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    You need two for backscratching.
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    Day 10 (results, text-only results) 9-1 M4w Shodai, M17w Tokushoryu 8-2 Oe Takakeisho, M9w Yutakayama, M11w Kagayaki 7-3 M2e Hokutofuji, M14e Terutsuyoshi, M16e Tochiozan Both leaders and all three pursuers marched on (and as stated last tournament already: Kagayaki?!), so the race remains wide open as we move on to the closing stretch of the tournament. Shodai prevailed in the Sho-down once again, defeating Shohozan for the fourth straight time and in quite decisive fashion, and Tokushoryu unleashed a powerful shove to dispose of Chiyomaru having been put under serious pressure up to that point. The sole contender from sanyaku, ozeki Takakeisho, easily dealt with Enho meanwhile, although he clearly appeared to be mindful of any possible tachiai tricks. Day 10 sadly also got us a big step closer to having just one ozeki for Haru, after Goeido picked up his 7th loss against Takarafuji, who did another workmanlike job after defeating Takayasu yesterday, while (now ex-)promotion contender Asanoyama found former ozeki Tochinoshin too much to handle, somewhat unexpectedly. The only winning lower sanyaku of the day was Takayasu, though Abi nearly had him beat. Daieisho had a typically exciting slapfest with Hokutofuji, won by the maegashira with a surprise shift and drag on the komusubi's arm eventually. Following maegashira lead Endo's third straight loss, today against Mitakeumi, Hokutofuji is also your new second frontrunner for a sanyaku promotion next to yusho-leading Shodai. 1-3-6 Hakuho Y Kakuryu 1-4-5 8-2 Takakeisho O Goeido 3-7 6-4 Asanoyama S Takayasu 4-6 5-5 Abi K Daieisho 3-7 6-4 Endo M1 Myogiryu 3-7 7-3 Hokutofuji M2 Mitakeumi 6-4 3-7 Tamawashi M3 6-4 Okinoumi M4 Shodai 9-1 M5 Enho 5-5 5-5 Takarafuji M6 Tochinoshin 5-5 5-5 Shohozan M7 Onosho 4-6 (x) M8 Ryuden 6-4 M9 Yutakayama 8-2 6-4 Sadanoumi M10 M11 Kagayaki 8-2 ... M17 Tokushoryu 9-1 Day 11 brings the first mini-test for Tokushoryu - it's still only Aoiyama (M8e 4-6), but at least they're moving the co-leader up against single-digit opposition now. Shodai will meet his penultimate sanyaku opponent in Daieisho; only Abi remains after that. And in the musubi no ichiban, it's Takakeisho against Takarafuji...uh-oh! The head-to-head stands at 3-2 in the ozeki's favour, but with Takarafuji having won the last two meetings including the only one since Takakeisho earned the second-highest rank. Rough day at the office on the dohyo for the maegashira demotion candidates - just 4 wins for the 12 rikishi, and three of those came in direct matchups among them; only Ishiura was successful beating a non-endangered opponent in Ryuden. He should be safe now, as is Tochiozan after his defeat of Shimanoumi, for whom the air is getting rather thin after four straight losses. Kotoeko is riding an even bigger losing streak amounting to seven days now and can only afford one more loss after today's against Kagayaki. Ikioi remains our third main candidate for demotion even after today's success against Chiyotairyu - who was little more than a sitting duck, having been robbed of his pushing attack by yesterday's elbow damage. Tsurugisho continues to look not much better than that with his ailing leg, and was defeated by Kiribayama. With three wins in a row, the top division debutant is suddenly looking like he just might hang in. Over in juryo we're down to just one credible promotion contender with Daishoho who clinched his kachikoshi against Kotonowaka, and should only have two more wins to go. Kotonowaka thus remained stuck at four wins required for a promotable record, as did Daiamami, losing to Chiyoshoma. They have plenty of company at that in the upper ranks now, but who knows if any of these guys will actually produce a 4-1 finish to the basho. The second-best candidate for promotion might well be undefeated leader Terunofuji at this point. M3 Kotoyuki kyujo (?) M4 (?) 1-7-2 Meisei M5 ... M10 Ishiura 4-6 (o) (2) 3-7 Chiyotairyu M11 (2) 3-7 Tsurugisho M12 Chiyomaru 4-6 (1) (2) 4-6 Kotoshogiku M13 Kotoeko 2-8 (4) M14 Shimanoumi 3-7 (3) (2) 5-5 Azumaryu M15 Ikioi 4-6 (3) (o) 7-3 Tochiozan M16 Kaisei 6-4 (1) (2) 6-4 Kiribayama M17 J1 Chiyoshoma 4-6 (4) (4) 5-5 Kotonowaka J2 Hidenoumi 5-5 (4) (5) 4-6 Daishomaru J3 (4) 6-4 Nishikigi J4 Mitoryu 4-6 (~) (4) 6-4 Wakatakakage J5 Daishoho 8-2 (2) (4) 7-3 Daiamami J6 Tobizaru 5-5 (~) (~) 5-5 Ichinojo J7 (x) 5-5 Kyokutaisei J8 Kotoshoho 7-3 (5) (~) 6-4 Kyokushuho J9 Akua 6-4 (~) ... J13 Terunofuji 10-0 (4) Kizakiumi keeps trying his best, but it's just not leading to victories this basho, and Day 10 against Wakatakakage was no exception. At least he's probably only going to face other strugglers from here on, so the last needed win should be coming eventually. I'm not so sure that will be true for Yago, who needs two, and looks nearly as rough as he did in