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    Howdy y'all - Not that I have been on the forum much myself these days, but I am here to report the quite amazing news that KASHUNOWAKA a.k.a. Jonas Lindström, who suddenly and without warning disappeared from the online sumo community in 2006 has recently contacted me. We thought he must have met some untimely demise, given his sudden disappearance - but he is in fact alive and well. Apparently he is no longer able to log into the forum (account deactivated due to inactivity?), so he wanted to know whether the ADMINS can do something about that, or whether he needs to create a whole new shikona and/or account. Thanks much! :) Cheers ~ Zenjimoto
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    Yoshikaze is considering postponing his danpatsushiki, slated to occur on October 3rd, because of the virus issue. "I'd like to have my danpatsushiki when everyone can attend at peace.. I am considering postponing it and when the final decision will be made I will notify everyone. I am praying for those that have contracted the disease and their families," he tweeted and posted on the danpatsushiki website.
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    Results for Haru 2020. Achieving their kachikoshi are 2 year veteran Shishimaru, and Chiyotsurugi after a single appearance on the list. Shikona Heya Debut MK Current Rank Highest Rank Record Win% Last Basho This Basho Hattorizakura Shikihide Aki 2015 27 Jonokuchi 26 East Jonokuchi 15 3-187-1 0.016 0-7 0-8 Houn Minezaki Aki 2017 15 Jonokuchi 16 West Jonokuchi 3 27-79 0.255 2-5 3-4 Kyokushoriki Tomozuna Haru 2018 12 Jonokuchi 18 East Jonokuchi 8 20-64 0.238 1-6 1-6 Shishimaru Tagonoura Haru 2018 11 Jonokuchi 13 East Jonokuchi 3 24-61 0.282 3-4 4-3 Nishikio Asahiyama Aki 2018 9 Jonokuchi 17 West Jonokuchi 8 14-49 0.222 2-5 2-5 Yamamoto Asahiyama Haru 2019 6 Jonokuchi 13 West Jonokuchi 13 10-31-1 0.244 3-4 1-6 Shiryu Minato Natsu 2019 5 Jonokuchi 15 West Jonokuchi 15 11-18-6 0.379 2-5 1-0-6 Asahimaru Tomozuna Haru 2019 4 Jonokuchi 14 East Jonokuchi 14 10-18-7 0.357 3-4 3-4 Chiyotsurugi Kokonoe Nagoya 2019 3 Jonokuchi 11 West Jonokuchi 11 12-16 0.429 3-4 4-3 New for Natsu 2020: Jk15e Iwata (Also if anyone knows how to make these tables that would be nice. Having to copy them over is annoying.)
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    I always liked these threads, although they seem to have stopped, so I decided to revive it. I'll start with Hatsu 2020. The only ones still remaining from the last update (around aki 2018 I believe) are Houn and everyone's favourite, Hattorizakura. Let me know if I made a mistake. Shikona Heya Debut MK Current Rank Highest Rank Record Win% Last Basho This Basho Hattorizakura Shikihide Aki 2015 26 Jonokuchi 27 West Jonokuchi 15 3-179-1 0.017 0-7 0-7 Houn Minezaki Aki 2017 14 Jonokuchi 19 West Jonokuchi 3 24-75 0.242 2-5 2-5 Kyokushoriki Tomozuna Haru 2018 11 Jonokuchi 22 East Jonokuchi 8 19-58 0.247 1-6 1-6 Shishimaru Tagonoura Haru 2018 11 Jonokuchi 20 East Jonokuchi 3 20-57 0.260 2-5 3-4 Wakafujioka Nishiiwa Haru 2018 10 Jonokuchi 19 East Jonokuchi 4 29-48 0.377 2-5 4-3 Nishikio Asahiyama Aki 2018 8 Jonokuchi 21 West Jonokuchi 8 12-44 0.214 1-6 2-5 Yamamoto Asahiyama Haru 2019 5 Jonokuchi 20 West Jonokuchi 20 9-25-1 0.265 2-4-1 3-4 Nangu Shikoroyama Haru 2019 4 Jonokuchi 17 West Jonokuchi 17 12-17-6 0.414 3-4 4-3 Shiryu Minato Natsu 2019 4 Jonokuchi 16 East Jonokuchi 16 10-18 0.357 3-4 2-5 Wakafujioka and Nangu achieved their kachikoshi. New for Haru 2020: Jk18e Chiyotsurugi Jk21e Asahimaru
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    Not even Takakeisho did.
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    I think I gathered, here below, the sumo games you can find in this section of the forum. I hope game administrators won't mind if I'm intruding, if they do I'll accept any punishment. In my opinion, all these games are interesting and worth playing, so up to you! With these links you should have access to the rules. I apologize for this post to be too messy, I tried as I could. I hope I didn't forget anyone! By alphabetical order, here we go. - 21 : http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/39704-21-har-har-20/?page=1 - Banzuke Surfing : http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/39715-banzuke-surfing-haru-2020-16th-wave/ - Break The Curse : http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/39723-break-the-curse-the-nigate-game-haru-2020/?page=1 - Class Dismissed : http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/39573-class-dismissed-hatsu-2020/?tab=comments#comment-405590 - FAWL : http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/39724-fawl-invitation-haru-2020/ - Guess Hokutofuji's Aite : http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/39705-guess-hokutofujis-aite-march-2020/ - Gurowake's Long-Term Prediction Game: http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/39565-new-gurowakes-long-term-prediction-game-hatsu-2020/ - JWS : http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/39730-jws-haru-2020/ - Long Kachikoshi Streaks : http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/39733-long-kachikoshi-streaks-haru-2020/ - PTYW (Pick The Yusho Winner) : http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/39573-class-dismissed-hatsu-2020/?tab=comments#comment-405590 - Sandanme Game : http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/39743-sandanme-game-haru-2020/ - TUG (The Underdog Game) : http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/36515-the-underdog-game-tug-rules/ Here below are games which need entry before the start of the first basho of the year : - METASUMO : http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/39499-metasumo-2020/?page=1 - TOARCHBEARER : http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/39521-torchbearer-2020-invitation-rules-and-your-picks/ Note : Few days before the start of the basho, each game administrator posts a thread with an invitation to play his/her game. So, beginning of May keep your eyes open. If we have a basho in May that is.
