Shoudai trained at home today and spoke to the press for the first time since going kyujo in November. He is slowly getting back to normal while watching his injured left calf. This is his first ever major injury. "I have no idea if I'm getting better or not.. When I do my usual shiko there is no pain. When I bend my foot and my ankle gets twisted it's a bit painful. As for the Kyokai's keiko sessions, I have nothing to say for now.. I watched the guys on TV while I was out and learned a lot, although I don't usually check out my competition. Takakeishou's yusho was a great stimulus for me. I must gambarize!! Truth be told, deep inside I still can't believe I'm an Ozeki. It would be good if I could mount the dohyo while "beating my chest'.." he said.
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    New phone. Bleeeep fzzzz grrr..Bleeeep fzzzz grrr.. Hak: "Yes, Anand.. I heard, I heard.." Kak: "No, no. They're serious this time. I'm telling you.. They're after us and want us out! So I missed a few bashos..big.. H: "Hey, hey, slow down.. you're babbling.. They can't touch us.." K: "We're not in the same boat, you and your 500 yushos and achievements, and me. Nobody respects me.." H; "I do.. My oyakata didn't give me an ultimatum, though.." K :"Oh, he did alright. I heard you had him in an armbar hold for twenty minutes before he agreed to retract his statement.." H: "Ten minutes, but I deny that. He knows I will be back the minute I get better. " K: "Better? Better than who? Every time you come back you get a zensho. Every time I try to get back, I get beaten by guys I never heard of. I have underwear older than some of them." H: "I guess we'll just have to get back on the dohyo and show them what's what, huh? And stop that meatball from becoming a Yokozuna." K: "Sorry, gotta go. They're tearing down the old Izutsu building and I left my glasses there somewhere.." Soooo, yet again, this is an invitation to play the "Guess the Banzuke" game!! Please play. Rules: Guess the Banzuke. Simple. You get two points for a bulls-eye and one point for just getting the rank right. You get no points for being biased against foreigners. . Tiebreakers - Most total guesses, then we check the banzuke backwards - getting the lower half right will be important. The most correct guesses in the last ten places will win the tiebreaker. If still tied, we go up a ranking at a time like a penalty shootout. It's up to you to check if you are on the list of entries. It's going to be your fault if you don't notice that your entry went missing in the Internet void. No late entries will be expected or accepted. For rules, standings and YDC membership requirements: http://www.dichne.com/Guess.htm For the nifty entry form: http://sumodb.sumoga...b/GTBEntry.aspx For the "new" archives: http://sumodb.sumoga...gtbarchive.aspx See if you are on the entry list: http://sumodb.sumogames.de/gtb/GTBEntryList.aspx Deadline- Thursday December 17th, 2020 at 18:00 GMT ("Gagamaru, Many Thanks!!") - PLEASE NOTE-THIS IS ONE WEEK BEFORE THE OFFICIAL BANZUKE ANNOUNCEMENT !! Special thanks to Andoreasu who runs it, Doitsuyama who automates and maintains it and to Ura who makes things happier.
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    @Asojima, clearing the cache seems to have worked. Thanks!!
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    With the results for 2020 available it is time for an update. Sekitori-Oracle has extended the lead, the biggest jump was made by TTT. Numbers in brackets show position from last year. Ganzohnesushi 1 (1) Sekitori Oracle 199,00 2 (3) Sumo Game 128,67 3 (2) Sekitori Toto 126,12 4 (5) Norizo Cup 118,50 5 (4) UDH 117,75 6 (6) S4 103,32 7 (7) ISP 92,82 8 (11) TTT (2012-) 92,15 9 (8) GTB 84,46 10 (9) Chain Gang 81,82 11 (10) Ozumo Bingo Game 77,75 12 (13) Juryo Game 68,75 13 (12) DST 68,25 14 (14) Bench Sumo 55,08 15 (15) SalaryCap 52,25 16 (16) RotoSumo 45,50 17 (17) Totoro's Hoshitori 41,50 18 (18) Odd Sumo (2010-) 25,00 19 (19) Paper Oyakata 24,00 20 (20) Fantasy Sumo (-2018) 15,13 21 (21) GISP (-2009) 14,70
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    I see 4 Taks, 1 Tok and 1 Tam listed. We also have some Hak, Kak, Wak and Hoks available.
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    If anything is going to be done, I suggest clicking on "Miyagino" on Hakuho's page links to a list of all currently active Miyagino rikishi. Keep it simple. The others are a variety of specialty searches which are available by other means. Even the one I suggest is easily available on other query forms. No real need for these unless Doits happens to find time to be bored.
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    Batch 17 Losses Most Career Losses (All Time) 1. 944 - Kyokutenho 2. 937 - Terao 3. 929 - Oshio 4. 908 - Aminishiki 5. 842 - Aobajo 6. 827 - Fujizakura 7. 809 - Ozutsu 8. 802 - Kotoinazuma 9. 792 - Kirinji 10. 790 - Kaiki Active Rikishi with 700+ Losses: 1. 758 - Hanakaze 2. 712 - Sawaisusumu
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    Which includes the theory that they may have been given 300,000 years to die off.