last basho's 4-11 (which was a 1-11 at one stage). He didn't stand much of a chance against bottom-ranked Hoshoryu today. All in all the lower juryo ranks are now a mess of many rikishi needing to finish either 3-2 or 2-3 over the last few days, so it's pretty much anybody's guess who will survive and who won't. Decent enough day overall though, with Hoshoryu joined on the winning side by Asagyokusei, Churanoumi (first win in six days), and Chiyootori. Of course these all faced fellow demotion candidates in Takagenji, Sokokurai and Toyonoshima... Sakigake dropped to 5-5 against Akua and looks a little more dubious for kachikoshi now. Not much action down in makushita, just Akiseyama completing round 5 for the top 5'ers. He did so with a loss in a nice back-and-forth affair with Chiyonokuni, and at 2-3 his repromotion hopes are hanging on by a thread. (?) kyujo Tomokaze J1 J2 J3 Kizakiumi 1-9 (1) ... J7 Yago 2-8 (2) ... (3) 3-7 Sokokurai J10 Takagenji 4-6 (2) (2) 4-6 Toyonoshima J11 Irodori 1-6-3 (x) (2) 5-5 Asagyokusei J12 Churanoumi 4-6 (3) (3) 4-6 Chiyootori J13 (2) 6-4 Hoshoryu J14 Sakigake 5-5 (3) Ms1 Wakamotoharu 5-0 3-2 Midorifuji Ms2 2-3 Oki Ms3 Chiyonoumi 3-2 2-3 Akiseyama Ms4 Hakuyozan 4-1 2-3 Naya Ms5 ... Ms9 Kotodaigo 5-0 Irodori has not returned in time for Day 11, so he should be headed down now. With only a few days to go it's just a matter of finishing up the last few remaining low-ranker head-to-head matchups (tomorrow: Toyonoshima-Hoshoryu), the rest of their slates will have to come either against higher-ranked opposition or eventually against makushita guests. Or if they're lucky they'll get Yago (vs. Chiyootori tomorrow) or Kizakiumi (vs. Sokokurai)... All promotion contenders ranked Ms1w to Ms5e are in action tomorrow, but only with one direct meeting: Oki and Akiseyama will decide which one of them will get to challenge their final match with kachikoshi on the line and who will be MK and out of the race early. Wakamotoharu will secure his return to juryo, not to mention continue his yusho quest, if he is able to defeat Kotodaigo.
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    Aw, yeah. I'm going to get to dust off my "Goeidou just needs X+1 wins in X days" joke and I'm feeling pretty stoked about it. It's like visiting an old friend you haven't seen in years months weeks.
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    (Ran out of time yesterday, so turning the format around today...) Juryo yusho race through Day 9: 9-0 J13w Terunofuji 8-1 --- 7-2 J5w Daishoho, J6e Daiamami 6-3 J8w Kotoshoho, J9e Kyokushuho Juryo yusho race through Day 10: 10-0 J13w Terunofuji 9-1 --- 8-2 J5w Daishoho 7-3 J6e Daiamami, J8w Kotoshoho It's looking increasingly unlikely that somebody will be able to put dirt on Terunofuji this basho - nobody's been able to match him physically, and while the two big boppers Ichinojo and Mitoryu might still be in his way, it's hard to see them as a major threat. Ichinojo is clearly still not at 100%, and Mitoryu just lacks the technical chops, I suspect. That probably leaves Oitekaze duo Daishoho and Daiamami as the biggest dangers, or maaaybe a trickster like Chiyoshoma. In any case, while he's not actually the main pursuer now, IMHO Daiamami has looked the best of the non-Terunofujis so far, outside of his puzzling Day 4 loss to Yago anyway. Meanwhile, Kotoshoho continues to be somewhat of a revelation, showing off a nice combination of power and speed that will probably see him in makuuchi before too long. Daishoho is his usual plodding self, but it's been working a lot better here than it did in his last two tournaments up in the top division. (Token yusho race comment:) But no, I can't see any of the three still catching up to the leader. Lower division yusho races (Day 9 results with links to video, also as playlist - no Day 10 matches, everybody was in action yesterday already): 5-0 Ms1w Wakamotoharu (Arashio) 5-0 Ms9w Kotodaigo (Sadogatake) 4-1 Ms21e Hatooka (Kise) 4-1 Ms29w Ichiki (Tamanoi) 5-0 Ms35w Ryuko (Onoe) 4-1 Ms43e Tochikamiyama (Kasugano) 5-0 Ms51w Kaito (Asakayama) 5-0 Sd2e Aozora (Kasugano) 4-1 Sd12e Toma (Miyagino) 5-0 Sd16e Yuma (Onomatsu) 4-1 Sd23e Katsunofuji (Sakaigawa) 5-0 Sd26e Sadanohana (Sakaigawa) 4-1 Sd48w Shuji (Kise) 4-1 Sd51w Shimomura (Sakaigawa) 4-1 Sd61e Sadanoryu (Sakaigawa) 5-0 Sd73e Hikarifuji (Isegahama) 5-0 Sd74e Daishokaku (Oitekaze) 5-0 Sd82e Tatsukaze (Oguruma) 4-1 Sd95w Araoyama (Onomatsu) 5-0 Jd7w Komanokuni (Shibatayama) 4-1 Jd11w Mukaida (Naruto) 4-1 Jd22e Taketsukasa (Irumagawa) 5-0 Jd28e Ura (Kise) 4-1 Jd40e Seito (Fujishima) 5-0 Jd49e Otsuji (Takadagawa) 4-1 Jd56e Kotoyamato (Sadogatake) 5-0 Jd64e Harimanada (Onoe) 4-1 Jd67w Tatsunoumi (Yamahibiki) 5-0 Jd82w Ishiazuma (Tamanoi) 5-0 Jd84w Kyokuyuko (Nakagawa) 4-1 Jd93w Mimori (Irumagawa) 4-1 Jd104w Chiyokozan (Kokonoe) 5-0 Jk8e Ariake (Isenoumi) 4-1 Jk8w Andozakura (Shikihide) 5-0 Jk26e Nihonyanagi (Onomatsu) 5-0 Jk27e Mudoho (Otake) Wakamotoharu's successful Day 8 visit to juryo ensured that we're (almost certainly) getting a standard 4-man bracket playing down to the yusho winner in makushita now. The top-ranker should be favoured in that, but not hugely so. High makushita regular Kotodaigo is obviously good enough to prove a stumbling block, and recent sekitori Ryuko also appears to be reasonably recovered from his injury that sent him down to the middle of the division. And even Kaito is generally more at home in the upper ranks, only finding himself down at Ms51 due to a disastrous 0-7 record two months ago. In other words, a very credible field for this yusho race. (I'd still have Wakamotoharu as my pick though.) No same-stable playoffs this basho; the biggest chance for that was courtesy of the abundance of four Sakaigawa rikishi in sandanme, but only one of them was left standing by the Day 9 results. There's no obvious favourite here in sandanme as none of the 6 contenders look particularly underranked; Aozora has of course been much higher, but he's 36, and high sandanme seems to be about his current level. Jonidan is likewise down to 6 zensho records, and obviously most eyes will be on Ura for the second time. He does have to contend with a couple of competitors who also don't belong down in jonidan, namely 29-year-old Komanokuni who was still elevatoring between makushita and sandanme two recent injuries ago, and 25-year-old Kyokuyuko who had just made his makushita debut 8 months back. Still, I'm expecting the victory for Ura this time. Jonokuchi's race of 3 currently unbeaten rikishi will presumably come down to teenage debutants Nihonyanagi and Mudoho. Mudoho has had a rather remarkable schedule for a zensho contender, as the numbers have worked out such that his only undefeated opponent so far was on the first day at 0-0; all other aite including tomorrow's had a 1-loss record at the time of their meeting.
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    Terunofuji, ex-Ozeki with 10 straight wins in Juryo, leading the race alone: "I was aiming for double digit wins before the basho so I'm happy i achieved that. I want to do sumo where I use all my power." Chiyomaru, being tsukiotoshi'd by Tokushouryuu who has never beaten him in 6 Makuuchi bouts before: "I tried to force it and over-attacked.. This basho, Tokushouryuu is in better shape!" Terutsuyoshi, getting shoved back by Aoiyama after a matta: "When someone does that to me it lights a fire under me. it's like adding oil to an already burning fire.." Shouhouzan, beaten by red-hot Shoudai: "Nothing special about my opponent. Tomorrow is another day." Tochinoshin, throwing down Asanoyama who likes the same grip: "I was calm and that was good." Asanoyama, 4th loss: "I couldn't see it through. If I don't do the little things that need to be done, the important wins won't come." Takayasu, aimed to return to Ozeki after one basho and failed, but beat Abi in his first bout after that disappointment by hatakikomi: " I managed a good tachiai. I will concentrate and continue till the end!" Takarafuji, beating Goueidou in the final match of the day: "I went up there calmly, telling myself it was OK to lose, and that worked. A lot of kensho money.." Goueidou, 3-7 one more loss and he drops to Sekiwake: "I couldn't save myself. All I can do is give it my all and try to bring to the dohyo the things I have done till now.. I can't generate much power, but I'm not impatient. " Yutakayama, 8-2 and in the race. "Aiming for the yusho is natural. I will follow the guy with one loss. I've been pretty stable so far. One bout a day. All I can do is do my own brand of sumo.." Takakeishou, beating Enhou: "I lost yesterday, so I felt deep inside this was an important match. If I had lost today it would have been three losses, and maybe I might suffer my fourth as well.. I didn't give much though to my opponent's tactics. " Enhou, losing to Takakeishou: "I wasn't planning anything in particular. This is my ability at the moment.. My opponent was manifold better than me. " Shoudai, still in the lead with one loss: "My body is responding well. My opponent likes a left hand grip so I had to keep him away. The rest came with the flow. I still have top ranked opponents to face, so.. I just need to do sumo that would connect to tomorrow and the results will come.."
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    What is the record for the number of former Ozeki in Makuuchi at any one time? We could, just conceivably, have five next basho, if Terunofuji gets promoted, Goeido gets demoted, and Kotoshogiku survives, plus Tochinoshin and Takayasu.
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    Ura has won to go to 6-0 down in Jonidan. Comeback Pt. II continues, ganbatte URA! Dreaming that we one day see Enho vs. Ura in Makuuchi.
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    Keeps the Kokugikan level. Must avoid tipping to the East or West.
