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    Yokozunasaurus Deliberation Committee Issues Warning Kakuryudon goes extinct during next basho; Hakuhoraptor vows to keep fighting until he can participate in Dinosaur Olympics but asteroid cancels event.
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    More from the archives of Araiwa (@Cal Martin) via @sumojoann: 1. Wakatenryu's Danpatsu-shiki Maegashira Wakatenryu was another one of Araiwa's coaches, and he was still active in Juryo when Araiwa became a rikishi. Cal remembers Wakatenryu as a great guy with a great sense of humor, and one of the few willing to practice will the young Araiwa frequently. Houmanumi Adds: The limited information I could find on the former Wakatenryu suggests that he's now 80 years old, and after post-sumo stints as a restaurateur and corporate sumo coach, ended up a successful businessman himself launching his own company. If anyone has more information on the man, please share below, I'm sure Cal would be interested. 2. Kaiketsu, Wakatenryu, and Araiwa Cal's Words: This is Nishimouri (Ozeki Kaiketsu), Wakatenryu, and me, I am thinking we were solving all the problems in the world. I think we were in Nagoya Tournament; we don't look that worn out, so it must have been a light workout. I remember very well my first two weeks off after a tournament, I didn't even think about Sumo for two weeks and I sure paid for it when we returned. I was so sore after the first day, I could not move for the second day, however Hanakago-oyakata's bamboo sword worked me even harder! Hanakago said, did you learn anything? from then on, I did some kind of workout everyday, especially if I didn't have to.
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    And here are the final Metasumo results of the year: Let's take a closer look at the teams of leading Taka and his pursuer Kaito. The groups 1-4 are not relevant as both of them picked exactly the same sumogamers here. group 5: Taka went with Oskanohana and therefore gets 12,30 Kyushu Masters points. Kaito adds 15,75 points for picking Athenayama. group 6: No success for Taka here (0,07 points from Kishikaisei). In contrast, Kaito collects another 16,50 points with Oortael group 7: 2,33 points to Kaito (Takanorappa) group 8: Kaito benefits once again from picking himself (19,10 points) which means in consequence: Kaito is the Metasumo champion 2020! @Kaito (725,13) @Ganzohnesushi (720,57) @Taka (703,68) Hearty congratulations on winning the Metasumo 2020 edition! Another congrats to 2019 champion Ganzohnesushi who somehow managed to become Vizemeister. Follow the link to check the detailed results: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hxA5zJxVutVswtzwfYm3_TzSsirYl2Zd/view?usp=sharing
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    New phone. Bleeeep fzzzz grrr..Bleeeep fzzzz grrr.. Hak: "Yes, Anand.. I heard, I heard.." Kak: "No, no. They're serious this time. I'm telling you.. They're after us and want us out! So I missed a few bashos..big.. H: "Hey, hey, slow down.. you're babbling.. They can't touch us.." K: "We're not in the same boat, you and your 500 yushos and achievements, and me. Nobody respects me.." H; "I do.. My oyakata didn't give me an ultimatum, though.." K :"Oh, he did alright. I heard you had him in an armbar hold for twenty minutes before he agreed to retract his statement.." H: "Ten minutes, but I deny that. He knows I will be back the minute I get better. " K: "Better? Better than who? Every time you come back you get a zensho. Every time I try to get back, I get beaten by guys I never heard of. I have underwear older than some of them." H: "I guess we'll just have to get back on the dohyo and show them what's what, huh? And stop that meatball from becoming a Yokozuna." K: "Sorry, gotta go. They're tearing down the old Izutsu building and I left my glasses there somewhere.." Soooo, yet again, this is an invitation to play the "Guess the Banzuke" game!! Please play. Rules: Guess the Banzuke. Simple. You get two points for a bulls-eye and one point for just getting the rank right. You get no points for being biased against foreigners. . Tiebreakers - Most total guesses, then we check the banzuke backwards - getting the lower half right will be important. The most correct guesses in the last ten places will win the tiebreaker. If still tied, we go up a ranking at a time like a penalty shootout. It's up to you to check if you are on the list of entries. It's going to be your fault if you don't notice that your entry went missing in the Internet void. No late entries will be expected or accepted. For rules, standings and YDC membership requirements: http://www.dichne.com/Guess.htm For the nifty entry form: http://sumodb.sumoga...b/GTBEntry.aspx For the "new" archives: http://sumodb.sumoga...gtbarchive.aspx See if you are on the entry list: http://sumodb.sumogames.de/gtb/GTBEntryList.aspx Deadline- Thursday December 17th, 2020 at 18:00 GMT ("Gagamaru, Many Thanks!!") - PLEASE NOTE-THIS IS ONE WEEK BEFORE THE OFFICIAL BANZUKE ANNOUNCEMENT !! Special thanks to Andoreasu who runs it, Doitsuyama who automates and maintains it and to Ura who makes things happier.