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    Yokozunasaurus Deliberation Committee Issues Warning Kakuryudon goes extinct during next basho; Hakuhoraptor vows to keep fighting until he can participate in Dinosaur Olympics but asteroid cancels event.
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    Hak and Kak are the dinosaurs of the Sumo business world. They have kept the operation afloat for many years and have earned the right to die out on their own terms.
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    Yusho & Sansho: Yusho - wolfgangho (9-6) Jun-Yusho - Jejima (8-7), Holleshoryu (8-7), Yoohoo (8-7), Shinobi Steve (8-6-1) Shukun-Sho - wolfgangho (9-6): 2 x 6-0 guesses Kanto-Sho - wolfgangho (9-6): 38 correct guesses for Jonokuchi to Makushita Gino-Sho - Jejima (8-7): Lowest margin of error with 34 (kachi-koshi required) Chanko-Sho - chishafuwaku (7-8): Lowest makuuchi MOE with 18 Sukiyaki-Sho - Jejima (8-7) & chishafuwaku (7-8): Lowest juryo MOE with 9 Gyudon-Sho - Jejima (8-7) & chishafuwaku (7-8): Lowest makushita joi MOE with 6 Kinboshi (main game) - wolfgangho (day 5), wolfgangho (day 7), Tameiki (day9), WAKATAKE (day 15) Kinboshi (bonus game) - Athenayama (day 1), Shinobi Steve (day 13) Ginboshi (bonus game) - Shinobi Steve (day 5), WAKATAKE (day 6), Athenayama (day 9), WAKATAKE (day 15) Diamond Star - no winners and the makushita had no 5-0 days either
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    I was gonna wait for Yubinhaad's kimarite thread but here's my Kyushu Kimarite Recap!
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    This is going to be a tough poll to 'judge', as we only had 5 yusho winners in 2020 - and this poll was begun after the first. Question 1 Two yushos (March and November) were won by a Yokozuna or Ozeki. This was predicted by I am the Yokozuna, Oshirokita, Kotononami and Jejima. Question 2 One yusho (September) was won by a Sekiwake or Komusubi. This was predicted by Oortael, Terao, Morty, Shatsume, Kotononami, Joaoiyama, Kaminariyuki and MumboJumbo. Question 3 Two yushos (January and July) were won by rikishi ranked below sanyaku (ranked below M16, in fact!). This was predicted by I am the Yokozuna, code_number3, Kintamayama, Oshirokita, Katsunorifuji, Kaminariyuki and WAKATAKE. The following four players are in two out of the three above lists (difficult to be in all four, due to the cancelled May basho): I am the Yokozuna, Oshirokita, Kotononami and Kaminariyuki. So, let's check the comments for those four, to see if we can determine a winner... Only two of them made comments - so it's between Oshirokita and Kaminariyuki to see who gets the yusho (the other will claim the jun-yusho).... Tokushoryu can be ignored - as he had already won a yusho. (That would have been an impressive prediction back in December of last year, if I had made the poll in time!). Oshirokita also correctly predicted a yusho for Takakeisho. as did Kaminariyuki. This is getting tough. Not really Kaminariyuki also predicted a yusho for Hakuho - and Oshirokita didn't. So, the yusho goes to Kaminariyuki. The jun-yusho goes to Oshirokita.
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    Historically in the 6-basho era, nearly 80% of tsuna runs (starting with an Ozeki yusho) have failed; only 14 of 66 were converted into a rope.
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    Thank you for the response. I am also being very careful about my knees as that seems to be a big problem with most rikishi. Hopefully consistency won't be too much of a problem as this whole thread will be dedicated to making sure I stay dedicated. My weight is something I have put some thought into as I am obviously very light for a sumo wrestler. However, I thought it would be best to put on some muscle before putting on the pounds as I think that it would be smarter to do so first. I have gained ten pounds the past month just by eating my fill at each meal, so if I keep up that progress in part with the daily training then maybe I can get to at least 200 pounds. I am not too worried about the feasibility of my goal to be a sumo wrestler because I know it is very unlikely. I feel that if I put my all into it and try my hardest but still don't become a wrestler, well then I can't do much more than that. I plan on competing in the US sumo open eventually anyway so not all would go to waste.
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    Hi, I'm somebody around your age and size who also once considered trying my hand at sumo, though without much of your seriousness. To this end, a year or so ago I figured I would start doing shiko every day. While I'm no professional athlete, I do have some years of martial arts training, so I would just watch TV for an hour or so every day and do shiko throughout, followed by (extensive) stretching after. I can be a bit of an exercise nut at times, and this was definitely one of those. It definitely improved my strength and flexibility. However, after about 2 weeks, my knees began to bother me. Having already had some issues with overtraining and knee pain in the past, I stopped. My advice to you is, if you are indeed not the most athletic of specimens, take it slow at first, but stay consistent. These two things will compliment each other. You just don't want to destroy your body before actually getting started. On that same subject, it might be helpful to consider your weight. As it currently stands, you're even lighter than Enho, who looks like a dwarf compared to most other rikishi. Do you have any plan to gain weight? Let's say you set a goal of something like 300 pounds, which I believe would put you somewhere around Kotoeko's weight. Even then you'd be on the small side, but it'd be a lot bigger than you are now, which would help you not get blown up at first contact. You might also consider the effects of this kind of weight gain on your body and whether you're sure you want to go through with it. I don't want to discourage you from following your dream, although I will be honest and say that I don't think it's very feasible. It's just that there's a lot of parts to "being a sumo wrestler" that you need to see to yourself because you (probably) will not get to go to a stable. Best of luck.
