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    POST Kyushu 2019 That's it, the last basho of 2019 is in the books, 34 y.o Hakuho won the cup for the 43rd time but the young generation did well overall, two of its members fought almost until the end for most wins during the year. YUSHO WINNERS Takakeisho Mitsunobu (23) - Chiganoura beya Highest rank : Ozeki 1 Yusho, 3 Jun Yusho , 8 special prizes (3 Gino-sho, 3 Shukun-sho , 2 Kanto-sho) 3 kinboshi 175 cm 169 kg Favourite style : Tsuki-Oshi Record O2E 9-6 After his pectoral muscle injury at the end of last basho many of us questioned Takakeisho's choice not to take surgery, then later to enter the basho with so little training and with so little time taken to heal. The little man proved everybody wrong yet again and won 9, showing dominant sumo at times. We could argue that he "only" won 9 (so lost 6) with so many top guys out, but at least he was out there competing, secured a KK, and didn't get injured this time. Overall a positive basho for him. Mitakeumi Hisashi (26) - Dewanoumi-beya Highest rank: Sekiwake 2 Yusho, 8 Special prizes (2 Gino-sho, 5 Shukun-sho ,1 Kanto-sho) 2 kinboshi 180 cm, 177 kg Favourite style : Tsuki-Oshi S1E 6-9 Mitakeumi is the young prospect who had the most on the line this time after his second yusho last basho. Once again he had a chance to realize his dream to become Ozeki and, once again, failed miserably. Not only did he failed to get the double digits he needed but he the failed to secure 9 to keep at least a bit of hope, failed to secure KK, and barely lost to Abi on Senshuraku for his 9th loss meaning his incredible sanyaku streak is very likely to come to an end. To his defense, Mitakeumi didn't look healthy at all and he probably wasn't. He didn't look the same after that head injury sustained against Meisei on day 3, his leg movement wasn't great so I suspect his leg was bothering him as well. It was a relatively good year for him as he stayed in Sanyaku all 6 basho and won one but that ending was terrible and anticlimatic. Hopefully he'll be back next year healthy and ready to bounce back. Asanoyama Hideki (25)- Takasago-beya Highest Rank: Komusubi 1 Yusho, 1 Jun-Yusho, 6 special prizes ( 2 Shukun-Sho, 1 Gino-sho 3 Kanto-sho) 1 kinboshi 188 cm 171 kg Favourite style : Migi yotsu-yori K2W 11-4 JG After his 10-5 performance as a M2 last basho, the banzuke committee took the decision to create two more komusubi slots and Asanoyama finally made his sanyaku debut. He didn't dissapoint, getting 11 wins, his first jun-yusho, his first gino-sho, and clinching the record of most wins in 2019 while producing ozeki-level sumo. The only regret Asanoyama can have is that loss against Shodai on senshuraku that would have improved his record to 12-3 and his ozeki chances at the same time, but the future is very bright for him, I wouldn't be surprised to see him promoted to the second highest rank next year. Interesting prospects Abi Masatora (25)- Shikoroyama beya Highest rank: Komusubi 2 kanto-sho 2 kinboshi 185 cm 152 kg favourite style : Tsuki/oshi K1E 9-6 Things didn't look too good before the basho for Abi who was warned by the kyokai following an idiotic instagram post, luckily for him he wasn't suspended but his stupidity led to a SNS ban not only for him for everybody else... Still, Abi responded with another strong performance on the dohyo, securing 9 wins, his 6th KK of the year (the only rikishi with a KK all 6 basho this year), and therefore assuring his place in sanyaku for the 4th straight basho. Abi also finished second to Asanoyama for most wins this year. Hokutofuji Daiki (27) Hakkaku-Beya Highest rank : Komusubi 1 Jun-Yusho 1 Gino-sho 6 kinboshi 183cm 161 kg favourite style : Oshi K2E 7-8 Just like Asanoyama, Hokutofuji was the beneficiary of one of the two extra komusubi slots created before the basho. Unlike Asanoyama though, Hokutofuji couldn't capitalize on this opportunity to start a run. The change of mawashi worked again as Hokutofuji won 3 of his last 4 but he had already lost 5 in row before that and it was already too late. Overall a disappointing basho from him although he produced some really good bouts as always (like his loss to Endo on day 8 for instance.) Daieisho Hayato (26) Oitekaze-beya Highest rank M1E 1 Shukun-Sho 2 kinboshi 182 cm 160 Kg Style : Oshi-tsuki M1E 8-7 Another solid basho for the now 26 y.o at his highest rank ever, securing a 8-7 KK (though one of his wins is a fusen) and getting his second in two basho beating none other than Hakuho on day 2. Daieisho was the only rikishi capable of beating the GOAT and therefore earned his first Shukun-sho as well. Daieisho is no longer a rikishi without any accolades, and no longer a rikishi you should sleep on. He'll probably make his sanyaku debut next basho. Tomokaze Yuta (24 ) Oguruma beya Highest rank M3W 1 Shukun-Sho 2 Kinboshi 185 cm 181 kg Style : Tsuki oshi/ Hatakikomi Nightmare basho for Tomokaze going down with a knee injury that will sideline him for at least a year. I wish him a full recovery and all the best for the future. He has the talent to come back, and hopefully he'll be back even stronger. Intriguing prospects Meisei Chikara (24) Tatsunami beya Highest rank M2W 179 cm 147 kg Style: Hidari yotsu-yori M2W 6-9 Now 24 Meisei was back to the top of the banzuke and showed some good stuff at his highest rank ever, especially during the first week. He is a little green still and couldn't achieve KK, but he has talent and should be back soon. Enho Akira (25) Miyagino beya Highest