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    Not sure if this has been posted before. This is a documentary from March 2019 where Hakuho talks in depth about his friend and rival Kisenosato, and behind the scenes footage about what happened after his bout against Hokutofuji (the one where he just managed to keep a foot in bounds long enough to win). Injuries will always be part of sumo, Hakuho has certainly battled his way through so many.
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    The pinned post is actually rich on details - the deceivingly inconspicuous little icons are links to the various parts of the games (rules, banzuke, entry page, standings...). There is no better access point, IMO.
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    Concerns raised from the historic Spring basho: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2020/03/26/sumo/spring-basho-provided-unique-experience-raised-concerns/#.Xn6K1C-ZP6A
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    It remains to be seen if he will perform at the rank. He got promoted despite not "forcing any hands", his run including fusens 2 fusens and 32 wins instead of 33, not beating a Yokozuna during his campaign. I think it is a gamble to derive from what you widely use as criteria to promote a relatively unproven commodity, Yusho or no, potential or not. Tochinoshin failed at Ozeki, but nobody can deny his record to be worthy of promotion. 37 in 3, all from joi and higher, Yusho and Jun Yusho, wins over Kakuryu and Hakuho... all of this is an undeniable promotion. Asanoyama performed well, but as recently as last year they denied a guy who got 33 at the same level promotion and asked for another ten win performance. So yeah, imo they are taking a gamble by taking a guy who fell short regarding numbers and bestowing the honor (or burden) of Ozeki onto him. I hope he does and believe he is absolutely capable of doing well and I'm a happy to see him promoted, but It's now his turn to proove that the promotion wasn't premature.
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    They still thought (3 days ago) about how to have Natsu not just another empty basho - no schedule for advance ticket sales yet, but the much bigger kokugikan will have a much bigger loss than Haru and the rikishi will have even less motivation. The NSK has experts to check the possible measures. http://www.nikkei.com/article/DGKKZO57192680U0A320C2UU8000/
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    What a great photo. Are those his kids? Well, he hasn't been spending all his time with keiko.
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    His successor Tamanofuji also had a spell out of the Kyokai, although I don't think he was kicked out, rather he left to join the defence forces and returned after being discharged from that.
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    Tamanoumi was also the one that came to my mind first, and may well be the most recent one pre-Sokokurai. (Edit: Okay, decidedly not the most recent, see Yubinhaad's post below.) Prior to him: WWII time definitely covers several more, even two later yokozuna (Yoshibayama, Tochinishiki), and then there are also the rikishi who returned from Tenryu's breakaway organization in the early 1930s, many of whom later became oyakata. (Feel free to check those ranked as BS - besseki - in 1933.01, although that covers only most of the returners, not all.) Small nitpick: "Reintegration" doesn't really fit for the Osaka merger guys; while there were some rikishi who had moved from Tokyo to Osaka individually, the organization as a whole wasn't a breakaway, just one that had developed in parallel to Tokyo's. Yup.