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    o M6e Takarafuji (5-5) okuridashi O1w Goeido (3-7) o o o oo ooooo o oo O1e Takakeisho (8-2) oshidashi M5w Enho (5-5) o o o oo o oo o o oo o o oo ooo o o o o o o S1w Takayasu (4-6) hatakikomi K1e Abi (5-5) oo oo oo o M6w Tochinoshin (5-5) shitatenage S1e Asanoyama (6-4) o o oo oo o o o M2e Hokutofuji (7-3) hikkake K1w Daieisho (3-7) o o M3e Tamawashi (3-7) oshidashi M1w Myogiryu (3-7) o M2w Mitakeumi (6-4) uwatedashinage M1e Endo (6-4) o o oo o o o M4w Shodai (9-1) yorikiri M7e Shohozan (5-5) oo o o o o o oo o o o o o oo o o o the local koenkai of Shodai celebrates his win with fireworks o o M4e Okinoumi (6-4) yorikiri M7w Onosho (4-6) o M10w Ishiura (4-6) shitatedashinageM8w Ryuden (6-4) o o M14e Terutsuyoshi (7-3) hikkake M8e Aoiyama (4-6) o o M9w Yutakayama (8-2) oshidashi M15e Azumaryu (5-5) o oo ooo oooo o M9e Takanosho (5-5) oshidashi M16w Kaisei (6-4) o M10e Sadanoumi (6-4) yorikiri M13e Kotoshogiku (4-6) o o M11w Kagayaki (8-2) tsukidashi M13w Kotoeko (2-8) o o o o o M17w Tokushoryu (9-1) tsukiotoshi M12w Chiyomaru (4-6) oo o o o o o o ooo oo o o o o o M17e Kiribayama (6-4) yorikiri M12e Tsurugisho (3-7) o o M16e Tochiozan (7-3) makiotoshi M14w Shimanoumi (3-7) o o J1w Chiyoshoma (4-6) yorikiri J6e Daiamami (7-3) o o J5w Daishoho (8-2) yorikiri J2e Kotonowaka (5-5) o J13w Terunofuji (10-0) oshidashi J3e Daishomaru (4-6) oo ooo o oo o o oo o J4w Mitoryu (4-6) yorikiri J7e Ichinojo (5-5) o J14e Hoshoryu (6-4) uwatenage J7w Yago (2-8) oo o J8w Kotoshoho (7-3) oshidashi J9e Kyokushuho (6-4) o J13e Chiyootori (4-6) yoritaoshi J11e Toyonoshima (4-6) o Ms19w Ryusei (3-2) tsukiotoshi Ms22e Keitenkai (2-3) o o Ms12e Chiyonoo (4-1) yorikiri Ms14e Motobayashi (3-2) o Jd79w Satozakura (2-3) shitatenage Jd82e Oishi (1-4) o today Endo signs the chocolate for the special Haru basho tickets o o oyakata on duty - 2nd day of kanreki photoshoot with Isegahama - yesterday more had the proper attire o o o Hakkaku-beya chanko for the 2nd half of the basho is curry chanko - the oyakata for food PR on YT o o o o
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    Hatsu Basho 2003 Day 10 Ozeki Asashoryu lost for the first time yesterday He leads the Yusho race with ex-Ozeki Dejima Enjoy ! from EuroSport (comments : Syd Hoare) (source : SumoParis - Youtube) Day 10 0:05 M9e Takamisakari (8-2) shitatenage M10w Gojoro (5-5) 1:19 M12w Takanotsuru (8-2) tsukiotoshi M9w Akinoshima (2-8) 2:05 M10e Tochinonada (6-4) shitatenage M8e Tamanoshima (6-4) 2:57 M7e Wakanoyama (4-6) oshidashi M14e Kobo (4-6) 3:37 M13w Kasugao (7-3) shitatenage M7w Shimotori (5-5) 4:29 M11e Jumonji (3-7) tottari M6e Hokutoriki (4-6) 5:22 M11w Kasuganishiki (5-5) yorikiri M6w Kyokushuzan (4-6) 6:02 M3w Dejima (9-1) oshidashi M8w Kotoryu (6-4) 6:52 M2w Toki (1-9) uwatenage M4e Aminishiki (2-8) 7:52 M2e Kyokutenho (7-3) yorikiri M1e Tosanoumi (5-5) 8:33 K1w Wakanosato (8-2) koshinage M5e Kaiho (5-5) 9:53 S1e Takanowaka (6-4) uwatenage M4w Tokitsuumi (4-6) 10:30 K1e Takanonami (5-5) yorikiri S1w Kotomitsuki (6-4) 10:45 O1e Asashoryu (9-1) shitatenage M3e Kotonowaka (4-6) 13:03 O1w Musoyama (4-6) sukuinage M5w Iwakiyama (5-5)
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    Day 9 (results, text-only results) 8-1 M4w Shodai, M17w Tokushoryu 7-2 Oe Takakeisho, M9w Yutakayama, M11w Kagayaki 6-3 Se Asanoyama, M1e Endo, M2e Hokutofuji, M8w Ryuden, M14e Terutsuyoshi, M16e Tochiozan, M16w Kaisei The last thing I expected to be writing about this early in the basho is Takayasu missing out on his ozeki repromotion opportunity...but here we are. Even a highly favourable opponent in Takarafuji, whom Takayasu had beaten the last six times straight going back to late 2016, wasn't sufficient to keep him from picking up his 6th loss today, and it looks like we're now likely to see him altogether down in the maegashira ranks for the March tournament. Not great news for the ozeki rank elsewhere either, with kadoban ozeki Goeido also down at 3-6 having started off the basho with 3 straight losses. Normally I wouldn't be writing off the veteran even now, since the early exits by both yokozuna mean he's only got Takakeisho and Asanoyama remaining as "difficult" opponents (and Takayasu, if he counts), but Goeido really does look quite bad this basho, probably the worst in years. At least Takakeisho has been fulfilling the responsibilities of the rank so far, standing at 7-2. And lastly it doesn't seem as though any reinforcement will be coming at least this time, as Asanoyama finds himself just 6-3, unlikely to secure a promotion to ozeki from here unless he somehow still gets the yusho. (Maaaybe a 12-3 playoff loss would work as well, but I doubt such generosity by the committee for a first-time promotion challenger.) He's been doing good sumo for sure, but it goes to show that consistent double-digit wins and more just aren't a foregone conclusion for anyone right now. So, we might well be down to just 2 yokozuna and 1 ozeki for Haru, but