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    Sorry for slacking, I finally gathered some danpatsu-shiki pictures today. Large set of pictures from Chiganoura-beya for Takatenshu's danpatsu-shiki. He retires after a 12-year career and was the longest-serving of the remaining rikishi of Takanohana-beya. He will be working in a restaurant run by his family in the Nakano ward of Tokyo. Hokutoyu retires after an eight-year career - though relatively undistinguished on the dohyo, he was in charge of the chanko at Hakkaku-beya, and this was served to visitors at the Kokugikan during the Hatsu basho. Unfortunately no pictures have emerged so far from Kotofukujuno's danpatsu-shiki, which took place at the heya senshuraku party. But he retires after a 13-year career during which he served as a tsukebito to five sekitori from Sadogatake-beya. He was greeted with flowers in the hanamichi by Sadogatake-oyakata (former Sekiwake Kotonowaka) and some stablemates. In the short term he has a job lined up thanks to the help of an acquaintance, but he will also be returning to education with the aim of becoming a radiology technician, something he developed an interest in after having x-rays for his own injuries, including several surgeries on his elbow. Hamaeiko retires after just over 16 years on the dohyo, much of which was spent in the Sandanme division. He was quite technically adept, winning with 32 different kimarite in his career including rarities such as sotokomata. His total of 10 uchimuso was second only to Nankairiki amongst active rikishi. In the future he will be working in security in his home ward of Tachikawa, Tokyo, apparently for a company run by a heya koenkai member. His danpatsu-shiki is set to take place locally following the Natsu basho, for now just a couple of shots of him with his floral collection following his final bout. One other retirement to note, Nishiiwa-beya gyoji Kimura Koki has hung up his gunbai after a year. I believe he left high school early in order to take the one vacant gyoji spot that was available at the time, but continued studying and has now graduated. He received a bouquet of flowers from the okamisan at the heya's senshuraku party. After that the heya went out for a farewell meal, at which Nishiiwa-oyakata (former Sekiwake Wakanosato) presented Koki with a souvenir - his nameplate from the heya ranking board. Not sure if it was mentioned elsewhere yet but Arawashi's danpatsu-shiki will take place at the Kokugikan on May 31st.
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    Hakuho does so much for the sport and it’s promotion. I sometimes must endure his detractors slagging him for whatever reasons (these armchair sumotori): he’s not a proper Yokozuna, too arrogant, blah blah blah. Whatever. Watching the Hakuho Cup, one is struck by the fact that it basically turns into a marathon autograph signing/photo session for the Champ as he is almost constantly besieged by fans eager to meet him. He turns no one away, even though it must be exhausting for him. He personally signs probably more than 500 autographs that day, each one of which becomes a young person’s treasured possession. He is great Champion not only based on his stats, but because he is so friendly and kind to fans, so generous with his time, and cares about the longevity of the sport’s popularity.
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    The Sumo Association announced that it will hold a special Grand Sumo event at the Kokugikan on August 12th & 13th, in conjunction with the Tokyo Games organizers. There will be no regional tour this summer. Thats been decided for some time but the info was only allowed to be released today.
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    are enough to fill an extra thread. Hakuho is apparently a PR ambassador for this project. On Oct. 2nd, the Asia launch PR event was celebrated in the Teikoku hotel http://www.ttzixunw.com/html/news/20191008/5171889235198540401.shtml https://ameblo.jp/cherieroses/entry-12532314793.html The platform now contains free magazines as teasers - mainly fashion magazines, some business papers - and BBM's SUMO: so we can assume that the thing is especially meant for sujo. Of course it is planned to sell mags - we'll see if it will be a nice and easy way to obtain sumo magazines https://www.wplus.world/ Hakuho promotes it on all channels: https://ameblo.jp/hakuho-69/entry-12533492400.html https://www.hakuho-club.jp/ http://www.yokozuna-hakuho.com/ On the English side, only the magazine TOKYO is of some interest - it shortly mentions sumo in the kokugikan
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    Another Kindai yusho - another Kindai tuna for the winner - 47kg, worth 300 000yen - and because it's setsubun, an eho-maki with it. About 1000 were at Kindai to hear his yusho report. longer video of the event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aiy5bvxT3sc. local news video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nx_NterGwYs oo o o o o oo o o NHK vid vid earlier today a visit to his old schools in Nara vid oo yesterday a yusho report meeting in Nara for about 500 locals, with his parents https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48ZWhOPzPwM vid and live on the Wide-na-Show wide show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duPvu4JFzhk
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    Due to Hakuho promoting the World Plus app - a bout was skipped because of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP_x6rBmwHg&t=7h32m15s- I found on a Mongolian site a report about the platform, created by a team of Mongolian developers and launched in Japan (surely Hakuho is involved somehow) https://www.montsame.mn/en/read/202618 And the really good thing: the site has an article about the Mongolian team at the Hakuho-cup https://www.montsame.mn/en/read/214860, so now we have a confirmed reading for many names. The middle school winner is A.Sosorkhuu, he won against B.Bayarbold in the final. 4th y. G.Dorjtseren finished 3rd - he had a good result also last year. 5th y. A.Aditya also was 3rd.
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    From yesterday-three Yokozunae- Akinomaki already published it in the Amasumo thread, but I fear many, like me, don't really follow amasumo, so.. If this is too much, please delete this thread, mods..
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    I've never actually heard him speak but Ishiura spent a couple years as an exchange student in Australia before entering sumo, so I imagine he can speak English somewhat. As far as retired sekitori, in addition to the Hawaiians, Osunaarashi speaks fluent English. Maybe some of the Eastern Europeans like Baruto and Kotooshu as well?
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    He definitely won't meet Hakuho outside a playoff, because of exactly that rule.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v3cE227dic No embedding allowed for their very smooth words.