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    Finishing things up here for the ex-sekitori as well... new KK: Kaisho, Kizenryu, Dairaido new MK: Nionoumi, Keitenkai The final results: Record Rank Shikona Heya Age Out HiRk M# J# kyujo (i) Ms1e Sokokurai Arashio 36 1 M2 25 20 3-4 Ms1w Sakigake Shibatayama 33 1 J10 6 2-5 Ms2e Toyonoshima Tokitsukaze 36 1 S 71 11 6-1 Ms3e Asabenkei Takasago 31 11 J7 7 5-2 Ms3w Fujiazuma Tamanoi 32 18 M4 17 18 5-2 Ms4e Chiyonoo Kokonoe 28 8 M15 2 31 1-6 Ms4w Daiseido Kise 27 6 J12 3 kyujo Ms5w Gokushindo Nishikido 23 8 J13 1 3-4 Ms6w Toyohibiki Sakaigawa 35 13 M2 52 14 0-2-5 Ms7w Irodori Shikoroyama 28 1 J11 4 4-3 Ms9e Kaisho Asakayama 25 2 J11 2 4-3 Ms9w Chiyoarashi Kokonoe 28 40 J10 4 3-4 Ms10e Chiyonokuni Kokonoe 29 5 M1 25 16 5-2 Ms11e Jokoryu Kise 31 7 K 15 13 4-3 Ms11w Kizenryu Kise 34 10 J11 9 5-2 Ms13w Ryuko Onoe 21 4 J12 1 kyujo Ms16w Seiro Shikoroyama 31 3 M14 3 31 6-1 Ms19e Kitaharima Yamahibiki 33 15 M15 1 24 3-4 Ms24w Nionoumi Yamahibiki 33 40 M16 1 12 1-6 Ms31e Sagatsukasa Irumagawa 38 36 M9 6 22 4-3 Ms31w Kagamio Kagamiyama 32 23 M9 7 14 4-3 Ms38w Asahisho Tomozuna 30 17 M11 4 30 3-1-3 Ms39w Keitenkai Onomatsu 30 45 J11 1 3-4 Ms42e Takaryu Kise 27 28 J13 1 kyujo Ms44w Gagamaru Kise 33 2 K 36 23 5-2 Ms45w Ichiyamamoto Nishonoseki 26 2 J6 3 4-3 Ms46w Amakaze Oguruma 28 12 M13 1 18 3-4 Ms47e Tokushinho Kise 35 26 J6 27 3-4 Ms48e Higonojo Kise 35 35 J9 4 7-0 Y Sd30w Ura Kise 27 13 M4 5 6 2-5 Sd33e Kaonishiki Azumazeki 41 51 J6 2 5-2 Sd45w Masunoyama Chiganoura 29 30 M4 13 12 3-4 Sd57w Yoshiazuma Tamanoi 42 33 M12 3 18 4-3 Sd96e Dairaido Takadagawa 39 81 J2 6 kyujo Jd28w Hitenryu Tatsunami 35 51 J13 2 Chiyonokuni with his third straight 3-4 since winning the makushita yusho from a low rank last September; not looking that likely now that he'll be returning to sekitoridom. Jokoryu with his third consecutive score of at least 5-2, on the other hand, not sure that was to be expected after his year-long drop from low juryo to low makushita prior to this. Yeah, looks that way, lots of KK from sandanme to accommodate with makushita spots, so his Ms31e 1-6 result is unlikely to hang on. Much the same thing for Tokushinho and Higonojo as well, who spent only the briefest of times in sandanme over a decade ago after they turned professional out of university, and will probably be headed down there now.
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    Following the news of the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, yesterday's NSK board of directors meeting addressed the issue of the Kokugikan's intended use as the boxing venue for the event. The directors affirmed that priority would be given to the holding of honbasho and so the arena will be unavailable to the Olympic organizing committee in case the Olympics are rescheduled to a January, May or September date.
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    Day 15 15.5s M12e Ishiura (9-6) yorikiri M13w Aoiyama (11-4) 15.4s M11w Terutsuyoshi (9-6) yorikiri M17w Daiamami (5-10) 07.8s M16w Shimanoumi (9-6) oshidashi M11e Chiyotairyu (8-7) 08.2s M14w Nishikigi (6-9) tsuridashi M10e Sadanoumi (6-9) 62.0s M18e Kotonowaka (9-6) uwatehineri M9w Tochinoshin (6-9) 08.0s M6w Kagayaki (8-7) tsukidashi M17e Meisei (7-8) 02.0s M10w Tochiozan (3-12) okuritaoshi M6e Myogiryu (4-11) 16.9s M5e Ryuden (6-9) yorikiri M16e Azumaryu (5-10) 02.9s M4w Abi (7-8) oshidashi M14e Kaisei (8-7) 04.0s M4e Enho (6-9) shitatenage M12w Ikioi (8-7) 06.0s M5w Onosho (9-6) oshidashi M3w Mitakeumi (10-5) 08.9s M3e Yutakayama (8-7) tsukiotoshi M15w Chiyomaru (7-6-2) 07.9s M7w Tamawashi (6-9) oshidashi M2w Tokushoryu (4-11) 07.5s M2e Okinoumi (8-7) uwatenage M13e Kotoshogiku (7-8) 03.4s M8w Kiribayama (9-6) uwatenage M1e Daieisho (8-7) 05.1s M7e Takarafuji (9-6) oshidashi K1w Endo (7-8) 12.1s M8e Shohozan (4-11) yorikiri K1e Hokutofuji (4-11) 04.7s M9e Takanosho (12-3) oshitaoshi S1w Shodai (8-7) 09.4s S1e Asanoyama (11-4) oshitaoshi O1e Takakeisho (7-8) 24.3s Y1e Hakuho (13-2) yorikiri Y1wYO Kakuryu (12-3)
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    Day 14 07.1s M18e Kotonowaka (8-6) uwatedashinage M14w Nishikigi (5-9) 04.4s M17e Meisei (7-7) oshidashi M12e Ishiura (8-6) 27.8s M16w Shimanoumi (8-6) tsukiotoshi M12w Ikioi (8-6) 01.3s M11e Chiyotairyu (8-6) hatakikomi M13e Kotoshogiku (7-7) 06.9s M11w Terutsuyoshi (8-6) oshidashi M15w Chiyomaru (7-5-2) 11.8s M10w Tochiozan (2-12) oshidashi M16e Azumaryu (5-9) 02.3s M10e Sadanoumi (6-8) yorikiri M8e Shohozan (3-11) 04.3s M7w Tamawashi (5-9) oshidashi M17w Daiamami (5-9) 07.3s M6e Myogiryu (4-10) uwatenage M4e Enho (5-9) 07.2s M9w Tochinoshin (6-8) katasukashi M3e Yutakayama (7-7) 06.4s M9e Takanosho (11-3) oshidashi M3w Mitakeumi (10-4) 11.9s M8w Kiribayama (8-6) uwatehineri M2e Okinoumi (7-7) 10.5s M2w Tokushoryu (4-10) tsukiotoshi M14e Kaisei (8-6) 14.1s M1e Daieisho (8-6) oshitaoshi M5e Ryuden (5-9) 02.3s K1e Hokutofuji (4-10) oshidashi M6w Kagayaki (7-7) 02.0s M4w Abi (6-8) hikiotoshi K1w Endo (7-7) 02.6s S1w Shodai (8-6) yorikiri M7e Takarafuji (8-6) 05.0s O1e Takakeisho (7-7) tsukidashi M5w Onosho (8-6) 04.8s Y1e Hakuho (12-2) uwatenage M13w Aoiyama (11-3) 17.3s Y1wYO Kakuryu (12-2) shitatenage S1e Asanoyama (10-4)