chances are we'll still have - at least - 8 sanyaku rikishi, as bad scores in sanyaku typically mean good ones by high-ranked maegashira, and so there's no shortage of candidates who may be putting up very much promotable records when everything is said and done. Maegashira lead Endo and fellow recent komusubi Hokutofuji are both 6-3 and on course to secure an immediate return, while long-time sanyaku mainstay Mitakeumi has a bit more work left to do from 5-4 (and the worst position among the three). The frontrunner and surprise yusho co-leader is Shodai though, whose sumo appears more confident to me than ever before, including a convincing win over ozeki Takakeisho today. Might the ex-collegiate star finally be fulfilling the expectations people had for him when he turned pro? Joining Takayasu in negative territory is shin-komusubi Daieisho, who doesn't seem to fight much worse than in recent tournaments, but just hasn't been getting the same breaks. With Hokutofuji, Shodai and fellow komusubi Abi still to come it looks relatively unlikely that he'll still salvage a kachikoshi from here, but it wouldn't be a huge surprise if he did. Abi for his part appears to have had a rather quick recovery from the foot injury he suffered shortly before the basho, having looked hampered in his movements only for the first two or three days and pretty much back to normal since. Could well be another KK from 5-4, but with Goeido probably set to fall down from ozeki (unless he retires?), Abi might find the Sekiwake West slot blocked yet again... Last not least we have a really surprise yusho challenger in bottom-ranked Tokushoryu, who's arguably lucky to have got promoted this basho to begin with, but has looked like an absolute world-beater at least against his low maegashira opposition. The 33-year-old hasn't had more than 8 wins in makuuchi in five years and has spent the last two years almost entirely in juryo, so this is certainly coming out of the blue. Now that he's kachikoshi the next couple of torikumi should tell us how seriously they're taking him as an actual yusho threat; for tomorrow he's still getting another low-ranker opponent in Chiyomaru. 1-3-5 Hakuho Y Kakuryu 1-4-4 7-2 Takakeisho O Goeido 3-6 6-3 Asanoyama S Takayasu 3-6 5-4 Abi K Daieisho 3-6 6-3 Endo M1 Myogiryu 3-6 6-3 Hokutofuji M2 Mitakeumi 5-4 2-7 Tamawashi M3 5-4 Okinoumi M4 Shodai 8-1 M5 Enho 5-4 4-5 Takarafuji M6 Tochinoshin 4-5 5-4 Shohozan M7 Onosho 4-5 (x) 4-5 Aoiyama M8 Ryuden 6-3 (x) 4-5 Takanosho M9 Yutakayama 7-2 5-4 Sadanoumi M10 M11 Kagayaki 7-2 ... (x) 6-3 Terutsuyoshi M14 ... M17 Tokushoryu 8-1 Tokushoryu was also still nominally a demotion candidate until today, but that's of course no longer a concern for him now. The lowest-ranked five maegashira were all victorious on Day 9, with returned veterans Tochiozan and Kaisei not far off retaining their ranks now (although neither has looked exactly spectacular up to here). Fellow returnee Ikioi sadly appears rather broken down again following two relatively healthy tournaments in juryo, while newcomer Kiribayama has been finding himself somewhat outclassed against top division opposition, although I think most people were expecting that. Kotoeko and Shimanoumi are the other main candidates for demotion at this time, but Tsurugisho, who injured his knee back on Day 6, may also still fall into the danger zone based on how he has appeared on the dohyo the last couple of days. We may or may not have two demotable maegashira already in fully kyujo Kotoyuki and ailing Meisei, whose decision to enter with a pretty serious-looking arm injury did not go rewarded. Both should normally be safe from as high as they are on the rankings, but after the Tomokaze demotion last time I'm not going to stick my neck out and say it's for certain. The good news for them might be that the upper juryo ranks are significantly less crowded with strong promotion contenders this time. However, Day 9 at least proved quite favourable for them as a group - of the 17 rikishi listed yesterday, 12 were paired up into matches so that naturally led to 6 winners and 6 losers, but the remaining 5 candidates all managed to defeat their opponents for a very strong total score for the day. Still though, there's just one rikishi - Daishoho - who doesn't need to finish at least 4-2 to secure a promotable record by the numbers, so we're probably on course for a finish that will leave a lot of room for either lucky promotions or (more likely) lucky non-demotions. M3 Kotoyuki kyujo (?) M4 (?) 