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    As the self-appointed online president of the Western Canadian chapter of the Goeidou fan club, I have prepared the following statement: "This sucks." Thank you. The club is hereby formally disbanded.
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    I started watching ozumo seriously about 4 years ago. I don't know Goeido's past sumo history before then. I can only compare Goiedo I know against other Ozeki during the last 5 years. All have fallen from the rank before Goeido. He was also one of the few Ozeki who took the yusho in the last four years I've been watching ozumo. It was zensho yusho at that while beating two Yokozuna. I'd like to also remind folks that he was an Ozeki in the era of Hak, Kak, Haruma, and Kise. Just getting a KK with battling those four every basho is a tall order regardless. Gaming the Kadoban? Please. Goeido belonged in the rank, outlasting the others and retiring with dignity.
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    Grumpy complaints, obvious observations, useless maunderings. The usual.
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    Oh yes, I am definitely tongue-in-cheek here. It was a not-entirely-obvious reference to a negative post about the yokozuna performances about 15 pages back, to which I'd responded. I mean, this thread is only 45 pages long and I know everyone only checks the forums for my witless banter, so I expect everyone to keep up! Tut tut!
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    Before he joined pro sumo. Hokaho / Hakuho. A bit of a Miyagino-beya tryout.
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    Ex-ozeki Goeido in "no doubt" about retirement
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    So, to sum up: Ura, 7-0 Jonidan Yusho Naya, 3-4 Mudouhou, the other grandson, 6-1 Amakaze, 4-3 Chiyonokuni, 3-4 Rouga, 5-2 Motobayashi, 4-3 Nihonyanagi, 7-0, Jonokuchi yusho Dewanoryuu, new Mongolian from Dewanoumi beya, 6-1 Joukouryuu, 6-1 Hokahou, 4-3 Kitanowaka , 5-2 Gagamaru, 0-3-4 Yoshii , 4-3 Wakaichirou, 5-2
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    He should go 0-0-15 kyujo next basho and come back healthy. He will then be in a position to pull off a Tokushoryu.
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    It seems they talked about Goeido’s retirement, the injuries to both Yokozuna, the usual comments about Hakuho using kachiage not being against the rules but not what the audience wants to see, and also that they see the changing of the guard happening before our eyes.
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    The new article from the Brazil_Japan paper talks of about 1200 athletes from 14 countries - from Brasil for the 5 athletes, there are 3 officials for a team of 8 The promoters of the event are the "10th Hakuho cup executive committee", the general incorporated association "Hakuho dream fund" and as special sponsor pachinko maker SANKYO Co., Ltd. The bouts are planned to take place from 8h till 18h - similar to a full day at the basho. https://hakuho-cup.com/ Amami island rivals Toyoda and Shigemura train for the 5th year event - Toyada won in his 2nd and 3rd year, but lost last year to the Mongolian surprise winner Badnaanyambuu http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/38662-hakuho-cup-2019/ http://amamishimbun.co.jp/2020/01/27/22882/ What performance will last year's gino-sho wonder Motomura deliver - and will Mahato win a few?
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    I imagine for some of them it is that they just can't stand the thought of doing something else, and maybe fear of becoming an Oyakata and having to make that transition. Most of the ones that keep going have been doing it for 20 years by the time they drop from the Ozeki ranks - it must be hard to consider a sudden change to something else. Their identity is tied up in being a rikishi, and then they have to change that to being an oyakata, something entirely different. It never surprises me when they soldier on to the bitter end.
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    I have to share this entiment. Aki basho 2016 was the first event I watched fully, because after couple days I got hooked to see if this guy can really win them all... And have been hooked ever since. All the success to Goeido in his future plans.
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    Hello -- I received this awesome curtain from my friend for my birthday and would like to know which Yokozuna is depicted. Can anyone help? Thank you so much! All my best, Josh
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    To help the experts identifying the kanji:
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    I've read on a Japanese amasumo blog that Yukihiro Hasimoto, last year's captain of Waseda University, will be turning pro with Onoe beya (apparently his family has Kumamoto ties like the oyakata). He has a sandamne qualification as a result of making the best 8 of the student championships. He was also runner-up in a national tournament earlier that year, and in his 2nd-year was the 135kg national weight class champion. On the right. He is about 178cm and 125kg, and is an oshi-specialist. He reminds me a bit of Chiyonoumi. He is also the guy beating Naya in the second video above
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    Wakaichiro gets his fourth win. Roga wins.
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    Mudouhou (4-0, on the right) the other grandson, Jonokuchi 27E, faces Daigonishiki (3-1, Jonokuchi 15W):
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    I recently quit a 18 year membership in a leading IT forum, because it was getting too toxic. One of the nicest things here is, people just explain it. No "what a stupid question" stuff or making fun of, just passing down the knowledge in a civilised manner.