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    (I noticed later that I didn't say who I'm expecting to be the second sekiwake besides Shodai - unsurprisingly, I'm going to go with Mitakeumi over Daieisho.) And time to finally close things out for the lower divisions as well... Lower division yusho races (Day 13 results with links to video, also as playlist including the playoff): 6-1 Ms22w Kyokusoten (Nakagawa) 7-0 Ms49e Nishikifuji (Isegahama) 7-0 Sd30w Ura (Kise) 7-0 Sd64e Nankairiki (Kise) 6-1 Sd84w Chiyodaigo (Kokonoe) 6-1 Jd15w Nihonyanagi (Onomatsu) 7-0 Jd49e Dewanoryu (Dewanoumi) 6-1 Jd57e Ryubu (Musashigawa) 7-0 Jk22w Shinohara (Fujishima) Rather quick and decisive matches for the most part. Shinohara had no trouble at all with his designated 5-1 pushover Ishihara and clinched the jonokuchi yusho for his banzuke debut. Officially he's still undefeated of course, but he did pick up a loss in maezumo two months ago - he managed to take revenge on that opponent, fellow high school rookie Taiyo, with the slightly higher stakes this time around. Shinohara will be taking the express banzuke elevator to high jonidan as is customary; from what I've seen of him this basho I didn't get the impression that he's quite skilled enough to do the 14-0 double, but maybe he'll surprise me. Dewanoryu-Ryubu also looked about as one would expect when a well-regarded high school newcomer goes against a 21-year-old jonidan regular. The easy win for the new Mongolian turned out to be yusho-clinching in the end after Nihonyanagi - yet another new high schooler with strong expectations - didn't come through against his sandanme opponent, veteran Nankairiki. Very good performance by the youngster anyway, though, against a very tough customer with lots of experience. So, no playoff for the jonidan yusho and no opportunity for Dewanoryu to avenge his January jonokuchi loss against Nihonyanagi, but they might well get the opportunity in their next honbasho appearance: Their respective Jd49e 7-0 and Jd15w 6-1 scores should see both of them moving up to around the Sd50 mark. (On a sidenote: Ryubu will also be making his sandanme debut, after nearly five years in jonidan.) At 32 years of age and coming back from a long-term injury right now, Nankairiki's likely no longer the guy who was a perennial mid-makushita fixture for nearly a decade, but it's probably safe to say that he was still quite under-ranked at Sd64 this basho. His Day 13 win served to set up the same-stable meeting against Ura, who had no issues defeating Chiyodaigo to secure his spot in that playoff. Nankairiki proceeded to demonstrate that familiarity with an opponent's unorthodox style can go a long way, but the clear difference in class served to give Ura the playoff victory and championship in the end. Big moves are afoot for both Kise-beya rikishi, with Nankairiki going back to his pre-injury ceiling around Ms40, while Ura should find himself ranked just outside the makushita top 15, so not in line for an immediate shot at juryo. Typically only 7-0's from Sd25 and above get put into the top 15, and he was a little bit too low for that at Sd30. They could still decide to fudge things in his favour given his makuuchi pedigree, but I doubt they will. It might be for the best anyway if he doesn't try to fast-track himself back to sekitori status. I do have to say that he looks more comfortable on the dohyo to me than he did in his ill-fated first comeback attempt a little over a year ago, which resulted in re-injury to his knee. And finally, the makushita yusho decider - between two rikishi who looked quite evenly matched on paper - turned out to be another match that was finished in short order. A quick deflection of an overcommitted Kyokusoten, and Nishikifuji was the winner. The basho still has to rate as a big success for 27-year-old Kyokusoten, who appears finally capable of breaking out of the mid-makushita range that he's been stuck in for several years. He'll be making his debut in the single-digit ranks next time, somewhere between Ms7e and Ms8w I would expect. 23-year-old Nishikifuji already was that high in the past and even went 5-2 at Ms8w last July, before he got derailed by injury. It'll be a close thing whether or not he gets to jump straight back into the top 5 promotion zone on his 7-0 record, but I suspect he'll need a little more seasoning in any case and isn't a contender for a juryo promotion just yet. I'm sure he's hoping to join stablemate (and same basho debut) Midorifuji in the paid ranks as quickly as possible, of course.