1-7-1 Meisei M5 ... M10 Ishiura 3-6 (1) (2) 3-6 Chiyotairyu M11 (2) 3-6 Tsurugisho M12 Chiyomaru 4-5 (1) (2) 4-5 Kotoshogiku M13 Kotoeko 2-7 (4) M14 Shimanoumi 3-6 (3) (2) 5-4 Azumaryu M15 Ikioi 3-6 (4) (1) 6-3 Tochiozan M16 Kaisei 6-3 (1) (3) 5-4 Kiribayama M17 Tokushoryu 8-1 (o) J1 Chiyoshoma 3-6 (5) (4) 5-4 Kotonowaka J2 Hidenoumi 4-5 (5) (5) 4-5 Daishomaru J3 Kizakiumi 1-8 (x) (5) 5-4 Nishikigi J4 Mitoryu 3-6 (~) (5) 5-4 Wakatakakage J5 Daishoho 7-2 (3) (4) 7-2 Daiamami J6 Tobizaru 5-4 (6) (6) 5-4 Ichinojo J7 (~) 5-4 Kyokutaisei J8 Kotoshoho 6-3 (6) (6) 6-3 Kyokushuho J9 Akua 5-4 (~) ... J13 Terunofuji 9-0 (5) And another question-marked rikishi one section further down with injured Tomokaze, who was arguably unlucky to find himself demoted to juryo and will hopefully get treated with a bit more leniency this time around to slow down his descent while he's likely off the dohyo for several more months. We probably won't have a good handle on his likelihood of staying in juryo until the final weekend, possibly not even then. Probably headed down to makushita already is Irodori though, who came into the basho significantly hampered by an apparent leg injury and looked unlikely to make the grade even before he had to withdraw altogether a few days ago. He's not on the schedule for tomorrow and short of a return for Day 11 and five straight wins from there, he's gonna be makushita-bound. Bar berserking ex-ozeki Terunofuji, everyone in the double-digit juryo ranks is still in quite some demotion danger at this time, and I for one won't venture much of a guess as to who's likely to survive and who isn't. I will say that former komusubi Chiyootori has not looked great at all, further demonstrating why it took him so long to return to juryo in the first place. While Terunofuji looks destined to go much higher again, Chiyootori may rather be headed down the path set by fellow ex-sanyaku Jokoryu in recent times, even if he manages to hang on to his juryo spot this time in the end. The surprise package down here is almost certainly Sakigake, back in juryo after five years and with a decent shot to retain his salary from 5-4. Must be something about being 33 years old and holding down the last spot in a sekitori division this time... The other two returnees from makushita not mentioned yet, Asagyokusei and Churanoumi, have looked okay-ish (Asagyokusei actually quite good at least on some days), but have some more wins to collect to stay in the paid ranks as well. The primary candidate for promotion from makushita this time is Wakamotoharu, who already secured trips to juryo twice last year on records of 7-0 and 6-1 but failed to stick both times. Maybe third time's the charm... He's already certain to be at least the second-best rikishi in the eventual promotion queue, so while there's not officially space for him yet it should only be a matter of time. Fellow demotee Ms1e Kaisho, who was also 5-10 at J10 last basho, has had a significantly harder time and finds himself 0-5 after today, so it'll be a while before we will see him contending for a juryo slot again. In other makushita news of the day: 23-year-old youngster Oki, who is making his first top 5 appearance and had started off the basho with three straight losses, managed to avoid makekoshi for the second time and sent Shiba into it instead. Other head-to-head clashes among promotion zoners were won by Midorifuji against Naya in a matchup of prospects, as well as Hakuyozan against Chiyonoumi in one featuring two former sekitori. Akiseyama will complete the action up here tomorrow against Ms6e Chiyonokuni. A promotion wildcard currently still exists with lower-ranked Kotodaigo who finds himself 5-0. He's made four appearances in the top 5 ranks before, going MK in all of them, but perhaps he'll finally secure his juryo debut through the top 15 zensho backdoor. At the moment I'd expect that challenge to end at Wakamotoharu's hands on Day 11 though. (?) kyujo Tomokaze J1 J2 J3 Kizakiumi 1-8 (1) ... J7 Yago 2-7 (2) (o) 5-4 Kyokutaisei J8 J9 Akua 5-4 (o) (3) 3-6 Sokokurai J10 Takagenji 4-5 (2) (2) 4-5 Toyonoshima J11 Irodori 1-6-2 (5) (3) 4-5 Asagyokusei J12 Churanoumi 3-6 (4) (4) 3-6 Chiyootori J13 (3) 5-4 Hoshoryu J14 Sakigake 5-4 (3) Ms1 Wakamotoharu 5-0 3-2 Midorifuji Ms2 Shiba 1-4 (x) 2-3 Oki Ms3 Chiyonoumi 3-2 2-2 Akiseyama Ms4 Hakuyozan 4-1 2-3 Naya Ms5 ... Ms9 Kotodaigo 5-0 Explanation of symbols used: numbers = wins needed until favourable outcome (getting promoted / not getting demoted) o = favourable outcome achieved x = favourable outcome definitely missed ~ = favourable outcome missed "by the numbers", but still achievable through banzuke luck
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    We're down to 36 former sekitori for this tournament, one fewer than in Kyushu, due to Takanofuji's intai and no juryo debuts for Hatsu, meaning 5 rikishi went J->Ms but also 5 ex-sekitori the other way. Churanoumi, Chiyootori, Asagyokusei, Sakigake and Terunofuji are the ones getting a renewed crack at the sekitori ranks, while Kaisho, Wakamotoharu, Akiseyama, Ichiyamamoto and Gagamaru are newly unsalaried in Hatsu. Not many (dis)appearance anniversaries this time around: It's been one year since Jokoryu last featured in juryo, and two years for both Toyohibiki and Ura. Birthday updates: December saw a trio of ex-sekitori celebrate theirs, with Nionoumi turning 33 on the 16th, Sagatsukasa 38 on the 21st, and finally Daiseido 27 on the 