rank M6W 1 Gino-sho 168 cm 98 kg Style : Acrobatic ninja ( hidari yotsu, shitatenage...) M6W 8-7 The little guy made a big jump in the rankings after his performance last basho but still managed to get his KK on day 15 with a win against Daieisho - meaning he'll continue to climb the ranks. Enho benefited from the kyujo of many top guys and didn't face many guys ranked above him (only 4, one of them being the other M6) but he'll be ranked higher next basho and that will be a major test for him. I thought he was a little bit less inspired than usual but his shitatenage on Terutsuyoshi was a thing of beauty. Shodai Naoya (28) Tokitsukaze-beya Highest rank: Sekiwake 1Jun-yusho 3 Kanto-sho 1 Kinboshi 183 cm 167 kg Style : Migi Yotsu yori M10W 11-4 JK At this low rank and at home Shodai did what was expected of him and bounced back from his terrible Aki performance racking up 11 wins (including a cool Uchari), getting his first jun-yusho, and his 3rd Kanto-sho with a win against Asanoyama on senshuraku. He should be back closer to the top next time, let's see if he can build up from this performance or if he'll get his ass beat again... Disappointing prospects Onosho Fumiya (23) Oonomatsu- Beya Highest rank : Komusubi 3 Kanto-sho 1 kinboshi 177cm 159 kg (-1) Style : Tsuki oshi M6E 7-8 Another disappointing performance from Onosho, another MK and balance problems that are yet to be solved... No improvement whatsoever. Yutakayama Ryota (26) Tokitsukaze Beya Highest rank M2E 1 Jun Yusho, 1 Kanto-sho 184 cm 177 kg Style: Tsuki oshi M9W 8-7 Ok performance from Yutakayama, second straight makuuchi KK, his sumo looked a bit more refined this basho but I think he can do better than 8-7. Terutsuyoshi Shoki (24 ) Isegahama Highest rank M9 E 1Jun yusho 1 Kanto-Sho 169 cm 116 kg Style : acrobatic ninja ( migi-maemitsu/nage ) M14E 8-7 Not his best basho for sure but Terutsuyoshi bounced back with a KK after his poor performance last time. He looked healthier too which is good to see. Kagayaki Taishi (25 )Takadagawa Highest rank M4w M13W 10-5 Good performance from now 25 Kagayaki for a change, 10 wins ( well one of them was a fusen) let's see if it was not a fluke and if he can actually improve. I dropped Yago and Takagenji who are down to juryo and underperforming there. Hopefully Kotonowaka and Kizakiumi will make the list soon, these guys are talented.
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    Day 10 26.8s M14w Nishikigi (3-7) yorikiri J2w Yago (1-9) 09.0s M14e Terutsuyoshi (6-4) oshidashi M13w Kagayaki (7-3) 14.9s M10e Shimanoumi (4-6) oshidashi M15w Daishoho (2-8) 07.0s M9w Yutakayama (6-4) yorikiri M15e Daishomaru (3-7) 03.5s M11w Chiyotairyu (6-4) yorikiri M8e Shohozan (6-4) 04.3s M12w Takanosho (6-4) yorikiri M8w Sadanoumi (6-4) 09.9s M11e Ishiura (5-5) okuridashi M7e Tsurugisho (5-5) 05.0s M10w Shodai (7-3) oshitaoshi M7w Kotoeko (4-6) 03.2s M6e Onosho (5-5) yoritaoshi M9e Kotoshogiku (2-8) 07.0s M13e Chiyomaru (7-3) tsukidashi M6w Enho (5-5) 07.8s M4e Tamawashi (5-5) oshidashi M1e Daieisho (5-5) 05.9s M1w Okinoumi (4-6) oshidashi M3e Takarafuji (4-6) 05.4s K2w Asanoyama (8-2) yorikiri M2w Meisei (5-5) 02.7s K1e Abi (6-4) tsukidashi K2e Hokutofuji (4-6) 03.5s M2e Myogiryu (4-6) yorikiri K1w Endo (4-6) 14.2s M5w Ryuden (4-6) yorikiri S1e Mitakeumi (5-5) 04.5s O2e Takakeisho (7-3) tsukidashi M4w Kotoyuki (4-6) 11.3s Y1w Hakuho (9-1) yorikiri M5e Aoiyama (5-5)
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    I'm short on time today, so the Day 15 summary and outlook will come tomorrow.
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    Final Day- last video by me as promised, finally..
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    I was up late enough last night to live stream those lower-division playoffs, which was entertaining, but I had to sleep, so I didn't get to makuuchi until I woke up. Well. For a basho that started out crazy, it had kind of an anti-climactic end, at least in makuuchi. But we had some good stuff, like Enho's surprise kachi-koshi. One nice thing about sumo is there are so many participants, and so many permutations of match-ups, that you're bound to see something that floats your boat. Some basho are more entertaining than others, but I never walk away feeling like I should have watched something else. Sumo remains awesome. And so I bid you all adieu. 'Til next time.
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    Thanks for watching everybody!
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    sorry it's so late! day 15 coming up in a few hours!
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    As always, pardon me if this topic has already been hashed over: I haven't found it in the last few years' search contents. Do rikishi or heya commonly "watch film" on likely match foes in the upcoming basho? When it was reported that Araiso (Kisenosato) was going to learn NFL training practices, I thought "well, he'll see some eye-opening training philosophy, but he'll be surprised that NFL players spend about 1/3 of their time watching film of plays and individual players." It seems to me that of all the individual martial arts, sumo would give the best reward for watching an opponent's tendencies and trying to "game-plan" from that. If we mawashiheads can get several basho's worth of tape on each rikishi in the upper divisions, heyas must have at least that much info. So, 1) do the sages on this site think that watching film would be a useful edge, and 2) does everybody (or anybody) do it now?