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    The arguably more tricky part was knowing/remembering that such a post was once made. (Also, I like quoting really old forum content for the added perspective of how long this place has been around. )
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    After day 6, March 2020, Makushita division scores are: (Rikishi have fought 3 bouts except as otherwise stated) Wins Rikishi Shikona 3 15 Asabenkei, Chiyoarashi, Hokutokawa, Ichiki, Inoue, Kagamio, Kaisho, Keitenkai, Kyokusoten, Nishikifuji, Omoto, Shuji, Terao, Tochiseiryu, Tsushimanada 2 43 Amakaze, Amanoshima, Asahisho, Chiyonoo(4), Daishoryu, Fujiazuma, Genki, Hamayutaka, Hiradoumi, Hokutoshu, Jokoryu, Kainishiki, Kaiyudai, Kawamoto, Kitadaichi, Kitaharima, Kitanowaka, Kizenryu, Kotodaigo, Kotohayato, Kotokuzan, Kototsubasa, Kotoyusho, Mifuneyama, Murata, Nakazono, Naya, Nionoumi, Oginosho, Oki, Ryuko, Ryusei, Saidaiji, Shiba, Shiraishi, Shohoryu, Shonannoumi, Suzuki, Takakento, Tanabe, Tochinobori, Toyonoshima, Tsukahara 1 40 Asakoki, Bushozan, Chiyonokatsu, Chiyoraizan, Daishozen, Fukuyama, Higoarashi, Higonojo, Hokaho, Hokutoo, Hokutotsubasa, Hokutoyo, Horyuyama, Ichiyamamoto, Itadaki, Kairyu, Kaito, Kaizen, Kotodairyu, Kotoozutsu, Kotoseigo, Narutaki, Obayama, Okinofuji, Onojo, Oshoryu, Roga, Sadanohana, Sadanohikari, Sakigake, Takaryu, Terasawa, Tochikamiyama, Tokisakae, Tomisakae, Toyohibiki, Tsurubayashi, Wakanoumi, Wakatakamoto, Wakayama 0 22 Aozora, Ayanoumi, Chiyonokuni, Chiyosakae, Daiseido, Dewanojo, Fukamiyama, Gagamaru(0), Gochozan(0), Gokushindo(0), Hatooka(0), Irodori(2), Kainoryu, Rao, Sagatsukasa, Seiro(0), Shoji, Sokokurai(0), Tokushinho, Yokoe, Yuki, Yuma(0) After day 6, March 2020, Sandanme division scores are: (Rikishi have fought 3 bouts except as otherwise stated) Wins Rikishi Shikona 3 24 Akinoyama, Aomihama, Araoyama, Asadaimon, Chiyodaigo, Fukai, Kaiseijo, Kamito, Kenshin, Kenyu, Komanokuni, Kotosato, Masunoyama, Mitozakura, Nankairiki, Nishinoryu, Okinohama, Sakaekaze, Tatsukaze, Tochimaru, Tosaeizan, Ura, Wakahizen, Yabugasaki 2 74 Akashifuji, Akatsuki, Ako, Amatsu, Anzai, Aratora, Asakishin, Asatenmai, Azumasato, Baraki, Daihisho, Daijo, Daikisho, Dairaido, Daishomune, Daitenma, Ebisumaru, Fujisato, Fukazawa, Furanshisu, Haruhikari, Hitachigo, Hokutenkai, Izumigawa, Kaiho, Kaishin, Kamitani, Karatsuumi, Kijuin, Kirinofuji, Komakiryu, Kotakiyama, Kotonoshu, Kotonoumi, Kotorikisen, Kototora, Kyokuyuko, Matsuda, Mitotsukasa, Mochizuki, Mugendai, Munakata, Musashiumi, Nakaishi, Oba, Oka, Otsuji, Roman, Sadanogo, Sadanokuni, Sadanoryu, Sakabayashi, Sakurai, Sasakiyama, Sazanami, Seigo, Shoketsu, Shosei, Taichiyama, Tanakayama, Tennozan, Tochihayate, Tochikodai, Tokunomusashi, Toukiryu, Tsugaruumi, Tsunekawa, Wakahiroto, Wayama, Yamatoarashi, Yoshiazuma, Yoshii, Yuriki, Yutakasho 1 72 Akitoba, Asakoga, Asanojo, Asanotosa, Ayakaze, Azumasho, Bankoku, Byakko, Chura, Dainichido, Daishoki, Daishosei, Denzan, Fujikawa, Fujinowaka, Genbumaru, Genkaiho, Ginseizan, Gorikiyama, Hagane, Hamadayama, Harimanada, Haruminato, Hikarifuji, Hodaka, Hokuyozan, Ito, Kanryu, Kaonishiki, Katsunofuji, Kihonoumi, Kiritsubasa, Kiyonoumi, Kojima, Kotoito, Kotokantetsu, Kotomyozan, Kotootomo, Kotosusumu, Kotozensho, Maenofuji, Maikeru, Marusho, Masutoo, Matsuyama, Mienosato, Mishima, Mukaida, Mutsukaze, Nakashima, Oazuma, Omote, Onokura, Oyamatoumi, Ryuseio, Ryutsukasa, Saionji, Sakurafuji, Seito, Shobushi, Takabayama, Takamiryu, Tanahashi, Tochimitsuru, Toma, Toshoyama, Toyoshimizu, Tsuyukusa, Wakanofuji, Wakaryusei, Yanagida, Yoshoyama 