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    Day 11 (results, text-only results) 10-1 M4w Shodai, M17w Tokushoryu 9-2 Oe Takakeisho, M9w Yutakayama, M11w Kagayaki 8-3 M2e Hokutofuji, M14e Terutsuyoshi All green atop the hoshitori again, but with one name fewer than yesterday - Tochiozan lost rather decisively to pursuer Kagayaki and has now fallen out of the three-loss group. Terutsuyoshi and Hokutofuji (how did he win that?) did better against Takanosho and Tamawashi respectively and secured their kachikoshi records. Obviously they still have a shot at the yusho, but the fewer days there are to go the more it may become an issue that they need to chase down no less than five better-placed competitors. Is Daieisho the most exciting man in makuuchi today? Win or lose, his matches rarely disappoint, and today's slugfest against Shodai was no exception. Full credit to Shodai for weathering the storm until he was ultimately able to hit a quick pair of mighty one-handed shoves to first get Daieisho off himself and then out. Co-leader Tokushoryu was largely in control of fellow big man Aoiyama until the Bulgarian tried to rush a finish, but Tokushoryu countered expertly for a close win by thrustdown. The three pursuers for their part all won convincingly. Kagayaki defeated Tochiozan as mentioned, Yutakayama came through a spirited - but ultimately not very threatening - challenge by Shohozan, and ozeki Takakeisho swiftly disposed of recent high-ranker killer Takarafuji. The penultimate bout of the day featured a current ex-ozeki versus a likely future one in Takayasu - Goeido, in which the kadoban still-incumbent managed to avoid his makekoshi and demotion for now. With two maegashira as well as Asanoyama (tomorrow) and Takakeisho (presumably Day 15) still to come, a kachikoshi finish remains quite unlikely though. All four lower sanyaku were on the losing side on Day 11, with Takayasu and Daieisho joined in defeat by Asanoyama against Enho and Abi against Mitakeumi. With this fifth loss we're getting to the point where the discussion on Asanoyama is sadly completing the shift from "Can he become ozeki here?" to "Will he even be on a run next time?". (Maybe Shodai's now gonna be the next ozeki after all...) With Shodai, Hokutofuji, Mitakeumi and Endo (in the M1 battle with Myogiryu) all victorious it continues to look like we'll have an overabundance of candidates for the sekiwake and komusubi slots, with this quartet plus Asanoyama and potentially Goeido and Abi. 1-3-7 Hakuho Y Kakuryu 1-4-6 9-2 Takakeisho O Goeido 4-7 6-5 Asanoyama S Takayasu 4-7 5-6 Abi K Daieisho 3-8 (x) 7-4 Endo M1 Myogiryu 3-8 (x) 8-3 Hokutofuji M2 Mitakeumi 7-4 (x) 3-8 Tamawashi M3 7-4 Okinoumi M4 Shodai 10-1 M5 Enho 6-5 (x) 5-6 Takarafuji M6 Tochinoshin 5-6 (x) (x) 5-6 Shohozan M7 M8 Ryuden 7-4 M9 Yutakayama 9-2 (x) 6-5 Sadanoumi M10 M11 Kagayaki 9-2 ... M17 Tokushoryu 10-1 (Looks like tomorrow's table will be a lot more streamlined...) With both yokozuna kyujo it's Takakeisho who has inherited the standard quasi-top dog schedule, so after his final maegashira opponent in Tochinoshin tomorrow, he should be facing the two sekiwake and his fellow ozeki in ascending order. Goeido's rank survival will be at stake against Asanoyama, while Takayasu will need to avoid makekoshi against Enho. A leader vs pursuer matchup has been set for early in the day, when Tokushoryu meets Kagayaki; the other co-leader Shodai will be tested by komusubi Abi. The list of most endangered maegashira is down from three to two, after Shimanoumi continued his dominance of ex-ozeki Kotoshogiku by beating him for the fourth time in as many meetings. Kotoeko's losing streak reached day 8 at Chiyotairyu's hands (inasmuch as he's currently able to use them...), and Ikioi also remains in big trouble after today's defeat by Ishiura. Chiyomaru should be secure for Haru basho after vanquishing Sadanoumi, while Kaisei will have to wait at least one day longer, having lost to higher-ranked Onosho today. He's newly joined in almost-safety by Chiyotairyu as well as (surprisingly) rookie Kiribayama, who defeated Azumaryu to run his current winning streak to four. Juryo presented the usual mixed bag, with one big winner: Daishoho was victorious for the 7th day in a row and can just about get ready to celebrate an immediate return to the top division after last basho's 3-12 disaster that sent him down. It's just one more win required across the final four days for numerical credibility, and given the dearth of other contenders that would almost certainly be good enough in actuality, too. Winning trio Kotonowaka, Nishikigi and Daiamami comprise a set of at least halfway credible further contenders, all three essentially tied on their rank/record combinations right now, with yusho leader Terunofuji continuing to provide a wildcard. M3 Kotoyuki kyujo (?) M4 (?) 