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    player_shikona rikishi_shikona multiplier --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Achiyama Mitakeumi 10 Achiyama Tochinoshin 9 Achiyama Kotoshogiku 8 Achiyama Chiyotairyu 7 Achiyama Shodai 6 Achiyama Shimanoumi 5 Achiyama Daishoho 4 andonishiki Hakuho 10 andonishiki Shodai 9 andonishiki Tochinoshin 8 andonishiki Okinoumi 7 andonishiki Daishomaru 6 andonishiki Goeido 5 andonishiki Ishiura 4 andonishiki Chiyomaru 3 Andoreasu Hakuho 10 Andoreasu Takakeisho 9 Andoreasu Tochinoshin 8 Andoreasu Mitakeumi 7 Andoreasu Shodai 6 Andoreasu Ishiura 5 Andrasoyamawaka2 Goeido 10 Andrasoyamawaka2 Abi 9 Andrasoyamawaka2 Hakuho 8 Andrasoyamawaka2 Onosho 7 Andrasoyamawaka2 Enho 6 Andrasoyamawaka2 Shohozan 5 Andrasoyamawaka2 Daishomaru 4 Asapedroryu Hakuho 10 Asapedroryu Chiyotairyu 9 Asapedroryu Yutakayama 8 Asapedroryu Ishiura 7 Asapedroryu Chiyomaru 6 Asapedroryu Daishomaru 5 Asapedroryu Daishoho 4 Asapedroryu Takanosho 3 Asapedroryu Tochinoshin 2 Asapedroryu Wakatakakage 1 Asashosakari Hakuho 10 Asashosakari Tochinoshin 9 Asashosakari Shodai 8 Asashosakari Goeido 7 Asashosakari Chiyotairyu 6 Asashosakari Takanosho 5 Asashosakari Yutakayama 4 Asashosakari Wakatakakage 3 Asashosakari Daishomaru 2 Athenayama Shodai 10 Athenayama Takayasu 9 Athenayama Chiyotairyu 8 Athenayama Tsurugisho 7 Athenayama Yutakayama 6 Athenayama Tochinoshin 5 Athenayama Ishiura 4 Athenayama Takanosho 3 Athenayama Wakatakakage 2 Chelseayama Takanosho 10 Chelseayama Daishomaru 9 Chelseayama Wakatakakage 8 Chelseayama Kotoyuki 7 Chelseayama Ishiura 6 Chelseayama Myogiryu 5 Chelseayama Yutakayama 4 Chelseayama Enho 3 Chelseayama Tsurugisho 2 Chelseayama Tochinoshin 1 chishafuwaku Tochinoshin 10 chishafuwaku Mitakeumi 9 chishafuwaku Asanoyama 8 chishafuwaku Hokutofuji 7 chishafuwaku Daieisho 6 chishafuwaku Chiyotairyu 5 DeRosa Hakuho 10 DeRosa Mitakeumi 9 DeRosa Takayasu 8 DeRosa Kagayaki 7 DeRosa Takanosho 6 DeRosa Yutakayama 5 DeRosa Onosho 4 Flohru Hakuho 10 Flohru Kakuryu 9 Flohru Shodai 8 Flohru Tochinoshin 7 Flohru Chiyotairyu 6 Flohru Kotoshogiku 5 Flohru Enho 4 Frinkanohana Kakuryu 10 Frinkanohana Shodai 9 Frinkanohana Myogiryu 8 Frinkanohana Ryuden 7 Frinkanohana Yutakayama 6 Frinkanohana Chiyotairyu 5 Frinkanohana Shimanoumi 4 fujisan Hakuho 10 fujisan Goeido 9 fujisan Tochinoshin 8 fujisan Shodai 7 fujisan Onosho 6 fujisan Hokutofuji 5 fujisan Takanosho 4 fujiyama Kakuryu 10 fujiyama Mitakeumi 9 fujiyama Takakeisho 8 fujiyama Enho 7 fujiyama Tsurugisho 6 fujiyama Daishomaru 5 Gaijingai Hakuho 10 Gaijingai Goeido 9 Gaijingai Aoiyama 8 Gaijingai Shodai 7 Gaijingai Chiyotairyu 6 Gaijingai Yutakayama 5 Gaijingai Kotoyuki 4 Gansekiiiwa Hakuho 10 Gansekiiiwa Tochinoshin 9 Gansekiiiwa Shodai 8 Gansekiiiwa Chiyotairyu 7 Gansekiiiwa Yutakayama 6 Gansekiiiwa Endo 5 Gansekiiiwa Tsurugisho 4 Gansekiiiwa Takanosho 3 Ganzohnesushi Hakuho 10 Ganzohnesushi Mitakeumi 9 Ganzohnesushi Tochinoshin 8 Ganzohnesushi Goeido 7 Ganzohnesushi Shodai 6 Ganzohnesushi Tsurugisho 5 Ganzohnesushi Yutakayama 4 Gibuten Kakuryu 10 Gibuten Hakuho 9 Gibuten Shodai 8 Gibuten Tochinoshin 7 Gibuten Ryuden 6 Gibuten Onosho 5 Gibuten Yutakayama 4 Golynohana Hakuho 10 Golynohana Mitakeumi 9 Golynohana Tochinoshin 8 Golynohana Shodai 7 Golynohana Chiyotairyu 6 Golynohana Yutakayama 5 Golynohana Takanosho 4 Golynohana Wakatakakage 3 GONZABUROW Hakuho 10 GONZABUROW Mitakeumi 9 GONZABUROW Shodai 8 GONZABUROW Chiyotairyu 7 GONZABUROW Tochinoshin 6 GONZABUROW Yutakayama 5 GONZABUROW Takanosho 4 GONZABUROW Daishomaru 3 Gurowake Hakuho 10 Gurowake Kakuryu 9 Gurowake Takayasu 8 Gurowake Shodai 7 Gurowake Kotoshogiku 6 Gurowake Takanosho 5 Gurowake Yutakayama 4 Haidouzo Hakuho 10 Haidouzo Aoiyama 9 Haidouzo Ryuden 8 Haidouzo Shodai 7 Haidouzo Kotoyuki 6 Haidouzo Kagayaki 5 Haidouzo Takanosho 4 Haidouzo Daishomaru 3 Hakase Hakuho 10 Hakase Mitakeumi 9 Hakase Wakatakakage 8 Hakase Tochinoshin 7 Hakase Tsurugisho 6 Hakase Terutsuyoshi 5 Hakase Ishiura 4 Hakase Takanosho 3 Hironoumi Mitakeumi 10 Hironoumi Takayasu 9 Hironoumi Takakeisho 8 Hironoumi Tochinoshin 7 Hironoumi Asanoyama 6 Holleshoryu Takakeisho 10 Holleshoryu Hakuho 9 Holleshoryu Mitakeumi 8 Holleshoryu Onosho 7 Holleshoryu Wakatakakage 6 Holleshoryu Yutakayama 5 Kaiowaka Mitakeumi 10 Kaiowaka Hakuho 9 Kaiowaka Kakuryu 8 Kaiowaka Goeido 7 Kaiowaka Shodai 6 Kaiowaka