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    I'm a little late, but anyone notice those pretty shots of the tawara earlier? "徳俵" - didn't know that word! There was also a nice pan of the Kokugikan that I assembled into a panorama:
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    No worries! I appreciate how difficult it must be to create questions that require such precise wording in a non-native language. I think you're doing a terrific job!
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    Flew to Tokyo from the UK and bought day 3, 5 & 6 tickets especially to enjoy watching hakuho before he likely retires this year... Need to check the terms and conditions of my travel insurance As a silver lining the torrential purple rain was a majestic sight. My wife saw one guy running around grabbing other people's cushions and throwing one after the other. A really visceral sense of the changing of the guard.
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    Speaking words in Japanese, Let it Be ...
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    Hello gamers, the UDH entry form is ready now, and waiting for your selections. Rules in a (very small) nutshell: Guess the thirteen makuuchi rikishi you expect to have the fewest wins this basho. You may submit your entry at http://udh.seisa.de/udh_index.html. Once you have selected your team, please root for them as much as you can. The game was not intended to honor any failure, but to stimulate interest in the less successful rikishi. The deadline for your entries will be the first day of the basho (Sunday, January 12th) at 12pm Japanese Time. Good luck! Link to the latest available standings >>> http://udh.seisa.de/udh_stand.html
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    That doesn't look good for Irodori - on his knee and unable to stand up for a long time, the limp then says it all. The next Arashio-oyakata has maybe found the motivation to try to spend his last basho as sekitori, his oyakata has to retire as shisho after Haru. Next basho everybody he'll face knows he's on the final farewell tour, but he is on it also this basho
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    Chiyonokuni still battling. And today's match finally.
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    o M2w Mitakeumi (3-2) fusen Y1w Kakuryu (1-4) o o o o O1e Takakeisho (4-1) tsukiotoshi M3e Tamawashi (2-3) oo o oo o o oo o o o M4e Okinoumi (3-2) tottari O1w Goeido (1-4) oo o oo oo o M1e Endo (4-1) yoritaoshi S1e Asanoyama (3-2) oo o o o ooo o o o ooo o o o o ooo o o o o o K1w Daieisho (2-3) oshidashi S1w Takayasu (2-3) o o o o M4w Shodai (5-0) tsukidashi M2e Hokutofuji (4-1) o o o o ooo o M5e Meisei (1-4) tsukiotoshi M6w Tochinoshin (2-3) o oo M5w Enho (3-2) hikiotoshi M7e Shohozan (2-3) o ooo oo o o o M7w Onosho (1-4) okuridashi M6e Takarafuji (2-3) o o M8e Aoiyama (3-2) hatakikomi M8w Ryuden (3-2) o M9w Yutakayama (4-1) tsukiotoshi M9e Takanosho (2-3) o M10w Ishiura (2-3) amiuchi M10e Sadanoumi (2-3) o M11w Kagayaki (5-0) oshidashi M11e Chiyotairyu (1-4) oo o M14e Terutsuyoshi (5-0) shitatenage M12w Chiyomaru (1-4) oo o o o o o o oo o o o o o o M13e Kotoshogiku (3-2) yorikiri M16w Kaisei (2-3) oo o J2e Kotonowaka (3-2) hatakikomi J3w Kizakiumi (0-5) o J8w Kotoshoho (4-1) shitatenage J6e Daiamami (3-2) oo J8e Kyokutaisei (3-2) uwatedashinage J9w Akua (3-2) o J9e Kyokushuho (4-1) hatakikomi J11e Toyonoshima (1-4) o J13w Terunofuji (5-0) yorikiri J12e Asagyokusei (3-2) oooo o J14e Hoshoryu (3-2) uwatenage J12w Churanoumi (3-2) o o Ms4w Hakuyozan (2-1) oshidashi Ms2w Shiba (1-2) o Ms7e Tsukahara (1-2) hatakikomi Ms3e Oki (0-3) o Ms8w Gokushindo (3-0) oshidashi Ms5e Naya (2-1) o o oo Ms14e Motobayashi (3-0) oshidashi Ms16e Kizenryu (2-1) oo o o ooo Ms40e Hokutoshu (1-2) yorikiri Ms43w Oazuma (0-3) o Jd28e Ura (3-0) hatakikomi Jd24w Hakuomaru (2-1) o oo Ms24e Tsurubayashi (2-1) hikiotoshi Ms23e Shohoryu (1-2), the new yumitori man o oo oooo o o the rikishi (and nishiki-e) postcards at the sumo museum, with old and new stars - Endo shows his Nagatanien design of course o o o o At the NSK goods booth oo o o o o Oshiogawa is the oyakata of the day for fan service o A shop that sells the "support your rikishi!" towels oo oo other goods o o o lately retired rikishi have still goods on sale o
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    Professional wrestler Kazuo Sakurada who died on January 12 aged 71 was formerly a rikishi with the Tatsunami stable who reached makushita 13. His final shikona is given as Midorimine at Sumo Reference and "Suiran" on Wikipedia (maybe someone who can read kanji could explain the completely different readings here).