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    東白龍 王鵬 Maybe together they'll get to 44 yusho.
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    I was gonna wait for Yubinhaad's kimarite thread but here's my Kyushu Kimarite Recap!
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    Maybe that wasn't the right thing for him. "Doctors had told me, at 40 the wheelchair", but now Ex-Tochitsubasa is fit enough to be sumo coach for the kohai from his old primary and middle school in Tsuruta town (where Isegahama went on scouting tour), with the dream that from among them one gets to sekitori. "I'd like to have them continue with sumo at high school and after and challenge in ozumo. My ambition is to have them surpass me." he's in the middle: o
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    Raptor makes sense. It means ‘bird of prey’ and the second kanji in Hakuho’s shikona is a mythical bird. :)
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    Hakuhoraptor? More like Hakuho-rex. And yes, the pun is intentional.
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    In fairness, the actual dinosaurs were not afforded that same right.
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    Which is why I got my pick in quick and I'm sticking with it. I talked myself into it so I know I'm easily capable of talking myself out of it so I put in and am leaving it no matter what.
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    All true but not especially relevant I feel. If I finish a project a week behind schedule and 10k over budget, pointing to a colleague who’s two weeks and 30k over won’t change my numbers. In other words, Hakuho and Kakuryu are judged against themselves and the standard of the rank only. Everyone else’s performances aren’t part of the equation.
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    I don't think I've ever seen a pre-basho intai listed as 0-0-0... Anyway, it doesn't seem to be consistently handled. The banzuke pages and the rikishi profiles will show "0-0" by default, but that can be either actual zeros or simply empty fields (see above discussion). As far as I can tell, the great majority of pre-basho retirements are listed with empty records, not zeros. You can see those e.g. here atop the blocks of Bg 0-0 entries for every basho (for example Yoshimura for 2004.09, Nakabuchi 2004.11, Kotoryu 2005.05, etc)*. If you scroll back through the same query, you can spot some others mingling among actual zero-win records, for instance Kizakiumi here in 2020.09. IMHO, empty fields is the correct way to handle that, since these rikishi were literally no longer on active status for those respective tournaments and just had a banzuke ranking for clerical reasons. * Before somebody pulls me up on it, yes, I do realize why two of those three are listed that way, and that "retirement" is a bit of an unfortunate choice of words.
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    Oju danpatsu-shiki at Narutobeya:
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    I mean, the YDC obviously issues edicts because that's their mandate. Fine. But, like, if those two retire, it's not magically going to make the current crop of candidates any better. It isn't going to magically make Mitakeumi unterrible, or give Terunofuji real knees. Hak and Kak are sitting out so much, the only thing actually stopping aspirants from getting the rope is that they all pretty much suck and don't yet deserve it.
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    All I know is that the future used to be better in the past. (courtesy of K.Valentin)
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    I've switched to google sheets. It's a bit on the light side of features but the cloud save and access from any device has been invaluable.