Chiyotairyu 5 Kasamatsuri Kakuryu 10 Kasamatsuri Mitakeumi 9 Kasamatsuri Enho 8 Kasamatsuri Tomokaze 7 Kasamatsuri Wakatakakage 6 Kasamatsuri Tochinoshin 5 Kasamatsuri Yutakayama 4 Kishikaisei Hakuho 10 Kishikaisei Mitakeumi 9 Kishikaisei Endo 8 Kishikaisei Meisei 7 Kishikaisei Enho 6 Kishikaisei Wakatakakage 5 Kishikaisei Takanosho 4 Kitakachiyama Takakeisho 10 Kitakachiyama Tochinoshin 9 Kitakachiyama Hakuho 8 Kitakachiyama Shodai 7 Kitakachiyama Tsurugisho 6 Kitakachiyama Chiyomaru 5 Kitakachiyama Takanosho 4 Kobashi Hakuho 10 Kobashi Kakuryu 9 Kobashi Tochinoshin 8 Kobashi Hokutofuji 7 Kobashi Takanosho 6 Kobashi Yutakayama 5 Kobashi Chiyotairyu 4 Kobashi Wakatakakage 3 Konosato Hakuho 10 Konosato Shodai 9 Konosato Goeido 8 Konosato Asanoyama 7 Konosato Tochinoshin 6 Konosato Yutakayama 5 Konosato Ishiura 4 Kotononami Asanoyama 10 Kotononami Shodai 9 Kotononami Tochinoshin 8 Kotononami Yutakayama 7 Kotononami Chiyotairyu 6 Kotononami Ishiura 5 Kotononami Takanosho 4 Kotononami Daishomaru 3 Kotononami Wakatakakage 2 Kurofuji Hakuho 10 Kurofuji Kakuryu 9 Kurofuji Mitakeumi 8 Kurofuji Shodai 7 Kurofuji Goeido 6 Kurofuji Wakatakakage 5 kuroimori Chiyotairyu 10 kuroimori Tochinoshin 9 kuroimori Hakuho 8 kuroimori Goeido 7 kuroimori Abi 6 kuroimori Endo 5 kuroimori Daishoho 4 Mmikasazuma Mitakeumi 10 Mmikasazuma Asanoyama 9 Mmikasazuma Tomokaze 8 Mmikasazuma Goeido 7 Mmikasazuma Onosho 6 Mmikasazuma Takanosho 5 Nantonoyama Hakuho 10 Nantonoyama Kakuryu 9 Nantonoyama Mitakeumi 8 Nantonoyama Tochinoshin 7 Nantonoyama Chiyotairyu 6 Nantonoyama Hokutofuji 5 Neko Hakuho 10 Neko Kakuryu 9 Neko Mitakeumi 8 Neko Takakeisho 7 Neko Myogiryu 6 Oortael Hakuho 10 Oortael Mitakeumi 9 Oortael Hokutofuji 8 Oortael Chiyotairyu 7 Oortael Tochinoshin 6 Oortael Shodai 5 Oortael Takanosho 4 Oskahanada Hakuho 10 Oskahanada Mitakeumi 9 Oskahanada Tochinoshin 8 Oskahanada Shodai 7 Oskahanada Chiyotairyu 6 Oskahanada Aoiyama 5 Oskahanada Takanosho 4 pandaazuma Hakuho 10 pandaazuma Goeido 9 pandaazuma Mitakeumi 8 pandaazuma Tochinoshin 7 pandaazuma Shodai 6 pandaazuma Hokutofuji 5 Profomisakari Takakeisho 10 Profomisakari Hakuho 9 Profomisakari Mitakeumi 8 Profomisakari Tomokaze 7 Profomisakari Ryuden 6 reeeen Mitakeumi 10 reeeen Kotoyuki 9 reeeen Chiyotairyu 8 reeeen Tsurugisho 7 reeeen Tochinoshin 6 reeeen Ishiura 5 reeeen Takanosho 4 reeeen Takayasu 3 Ruziklao Kakuryu 10 Ruziklao Hakuho 9 Ruziklao Mitakeumi 8 Ruziklao Tochinoshin 7 Ruziklao Chiyomaru 6 Ruziklao Takanosho 5 Ruziklao Meisei 4 Sakura Hakuho 10 Sakura Kakuryu 9 Sakura Goeido 8 Sakura Tochinoshin 7 Sakura Shodai 6 Sakura Yutakayama 5 Sakura Takanosho 4 Sakura Daishomaru 3 ScreechingOwl Hakuho 10 ScreechingOwl Ryuden 9 ScreechingOwl Shodai 8 ScreechingOwl Asanoyama 7 ScreechingOwl Takanosho 6 ScreechingOwl Wakatakakage 5 ScreechingOwl Tochinoshin 4 Sebunshu Hakuho 10 Sebunshu Takayasu 9 Sebunshu Hokutofuji 8 Sebunshu Mitakeumi 7 Sebunshu Meisei 6 Sebunshu Daishoho 5 Shatsume Hakuho 10 Shatsume Mitakeumi 9 Shatsume Goeido 8 Shatsume Hokutofuji 7 Shatsume Kotoshogiku 6 Shatsume Chiyotairyu 5 Susanoo Hakuho 10 Susanoo Mitakeumi 9 Susanoo Tochinoshin 8 Susanoo Endo 7 Susanoo Goeido 6 Susanoo Shodai 5 Taka Hakuho 10 Taka Mitakeumi 9 Taka Shodai 8 Taka Goeido 7 Taka Chiyotairyu 6 Taka Takayasu 5 Takanorappa Kakuryu 10 Takanorappa Hokutofuji 9 Takanorappa Hakuho 8 Takanorappa Mitakeumi 7 Takanorappa Endo 6 Tenshinhan Mitakeumi 10 Tenshinhan Goeido 9 Tenshinhan Chiyotairyu 8 Tenshinhan Shodai 7 Tenshinhan Yutakayama 6 Tenshinhan Onosho 5 Tenshinhan Nishikigi 4 Torafujii Hakuho 10 Torafujii Kakuryu 9 Torafujii Takayasu 8 Torafujii Goeido 7 Torafujii Tochinoshin 6 Torafujii Chiyotairyu 5 Torafujii Daishomaru 4 Tsuchinoninjin Hakuho 10 Tsuchinoninjin Mitakeumi 9 Tsuchinoninjin Yutakayama 8 Tsuchinoninjin Takanosho 7 Tsuchinoninjin Shodai 6 Tsuchinoninjin Tochinoshin 5 Tsuchinoninjin Wakatakakage 4 Tsuchinoninjin Tsurugisho 3 Unkonoyama Hakuho 10 Unkonoyama Shodai 9 Unkonoyama Mitakeumi 8 Unkonoyama Kotoshogiku 7 Unkonoyama Tamawashi 6 Unkonoyama Tochinoshin 5 Used Chicken Kakuryu 10 Used Chicken Hakuho 9 Used Chicken Mitakeumi 8 Used Chicken Goeido 7 Used Chicken Tochinoshin 6 Used Chicken Yutakayama 5 Used Chicken Wakatakakage 4 Wamahada Kakuryu 10 Wamahada Hakuho 9 Wamahada Tochinoshin 8 Wamahada Takarafuji 7 Wamahada Enho 6 Wamahada Hokutofuji 5 Wamahada Ishiura 4 wolfgangho Takakeisho 10 wolfgangho Mitakeumi 9 wolfgangho Endo 8 wolfgangho Meisei 7 wolfgangho Enho 6 Yamiumi Daieisho 8 Yamiumi Hakuho 7 Yamiumi Aoiyama 6 Yamiumi Daishomaru 5 Yamiumi Chiyomaru 4 Yamiumi Enho 3 Yamiumi Wakatakakage 2 Yamiumi Tochinoshin 1
