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    A fellow forum member has asked me if I could compile a list of all the High School Yokozuna from recent years, so here we are. I've also included the shikona of those who had or have joined Ozumo, as well as their highest career rank as of May 2020. 1989 - Oso Takehito (尾曽 武人), Mito Agricultural High School, Ibaraki - Musoyama (Ozeki) 1990 - Kato Koichi (加藤 耕市), Meguro High School, Tokyo 1991 - Dejima Takeharu (出島 武春), Kanazawa Technical High School, Ishikawa - Dejima (Ozeki) 1992 - Okamoto Atsushi (岡本 篤), Saitama Sakae High School, Saitama - Tochisakae (Maegashira) 1993 - Tamiya Keiji (田宮 啓司), Tottori Johoku High School, Tottori - Kotomitsuki (Ozeki) 1994 - Shiga Daisuke (志賀 太祐), Meiji University Nakano High School, Tokyo - Tochiazuma (Ozeki) 1995 - Yajima Kenichi (矢島 健一), Meguro High School, Tokyo 1996 - Ogasawara Fumio (小笠原 史男), Sanbongi Agriculture High School, Aomori 1997 - Miyoshi Masato (三好 正人), Nagaodani High School, Osaka - Asahimaru (Makushita) 1998 - Isobe Hiroyuki (磯部 洋之), Numazu Gakuen Hiryu High School, Shizuoka - Sagatsukasa (Maegashira) 1999 - Tsubakimoto Takeshi (椿本 武志), Hotoku Gakuen High School, Hyogo 2000 - Yoshida Katsuo (吉田 勝雄), Buntoku High School, Kumamoto 2001 - Ichihara Takayuki (市原 孝行), Saitama Sakae High School, Saitama - Ichihara (Maegashira) 2002 - Morishita Yuya (森下 祐哉), Kochi Technical High School, Kochi - Tosayutaka (Maegashira) 2003 - Matsumoto Taichi (松本 太一), Meitoku Gijuku High School, Kochi - Dewaotori (Juryo) 2004 - Sawai Gotaro (澤井 豪太郎), Saitama Sakae High School, Saitama - Goeido (Ozeki) 2005 - Yamaguchi Masahiro (山口 雅弘), Tottori Johoku High School, Tottori - Daikiho (Maegashira) 2006 - Lee Dae Won (李 大源), Hotoku Gakuen High School, Hyogo - Tochinowaka (Maegashira) 2007 - Hashimoto Seiya (橋本 誠也), Hotoku Gakuen High School, Hyogo 2008 - Yoshida Keisuke (吉田 圭佑), Aichi Institute of Technology Meiden High School, Aichi 2009 - Nakade Yuma (中出 雄真), Kanazawa Technical High School, Ishikawa 2010 - Nakamura Daiki (中村 大輝), Saitama Sakae High School, Saitama - Hokutofuji (Komusubi) 2011 - Sasaki Kodai (佐々木 耕大), Tottori Johoku High School, Tottori 2012 - Muramatsu Yusuke (村松 裕介), Kaiyo High School, Niigata 2013 - Kizaki Shinnosuke (木崎 伸之助), Tottori Johoku High School, Tottori - Kizakiumi (Juryo) 2014 - Shiroyama Seira (城山 聖羅), Kanazawa Technical High School, Ishikawa 2015 - Shiroyama Seira (城山 聖羅), Kanazawa Technical High School, Ishikawa 2016 - Yamaguchi Reo (山口 怜央), Tsushima High School, Ehime 2017 - Amarsanaa (アマルトゥブシン・アマルサナー), Tottori Johoku High School, Tottori - Roga (Makushita) 2018 - Saito Daisuke (齋藤 大輔), Saitama Sakae High School, Saitama - Kitanowaka (Makushita) Bonus: 2019 - Okuwa Genki (大桑 元揮), Hiryu High School, Shizuoka - Hayatefuji (Jonidan)
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    Natsu Basho 2003 After Day 11, Yokozuna Asashoryu leads the Yusho race.... Enjoy ! from EuroSport (comments : Syd Hoare) (source : SumoParis - Youtube) Day 12 0:28 M13w Asasekiryu (6-6) yorikiri M10w Wakanoyama (5-7) 1:19 M10e Kotoryu (8-4) uwatenage M9w Iwakiyama (5-7) 2:44 M8e Tamarikido (6-6) yorikiri M15e Asanowaka (6-6) 3:24 M8w Gojoro (5-7) yorikiri M13e Yotsukasa (5-7) 4:11 M7w Aminishiki (8-4) oshidashi M14w Otsukasa (6-6) 4:52 M5e Miyabiyama (8-4) oshidashi M11e Toki (8-4) 5:32 M9e Jumonji (7-5) yorikiri M5w Hokutoriki (4-8) 7:27 M2w Takanonami (5-7) oshidashi M6e Kasugao (3-9) 8:10 M1e Tochinonada (7-5) oshidashi M12e Buyuzan (9-3) 8:51 M4e Kaiho (5-7) yorikiri M1w Takamisakari (4-8) 9:50 M3e Kyokushuzan (6-6) hatakikomi K1e Tosanoumi (3-9) 10:23 K1w Kyokutenho (8-4) hikiotoshi M3w Tamanoshima (6-6) 11:35 O2e Musoyama (6-6) tsukiotoshi S1e Wakanosato (7-5) 13:05 O1w Kaio (9-3) uwatenage M4w Kotonowaka (6-6) 14:33 O1e Chiyotaikai (10-2) hikiotoshi S1w Dejima (7-5) 15:56 Y1e Asashoryu (11-1) tsukidashi O2w Tochiazuma (6-6)
