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    Hiya, I've got two surprises for you. Following up on the thread about diminishing numbers of sumo gamers, someone (I forgot who) criticized the Superbanzuke Web pages for a) not providing any clue indicating whether links were up-to-date, and b) looking decidedly 20th Century-ish (for those born in the 20th Century - that means old and outdated!). I took both of these observations quite seriously. As to changes to the Page, I ensured that the Superbanzuke main page did no longer have generic links to results and banzuke, but also indicated the corresponding basho that results and banzuke refer to. I also indicated at the top of the main page when I last updated it. This was already done a couple of weeks ago and is not the first surprise I mentioned. The first surprise is that I tried to learn a little bit about HTML and saw that quite a lot of it is not exactly rocket science. Even a doofus like me was able to change the appearance of the Web pages relatively easily. And after looking at a handful of similar sites on the Internet, I changed the look of the Superbanzuke Web sites to something that looks more like 21st Century. No excessive coloring, as much white as possible, no strong cell boundaries. To an old fart like me it looks modern, I like it (because I made it myself), and I am sure that many of you will hate it Too bad - you better get used to the new design. The second surprise is that I toiled endlessly (well, a lot at least) to make the Superbanzuke pages as fully functional as possible. From now on, you should have access to the entirety of the Superbanzuke history again! All rankings going back to 2002, and all Masters Series going back to 2004! All photos and links should also be working (the only thing that is beyond fixing is the use of the country flags for old pages). I even created some pages that never really existed before (like for the World Championships in 2017 and 2018)! In addition, I did a million smaller things that you wouldn't notice anyway, so I wont't mention them... So rejoice and dig into the historical depth of sumo gaming. There was even a time where not every game was won and every banzuke was led by Pandaazuma. Hard to believe, but true! So, without further ado: The new Superbanzuke entry page with links to all you need about the 19 SB games (I decided to kill Fantasy Sumo altogether rather then letting it slowly die over a grace period). And of course, the new Superbanzuke Ranking for Hatsu 2020 Now if only the games themselves could provide a (working) link to the SB pages... But that would be just too perfect!
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    And the 2020s is a 10-year period, hence a decade. A decade is simply a period of 10 years. 2011-2020 is a decade, but so are 2010-2019 and 2020-2029. It is far more common and convenient to refer to the "decade of the '20s" although it does cause accounting problems in counting backward. Both sides of this discussion are equally valid.
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    Amazing bout from Endou. Watching sumo for 3 years now and is my first time seeing Endou without a poker face! He is probably about to burst from happiness.
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    I know that it is still much too early to be predicting the yusho winner, but ... Two straight kinboshi by Endo puts him in a pretty good position. With a 2-0 record and having fought the toughest opponents on the banzuke already, with the other Sanyaku wrestlers looking rather vulnerable (except perhaps Asanoyama), Endo has a shot at his first yusho. Keep in mind that we have seen four straight first-time Top Division champions in the hatsubasho (January tournaments) since 2016. Could Endo make it five straight?
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    Day 1 04.4s M17w Tokushoryu (1-0) yorikiri J1w Chiyoshoma (0-1) 09.0s M17e Kiribayama (1-0) hikiotoshi M16w Kaisei (0-1) 02.3s M16e Tochiozan (1-0) tsukiotoshi M15w Ikioi (0-1) 05.9s M15e Azumaryu (1-0) yorikiri M14w Shimanoumi (0-1) 73.8s M14e Terutsuyoshi (1-0) watashikomi M13w Kotoeko (0-1) 09.8s M12w Chiyomaru (1-0) oshidashi M13e Kotoshogiku (0-1) 10.4s M11w Kagayaki (1-0) oshidashi M12e Tsurugisho (0-1) 02.8s M11e Chiyotairyu (1-0) tsukidashi M10w Ishiura (0-1) 06.3s M9w Yutakayama (1-0) yorikiri M10e Sadanoumi (0-1) 09.2s M9e Takanosho (1-0) yorikiri M8w Ryuden (0-1) 01.4s M8e Aoiyama (1-0) hatakikomi M7w Onosho (0-1) 14.3s M7e Shohozan (1-0) yorikiri M6w Tochinoshin (0-1) 46.8s M5w Enho (1-0) shitatenage M6e Takarafuji (0-1) 04.0s M4w Shodai (1-0) oshitaoshi M5e Meisei (0-1) 06.0s M4e Okinoumi (1-0) tsukiotoshi K1e Abi (0-1) 03.0s M3e Tamawashi (1-0) oshidashi S1w Takayasu (0-1) 14.0s S1e Asanoyama (1-0) yorikiri M2w Mitakeumi (0-1) 04.7s M2e Hokutofuji (1-0) tsukiotoshi O1w Goeido (0-1) 05.9s O1e Takakeisho (1-0) oshidashi M1w Myogiryu (0-1) 05.9s M1e Endo (1-0) yorikiri Y1w Kakuryu (0-1) 07.8s Y1e Hakuho (1-0) yorikiri K1w Daieisho (0-1)
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    Makushita 14E Motobayashi has 21 straight wins since entering sumo. He faces ex-Makuuchi Sagatsukasa: Jonidan 28 Ura faces Sorakaze : Makushita 9E Gagamaru lost his first bout to Gokushindou by hatakikomi. 16 years old Yoshii (Sandanme 33 E, 21-7 career, on the right), former Junior high Yokozuna, faces Komakiryuu: Two top contenders for the Jonokuchi yusho and perhaps future Makuuchi rikishi- Dewanoryuu (Mongolian, Jonokuchi 25W, on the left) against Nihonyanagi (Jonokuchi 26E)
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    Most popular goods at the souvenir stands according to Abema TV. 1. Cheer on a rikishi towel 2. Rikishi cookies 3. Crystal magnets 4. Rikishi chocolates 5. Picture banzuke
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    Day 1 - Terunofuji - Chiyoootori
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    Thanks for the heads up. We monitor his status.... we've had first TORCH matches start as late as halfway through the basho. If he stays out permanently, we backtrack and start the TORCH contest from the next lowest banzuke rank/rikishi. Also, as arranged before his passing..... Kofuji-ICAN's rikishi pick is Ryuden (his highest ranking adapted rikishi). Kofuji-ICAN's rank pick is Sandanme 44 East (the average of all his active adapted rikishi's ranks). For every point he scores, a donation is made to the international cancer advocacy network (ICAN). For those curious, his adopted rikishi were always: rikishi with “kifuji” or “kofuji” in their shikona -- (Tsubakifuji, Nishikifuji); and any rikishi from "Kofu-shi" in Yamanashi-ken -- (Ryuden, Shobushi).