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    o juryo dohyo-iri oo kyokai go-aisatsu depleted o Y1w Hakuho (14-1) yorikiri O2e Takakeisho (9-6) oooo o o o o oo oo K1e Abi (9-6) hatakikomi S1e Mitakeumi (6-9) ooo o o o o M4w Kotoyuki (8-7) tsukidashi K1w Endo (7-8) o o K2e Hokutofuji (7-8) oshidashi M5w Ryuden (6-9) o oo o M10w Shodai (11-4) yorikiri K2w Asanoyama (11-4) o o oo o oo o o oo ooo o o ooo locals watch the loss o o senshuraku party o M6w Enho (8-7) sukuinage M1e Daieisho (8-7) oo o o o o o o o oo M12w Takanosho (10-5) hikiotoshi M1w Okinoumi (6-9) oo M2e Myogiryu (8-7) oshidashi M6e Onosho (7-8) oo o M3e Takarafuji (6-9) uwatedashinage M2w Meisei (6-9) oo M4e Tamawashi (8-7) oshidashi M8w Sadanoumi (7-8) vid o oo M7e Tsurugisho (6-9) hatakikomi M14e Terutsuyoshi (8-7) o M13w Kagayaki (10-5) oshidashi M8e Shohozan (8-7) oo M11w Chiyotairyu (9-6) hikiotoshi M9w Yutakayama (8-7) o M11e Ishiura (9-6) shitatenage M15w Daishoho (3-12) o J1e Azumaryu-Kaisei - juryo yusho ketteisen o o o o ooo o J2w Yago (4-11) yorikiri J14e Akiseyama (5-10) o J5w Kiribayama (11-4) sukuinage J3w Chiyoshoma (8-7) o o J8e Kyokushuho (7-8) tsukiotoshi J13e Kotoshoho (9-6) o J11w Wakamotoharu (5-10) uwatedashinage J8w Toyonoshima (6-9) o oo J13w Hoshoryu (7-8) uwatenage Ms3e Sakigake (4-3) o o o oo oo Takanoiwa's nephew Hokutenkai won the jonidan yusho ketteisen o jonidan tomoesen yusho ketteisen winner is Tosamidori o Ms31w Hatooka (5-2) oshitaoshi Ms28w Shohoryu (4-3) oo Ms12e Midorifuji (6-1) yorikiri Ms7w Shiba (5-2) oo Sd47w Tanahashi (5-2) nimaigeri Sd52w Karatsuumi (4-3) o Sd65w Toma (6-1) oshidashi Sd73e Ito (5-2) o Sd55e Toshoyama (6-1) uwatenage Sd41w Masuminato (5-2) o Sd35w Kiyonoumi (6-1) hatakikomi Sd40w Kawamoto (5-2) o Jd82e Miyakojima (6-1) hatakikomi Jd83e Kisenoumi (5-2) o Jd49e Nakaishi (6-1) hatakikomi Jd42w Tochihayate (5-2) o Jd21e Kotokume (6-1) yoritaoshi Jd7w Miryuzan (5-2) o Jd105w Shimakaze (3-4) yorikiri Jk2e Yamane (2-5) - Shimakaze retires o at the basho - ex-Daikiho, Sanoyama & others on duty (or not) oo yusho ceremonies --- Emperor's cup from Hakkaku oo oo oo ooo yusho flag oo Prime Minister's cup from ex-P.M. Aso ooo o oooo o yusho interview oo o o French friendship golden macaron oo Hungarian really cup oo the cup from the old home ooo Mainichi yusho portrait o trophies, trophies o o o o o o o o o o o the team and then the supporters for the banzai oo o o o photo with wife and daughter o parade with Ishiura - after jan-ken? or because he had 1 win more? oo o o o vidooo little sister came to celebrate V43 (apparently in for their mother) o o vid kampai & fish oo o o most wins of the year award for Asanoyama o o o sansho - k-Shodai, s-Daieisho, g-Asanoyama o o o o oo oo o o ooo the other yusho - ms Terunofuji, sd Motobayashi, jd Hokutenkai, jk Tosamidori o ooo the lineup o oo ooooo oo o a well known hanamichi guard o o o o the kami-okuri ceremony to end the basho oo
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    https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2019/11/24/sumo/asahishos-comedic-talents-provided-many-laughs/#.Xdp4augzbDc Asahisho
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    This isn't some one-hour sumoDB deep diving expedition, but I feel the need to point it out. Hakuhou will have 43 makuuchi yushos tomorrow. Asashouryuu, Harumafuji, Kakuryuu and Kisenosato combined have 42. Hakuhou alone has won more than all four yokozuna he has co-reigned with combined, the undisputed king of the 2000s among them. That's just insane.