1-7-3 Meisei M5 ... M10 (1) 4-7 Chiyotairyu M11 (2) 3-8 Tsurugisho M12 Chiyomaru 5-6 (o) (2) 4-7 Kotoshogiku M13 Kotoeko 2-9 (4) M14 Shimanoumi 4-7 (2) (2) 5-6 Azumaryu M15 Ikioi 4-7 (3) M16 Kaisei 6-5 (1) (1) 7-4 Kiribayama M17 J1 Chiyoshoma 4-7 (4) (3) 6-5 Kotonowaka J2 Hidenoumi 5-6 (4) (~) 4-7 Daishomaru J3 (3) 7-4 Nishikigi J4 Mitoryu 5-6 (~) (4) 6-5 Wakatakakage J5 Daishoho 9-2 (1) (3) 8-3 Daiamami J6 Tobizaru 6-5 (~) (x) 5-6 Ichinojo J7 J8 Kotoshoho 7-4 (~) (~) 7-4 Kyokushuho J9 Akua 7-4 (~) ... J13 Terunofuji 11-0 (3) I can't quite decide if it was good sumo by Yago or bad sumo by Chiyootori that I got to watch there, but the former managed to win for the first time in five days and is now significantly more likely to retain his sekitori ranking for March. The same can't be said for Chiyootori who remains co-frontrunner for demotion, now alongside only Sakigake who lost to a major henka by Kyokushuho. Two others have extricated themselves from the worst mess for the moment, as Sokokurai came through against Kizakiumi (who was on the offense for most of the bout...) and Churanoumi had a strong if a bit surprising win over upper-ranked Daishomaru. Hoshoryu won the low-ranker derby against Toyonoshima and looks very likely to collect his first sekitori kachikoshi now. Big day in high makushita today, and not only because so many of them were in action. The one head-to-head matchup saw veteran Akiseyama prevail over youngster Oki, so the latter will have to regroup outside the top 5 next time while Akiseyama can continue to dream of another lucky return to the paid ranks. The rest of the Day 11 results have made this quite the longshot, however, as every other top 5 promotion contender was also successful, and Akiseyama can no longer finish better than 5th in the promotion queue. The top spot has been claimed by Wakamotoharu, in any case, now 6-0 after beating Kotodaigo and in line to secure his second makushita championship exactly a year after the first. (?) kyujo Tomokaze J1 J2 J3 Kizakiumi 1-10 (1) ... J7 Yago 3-8 (1) ... (2) 4-7 Sokokurai J10 Takagenji 4-7 (2) (2) 4-7 Toyonoshima J11 Irodori 1-6-4 (x) (2) 5-6 Asagyokusei J12 Churanoumi 5-6 (2) (3) 4-7 Chiyootori J13 (1) 7-4 Hoshoryu J14 Sakigake 5-6 (3) Ms1 Wakamotoharu 6-0 (o) 4-2 Midorifuji Ms2 (x) 2-4 Oki Ms3 Chiyonoumi 4-2 3-3 Akiseyama Ms4 Hakuyozan 5-1 3-3 Naya Ms5 ... Ms9 Kotodaigo 5-1 (x) Suspenseful race for promotion slots 2 to 4 between Midorifuji, Chiyonoumi and Hakuyozan coming up. You'd have to think that at least the 4-2 pair will be making trips to juryo on the final weekend, while I'm not that sure about Hakuyozan yet. They're scrounged up another possible matchup between double-digit rankers, and tomorrow's winner of Sokokurai-Asagyokusei will be significantly more likely to retain his rank than the loser. Sakigake will be going against Tobizaru (J6w 6-5) and Chiyootori against Daishomaru (J3e 4-7), in what are almost must-win bouts already. Takagenji (four straight losses) is next to meet Kizakiumi, while Toyonoshima will face Yago. Juryo yusho race through Day 11: 11-0 J13w Terunofuji 10-1 --- 9-2 J5w Daishoho 8-3 J6e Daiamami Kotoshoho (now 7-4) was sent packing from the "race" by Daishoho, so it's now just the Oitekaze pair in pursuit of our runaway leader. Terunofuji and Daishoho will face off tomorrow, the last opportunity for somebody to re-inject something resembling suspense into this competition, as Terunofuji would certainly not be losing a three-win lead with three days to go. I kind of assume his Day 13 opponent will be Daiamami regardless of how tomorrow's result goes, so together the Dai duo could be eliminating the current two-win gap. Not that it's looking too likely... Tomorrow's opponent for Daiamami is fellow promotion contender Nishikigi, anyway.