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    Sporadic attempt to keep tabs on lower ranked rikishi of note: All videos courtesy of the sumo channel, that excellent channel run by one and only.. Nice guy Amakaze (one Makuuchi basho) back at Makushita 55 after dropping all the way to Jonidan 50 due to injury wins his first bout by tsukidashi . 1-0 Taihou's grandson Naya (Makushita 5E) who is taking a bit more time than expected to become a sekitori, wins his first match of the basho, beating veteran Chiyonokuni by tsukidashi. Another ex- Taihou grandson makes his debut this basho. Mudouhou, on the right facing Iwata in the very first sumo bout of this decade. Asashouryuu's nephew Houshouryuu (on the right) faces Mongolian Sakigake who is back in Juryo after 5 years: Joukouryuu at Makushita 32E, ex-Makuuchi and at one point thought to become a huge star, wins by sotogake. Rouga, Russian/Mongolian- , on the right, a name to watch out for at Makushita 17E (career 35-8, never done worse than 5-2) faces Wakatakamoto . Hokahou (Makushita 16W), the guy that had a fistfight with Ishiura during training a few days ago, lost his first bout by uwatehineri. Kitanowaka (Makushita 57E, career 24-5, on the right), another great hope, ex-high school Yokozuna, 19, faces Narutaki:
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    Wow. Okay. I just caught up with the action. I have to say I’ve never seen Hakuho like that. He seemed completely caught off guard and panicked into a defence he never expected to have to make. Endo came with a plan and humbled the GOAT. The great man was floundering. I almost felt sorry for him. Day two of Hatsu and we may have our “Bout of the year” already.
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    Two more bouts today: Now has only Inhashi all bouts right – and of course now leads alone. Three people fight with 0 points for the red lamp. I am one of them. Rk Player Pts TB 1 Inhashi 4 47 2 Chishafuwaku 3 29 3 Screeching Owl 3 30 4 Athenayama 3 44 5 Raeucherlax 2 20 6 Sumojoann 2 26 7 Shatsume 2 26 8 Susanoo 2 27 9 Shimodahito 2 27 10 Sakura 2 27 11 ChickyStarr 2 35 12 Tochinofuji 2 35 13 Flohru 2 35 14 Mmikasazuma 2 35 15 Wamahada 2 35 16 CT3* 2 35 17 Benihana 2 35 18 Achiyama 2 35 19 Andonishiki 2 35 20 Rocks 2 35 21 Pandaazuma 1 9 22 nelimw 1 17 23 Houmanoumi 1 17 24 Tenshinhan 1 18 25 Asojima 1 18 26 Fujisan 1 18 27 Profomisakari 0 0 28 Wakatake 0 0 29 Chisaiyama 0 0 Profomisakari
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    Wow just wow I've never seen Hakuhou losing like this, Endo was brillant. 2nd Kinboshi in two days for the pretty boi.
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    No doubt about the spirited bout poll winner today
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    It looks like the shimekomi he had used at the beginning of his sekitori career ... at least they look similiar. Talking about a new start ... dadada
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    OK, who put Asanoyama in the 5-slot???
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    The chanko sold at the basho this time is from Hakkaku beya o o the heya's chanko-ban prepares it for the PR video
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    If you're talkin astronomical years, yes, but since we're talkin years AD, no. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_zero -3, -2, -1, +1, +2, +3 EDIT: edited out my first comparison with reiwa era, because it was not quite correct. Reiwa 1 started on 01.05.2019, since 01.01.2020 we're in reiwa 2. According to your logic, since reiwa started, 2 years should have passed, but it's only 8 months and some days.
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    NSK data: SHIKONA KANJI NAME HEYA HEIGHT WEIGHT DOB BIRTHPLACE Beresu ベレス Garushia Danieru Beresu Asahiyama 182 111 29 - July - 2001 Aichi Hashimoto 橋本 Hashimoto Taiyo Onoe 167 106 18 - May - 2001 Kumamoto Kawahira 川平 Kawahira Raiki Tatsunami 169 69 03 - July - 2001 Okinawa Nabatame 生田目 Nabatame Tatsuya Futagoyama 176 133 22 - February - 2002 Tochigi Okuwa 大桑 Okuwa Genki Isegahama 168 134 06 - December - 2001 Shizuoka Sakai 酒井 Sakai Keijiro Irumagawa 172 75 06 - February - 2002 Osaka Sasazaki 笹崎 Sasazaki Miramu Nakagawa 171 169 05 - February - 2001 Kanagawa Shinohara 篠原 Shinohara Taiga Fujishima 178 144 01 - December - 2001 Shizuoka Sokolovsky ソコロフスキー Serhii Sokolovskyi Irumagawa 191 162 16 - January - 1997 Ukraine Takeoka 竹岡 Takeoka Hayato Oguruma 172 105 21 - December - 2001 Niigata