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    Ist es schon wieder soweit? Hello world. The updated Graph awaits your embrace and praise. New features: Asanoyama's promotion made it necessary to introduce a new color to indicate Sandanme tsukedashi hatsu-dohyo. The onslaught of improbable Maegashira yusho gave me the idea of indicating the exact rank in the vicinity of the respective champion's name. Comments (oh so many comments...) more or less derived from the visuals: The Graph's top is punctured! With the Kyushu banzuke, the active champions' cumulated yusho reached 61, which is a new all-time record and one more than my vertical grid tolerates. In fact, the previous record of XI/19 was improved four times throughout the year. What we need is for Hakuho to retire... Anyway, we have the yusho experiencest group since ever. With the Kyushu banzuke we also saw 11 active champions, which ties the record of VII/2000, right after Kaio's debut yusho. Back then, the crowd was reduced to 9 after only two basho, when former champions Kotonishiki and Mitoizumi retired. It's nice to see the two lists of 11 champions next to each other. Then: Takanohana (20 yusho at the time), Akebono (9), Musashimaaru (7), Takanonami (2), Kotonishiki (2), Mitoizumi (1), Chiyotaikai (1), Dejima (1), Musoyama (1), Takatoriki (1), Kaio (1). Now: Hakuho (44), Kakuryu (6), Mitakeumi (2), Terunofuji (2), Kotoshogiku (1), Tochinoshin (1), Takakeisho (1), Tamawashi (1), Asanoyama (1), Tokushoryu (1), Shodai (1). The number of foreigners on the banzuke decreased again. In September and November the overall figure was 28, which is the lowest number since XI/2000. In January, March, July and September there were only two sanyaku foreigners (the Yokozuna) on the banzuke. The last time this happened before was in IX/2005 with Yokozuna Asashoryu and Sekiwake Kotooshu, who ended up deciding the yusho in a play-off. Guess who won this contest of mental fortitude...ahem... Talking of play-offs while they are fresh: the November basho gave birth to the first Ozeki-Komusubi play-off. Komusubi are widely underrepresented in play-offs throughout recorded history. Terunofuji was only the fourth Komusubi participant. Previously Yokozuna Chiyonofuji beat Komusubi Asashio in V/1982. The same pair (with same ranks) also fought it out in XI/1981. With the same result. The only time ever a Komusubi won a play-off was in XI/1974, when Kaiketsu beat Yokozuna Kitanoumi, none less! As for play-off participants' ranks since 1958: Y (74), O (42), S (20), K (4), M (10). In Is-That-All-? news, Hakuho managed at least one yusho win for the 15th consecutive year. Nevertheless, 2020 was the first year since 2006 (when he won his first yusho) with him only getting one and not at least two. The next best are btw Taiho (12), Chiyonofuji (10), and Kitanoumi (9), which is the most unsurprising rank 2 to 4 list ever. It has been reported, though, that Asashoryu is still winning yusho from his home office. The Maegashira...Of course two yusho from the lowest nominal rank are exceptional, but since the Graph doesn't inform us about the division size and such, I will not go further into that. Combined with the win of Asanoyama in 2019, Tokushoryu and Terunofuji made it 3 out of 7. If you go back to Tochinoshin you have 4 out of 15. But this is only the second highest density of Maegashira yusho. In 1991 and 1992 we saw a spell of 3 out of 4, or 4 out of 7, respectively. Back then it happened around the intai of Yokozunae Chiyonofuji, Onokuni, Asahifuji and Hokutoumi, culminating in the Yokozuna-less time between VII/1992 and I/1993. Maegashira II: Oh, btw the rank has won the year. Even better, the rank of M17 has won the year: 2x M17, 1xY, 1xO, 1xS. Unprecedented, of course. This is only the 9th time that the rank of Yokozuna didn't win the most yusho in a celendar year or was at least tied for the lead. Previously: 2012 (3xO, 2xY ,1xM), 2003 (4xO, 2xY), 1998 (3xO, 2xY, 1xM), 1995 (5xO, 1xY), 1992 (2xO, 2xM, 1xS, 1xK), 1972 (2xS, 2xM, 1xY, 1xO), 1969 (4xO, 2xY), 1961 (3xO, 2xY, 1xM). Finally, the Ozeki yusho drought has ended. Officially at 21. This is the second longest drought after VII/1977-V/1981 (24). Personally, I think that we have a new record at 38, since...never mind...figure it out yourselves... The link is fresh for two months. If you need the file after that, give me a shout. See you around.