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    January 1988, the Hanada brothers reenact a scene from the hit action movie Predator.
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    Shun Yamaguchi, son of Japanese sumo wrestler, eager to begin Blue Jays career His father was former maegashira 4 -Taniarashi .
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    Hatsu Basho 2003 Day 5 Yokozuna Takanohana is back on the Dohyo... Enjoy ! from EuroSport (comments : Syd Hoare) (source : SumoParis - Youtube) 1:37 M13e Otsukasa (3-2) yorikiri M11e Jumonji (1-4) 2:10 M13w Kasugao (4-1) oshidashi M10w Gojoro (3-2) 2:45 M9e Takamisakari (4-1) yoritaoshi M11w Kasuganishiki (2-3) 3:36 M12w Takanotsuru (4-1) yorikiri M8w Kotoryu (4-1) 4:36 M10e Tochinonada (1-4) yorikiri M7e Wakanoyama (1-4) 5:20 M6w Kyokushuzan (3-2) hatakikomi M9w Akinoshima (1-4) 6:00 M6e Hokutoriki (2-3) tsukidashi M8e Tamanoshima (2-3) 7:12 M7w Shimotori (3-2) utchari M5w Iwakiyama (3-2) 8:26 M1e Tosanoumi (4-1) hatakikomi M5e Kaiho (4-1) 9:10 K1e Takanonami (3-2) hatakikomi M4w Tokitsuumi (2-3) 9:58 S1w Kotomitsuki (3-2) yoritaoshi K1w Wakanosato (3-2) 10:49 S1e Takanowaka (3-2) oshidashi M4e Aminishiki (1-4) 11:57 O1e Asashoryu (5-0) uwatenage M2e Kyokutenho (3-2) 12:50 M3w Dejima (4-1) oshitaoshi O2e Tochiazuma (0-5) 13:45 M3e Kotonowaka (1-4) oshidashi O1w Musoyama (2-3) 14:22 Y1w Takanohana (3-1-1) oshidashi M2w Toki (0-5)
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    On the way into work someone had their swagger back.
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    Trip Report from Day 4 at the Kokugikan -Arrived at the Kokugikan at around 12:30 for the early matches. Two ticket were windows open. One with virtually no line and one with a very long line snaking around the corner. Naturally, I chose the short line. I looked over at the ticket window with the long line, and who was taking tickets but none other than Terao. Mystery solved. -Settled into my cushion in the sixth row. This is the press desk row, and other than the front row it may be the best seat in the house. Usually reporters don't bother to show for the early days, and so you can literally stretch your legs out and enjoy a day of sumo. -There is a Sandanme wrestler named Omote. I'm looking forward to his future match-up against Ura. -In upper Makushita, Naya and Chiyonokuni looked good, while Gagamaru looked like toast. -In Juryo, Terunofuji continues to impress. Barring injury setbacks he should be back in Makuuchi within the year. Hoshoryu disposed of Takagenji with ease. Ichinojo was noticeably slimmer. -In Makuuchi: -I and most of the crowd were puzzled by the Kiribayama outcome. Seemed like the easiest torinaoshi call ever, if not an outright win by Kiri, although I didn't have the benefit of replay. -Terutsuyoshi is listed now at 120k, but he has put on legit muscle to go along with his formidable skill (at both sumo and salt tossing). I expect him to become a regular visitor to Joi before long. -Kotoshogiku remains a fan favorite, but how long he remains an active wrestler is another question. He picked up a nice win today, but I fear the end is near. Hope he can hold on a bit longer though. -Speaking of fan favorites at the downside of their career, Ikioi is a broken man. He stepped up on the dohyo with a host of injuries, and following his bout he appeared to have collected even more. I respect his stoic demeanor and will to battle through injury, but it's not looking good for him at the moment. -Tochinoshin has published the playbook on Enho, at least for big men. After being lifted out of the ring, the look of anger on Enho's face was palpable. Knowing Enho, I suspect his anger was directed toward himself at allowing himself to be scooped up rather than Tochinoshin for doing so. -Meisei is wrestling with one arm right now. I hope he goes kyujo to risk further injury and derailing his promising career. -Abi was the surprise win of the day. It was textbook Abi and Asanoyama was completely unprepared. Despite the bandaged leg, Abi said on Day 1 that the leg wasn't bothering him, but he was not able to do any keiko leading up to the basho. Indeed, his shiko leg raise off his bandaged leg was as high as ever. Perhaps he's regained his feel and is ready to resume doing Abi things. -Shodai continues to impress. We've seen stretches like these from Shodai before. Maybe this is the year he realizes his potential and becomes the Shodai we all hoped and expected he would become. -Takakeisho and Endo was another highly