30th. And January has another pair with Chiyonoumi who is 27 since the 11th, the day before the Hatsu shonichi, and freshly demoted Kaisho who will be 25 on the 28th, two days after the basho ends. The first week's results in summary: Record Rank Shikona Heya Age Out 0-4 Ms1e Kaisho Asakayama 24 1 5-0 Ms1w Wakamotoharu Arashio 26 1 3-1 Ms3w Chiyonoumi Kokonoe 27 2 2-2 Ms4e Akiseyama Kise 34 1 3-1 Ms4w Hakuyozan Takadagawa 24 4 kyujo Ms5w Ichiyamamoto Nishonoseki 26 1 2-2 Ms6e Chiyonokuni Kokonoe 29 4 3-1 Ms6w Asabenkei Takasago 30 10 2-2 Ms7w Fujiazuma Tamanoi 32 17 3-1 Ms8w Gokushindo Nishikido 23 7 0-3-1 Ms9e Gagamaru Kise 32 1 2-2 Ms10e Toyohibiki Sakaigawa 35 12 2-2 Ms11e Seiro Shikoroyama 31 2 3-1 Ms12e Chiyonoo Kokonoe 28 7 2-2 Ms12w Kitaharima Yamahibiki 33 14 1-3 Ms14w Sagatsukasa Irumagawa 38 35 3-1 Ms16e Kizenryu Kise 34 9 3-1 Ms18e Daiseido Kise 27 5 2-2 Ms18w Chiyoarashi Kokonoe 28 39 1-3 Ms19e Nionoumi Yamahibiki 33 39 2-2 Ms22e Keitenkai Onomatsu 29 44 1-3 Ms24w Kagamio Kagamiyama 31 22 1-3 Ms27w Tokushinho Kise 35 25 3-1 Ms32e Jokoryu Kise 31 6 4-0 Ms35w Ryuko Onoe 21 3 1-3 Ms37w Higonojo Kise 35 34 kyujo Ms48w Arawashi Minezaki 33 3 3-1 Ms55e Amakaze Oguruma 28 11 2-2 Sd5e Takaryu Kise 27 27 3-1 Sd13w Asahisho Tomozuna 30 16 1-3 Sd27e Masunoyama Chiganoura 29 29 kyujo Sd68w Hitenryu Tatsunami 35 50 1-3 Sd73w Dairaido Takadagawa 39 80 3-1 Sd77w Yoshiazuma Tamanoi 42 32 3-1 Sd92w Kaonishiki Azumazeki 41 50 4-0 Jd28e Ura Kise 27 12
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    Isegahama-oyakata (Asahifuji) reaches kanreki (turns 60) this year and will have his kanreki-dohyo-iri May 30th in the kokugikan, he's training for it now. The last was that of Chiyonofuji May 2015 http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/33485-kokonoe-kanreki-dohyo-iri/?page=2, but the last of shiranui style was Tachiyama in 1937. photo shoot at the basho today with some fellow kanreki-s, who got the special ticket for that and (mostly) are in proper kanreki attire for the occasion o o
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    (no time for commentary yesterday, but here are the results tables for completeness; more usual coverage later today) Day 8 (results, text-only results) 7-1 Oe Takakeisho, M4w Shodai, M17w Tokushoryu 6-2 M1e Endo, M9w Yutakayama, M11w Kagayaki, M14e Terutsuyoshi 5-3 Se Asanoyama, M2e Hokutofuji, M4e Okinoumi, M8w Ryuden, M15e Azumaryu, M16e Tochiozan, M16w Kaisei 1-3-4 Hakuho Y Kakuryu 1-4-3 7-1 Takakeisho O Goeido 3-5 5-3 Asanoyama S Takayasu 3-5 4-4 Abi K Daieisho 3-5 6-2 Endo M1 Myogiryu 3-5 5-3 Hokutofuji M2 Mitakeumi 4-4 2-6 Tamawashi M3 5-3 Okinoumi M4 Shodai 7-1 M5 Enho 4-4 3-5 Takarafuji M6 Tochinoshin 3-5 4-4 Shohozan M7 Onosho 4-4 4-4 Aoiyama M8 Ryuden 5-3 4-4 Takanosho M9 Yutakayama 6-2 4-4 Sadanoumi M10 M11 Kagayaki 6-2 ... 6-2 Terutsuyoshi M14 ... M17 Tokushoryu 7-1 _____________________________________________________________ M3 Kotoyuki kyujo (?) M4 (?) 1-7 Meisei M5 ... M10 Ishiura 2-6 (2) (2) 3-5 Chiyotairyu M11 (2) 3-5 Tsurugisho M12 Chiyomaru 4-4 (1) (2) 4-4 Kotoshogiku M13 Kotoeko 2-6 (4) M14 Shimanoumi 3-5 (3) (2) 5-3 Azumaryu M15 Ikioi 2-6 (5) (2) 5-3 Tochiozan M16 Kaisei 5-3 (2) (4) 4-4 Kiribayama M17 Tokushoryu 7-1 (1) J1 Chiyoshoma 3-5 (5) (4) 5-3 Kotonowaka J2 Hidenoumi 4-4 (5) (5) 4-4 Daishomaru J3 Kizakiumi 1-7 (~) (6) 4-4 Nishikigi J4 Mitoryu 3-5 (7) (6) 4-4 Wakatakakage J5 Daishoho 6-2 (4) (5) 6-2 Daiamami J6 Tobizaru 4-4 (7) (7) 4-4 Ichinojo J7 (~) 4-4 Kyokutaisei J8 Kotoshoho 5-3 (7) (7) 5-3 Kyokushuho J9 Akua 4-4 (~) ... J13 Terunofuji 8-0 (6) _____________________________________________________________ (?) kyujo Tomokaze J1 J2 J3 Kizakiumi 1-7 (1) ... J7 Yago 2-6 (2) (1) 4-4 Kyokutaisei J8 J9 Akua 4-4 (1) (3) 3-5 Sokokurai J10 Takagenji 4-4 (2) (3) 3-5 Toyonoshima J11 Irodori 1-6-1 (5) (3) 4-4 Asagyokusei J12 Churanoumi 3-5 (4) (4) 3-5 Chiyootori J13 (3) 5-3 Hoshoryu J14 Sakigake 4-4 (4) (x) 0-4 Kaisho Ms1 Wakamotoharu 5-0 2-2 Midorifuji Ms2 Shiba 1-3 1-3 Oki Ms3 Chiyonoumi 3-1 2-2 Akiseyama Ms4 Hakuyozan 3-1 2-2 Naya Ms5 Ichiyamamoto kyujo (x) ... Ms9 Kotodaigo 4-0
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    They are there at least near the end of Makushita, so maybe around 2pm?
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    Yeah, but don't forget he has been manhandled by the best of them. I'm sure to him it was nothing special.
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    Candidate applications will be handed in on the 30th, if more than 10 for riji or 3 for fuku-riji apply, there will be an election for that on the 31st. The last 5 terms had elections for the riji (the usual had been to just have the 10+3 candidates pass). http://www.sankei.com/sports/news/200121/spo2001210015-n1.html
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    So funny that both Yokozuna got the special question right and are now one and two. I am glad that Choshu-Yuki got it right as she would have been demoted with a make-koshi.
