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    Shimanoumi gets the coveted M17 spot. Expect to see him in the yusho race.
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    Kakuryuu is cemetery cemetery "getting there slowly". Kiribayama was out today because of shoulder pains, so Kakuryuu did only the fundamentals, lending his chest to the lower rankers. "I'm gradually getting there. I think I'm feeling fine.. All I can do is not to put much physical burden on myself and go about it carefully. Regarding the next basho, I will start doing some sumo and see how it goes. I'll see if I can do things I can usually do.." he said. He can't go to the gym, something he does regularly. "In these times, it all seems to fall apart.. As a Yokozuna, I know I have to stand on the dohyo and go about it seriously. I'm able to be with my kids a lot, so I'm enjoying that. The fact that I can't go out freely is something I can do nothing about. My last son was just born, so I have to pay attention and be more careful," he added. The only real breather he has is to take his kids to the neighborhood park. The whole heya got flu shots yesterday. The YDC issued a warning that he better shape up as did his Oyakata.. "To answer that, all I can do is show results. The fact that I'm being talked to is something I can do nothing about," he retorted. He is an avid NBA fan. "I was able to watch the finals a bit on my mobile phone. Watching the Lakers and LeBron, it was pretty clear they were going to yusho so it wasn't that interesting.. Still, seeing Lebron gambarize as he did at his age (35, same age as Kakuryuu), although it is a different sport, was a huge stimulus. It seemed he just couldn't lose. All I can do is try to show a healthy me as well,." said Kakuryuu. <cough> 100% kyujo</cough>/
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    The follow-up on the health checks: influenza vaccination - Kakuryu, Takakeisho, Takanosho o oo Tobizaru, Daieisho, Tokushoryu ooo Ichinojo, Tsurugisho, Akiseyama, oo o
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    I spent several years proving that the Kyokai was wrong. It doesn't do any good.
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    I was hoping that my score was maybe good enough for the Yusho, and it was close, but I didn't expect everyone above me in rank to collapse to the point where I managed to jump so many spots up to the top of the ranking. It's my second 3rd, to go with 2 4ths, a 5th, 2 6ths, a 10th, and a bunch of 11ths that were all ties for 10th I think. Top of the rankings without a Yusho - just call me Futahagurowake now. And Pandaazuma's guess, being available already as the winner, has them even lower in rank! That's the danger of using what I'll call the "pull-down" movement that was apparently the cause of Hokutofuji and Myogiryu being ranked lower than I thought. I'm also very glad to see he made many of the same east-west switches (Like Aoiyama-Terutsuyoshi) from the actual banzuke that I did. Given that he as the winner of this GTB contest and I as the current top ranked player, that is, the two players with greatest concordance with the Kyokai otherwise, had these the same way shows that it really was the Kyokai that was wrong.
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    That's Hagiwara, the half-Turkish kid from Hokkaido (and Tokushoku Univ.)
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    For some reason, the focus is mostly on Akua this time pointing somehow up in the right direction - a jump from nowhere into makuuchi o with Tatsunami-oyakata oo o local celebrations vid vid interview vid vid followed by some negative entity new in the ozeki ranks pointing correctly at correct 正 o remote interview oo o ovid vid vid and a new sanyaku, instantly sekiwake: Takanosho proper pointing remote interview o o o the message - just gambarimasu vid Banzuke day in Naruto-beya o Edit: the next day the regular Mitakeumi pic o
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    @sumojoann Create an account at flickr or some other pic-hoster. They give you plenty of space for uploading. From there you can link the pics to this forum.
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    VOTE OR DIE*! *Well, in the end we all are going to die and this is just some silly poll in a forum for some obscure kind of lifestyle so it really doesn't matter in this case.
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    Chris has been bold with a lot of his videos lately. He’s been very critical of the NSK in regards of how they are supposedly handling the Covid issue on their end and sounds like he’s not a fan of letting the fans in. He seemed to give off a vibe that he blames the NSK for Shobushi’s death
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    Today again Viking reported about the Yoshikaze case youtube_query=バイキング 2020年10月26日 - 2:00-2:35hJST This time with 2 lawyers in the studio. Not only without helmet, Yoshikaze did the canyoning also without the proper safety suit. Talk from witnesses: because there was no protection gear his size, the promoter company at first refused, and Yoshikaze was being warned by the instructors at the location, but replied: "No problem, we are tough, I/we want to do it." At the presumed safe place, he did the slide down the small water canyon with 2 junior deshi in safety gear in front and behind - and got injured. The city made some promises about payment from insurance, but when in January no money arrived, Yoshikaze entrusted the case to his lawyers. The first letter to the city demanded a sum bigger than the 480 million in the lawsuit now. The after effects from the injury are severe, he still can't walk properly. He wants to have his own heya and train with the deshi, but in his present state he can't do sumo with them on the dohyo, not even with his kid on the danpatsushiki dohyo (whenever that may be). This also will limit his career in the NSK - he can't be shimpan, can't easily step onto the dohyo for a mono-ii conference. The Weekly Post quotes an NSK related person about the expectations that Takekaze (Oshiogawa) will take over Oguruma-beya when the oyakata retires in 2 years and Yoshikaze (Nakamura) will branch out at the same time, needing about 200-300 million yen to build his own heya premises. http://www.news-postseven.com/archives/20201026_1607066.html He can't have an intai-zumo in the near future to collect funds, but if he loses his local support, his heya plan may be doomed from the start.