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    Tokushouryuu still tied for the lead, wins after a monoii today: "I thought maybe my foot did go out, but the gunbai was pointing at me, so.. I was lucky. I was telling myself that It will be good if I will calmly do all I am able to do. " He is from Nara Prefecture, called by some "The Place of Sumo Origin." At present, there are no sumo clubs in any high school there. "When i was in Junior High there was a sumo club. It's really sad. I can only gambarize on the dohyo, so if I can stir even some interest.." said Tokushouryuu. The last yusho by a Nara rikishi was won back in 1922 by Tsurugahama. "I'll take it a day at a time," added Tokushouryuu quietly. "There are kids who join the heya because of Tokushouryuu. He is our heya's God of fortune!," said Kise Oyakata. Shimanoumi is also from Kise beya and is three years younger than him. "He has helped me a lot and never makes me feel that he is superior, " he said. Yusho? "I'm not taking notice of what's going on around me..." summed Tokushouryuu. As an aside, I remember when he first entered as Aoki (together with Takarafuji) we were speculating that he would get far.
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    1) Can you identify this Yokozuna? 2) I am the Yokozuna 3) The Yokozuna is Tanikaze Kajinosuke ergo, 4) You are Tanikaze Kajinosuke. This must be the most profound thread I've ever encountered on this Forum.
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    Hey. Nothing at all to do with sumo, but I thought I’d share a few thoughts on life inside China right now as the fear and panic about the coronavirus starts to take effect, almost growing in parallel with the pandemic itself. As of last night the city of Wuhan, where the virus orginated, is sealed off. Flights and trains only arrive – all departures are cancelled. Public transport in the city is also cancelled so people can only move about on foot, by bike or private car. Chinese social media is full of stories of selfish Wuhan residents fleeing overnight in their cars before the quarantine came into effect. The internet is not being kind to these people, especially people in Shanghai, where most people seem to say they are fleeing towards. That’s where I am too, so I’m not thrilled about the prospect of lots of infected people heading my way. Some of the people fleeing have even been very open about the fact that they are sick and intending to visit hospitals in Shanghai, which is just fantastic. Meanwhile, shops have pretty much sold out of face masks and more and more people are wearing them. At the start of the week the atmosphere was pretty indifferent, but as the days have gone by and the start of Spring Festival has gotten closer I’ve definitely noticed a change. People in Shanghai have started worrying about the mass movement of people around the country. As you may know, up to a third of Shanghai residents come from other parts of China so a lot of them will be on the move this week, potentially returning to the city from infected areas. That’s the risk a tier one city faces that smaller cities don’t. Most companies have told their employees to work from home if they have any flu-like symptoms (I have a runny nose today so am working from home) and if they go to Hubei province this week to either stay there or work from home for a couple of weeks after the holiday. The mood is palpably much bleaker now than last week. There’s a lot of mistrust in the official numbers and more and more people are avoiding being out in public longer than needed because they don’t believe the claims about how the virus is spreading. Suspicion is growing. This is not to say there aren’t plenty of people casually going about their life, because in the main I’d still say they are, but things are shifting day by day. My family have cancelled our usual Spring Festival dinners because we all agreed it’s best to avoid places like restaurants. That would be unthinkable in any other year. It’s like cancelling Christmas. Anyway, that’s all for now. Happy Chinese New Year to you all.
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    This is not possible. Why is up to you to find out. If I do this as a courtesy to Sakura, I sorta have to do it for everyone.
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    I truly thought "oh no here's Tokushoryu comming up to makuuchi again to get crushed".
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    The training regime was too intense and cruel. They'd send the rikishi out to fend off the tourist-crazed deer of Nara with packs of senbei stuffed into their mawashi. The casualties were absolutely staggering. Eventually the government declared a humanitarian crisis and stepped in to disband the practice, but not before tens of thousands of students had lost their lives.