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    Great suggestions from John Gunning on where to turn for sumo during the current drought: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2020/05/13/sumo/fans-turn-options-sumo-fix-virus-related-period/#.Xru2Ei97H6A Spoiler alert: this forum gets a nice shout out.
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    All about 1000 NSK members are to be tested for Corona antibodies. Start of the new week tests will commence, the results are to be expected for mid June. A test of this scale is the first in the Japanese sports world. The NSK wants to learn about the scope of infection and use this for measures in connection with the opening of the next basho. https://www.yomiuri.co.jp/sports/sumo/20200513-OYT1T50254/
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    Hello everybody... Some videos for this Basho ? Back in 2003.... Day 11-15.... Today Day 11 Enjoy ! from EuroSport (comments : Syd Hoare) (source : SumoParis - Youtube) Day 11 0:40 M10w Wakanoyama (5-6) oshidashi M11w Shimotori (2-9) 1:25 M10e Kotoryu (7-4) oshidashi M11e Toki (8-3) 2:03 M9w Iwakiyama (5-6) oshidashi M15e Asanowaka (6-5) 2:35 M8w Gojoro (4-7) katasukashi M13w Asasekiryu (5-6) 3:43 M6e Kasugao (3-8) fusen M14e Takanotsuru (0-11) 4:00 M5w Hokutoriki (4-7) hikiotoshi M13e Yotsukasa (5-6) 5:01 M5e Miyabiyama (7-4) oshidashi M9e Jumonji (6-5) 6:00 M4e Kaiho (4-7) oshidashi M8e Tamarikido (5-6) 6:33 M3w Tamanoshima (6-5) oshitaoshi M7w Aminishiki (7-4) 7:09 M2w Takanonami (4-7) yorikiri M1w Takamisakari (4-7) 8:42 K1w Kyokutenho (7-4) oshidashi K1e Tosanoumi (3-8) 9:33 S1w Dejima (7-4) oshidashi M1e Tochinonada (6-5) 10:35 O1w Kaio (8-3) hatakikomi M3e Kyokushuzan (5-6) 11:30 O1e Chiyotaikai (9-2) oshidashi O2w Tochiazuma (6-5) 12:47 O2e Musoyama (5-6) oshitaoshi M4w Kotonowaka (6-5) 13:31 Y1e Asashoryu (10-1) yoritaoshi S1e Wakanosato (7-4)
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    The loss for ozumo for the first half of the year due to Corona is calculated by a Kansai university prof. as 5.6 billion yen, among a loss of 127.2 billion for the whole pro sports world in Japan. Including the losses of restaurants and other related businesses and reduced consumption as a whole, the economic effect is a minus of 274.7 billion yen. Released to the press today https://www.u-presscenter.jp/2020/05/post-43654.html - details of the report will only be given to press related persons So also in connection with sumo, the loss is likely double the given sum. The ticket and catering selling chaya surely got compensation from the NSK https://mainichi.jp/articles/20200301/k00/00m/040/255000c https://mainichi.jp/articles/20200302/k00/00m/050/243000c and will get more for their losses, like in 2011 for the canceled basho https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2011/02/06/kiji/K20110206000193540.html The compensation should already be contained in the 5.6 billion above. Edit: the calculation simply assumed a 40% reduction of the market scale for sumo, which was calculated from past data as 14 billion. http://resemom.jp/article/2020/05/13/56228.html Article about what payments for Haru 2011 to the rikishi and heya were canceled and which not http://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXNASDG0903M_Z00C11A2CC1000/
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    I think the Kyokai knew of the grave situation of the infected rikishi and it was the real reason for May being called off.