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    Shodai today expressed his joy that the GoTo Travel tours from Kumamoto to the kokugikan - naturally all to cheer for him, silently, with towel - all sold out. http://www.sanspo.com/sports/news/20201026/sum20102616110004-n1.html
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    Shibatayama Oyakata announced today that a special rijikai meeting will be held on the 29th to discuss the.. Haru 2021 basho dealings. "The discussion will be regarding Haru Basho. We will check out how we can try to hold it in Osaka," he said. There hasn't been a local basho for a year. "Will it be OK or not for a four-week sojourn, or should we just be there for the basho itself? These are things we must discuss. We still have no concrete idea. The question will be what the future holds for us. I'm not sure we will come to a final decision on the 29th, but we have to begin this discussion before it's too late," he said.
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    One thing they didn't mention, and maybe it's a little too trivial, but is this the first time there have been two ex-Ozeki ranked at Komusubi? The first time two ex-Ozeki have been ranked in lower sanyaku after having been ranked lower since their time as Ozeki? Closest I've seen is Tochizauma being temporarily at Sekiwake between Ozeki stints when Miyabiyama was at the same rank between maegashira stints. I looked at the entire history from when Dejima was demoted with Takanonami having been demoted a bit earlier and Miyabiyama the next basho, through to when Dejima retired, and didn't find any cases of two of those three being in sanyaku at the same time. Dejima and MIyabiyama certainly did return to sanyaku many times, just never at the same time. I don't know any other periods where there would have been two ex-Ozeki floating around where this could have happened before.
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    Are you farming your posts out to Kintamayama?
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    A dozen shikona changes on this banzuke, plus four more rikishi who change their given name only. Shikoroyama-beya's Harada gets an interesting first shikona - he is now Shogun. Kanji change for his given name but keeping the reading as Masaki (the previous first kanji is now the first of his shikona). Five of the changes are for Sakaigawa-beya rikishi, three of which are inspired by the pre-Meiji provincial names of their home prefectures. Oishi is now Suonada (Suo Province, now eastern Yamaguchi). Tokai is now Boshuyama (Awa Province, often shortened to either Anshu or Boshu, now Chiba). Finally, Yoshino is now Hishuyama (Higo Province, shortened to Hishu, now Kumamoto) - he also changes a kanji in his given name but keeps the same reading. Dewaazuma's year has been disrupted by injury and he made a late entry last basho in order to stay on the banzuke. Perhaps he's ready for a full-time return now, making a fresh start as Ryuseiyama. Stablemate Aomihama was also kyujo last basho, and he is now Oginohama. Minezaki-beya's Fukamachi has fought for the last two years under his family name, but now he returns to his old shikona of Uminishiki. I can't remember offhand whether Gokushindo is still suspended for this basho, but either way he has now reverted back to his family name of Fukushima. Ms57w Sadanohana > Hananofuji (華の富士) Sd40w Aomihama > Oginohama (小城ノ浜) Sd86e Gokushindo > Fukushima (福島) Jd15e Abezakura Koji > Ouzakura Susumu (奥羽桜 進夢) * Jd18w Harada Masaki (将輝) > Shogun Masaki (将軍 真輝) ** Jd97e Fukamachi > Uminishiki (宇美錦) Jd107w Oishi > Suonada (周防灘) Jd110e Otsuka > Fujimusashi (藤武蔵) Jk9e Tokai > Boshuyama (房州山) Jk14w Yoshino Keiji (慶児) > Hishuyama Keiji (肥州山 慶志) Jk17w Yamaguchi > Sadanojo (佐田の城) Jk26e Dewaazuma > Ryuseiyama (龍成山) * FWIW, his Japanese Kyokai page did not show a given name before, but now they've stealthily added 浩司 to his last five basho as Abezakura. Unfortunately the English side doesn't get the same treatment so we can only guess at the reading. Koji is most likely, I suppose. (Koji it was - thanks Naganoyama!) ** Nikkan says the given name reading is Masaaki (まさあき) but I reckon that's a typo as the Kyokai sticks with Masaki (まさき). Given name changes: J12e Takagenji Satoshi (賢 > 賢士 - no change in reading) Sd39w Onokura Yuki > Kenji (憲司) Sd95e Kisenoumi Mahiro > Tomoryo (友令) Jd40e Yuriki Masaru > Shota (勝 > 勝太) As with Abezakura, Yuriki's profile page didn't Sho a given name before but 勝 now appears. (The reading was Masaru, thanks again Naganoyama)
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    The remainder: Makushita Sandanme Jonidan Jonokuchi (New shikona in red.)