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    Shodai is back to normal - leading the basho on day 9 does not at once attract new sponsors. More for a 10 lead? Daieisho has even less sponsors than Shohozan (the starflyer guy). Mitakeumi is catching up again with the combined Endo pack. Day 10 213: Takakeisho 81: Endo 78: Shodai 70: Abi 54: Myogiryu 54: Hokutofuji 52: Mitakeumi 45: Goeido 42: Asanoyama 42: Enho
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    It's a banzuke-technical rule of old. In Edo times they had the option to have a PR kanban-ozeki, e.g. for only one event, just some big dude. The lists of the occasions with 1 or no ozeki on the banzuke: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/大関#一人大関 Maedayama in such a time was promoted from komusubi directly to ozeki (there were plenty of yokozuna though). WikiP gives 2 cases where none of the yokozuna was put on the banzuke as yokozeki like usually this - http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Banzuke.aspx?b=195501#M - Kagamisato is haridashi yokozuna - http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Banzuke.aspx?b=195509#M - 2 haridashi yokozuna
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    oo M4w Shodai (8-1) tsukiotoshi O1e Takakeisho (7-2) o ooooo o oo o o oo o o o o ooo o oo o kachi-koshi- + shukun interview o oo o o o o M5w Enho (5-4) oshidashi O1w Goeido (3-6) ooo o ooo o ooo o ooo oooo o shukun interview o o S1e Asanoyama (6-3) uwatenage K1w Daieisho (3-6) o ooo o o oo o M6e Takarafuji (4-5) oshidashi S1w Takayasu (3-6) o o ooo oo o o o K1e Abi (5-4) tsukidashi M1e Endo (6-3) ooo ooo oo M2e Hokutofuji (6-3) sukuinage M1w Myogiryu (3-6) o M2w Mitakeumi (5-4) hatakikomi M4e Okinoumi (5-4) o o M6w Tochinoshin (4-5) yorikiri M3e Tamawashi (2-7) o o o M7e Shohozan (5-4) hatakikomi M9e Takanosho (4-5) oo o M9w Yutakayama (7-2) oshidashi M7w Onosho (4-5) o o oo o M8w Ryuden (6-3) kotenage M11e Chiyotairyu (3-6) o o o M11w Kagayaki (7-2) oshidashi M14w Shimanoumi (3-6) o o M17w Tokushoryu (8-1) yorikiri M12e Tsurugisho (3-6) ooo o oo o o hiramaku dai-ichi-go kachi-koshi interview o M16w Kaisei (6-3) oshidashi M14e Terutsuyoshi (6-3) o o J7e Ichinojo (5-4) yorikiri J2w Hidenoumi (4-5) o J6w Tobizaru (5-4) hatakikomi J3w Kizakiumi (1-8) o J8w Kotoshoho (6-3) oshitaoshi J14e Hoshoryu (5-4) oo oo J9w Akua (5-4) kakenage J13e Chiyootori (3-6) o J11e Toyonoshima (4-5) yorikiri J10e Sokokurai (3-6) o oo J13w Terunofuji (9-0) yorikiri J10w Takagenji (4-5) o o oo oo Ms2e Midorifuji (3-2) katasukashi Ms5e Naya (2-3) o o ooo o Jd28e Ura (5-0) shitatenage Jd22e Taketsukasa (4-1) o o oo o Jd99w Hokutoryu (3-2) kubinage Jd102w Toshonishiki (2-3) o Asanoyama helps at Haru basho PR o o oyakata on duty - PR for the nanoblock kokugikan oo sold at the sumo museum: sumo notebooks to collect you rikishi and oyakata signs, with shiranui or unryu style dohyo-iri graphics oo o 2nd and last wasou day - photo shoot with gyoji or by a photographer pro oo o
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    Juryo yusho race: 8-0 J13w Terunofuji 7-1 --- 6-2 J5w Daishoho, J6e Daiamami 5-3 J2e Kotonowaka, J8w Kotoshoho, J9e Kyokushuho, J14e Hoshoryu Lower division yusho races (Day 7/8 results, plus an early 5th bout for Wakamotoharu up in juryo): 5-0 Ms1w Wakamotoharu (Arashio) 4-0 Ms9w Kotodaigo (Sadogatake) 4-0 Ms21e Hatooka (Kise) 4-0 Ms29w Ichiki (Tamanoi) 4-0 Ms35w Ryuko (Onoe) 4-0 Ms43e Tochikamiyama (Kasugano) 4-0 Ms51w Kaito (Asakayama) 4-0 Sd2e Aozora (Kasugano) 4-0 Sd12e Toma (Miyagino) 4-0 Sd16e Yuma (Onomatsu) 4-0 Sd23e Katsunofuji (Sakaigawa) 4-0 Sd26e Sadanohana (Sakaigawa) 4-0 Sd48w Shuji (Kise) 4-0 Sd51w Shimomura (Sakaigawa) 4-0 Sd61e Sadanoryu (Sakaigawa) 4-0 Sd73e Hikarifuji (Isegahama) 4-0 Sd74e Daishokaku (Oitekaze) 4-0 Sd82e Tatsukaze (Oguruma) 4-0 Sd95w Araoyama (Onomatsu) 4-0 Jd7w Komanokuni (Shibatayama) 4-0 Jd11w Mukaida (Naruto) 4-0 Jd22e Taketsukasa (Irumagawa) 4-0 Jd28e Ura (Kise) 4-0 Jd40e Seito (Fujishima) 4-0 Jd49e Otsuji (Takadagawa) 4-0 Jd56e Kotoyamato (Sadogatake) 4-0 Jd64e Harimanada (Onoe) 4-0 Jd67w Tatsunoumi (Yamahibiki) 4-0 Jd82w Ishiazuma (Tamanoi) 4-0 Jd84w Kyokuyuko (Nakagawa) 4-0 Jd93w Mimori (Irumagawa) 4-0 Jd104w Chiyokozan (Kokonoe) 4-0 Jk8e Ariake (Isenoumi) 4-0 Jk8w Andozakura (Shikihide) 4-0 Jk26e Nihonyanagi (Onomatsu) 4-0 Jk27e Mudoho (Otake)