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    Oh, you guys don't think they are gonna go to Juryo? Well I added them just in case you wanted to promote them up the banzuke.
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    Now officially acknowledged, both per February 1: http://www.sumo.or.jp/IrohaKyokaiInformation/detail?id=337 http://www.sumo.or.jp/IrohaKyokaiInformation/detail?id=338 Still kabu on loan for ex-Tenkaiho.
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    At Narita-san Shinso Temple In Narita, Chiba. Hakuho, Takayasu, Mitakeumi, Endo, and Okinoumi participated.
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    Kotoshoho at Hie Shrine in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.
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    About 9000 were in the kokugikan - 10605 places, so ticket sales did not cover the costs.270-300 had cut. About 140 kids were invited and the award was presented o no proper pic yet of the exact moment of the throw by his son (12) o o o oo o o at the cutting oo o Thanks to sumo o o the family o o back with photos of his late parents o o more o o Nakamura at the ticket gate o the kesho mawashi o o o o o o o o the bento o o o cuts o o oo o oo o oo oo
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    It has been said a lot, but it bears repeatung: Araiso Oyakata looks very happy in almost all his Media appearances since retiring. It was heartbreaking seeing the desperation and tension in almost all his bouts post-injury in the final two years as Kisenosato. He seems to be at peace with himself, his path and his current situation, and this makes me very happy. Loving the photo.
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    I have promised on a few occasions that I would keep a eye out for who Takanosho's tsukebito is. Well, while reviewing day 7's NHK broadcast, I spotted him. From my list of Chiganoura Stable wrestlers, I feel fairly confident that said tsukebito is Sandanme Taichiyama.
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    Intai-zumo was held today.
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    Just saying this, but the average yokozuna gets their first yusho in their 24th makuuchi honbasho, and Tokushoryu's 24th makuuchi basho was this January, soooo....
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    HATSU 2020 TUG HALL OF FAME AWARD WINNER Yusho Jejima (2nd) Jun-Yusho Profomisakari (2nd) Shukun-sho Jejima (5th) Kanto-sho Jejima (5th) Gino-sho Jejima (5th) Achiyama-sho Philioyamfuji (1st) Kaizen-sho Jejima (1st) Koujuo-sho Akogyokuseki (1st) Kouritsu-sho Jejima (5th) Kiken-sho Benihana (2nd) Benifuun-sho Wakatake (4th) Joaogyanburu-sho Jejima (2nd)
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    THE UNDERDOG GAME (TUG) 2020 HATSU WINNERS & SANSHO Another stellar performance by JEJIMA during 2020 Hatsu. He tied his record for most Sansho in 1 (one) Basho from 2019 Aki Basho - 6 (six). But he added this time the Yusho! Congratulations! The only Sansho he hasn't won yet are the Achiyama-sho and Benifuun-sho! YUSHO: Jejima 336 points JUN YUSHO: Profomisakari 322 points 3rd place: Akogyokuseki 311 points KANTO-SHO (after TB5) Jejima 58 points (Haidouzo and Jakusotsu had also 30 pts. to start) GINO-SHO (Record points) Jejima 125 points [(35 (d13) + 38 (d14) + 52 (d15)] SHUKUN-SHO Jejima 91 points ACHIYAMA-SHO Philioyamfuji 15 points (3 days with Golden Bonus points: d5, d6 and d14) KAIZEN-SHO (Record points) Jejima 180 points improvement (336 – 156 = 180) KOUJOU-SHO Akogyokuseki 14 scoring days KOURITSU-SHO Jejima 30.5 average points/scoring day (336 points/11 scoring days) KIKEN-SHO Benihana 8 scoring days BENIFUUN-SHO Wakatake 3 days with missed opportunities for Golden Bonus points (d1, d5 and d11) JOAOGYANBURU-SHO Jejima after Day 7 dominating the scoring. Day 1: 7 (seven) Gamers achieved Kimboshi (Endo defeating Kakuryu). Day 2: Nobody picked Endo who defeated Hakuho. Day 3: 12 (twelve) Gamers achieved Kimboshi (Hokutofuji defeating Kakuryu. After day 3 – Haidouzo, Jakusotsu, Jejima & Yoohoo were with 2 (two) Kimboshi each. Day 4: 12 (twelve Gamers achieved Kimboshi (Myogiryu defeating Kakuryu). After day 4 – Haidouzo, Jakusotsu & Jejima were with 3 (three) Kimboshi each. Day 5: Pick of the Day 25 pts. (Okinoumi defeating Goeido) – was picked by Jakusotsu & Jejima. Day 6: Both Jakusotsu & Jejima did not score. Day 7: Both Jakusotsu & Jejima did not score. Day 8: Jakusotsu (16 pts.) Jejima (0 points) Day 9: Jakusotsu (19 pts.) Jejima (28 points) Day 10: Jakusotsu (0 pts.) Jejima (29 points) Day 11: Jakusotsu (18 pts.) Jejima (29 points) Day 12: Jakusotsu (22 pts.) Jejima (0 points) Day 13: Jakusotsu (18 pts.) Jejima (35 points) Day 14: Jakusotsu (20 pts.) Jejima (38 points) Day 15: Jakusotsu (32 pts.) Jejima (52 points) Congratulations to the 2020 Hatsu Yusho and Sansho winners !!! Thanks to all Gamers for your support of TUG and continuous participation. Hope to see you all in March at 2020 Haru Basho! Let’s continue recruiting new Gamers. Best Regards, Achiyama, TUG Rijicho
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    My prediction is that he won't make it out of high makushita. He's simply too small and it will only take his opponents 1 match against him to completely figure him out.
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    I should make some deliberate errors in the database, then I'd know if the newspapers get the stats from it.