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    All 3 of the kadoban Ozeki managed to get a KK this tournament, though Gurowake was the lowest scoring Makuuchi KK. Norizo did much better than just a KK, placing second only 3 points out of the lead. He will be on Tsuna watch next tournament, needing the Yusho for promotion. The kadoban carousel had Gaijingai hop on, who will need a KK next basho to maintain his Ozeki rank. No Sekiwake made KK, though only one participated, so we have no Ozeki promotions to consider. Sukubidubidu took a break and will have the same target for Ozeki promotion as last basho, 12.59 wins, possibly one less if Gaijingai is demoted. Taka scored the Yusho and with a 10+ win performance last basho and Sekiwake rank this basho, needs only 10 wins for promotion. Konosato returns as Komusubi for as many times as Abi will on the Ozumo banzuke (4). He is joined by the best scoring maegashira Andoreasu and Ganzohnesushi. The latter didn't quite meet the normal requirements for an extra Komusubi spot, but given how close the margin was (less than a quarter rank) and the resulting logjam of the top few maegashira if he hadn't been promoted, I decided it was close enough. The significant distance between the Juryo and Makushita medians, being around 3 Juryo step sizes, caused me to insert an additional 3 ranks (normally only one additional rank is added) between the divisions for movement purposes, which is probably the most ever.
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    This probably makes no sense, but I think Hakuho was doing Takakeisho a big favor. Once he controlled Takakeisho's mawashi, the match was over. But instead of pushing him off the dohyo right away, he just maintained his position. To some observers, it might appear that Takakesisho was doing something to block Hakuho's forward movement. But the lack of Hakuho's forward progress had nothing to do with Takakeisho's resistance. It was due entirely to Hakuho himself. I think the longer a bout with Hakuho lasts, the more impressive his opponent seems to be. I wouldn't doubt that while they were locked together, Hakuho whispered, "Hang in there. You're gonna lose but you stlll will look pretty good". As I said, this idea probably makes no sense but if nothing else, it does sound kind of interesting.
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    Also thanks to all those people who sync up the youtube videos to sumodb listings would be another excellent resource (ignoring that most of the 2010s got blapped by the NSK recently)
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    No surprise - the total number of kensho is way below what was ordered at first - Kakuryu, Goeido, Tochinoshin, Takayasu out. 1234 kensho were actually placed, last year it were 1302 in the end. http://www.sanspo.com/sports/news/20191124/sum19112421450022-n1.html
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    The new Makuuchi banzuke looks like it might be better to be built from deciding who will make the cut at the bottom, and going from the bottom up. There will have to be some rather large demotions simply because there aren't enough rikishi to fill out all the bottom ranks. Similarly, in the joi there will have to be some larger than normal demotions for the former sanyaku to fit everyone in the space; we have 3 rikishi wanting to be demoted to M1, plus the 8-7 M2e Myogiryu. It definitely doesn't help for either area that there will be a whopping 3 less sanyaku than last basho now that Endo and Mitakeumi failed to secure positions there. Both Sekiwake demoted to Maegashira, 2 Komusubi demoted, and only Daieisho moving up. Asanoyama will likely be eligible for promotion to Ozeki, but with only 21 wins starting at M2, he'll probably need to win the Yusho or get 13 or possibly even 14 wins, so I don't think anything will be said about what will be required before the basho starts; we'll just have to see if he goes on a good run and manages to convince the committee with a thoroughly dominating performance. In terms of Makuuchi <-> Juryo there's clearly going to be Azumaryu, Ikioi, Tochiozan, Kaisei, and Kiribayama up, with Daishomaru, NIshikigi, Wakatakakage, Daishoho, and Ichinojo down, with the last spot being a toss up in my mind between Tomokaze and Tokushoryu. I might be wrong about this though since there's a tendency to not promote from lower in the division, but with an extra win I'd think Kiribayama should be safe for promotion. For Juryo <-> Makushita we'll have Akiseyama, Gagamaru, Ichiyamamoto definitely down, with Kaisho and Wakamotoharu technically being on the bubble, though in the worst possible positions. We'll definitely see Terunofuji, Churanoumi, and Asagyokusei return to Juryo, with Chiyootori easily replacing the bubbled Wakamotoharu, while the last spot will be between Kaisho and Sakigake. That should go in favor of the currently Makushita rikishi as well.