anticipated bout. It appeared it was going Endo's way, but Taka showed Endo who was boss. I have Takakeisho as the clear favorite to win at this point. -Goeido's win was a hail mary. He was dominated. Kanraku seems like a mere formality at this point. -Hokutofuji picked up a fusensho win, but was likely disappointed at not having an opportunity to win the kensho that had been put up for the bout. -Like Hakuho, Kakuryo's kyujo became a formality the moment he was shoved out of the ring, but I'm happy he provided me another opportunity to toss my zabuton. Random notes: -There are some massive bodies even down as far as sandanme, but the biggest difference I notice live is the speed of the top rikishi. It's just on a different level. -After it was over we filed outside in the area where the rikishi come up to the venue from the road. It was packed with people, and among the crowd was Shodai, making his way to his ride. He was swamped with requests for pictures, autographs, baby holdings, etc. He kindly and patiently accepted every one of them. Now I'm even more of a fan. -Pink-clad comic husband & wife duo Peko and Pako were in attendance, but on the West side instead of their usual spot to the left of the camera view. -There's nothing like the atmosphere of live sumo at the Kokugikan, but in many ways the viewing experience is better on TV. If you so much as blink at the wrong time you miss the action, and there's no replay screen. Even so, as hard as it is to get tickets these days, I'm grateful for every rare opportunity I get to see sumo in person. TLDNR Cliff notes: Went to the Kokugikan for Day 4. There was lots of exciting sumo and a great time was had by all (except Enho).
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    Great comments, although I don't know if Kintamayama would take kindly to your characterisation of Ikioi...
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    When I find myself in times of trouble, It’s cause Goeido comes at me, Trying kubinage Desperate Ozeki It’s a time of darkness when he is standing right in front of me Looking for kachi-koshi That desperate Ozeki
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    Today versus Sokokurai.
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    Day 4 62: Takakeisho 45: Myogiryu 44: Endo 36: Hokutofuji 33: Hakuho 29: Kakuryu 22: Mitakeumi 19: Shodai 19: Asanoyama 18: Ryuden
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    That's Japanese sumo culture at work. You said it in your post above "oyakata is responsible for rikishi's behavior." To me, the surprise was not that he was fined, but the amount of the fine. That seemed a bit too much, especially, in comparison to Ishiura's.
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    You might be joking, but I've no doubt some elements of the Japanese press will take the opportunity to try getting a bit of mud to stick. Just when I thought Hakuho's rep was on the up with the NSK publicly backing him recently (re: Shibatayama's effective "He ain't done nuffin wrong, so tell him yerself!" to the YDC). Like Kintamayama, I wish this sort of thing could be dealt with in house, but Ishiura put the kibosh on that by doing it in front of members of the public, very nearly all of whom have a camera in their hand at all times, smack bang in the middle of the anti-violence zeitgeist! Distinct lack of wisdom shown there by the small guy, but I don't expect wisdom from rikishi. The only good thing about this is Hakuho was also caught on camera promptly putting a stop to it. I hope the NSK backs him up again by emphasizing that fact.
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    I don't consider this to be the next "scandal" or even a scandal at all. It's a situation which doesn't even begin to compare with a situation where a sekitori abuses his tsukebito. It's a case of two rikishis who while practicing, became overly agressive. The oyakata did the proper thing by reporting the incident. The yokozuna did the proper thing by breaking up the fight. As for so-called "discipline", I doubt if the NSK willl do anything more than reprimand both rikishis, telling them to never exhibit this kind of behavior again. In more extreme situations, something harsher such as suspension for the next basho would be the correct thing to do. This is NOT one of those situations. It's a case of a punishment fitting a crime. Since the crime was actually quite minor and was stopped quickly by those in charge, the punishment (if there is any at all) should be as well.