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    Kekka and banzuke: 12 players competed in JWS November 2020 and their combined scores came out to 58. To determine the KK line for this basho, it is 58 divided by 12 which comes out to 4.83. This in turn is rounded up to 5 which is the KK line for the basho. The kekka scores are as below: 10 --> 13-2: Tameiki 9 --> 12-3: WAKATAKE 8 --> 11-4: Akogyokuseki 5 --> 8-7: Achiyama 4 --> 7-8: chishafuwaku, Fujisan, Athenayama, wolfgangho 3 --> 6-9: Tenshinhan, ScreechingOwl 2 --> 5-10: Benihana, Flohru Kekka as shown on the November 2020 banzuke November 2020 East Rank West chishafuwaku (7-8) O Achiyama (8-7) S Tameiki (13-2, Y) Benihana (5-10) K Gaijingai (kosho) K Fujisan (7-8) Athenayama (7-8) M1 Flohru (5-10) Kyoju (0-0-15) M2 wolfgangho (7-8) Akogyokuseki (11-4) M3 WAKATAKE (12-3, J) Tenshinhan (6-9) M4 Gansekiiwa (0-0-15) ScreechingOwl (6-9) M5 Houmanumi (0-0-15) The banzuke for JWS Hatsu 2021 is as follows Hatsu 2021 East Rank West chishafuwaku (7-8) O Tameiki (13-2, Y, S1W) S Achiyama (8-7, S1E) WAKATAKE (12-3, J, M3W) K Akogyokuseki (11-4, M3E) K Gaijingai (kosho, K1W) Fujisan (7-8, K2W) M1 Athenayama (7-8, K1E) wolfgangho (7-8, M2E) M2 Benihana (5-10, K1E) Flohru (5-10, M1W) M3 Tenshinhan (6-9, M4E) ScreechingOwl (6-9, M5E) M4 Kyoju (0-0-15, M2E) Gansekiiwa (0-0-15, M4W) M5 Houmanumi (0-0-15, M5W) Yusho winner @Tameiki has finished jun-yusho in Aki 2020 and won the yusho in November 2020, meaning he is officially on an ozeki run for Hatsu 2021. A 10-5 kekka score or jun-yusho equivalent will earn him promotion to the rank. Ozeki @chishafuwaku could not put together a KK for his second basho at the rank and finds himself kadoban. Hopefully he can gambarize in Hatsu 2021 to maintain his rank. @Gaijingai had declared kosho for this basho and hopefully we will see him back for Hatsu 2021. Welcome back to @Tenshinhan after his hiatus, I know that with everybody these are unsure times, but great to see you playing once again. Kyoju, @Rocks/Gansekiiwa and @Houmanumi are encouraged to play next basho as they were MIA for this basho. As always thank you to all for playing the game, and I encourage anybody who is interested in playing to let me know or drop me any questions that you have. The game is rather simple and fun to try and predict! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you all!
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    Tickets will also after a year again be sold at convenience stores and ticket agencies, the applications for the 1st pre-advance sales lottery start on the 28th, results announced on the 30th.The tamariseki on sale will likely all be gone with that. No minors allowed in the tamariseki this basho, and as usual no people who can't move quickly enough (a warning is given that rikishi may come falling down): disabled persons are not allowed in. If someone gets injured there, the kokugikan infirmary will provide some first aid, but no compensation whatsoever will be given. The secondary lottery is from the 2nd till the 4th, results later on the 4th, and the next morning the proper advance sales start. http://sumo.pia.jp/ticket01.jsp But Shibatayama also mentioned the possibility that the basho will be canceled like in May. http://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202011260000741.html
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    I'm no expert, but I find it very weird that the merits of Gagamaru's career are discussed. He certainly wasn't a favorite of mine, but the guy had 59 basho as sekitori. 59! And he spent 10 years as a salaried rikishi, that's pretty damn succesful if you ask me. Add to that the added difficulty of coming from a totally different cultural , his achievements command a high level of respect. He also had 1 Jun-Yusho, 2 Kanto-Sho and Kinboshi. Pretty impressive stuff. Perhaps he had the potential to achieve even more, perhaps not. As it stands, his career was great.
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    Tohakuryu (Shiraishi) with Tamanoi-oyakata ooo o This guy is really Oho! o o o o with Otake-oyakata oo o
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    When a rikishi is so much taller than their opponent they can often still get good leverage and power even when facing what would be a grip-disadvantage for most rikishi. So it may not be as much as a problem as it appears that his opponents can often get a hold inside on him, and he does seem to bend more and lean well when it's called for--as mentioned, he knows his body and how to use it effectively. Being so unusually tall, his sumo is going to look different. That said, he is still a bit rough around the edges and slow, and I think his progress will ease up significantly from now, but that's to be expected with such a big jump up the rankings. He hasn't really faced any particularly tough tests, but at the same time there have been some solid wins in there, beating fellow good high schoolers in Ofukusawa and Nihonyanagi, a couple experienced collegiate rikishi, and a big foriegner who came with lots of fire. All opponents, who, though with limitations, are fresh and on the way up themselves. He made huge progress from his 2nd year in high school to his 3rd, and I expect him to keep improving for a while. He already looks more composed than I was used to seeing him as an amateur.
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    o hopefully his sumo makes her healthy again o Ura used it in the dohyo-iri on day 1 o o