0 31 Aoi, Asonishiki(0), Ayaminato, Chiyooga, Daishokaku, Hikarugenji, Hisanotora(0), Hokutohomare, Hokutoryu, Imafuku(0), Kawabuchi, Koshinoryu, Kotokume, Kotoryusei, Kurahashi, Kurokage, Masuminato, Mihamaumi, Miryuzan, Nogami(0), Takataisho, Tamakongo, Tatsunoumi, Teraosho(0), Teraoumi, Tokimaru, Tsushida, Umizaru, Wakaichiro(0), Wakakinsho, Yamenosato After day 6, March 2020, Jonidan division scores are: (Rikishi have fought 3 bouts except as otherwise stated) Wins Rikishi Shikona 3 26 Adachi, Amamidake, Awanokuni, Daishohama, Dewanoryu, Etsunohana, Fujinotani, Hanakaze, Hokutouryu, Kainowaka, Kaorufuji, Kirinoryu, Kiyota, Kotomanabe, Nakao, Nihonyanagi, Ryubu, Sasaki, Shinyashiki, Tanji, Tatsuki, Tokio, Tosamidori, Tsubakifuji, Wakayamanaka, Zendaisho 2 77 Akinishiki, Andozakura, Ariake, Asahabataki, Asahanshin, Asahio, Asanoshima, Asashinjo, Chida, Chiyohokkai, Chiyotaiyo, Chiyotenfu, Daisho, Daishowaka, Daiyusho, Denuma, Fudano, Garyu, Hakuomaru, Hakuyo, Hamanoumi, Harada, Hashimoto, Hatachijo, Hidano, Hienriki, Hirose, Hokutoiwami, Hokutonami, Iko, Inaba, Isamufuji, Ishihara, Ishizaka, Kaishinmaru, Kaitoma, Kaiyuma, Kakutaiki, Kisenoumi, Kiyama, Kotoegashira, Kotomaeda, Kotorikuzan, Kototsukahara, Mimori, Miyabishin, Miyakogawa, Miyakojima, Miyanofuji, Mudoho, Ogitora, Oisato, Okanojo, Omura, Onagaya, Oshozan, Sadatsuyoshi, Sakura, Sawayaka, Sekizuka, Shiraseyama, Shunpo, Soga, Sumanoumi, Tagomaru, Takakurayama, Tenei, Tochikasuga, Tochinoshima, Toho, Wakaikki, Wakatoriumi, Watatani, Yamato, Yashiroumi, Yoshimura, Yukiumi 1 79 Abezakura, Ai, Amamisho, Aonoumi, Arikawa, Asaazuma, Asahijo, Asahinishiki, Azumahikari, Azumanami, Banshunada, Bushi, Chiyokozan, Chiyooume, Chiyotora, Fubu, Fujinokaze, Fukamachi, Fukui, Goshinryu, Hamasaki, Hamasu, Hibikiryu, Higonoryu, Hokutoyoshi, Ienoshima, Iitsuka, Ishiazuma, Iwamoto, Kaibusho, Kamada, Kasugamine, Kasugaryu, Kawamura, Kayatoiwa, Kirizakura, Kochikara, Koki, Kokuryunami, Kotoimagawa, Kotokogyoku, Kotokonno, Kotonagahama, Kotoomura, Kotoyamato, Kyokuhozan, Matsugashima, Matsuoka, Mimurodake, Mogaminishiki, Mori, Motokiyama, Nakai, Nakata, Nangu, Numano, Okuniasahi, Okunisato, Ota, Ryuga, Ryuki, Sakaefuji, Sakai, Satonofuji, Satozakura, Senho, Sorakaze, Tabara, Takamasaki, Takemaru, Taketsukasa, Taranami(2), Terumichi, Tochigidake, Wakafujioka, Wakamatsunaga, Wakatozakura, Watanabe, Yukiamami 0 32 Amane, Asadoji, Azumaiwa, Azumayama, Chiyotaiko(2), Daishojo, Dewaazuma(1), Dewanosora, Fujinoteru, Fukuazuma, Fukuminato, Hitenryu(0), Hokutoizumi, Kenho, Kirimaru, Kiryu, Kitajima, Kotokino(0), Kotonoshima(0), Nishikiryu, Nishimura, Oishi, Oju, Satsumao, Sekizukayama, Shimizu, Tenichi, Teruju(0), Terunosato, Tochisato, Tomiyutaka(1), Wakaseiun(0) After day 6, March 2020, Jonokuchi division scores are: (Rikishi have fought 3 bouts except as otherwise stated) Wins Rikishi Shikona 3 6 Onoyama, Shinohara, Shishimaru, Taiga, Toshonishiki, Yatabe 2 15 Aki, Chiyotsurugi, Daishiryu, Fukuda, Hayatefuji, Iwata, Kirameki, Oatari, Shinzan, Shoryudo, Taiyo, Takeazuma, Takeoka, Urutora, Wakayutaka 1 18 Akiyama, Asahimaru, Higohikari, Hokutosato, Houn, Itakozakura, Kyonosato, Maniwayama, Nabatame, Nishikio, Sawada, Sawaisamu, Sawanofuji, Takatsukasa, Tsuyasato, Yamamoto, Yamane, Zuiko 0 13 Bariki(0), Chiyotaiho(0), Daigonishiki(1), Fujinonami(0), Hattorizakura, Kyokushoriki, Miyabi, Moriurara, Osumifuji(0), Sasazaki, Shiryu(0), Tetsubisho(0), Yutakanami(0)