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    You might guess one reason why my other favorite sport is ski jumping - close to sumo in average length of time needed to decide one fight - let's say against the wind
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    The game is over and we have a winner. But I failt, as I said some days ago: “Perhaps can Pandaazuma at the end help that he had an X for the Ichinojo bout" Ichinojo was absent since day 1 and was also not in the Torikumi for day 1. For this case we have stated in our rules, that if a rikishi is not announced in the whole basho on any torikumi, then all the tips for this fight will be recognized as correct. So I have in my table all picks for bout 17 changed to X and all players get this point. So came to the last written result only the bout 1. After Asojimas description of this fight he was now: Hakuho vs Takakeisho and took place today as the final bout. Pandaazuma failt, Sumojoann and Flohru joined him, but fortunately, he has the much better TB and won the game like with a Photo finish. But a win is a win is a win. So we have as the great winner the world master (and as I see since some minutes) also the new World Master P a n d a a z u m a C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s ! ! ! This is the final ranking: Rk Player Pts TB 1 Pandaazuma 12 134 2 Sumojoann 12 149 3 Flohru 12 151 4 Chishafuwaku 11 121 5 Profomisakari 11 128 6 Athenayama 11 130 7 Tochinofuji 11 138 8 Tameiki 11 144 9 Tenshinhan 11 145 10 Sakura 11 145 11 Houmanoumi 10 123 12 Inhashi 10 130 13 Asojima 9 113 14 Benihana 9 113 15 Mmikasazuma 9 117 16 Wamahada 9 120 17 Rocks 9 120 18 Raeucherlax 9 122 19 Wakatake 8 102 20 Hakuhonofan 8 104 21 ChickyStarr 8 114 22 Achiyama 8 115 23 Peeter 7 100 Many thanks to all players for participation, especially thanks to Asojima. Let’s play together a new game 21 in Januar 2020. You all and many new players are invited. I wish you all a fine and especially peacefull Christmas and a great year 2020. Profomisakari
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    Wrestling for the sake of wrestling rather than to win . There is joy in movement for the sake of movement. There doesn't always need to be a winner.
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    Given the choice between test cricket and sumo it would be a really hard decision but I'd take cricket. I love the fact that in this day and age you can have a game that goes for five days and can still end in a draw
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    The cricket playing nations do comprise nearly two billion people though... There are waaaaay more cricket fans than sumo fans worldwide. Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after football for followers and participation. Eddie Merckx was another one who was statistically on another planet, winning almost half of all the professional cycling races he entered (including all the big ones). No one else has even gone close to that record.
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    Day 14 (results, text-only results) 13-1 Yw Hakuho 12-2 --- 11-3 K2w Asanoyama 10-4 M10w Shodai Mitakeumi was clearly up for the musubi no ichiban, not least because his sekiwake rank was on the line, but yokozuna Hakuho made short work of him with a sotogake to clinch his 43rd yusho, and first of the Reiwa era. And although his basho participation hasn't markedly improved from last year, it also means that 2018 will continue to stand - for now - as the only year of his yokozuna tenure in which Hakuho didn't win at least two yusho. Anyway, congrats to the deserving winner! Pursuer Asanoyama defeated Ryuden earlier in the session and had done his part to not just hand over the yusho by default, while Shodai was already out of the race following a loss against Myogiryu. Alas, Hakuho made sure that neither result mattered. Mitakeumi is makekoshi as a consequence of today's kuroboshi, and so the sekiwake ranks should be settled for Hatsu basho: Barring highly unusual banzuke-making decisions it'll be Asanoyama on the East side and falling ozeki Takayasu on the West. The first komusubi slot was claimed by Abi today who overcame ozeki Takakeisho with a quick sideways move following the tachiai. A promotion to sekiwake appears exceedingly unlikely even if he claims a 9th win against Mitakeumi tomorrow, which should make Abi the first rikishi in over 13 years to serve four consecutive basho as komusubi. Daieisho staked his claim to a komusubi position as well and he did so in impressive fashion against fellow pusher Onosho, clinching kachikoshi as the top-ranked maegashira. 8 wins at M1e last failed to see a rikishi promoted to sanyaku more than 50 years ago, although in today's more restrictive banzuke climate he may want to add a 9th win to force the committee's hand as Hokutofuji did two months ago. Another two candidates exist in Mitakeumi should he win tomorrow - outside of a very brief early 1990s period when it was done consistently, 7-8 sekiwake haven't been dropped to the maegashira ranks since 1982 - and in incumbent Endo who remains in line to complete the comeback to kachikoshi from 5-7 after today's victory over Tamawashi. 