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    Shoudai, winning and remaining tied for the lead: "It was my opponent's pace. It's day by day. I've got to desperately keep my concentration.." Kiribayama, beating fellow Mongolian Azumaryuu and getting his 7th win as a Makuuchi newbie: "I did not want to lose. It's still a day by day situation, and I would like to do my own sumo." Tamawashi, last year's Hatsu basho winner, gets his makekoshi: "I can't be doing this kind of strange sumo till the end.. My spirit will not be dampened and I would like to do sumo that will please the crowd that expects it!" Endou, ending his losing streak at three and getting his seventh win: "I want to do diligent sumo!" Myougiryuu, hikiotoshi'd by Endou, makekoshi: "It's regrettable but there is nothing I can do about it.. If I diligently perform the next four days it will connect to the next basho. I would like to continue without giving up!" Daieishou, makekoshi in his first ever sanyaku basho: "I face every day with the same feeling but if I don't win it's meaningless. All I can do is diligently face the remaining days!" Mitakeumi, having a wild tsuki/oshi battle against Abi: "My body is moving, so I could go about it diligently calmly.." Takakeishou, oshidashiing Takarafuji and staying at two losses: "Since I'm chasing the leaders I'm not really aware of anything. It's no use if I don't win." Takarafuji, losing against Takakeishou at the tachiai: "My condition has been good so I thought I wasn't going to lose by being shoved but his strength is something else.. My opponent took my composure away.." Kagayaki, remaining one loss behind the leaders after winning today: " My first step is good and my weight is carrying me forward. I went from under from under and forward and forward and that was good. The fact that I got my kachikoshi already doesn't mean I can ease up now. I am not thinking of the yusho race!" Hokutofuji still in the race, two wins back, kachikoshi: "I felt at ease. I felt Tamawashi was impatient so I think I was calm." Terutsuyoshi, two wins back as well, kachikoshi: "I guess I have achieved my first goal. I don't think I can catch up to the leaders with three losses at this point .."
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    If you ever need a definition for "all over the place" it's Hokutofuji.
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    Ura has won to go to 6-0 down in Jonidan. Comeback Pt. II continues, ganbatte URA! Dreaming that we one day see Enho vs. Ura in Makuuchi.
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    https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/01/22/women-sumo-japan-olympics/ excellent article
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    Small clerical error on Wakamotoharu's win count for Day 11.
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    No rishiki seems to take it more seriously than Hokutofuji. I think that his sumo relies mostly in his willpower.
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    At least we have one Ozeki or Ozeki hopeful who is wrestling to that standard this basho...
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    And of course Kagayaki is 4-1 lifetime against Takakeisho, so go figure, or go go penguin if you prefer... We're heading for a rock, paper, scissors finale.
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    I've read on a Japanese amasumo blog that Yukihiro Hasimoto, last year's captain of Waseda University, will be turning pro with Onoe beya (apparently his family has Kumamoto ties like the oyakata). He has a sandamne qualification as a result of making the best 8 of the student championships. He was also runner-up in a national tournament earlier that year, and in his 2nd-year was the 135kg national weight class champion. On the right. He is about 178cm and 125kg, and is an oshi-specialist. He reminds me a bit of Chiyonoumi. He is also the guy beating Naya in the second video above
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    OK, I'll just add, again, that I thought (and was right) that Enhou had a chance, an even chance, of beating Endou. Most didn't. I and 11 others were right. To me, there was plenty of reason to pick Enhou. They had never met before. Enhou is unfathomable. Endou does pretty nerdy straightforward sumo. I felt he wouldn't know ho to handle the little guy, first encounter and all. I never check to see the last few days' records as to me they are irrelevant. I play by gut, always have. Perhaps that's why I suck in the games, but there you have it. I do check for possible injuries, and I won't pick a match involving Tsurugishou or Chiyotairyuu, even if he did win today.. In the end, the ISP pick is one man's choice based on one man's view. I think we've beaten this horse twice over. We disagree, that's fine.
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    Well, Tokushoryu won his last four encounters with Kagayaki and is 2-3 against Yutakayama (winning the most recent), so go figure...
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    Enho is now 6-5, and so he'll need 2 more wins over the next four days for his KK. Of course, as you suggest, it is not a sure thing. Tomorrow he fights Takayasu, which could end up like his bout against Takakeisho (i.e., a loss), or it could end up like his bout against say Goeido or Asanoyama. Takayasu is not particularly quick to react, so Enho may be able to run circles around the ex-Ozeki. Bottom line: Enho is showing that he is more than capable of holding his own among the big guys and that he is not going away any time soon.
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    Decapitation wouldn't stop everyone. Tagonoura would still send his rikishi into the ring, telling them it was an advantage. "They can't kubinage you if you don't have a kubi!"