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    After day 8, March 2020, Makushita division scores are: (Rikishi have fought 4 bouts except as otherwise stated) Wins Rikishi Shikona 4 7 Asabenkei, Hokutokawa, Ichiki, Kagamio, Kyokusoten, Nishikifuji, Terao 3 29 Amakaze, Amanoshima, Asahisho, Chiyoarashi, Daishoryu, Fujiazuma, Genki, Hamayutaka, Hiradoumi, Inoue, Jokoryu, Kaisho, Keitenkai, Kitaharima, Kizenryu, Kotokuzan, Kototsubasa, Mifuneyama, Murata, Nakazono, Naya, Omoto, Shiba, Shiraishi, Shuji, Takakento, Tochinobori, Tochiseiryu, Tsushimanada 2 42 Bushozan, Chiyonoo, Daishozen, Fukuyama, Higoarashi, Hokutoshu, Hokutotsubasa, Hokutoyo, Ichiyamamoto, Kainishiki, Kairyu, Kaiyudai, Kawamoto, Kitadaichi, Kitanowaka, Kotodaigo, Kotodairyu, Kotohayato, Kotoseigo, Kotoyusho, Narutaki, Nionoumi, Obayama, Oginosho, Oki, Okinofuji, Onojo, Roga, Ryuko, Ryusei, Saidaiji, Sakigake, Shohoryu, Shonannoumi, Suzuki, Tanabe, Tochikamiyama, Toyonoshima, Tsukahara, Wakanoumi, Wakatakamoto, Wakayama 1 27 Asakoki, Ayanoumi, Chiyonokatsu, Chiyoraizan, Chiyosakae, Dewanojo, Fukamiyama, Higonojo, Hokaho, Hokutoo, Horyuyama, Itadaki, Kaito(5), Kaizen, Kotoozutsu, Oshoryu, Sadanohana, Sadanohikari, Takaryu, Terasawa, Tokisakae, Tokushinho, Tomisakae(3), Toyohibiki, Tsurubayashi, Yokoe, Yuki 0 15 Aozora, Chiyonokuni, Daiseido, Gagamaru(0), Gochozan(0), Gokushindo(0), Hatooka(0), Irodori(2), Kainoryu, Rao, Sagatsukasa, Seiro(0), Shoji, Sokokurai(0), Yuma(0) After day 8, March 2020, Sandanme division scores are: (Rikishi have fought 4 bouts except as otherwise stated) Wins Rikishi Shikona 4 13 Akinoyama, Aomihama, Araoyama, Chiyodaigo, Fukai, Kamito, Kenshin, Kotosato, Mitozakura, Nankairiki, Tochimaru, Tosaeizan, Ura 3 47 Akatsuki, Amatsu, Aratora, Asadaimon, Asakishin, Daijo, Daitenma, Fukazawa, Furanshisu, Hitachigo, Izumigawa, Kaiho, Kaiseijo, Kaishin, Kamitani, Kenyu, Kirinofuji, Komanokuni, Kotonoshu, Kototora, Masunoyama, Matsuda, Mugendai, Munakata, Musashiumi, Nishinoryu, Oka, Okinohama, Otsuji, Roman, Sadanokuni, Sadanoryu, Sakaekaze, Sakurai, Sasakiyama, Shosei, Taichiyama, Tatsukaze, Tennozan, Tochikodai, Toukiryu, Tsugaruumi, Tsunekawa, Wakahiroto, Wakahizen, Wayama, Yabugasaki 2 74 Akashifuji, Ako, Anzai, Asatenmai, Azumasato, Azumasho, Baraki, Byakko, Daihisho, Daikisho, Dairaido, Daishoki, Daishomune, Denzan, Ebisumaru, Fujinowaka, Fujisato, Genbumaru, Gorikiyama, Hagane, Hamadayama, Haruhikari, Haruminato, Hokutenkai, Ito, Karatsuumi, Kihonoumi, Kijuin, Kiritsubasa, Kojima, Komakiryu, Kotakiyama, Kotomyozan, Kotonoumi, Kotorikisen, Kotosusumu, Kyokuyuko(3), Maenofuji, Maikeru, Masutoo, Matsuyama, Mishima, Mitotsukasa, Mochizuki, Mukaida, Mutsukaze, Nakaishi, Nakashima, Oba, Omote, Oyamatoumi, Ryuseio, Sadanogo, Saionji, Sakabayashi, Sazanami, Seigo, Shobushi, Shoketsu, Takabayama, Tanakayama, Tochihayate, Tochimitsuru, Tokunomusashi, Toshoyama, Toyoshimizu, Tsuyukusa, Wakaryusei, Yamatoarashi, Yanagida, Yoshiazuma, Yoshii, Yuriki, Yutakasho 1 47 Akitoba, Asakoga, Asanojo, Asanotosa, Ayakaze, Bankoku, Chura, Dainichido, Daishokaku, Daishosei, Fujikawa, Genkaiho, Ginseizan, Harimanada, Hikarifuji, Hodaka, Hokutohomare, Hokuyozan, Kanryu, Kaonishiki, Katsunofuji, Kawabuchi, Kiyonoumi, Kotoito, Kotokantetsu, Kotokume, Kotootomo, Kotozensho, Kurahashi, Marusho, Mienosato, Oazuma, Onokura, Ryutsukasa, Sakurafuji, Seito, Takamiryu, Takataisho, Tamakongo, Tanahashi, Tatsunoumi, Teraoumi, Tokimaru, Toma, Wakakinsho, Wakanofuji, Yoshoyama 0 20 