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    Makushita-joi Daishoho Ms1 Naya Yago Ms2 Shiraishi Kitaharima Ms3 Kotodaigo Bushozan Ms4 Terasawa Chiyoarashi Ms5 Kotokuzan Takakento Ms6 Ichiki Kaisho Ms7 Sakigake Tochimaru Ms8 Ichiyamamoto Nakazono Ms9 Kitanowaka Tochiseiryu Ms10 Tamashoho Wakayama Ms11 Suzuki Murata Ms12 Roga Oki Ms13 Hiradoumi Shonannoumi Ms14 Tsukahara Hokutenkai Ms15 Ryuko
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    The one and only time I did this bloody foolish activity it was snowing! You're gonna get wet anyway, so what difference does it make? My excuse is: I was very young (20) and it was during one of those team-building courses for work. Yoshikaze was 36 and should have known better than to take the risk. That's got to count against him in the claim. However, I believe the city paying for the canyoning makes it an implied term of Yoshikaze's contract with them (i.e. in keeping with everything else he does that they pay for), so someone's in bother for not saying no to him because it's going to cost them even more in the long run.
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    The Sumo world, in a nutshell, since Asashoryu’s retirement
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    Consider this a solidarity post. I'm 33 years old with a serious knee injury to boot, so accepting it's impossible is all too easy for me. But, and I assume this is true for many others here, I absolutely have pangs of "If only I'd discovered sumo when I was younger". The idea of really giving it a go is tremendously exciting. Sadly, what everyone said here still holds true. With no background, you'd be competing for spots against people around your age (possibly younger), who are further developed and are likely already making inroads. As people have said, if you really want to do it, start amateur sumo now. If you were to make it going pro; then you'll succeed at amasumo anyway, there's nothing to lose; and I'm sure if you were to pull off the miracle everyone here would be stoked to see your progress. For me personally, I've been working out about a 18months on my upper body while trying to get my dud knee under control; with the hope then to just take part in some amasumo at any level. I regret not doing THIS when I was 19 and before my injury; so don't delay this three years. Go do some sumo now. If you love it; then you have a few years to dedicate yourself fully to it in the hopes of that almost-nonexistent chance. Worst case? You finish your degree and don't have sumo regrets. You'll have given it a go. Hell, if you get to partake in a national or international tournament; that's pretty freakin' cool and a great goal in it's on right. All the best.
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    Sansho results below: Shukun-Sho (Most 6-0 guesses with KK) WAKATAKE - 1 Kanto-Sho (Most Correct Guesses for Makushita through Jonokuchi with KK) WAKATAKE - 33 Gino-Sho (Lowest combined margin of error from the bonus game with KK) Jejima - 40 margin of error Chanko-Sho: Lowest margin of error for Makuuchi in the bonus game Jejima - 19 margin of error Sukiyaki-Sho: Lowest margin of error for Juryo in the bonus game (KK not required) Jejima - 16 margin of error Gyudon-Sho: Lowest margin of error for Makushita in the bonus game (KK not required) Jejima - 5 margin of error Kinboshi (main game): Lone 6-0 daily guess Athenayama - Day 3 WAKATAKE - Day 11 Kinboshi (bonus game): Lone Bullseye in Makuuchi (no margin of error) Athenayama - Day 2 Jejima - Day 11 Yoohoo - Day 13 Athenayama - Day 15 Ginboshi (bonus game): Lone Bullseye in Juryo (no margin of error) No winners Diamond Star: 5-0 guess for the Makushita Joi No winners *There was a 5-0 result for the Mak Joi on day 9 but no one guessed Congratulations to all the winners for East vs West Aki 2020!
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    Now those two would be worth seeing, since I'm sure Giku will heal (just not before he's at Sd45). They met 42 times on the dohyo; Toyonoshima won the first four at lower ranks, then 28-12 Giku after that. He has a world-class scowl, especially before a match. He makes me think of Achilles sulking while the Trojans are beating the crap out of the Greeks at Troy. More disaster for the Greeks, more scowling ...
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    I was going to quip that I’d just run away as he’s got no knees, but then I realized that neither do I. :(