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    Terutsuyoshi, third loss: "I just floated upright.. I couldn't generate any power in my body. Huge damage.." Kiribayama, beating ex-Ozeki Kotoshougiku: "I used to watch him on TV growing up in Mongolia so I'm happy.. At the shikiri-sen, I was so scared I couldn't look him in the eye.." Tsurugishou, unable to use his left foot due to the knee injury, getting his sixth loss: " I guess someone who can't do sumo is facing someone healthy.. It probably is an uncomfortable situation.." Kagayaki, remaining with only two losses: "I'm going forward so that leads to wins. All I can do is do my own sumo!" Yutakayama, facing Ounoshou who had beaten him in all 6 previous bouts between them, wins and remains with two losses: "I didn't intend to think about that too much. It was good sumo. If I can continue like this I won't be complaining.." Ounoshou, getting his face flattened by Yutakayama's tsuppari attacks: "It was OK. I remember only till the middle.. After the bout everything was blurred.." Shouhouzan, facing leader Shoudai tomorrow: "Our head to heads are in his favor (4-10) but that doesn't mean a thing.. No use thinking about that. I'll be going all out!" Abi, beating Endou by tsukidashi and now with more wins than losses: " I'm happy. He went for my arm but I managed to counter that, and I feel I'm gradually improving."
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    I only realized just now that I didn't get the final ex-sekitori Kyushu results posted in November, so here goes... new KK: Churanoumi, Chiyonoumi, Gokushindo, Kitaharima, Kizenryu, Chiyoarashi, Keitenkai, Kagamio, Tokushinho, Ryuko, Higonojo, Amakaze new MK: Chiyonokuni Great finish to the basho there. Record Rank Shikona Heya Age Out HiRk M# J# 4-3 Ms1e Churanoumi Kise 25 3 J14 2 4-3 Ms1w Chiyootori Kokonoe 27 12 K 19 16 5-2 Ms2e Asagyokusei Takasago 26 1 J14 1 3-4 Ms2w Chiyonokuni Kokonoe 29 3 M1 25 16 4-3 Ms3e Sakigake Shibatayama 33 29 J10 5 1-6 Ms4w Daiseido Kise 26 4 J12 3 2-5 Ms5e Chiyonoo Kokonoe 28 6 M15 2 31 intai Ms5w Takanofuji Chiganoura 22 1 J5 4 4-3 Ms6e Chiyonoumi Kokonoe 26 1 J8 8 3-4 Ms6w Seiro Shikoroyama 31 1 M14 3 31 kyujo Ms8e Arawashi Minezaki 33 2 M2 21 16 5-2 Ms10e Hakuyozan Takadagawa 24 3 J3 6 7-0 Y Ms10w Terunofuji Isegahama 28 9 O 24 5 4-3 Ms14w Gokushindo Nishikido 23 6 J13 1 4-3 Ms15w Toyohibiki Sakaigawa 35 11 M2 52 14 4-3 Ms16e Kitaharima Yamahibiki 33 13 M15 1 24 6-1 Ms17e Asabenkei Takasago 30 9 J7 7 5-2 Ms17w Fujiazuma Tamanoi 32 16 M4 17 18 4-3 Ms19w Sagatsukasa Irumagawa 37 34 M9 6 22 4-3 Ms21e Kizenryu Kise 34 8 J11 9 4-3 Ms23w Chiyoarashi Kokonoe 28 38 J10 4 4-3 Ms27e Keitenkai Onomatsu 29 43 J11 1 4-3 Ms31e Kagamio Kagamiyama 31 21 M9 7 14 4-3 Ms33e Tokushinho Kise 35 24 J6 27 4-3 Ms43w Ryuko Onoe 21 2 J12 1 2-5 Ms44w Takaryu Kise 27 26 J13 1 4-3 Ms45w Higonojo Kise 35 33 J9 4 5-2 Ms46e Jokoryu Kise 31 5 K 15 13 6-1 Ms48e Nionoumi Yamahibiki 32 38 M16 1 12 3-4 Ms58w Asahisho Tomozuna 30 15 M11 4 30 4-3 Sd3e Amakaze Oguruma 28 10 M13 1 18 3-3-1 Sd7e Masunoyama Chiganoura 29 28 M4 13 12 0-1-6 Sd8e Hitenryu Tatsunami 35 49 J13 2 2-5 Sd50w Yoshiazuma Tamanoi 42 31 M12 3 18 3-4 Sd54w Dairaido Takadagawa 39 79 J2 6 3-4 Sd75w Kaonishiki Azumazeki 41 49 J6 2 6-1 Jd106w Ura Kise 27 11 M4 5 6
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    Reading this article immediately made him more likeable to me. I thought he was just showboating before, but now I see more clearly what he's about. Thanks for posting the link.
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    Terotsuyoshi - Earthquake Boy. http://www.asahi.com/sp/ajw/articles/AJ202001170046.html