Aoi, Asonishiki(0), Ayaminato, Chiyooga, Hikarugenji, Hisanotora(0), Hokutoryu, Imafuku(0), Koshinoryu, Kotoryusei, Kurokage, Masuminato(3), Mihamaumi, Miryuzan, Nogami(0), Teraosho(0), Tsushida, Umizaru, Wakaichiro(0), Yamenosato After day 8, March 2020, Jonidan division scores are: (Rikishi have fought 4 bouts except as otherwise stated) Wins Rikishi Shikona 4 13 Adachi, Daishohama, Dewanoryu, Etsunohana, Fujinotani, Kaorufuji, Kirinoryu, Kotomanabe, Nihonyanagi, Ryubu, Sasaki, Tatsuki, Zendaisho 3 52 Akinishiki, Amamidake, Asanoshima, Asashinjo, Awanokuni, Chiyotenfu, Daiyusho, Fudano, Hanakaze, Hatachijo, Hidano, Hokutoiwami, Hokutonami, Hokutouryu, Iko, Inaba, Ishihara, Ishizaka, Kainowaka, Kaitoma, Kaiyuma, Kakutaiki, Kisenoumi, Kiyota, Kotoegashira, Kotomaeda, Kotorikuzan, Kototsukahara, Mimori, Miyakojima, Mudoho, Nakao, Oisato, Okanojo, Onagaya, Sakura, Sawayaka, Sekizuka, Shinyashiki, Sumanoumi, Tagomaru, Tanji, Tenei, Tochikasuga, Tochinoshima, Toho, Tokio, Tosamidori, Tsubakifuji, Wakayamanaka, Watatani, Yoshimura 2 77 Abezakura, Ai, Amamisho, Andozakura, Aonoumi, Ariake, Asaazuma, Asahabataki, Asahanshin, Asahijo, Asahio, Chida, Chiyohokkai, Chiyokozan, Chiyotaiyo, Chiyotora, Daisho, Daishowaka, Denuma, Fukamachi, Garyu, Goshinryu, Hakuomaru, Hakuyo, Hamanoumi, Hamasu, Harada, Hashimoto, Hienriki, Hirose, Hokutoyoshi, Ienoshima, Iitsuka, Isamufuji, Iwamoto, Kaibusho, Kaishinmaru, Kamada, Kasugamine, Kasugaryu, Kayatoiwa, Kiyama, Kochikara, Koki, Kokuryunami, Kotoimagawa, Kotokogyoku, Kotoomura, Mimurodake, Miyabishin, Miyakogawa, Miyanofuji, Mori, Motokiyama, Nakata, Ogitora, Okunisato, Omura, Oshozan, Ryuki, Sadatsuyoshi, Sakaefuji, Satozakura, Shiraseyama, Shunpo, Soga, Tabara, Takakurayama, Takemaru, Taranami(3), Wakaikki, Wakamatsunaga, Wakatoriumi, Yamato, Yashiroumi, Yukiamami, Yukiumi 1 52 Amane, Arikawa, Asahinishiki, Azumahikari, Azumanami, Banshunada, Bushi, Chiyooume, Dewanosora, Fubu, Fujinokaze, Fujinoteru, Fukuazuma, Fukui, Hamasaki, Hibikiryu, Higonoryu, Hokutoizumi, Ishiazuma, Kawamura, Kirimaru, Kirizakura, Kiryu, Kitajima, Kotokonno, Kotonagahama, Kotoyamato, Kyokuhozan, Matsugashima, Matsuoka, Mogaminishiki, Nakai, Nangu, Nishikiryu, Numano, Oju, Okuniasahi, Ota, Ryuga, Sakai, Satonofuji, Sekizukayama, Senho, Sorakaze, Takamasaki, Taketsukasa, Terumichi, Tochigidake, Tochisato, Wakafujioka, Wakatozakura, Watanabe 0 20 Asadoji, Azumaiwa, Azumayama, Chiyotaiko(2), Daishojo, Dewaazuma(1), Fukuminato, Hitenryu(0), Kenho(3), Kotokino(0), Kotonoshima(0), Nishimura, Oishi, Satsumao, Shimizu, Tenichi, Teruju(0), Terunosato, Tomiyutaka(1), Wakaseiun(0) After day 8, March 2020, Jonokuchi division scores are: (Rikishi have fought 4 bouts except as otherwise stated) Wins Rikishi Shikona 4 2 Shinohara, Yatabe 3 12 Hayatefuji, Kirameki, Oatari, Onoyama, Shishimaru, Shoryudo, Taiga, Taiyo, Takeazuma, Toshonishiki, Urutora, Wakayutaka 2 16 Aki, Akiyama, Asahimaru, Chiyotsurugi, Daishiryu, Fukuda, Houn, Itakozakura, Iwata, Nabatame, Sawada, Sawaisamu, Shinzan, Takeoka, Tsuyasato, Yamane 1 11 Higohikari, Hokutosato, Kyonosato, Maniwayama, Moriurara, Nishikio, Sasazaki, Sawanofuji, Takatsukasa, Yamamoto, Zuiko 0 11 Bariki(0), Chiyotaiho(0), Daigonishiki(1), Fujinonami(0), Hattorizakura(3), Kyokushoriki, Miyabi, Osumifuji(0), Shiryu(0), Tetsubisho(0), Yutakanami(0)
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    I'm halfway convinced that Kagayaki's turnaround since Fukuoka has to do with his scary looking oyakata being on head shimpan duty.