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    Not necessarily. The Russians are dominating the international amateur tournaments, even with the Wakanoho and Roho/Hakurozan incidents, there will be some who enter in the future. Roga is from the Asian part of Russia and started as Mongolian, but still is now the first new from Russia in over 10 years. And we have a few new recruits from Europe, recently Sokolovsky/Shishi . Also there are the European "halfs" to cheer for, from Poland Tsuyukusa, and now also from another country partly in Europe, from Turkey Hagiwara.
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    We’ll be asking a similar question about the Europeans (and other non-Asians) in a few years. The ‘heyday’ for the European rikishi is coming to an end. Tochinoshin and Gagamaru are nearing retirement and Aoiyama and Kaisei don’t have too many years left in them. Other than those, there isn’t anyone coming through. The Hungarian Masutoo (?) is just hanging around lower down the divisions and I’m not aware of any prospects now Naruto’s Bulgarian recruit has left (he did, right?) It will be a while before we see a Kotooshu or Baruto again, or even for that matter a Roho or Kokkai. Man, I loved seeing the Europeans when I first got into sumo ...
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    Good news/bad news. My friend in Japan can get the stamps for you!! However, Japan Post is not shipping airmail internationally at this time. Your best bet is to have the stamps shipped via surface mail (land and sea). I don't have a cost yet for your order but it's VERY cheap. However, surface takes 3-4 MONTHS to arrive. The cost will be determined by how many stamp sets you order. They CAN be shipped via Fedex, DHL or UPS but it would cost about $100USD. As you can see, surface is the way to go, but only if you're willing to wait 3-4 months. One last option is to wait until Japan Post starts shipping internationally again. It's possible they will start in June but that's just a guess. At this point, do you know what you want to do? If you are still interested in placing an order, I will put you in touch with my friend.
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    Mot definitely this is influential. With only one foreigner allowed per stable, the oyakata are very picky about who they choose. (Compare this with the fact that almost any Japanese youth who wants to join a heya can, even if they have no sumo background.) This means the oyakata will likely look for someone who they think will fit in culturally with the heya and so they look to Mongolians, many of whom are already in the high school and university system in Japan. Because the foreign recruits often are of excellent sumo quality, they skip through the lower ranks where all the hardship takes place. Even if they don't quickly reach juryo or Makunouchi, the life as a makushita is not bad and they tend to stick around in sumo for quite a while. By sticking around in the sport, the openings for foreign recruits are few and far between. The 2019 Sumo World Championships were moved to Sakai, Osaka. The results can be found in the Results tab at the International Sumo Federation website.
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    http://mainichi-podcasting.cocolog-nifty.com/premo2/cat20649852/index.html this might make it easier.
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    Hi, I have a friend in Japan who can possibly get these for you. He is honest & reliable. He charges a 20% commission. I can contact him & see if he can get this stamp set for you. Ohhhhhh, I just thought of something!!! There may be a problem involved in shipping due to COVID-19. I know Japan Post is not presently shipping to the US by air but I don't know about Hungary. It might be possible. I will check and let you know. Do you want both sheets, one for 840 yen and the other 630 yen?
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    I hope this lessens the pain a bit:
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    Personnally I did this on Excel, as Excel is my "go to" for pretty much anything. Some personal preferences into it (in case you find some weird/inacturate stuff). The purpose was to learn some sumo history as I'm a newbie, and to have an idea of how many Y/O where active on average per basho.
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    http://www.asahi.com/sp/ajw/articles/13320967 Excellent article on Sokokurai.
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    As some clever guy keeps saying here every time I get things right - "Even a broken watch is correct twice a day"