0-1-13 Kakuryu Y Hakuho 13-1 0-2-12 Goeido O1 Takayasu 3-5-6 (x) 9-5 Takakeisho O2 6-8 Mitakeumi S Tochinoshin 2-3-9 (x) 8-6 Abi K1 Endo 7-7 (x) 6-8 Hokutofuji K2 Asanoyama 11-3 8-6 Daieisho M1 Okinoumi 6-8 (x) 7-7 Myogiryu M2 M3 7-7 Tamawashi M4 Kotoyuki 7-7 ... M10 Shodai 10-4 As mentioned it's Mitakeumi versus Abi tomorrow, taking place as the penultimate bout. It'll be preceded by Endo's kachikoshi quest, for which he is being challenged by Kotoyuki, also 7-7. As is customary, the final match of the basho will be between the two highest-ranking rikishi, or at least the two highest that made it through - only Hakuho and Takakeisho did so among the yokozuna and ozeki, of course. Lastly, Daieisho's possibly crucial 9th win will have to come at Enho's expense, another rikishi entering senshuraku on 7-7. (Incidentally, this basho's senshuraku schedule is the second in a row that came out very late - they had a good reason last time because the yusho situation was very much in flux, but today's delay was rather unusual by their standards. New general modus operandi?) Nishikigi added a fourth win to his tally at last, but it's too little, too late to save himself. Daishomaru did what he had to do and beat Kotoshogiku today, but the juryo side ensured that he won't be getting a lucky reprieve after all - lots and lots of wins by promotion candidates there, and with Kaisei and Kiribayama two more of them clinched properly promotable records today. No less than three others can still do so tomorrow, which would lead to a very crowded promotion picture indeed, and may even endanger unfortunate Tomokaze after all. M3 Tomokaze 0-3-11(~) ... (x) kyujo Ichinojo M12 M13 M14 Nishikigi 4-10 (x) (x) 5-9 Daishomaru M15 Daishoho 3-11 (x) (x) 4-1-9 Wakatakakage M16 --- (o) 10-4 Azumaryu J1 Tokushoryu 7-7 (1) (o) 10-4 Tochiozan J2 (o) 10-4 Ikioi J3 Chiyoshoma 8-6 (1) (~) 8-6 Hidenoumi J4 (0) 10-4 Kaisei J5 Kiribayama 10-4 (0) J6 J7 Kotonowaka 10-4 (1) The promotions of Azumaryu, Tochiozan and Ikioi are sure as they cannot be pushed too low in the promotion queue. (Kaisei might pass Ikioi, but there are enough open slots for it not to matter.) The rest...who knows. I've listed Kaisei and Kiribayama as "zero wins needed" for now, rather than with the unusual promotion marker. Hidenoumi is only in there for posterity - he can't finish better than 6th in line, and I'm reasonably sure that they wouldn't be dropping Tomokaze for him. One of tomorrow's matches may end up as a straight shootout for one spot as Chiyoshoma and Kiribayama will be facing off. Kaisei and Kotonowaka meet as well, but the potential implications of that are less clear. Tokushoryu's opponent will be Tobizaru (J10e 8-6), perhaps the most favourable assignment in all of this. Possible feelings of déjà vu in Kokonoe-beya. Aki basho: Chiyonoo, having been promoted to Ms2w following a makushita yusho from a low rank, falls to makekoshi in his last match and misses out on promotion to juryo. Kyushu basho: Chiyonokuni, having been promoted to...you see where this is going. Hard-luck loss today, one difference to last basho being that Chiyonokuni had to contend with a juryo opponent for his KK opportunity (Chiyonoo lost in makushita). It was good news for bottom-ranked Irodori though, who retained his sliver of hope for a kachikoshi. Irodori was the only one down here to have a good Day 14, in fact, as the torikumi brought losses for everybody else. Akiseyama is now definitely headed back to makushita, while Kaisho and Wakamotoharu only have the tiniest of chances to survive with 10 losses from J11. Hoshoryu lost his third in a row (and sixth in the last seven) and almost certainly has to win on senshuraku if he wants to stay in the paid ranks. J6 Ichiyamamoto 0-2-12(x) ... (~) 4-10 Kaisho J11 Wakamotoharu 4-10 (~) J12 Gagamaru 1-12-1(x) J13 Hoshoryu 6-8 (1) (x) 5-9 Akiseyama J14 Irodori 7-7 (1) (o) 4-3 Churanoumi Ms1 Chiyootori 4-3 (o) (o) 5-2 Asagyokusei Ms2 Chiyonokuni 3-4 (x) 4-2 Sakigake Ms3 Ms4 Ms5 ... Ms10 Terunofuji 7-0 (o) I've gone ahead and marked Chiyootori as safe - somebody's gonna drop to open up a 4th slot, it's just not clear who yet. Sakigake would ordinarily be certain to move up as well since 5 slots can easily be created, but based on recent committee behaviour they could decide that a loss up in juryo would kill his chances. He gets to battle Hoshoryu, in any case, so at least on the face of it that's a straight-up exchange bout. The two J11's will have to win, hope for losses by both Hoshoryu and Irodori, and hope the committee favours their higher rank in what would be rather close demotion decisions. None of the demotion candidates are matched up for Day 15, so things could go really haywire here if they all lose to give us as many as 7 eminently demotable juryo rikishi. The only halfway credible extra promotion choice would be Ms7w Shiba as mentioned a few days ago, and only if he grabs a 6th win tomorrow. ----- Juryo yusho race: 10-4 J1e Azumaryu, J2e Tochiozan, J3e Ikioi, J5e Kaisei, J5w Kiribayama, J7w Kotonowaka 9-5 J9w Mitoryu, J10w Kizakiumi, J13e Kotoshoho 8-6 J3w Chiyoshoma, J4e Hidenoumi, J10e Tobizaru, J12e Akua Both leaders were matched up with pursuers for Day 14, and both promptly lost, Ikioi against Kaisei and Kotonowaka against Tochiozan. The other chasing rikishi went 2 and 2 against their respective opponents with victories for upper-half Azumaryu and Kiribayama, and defeats for low-ranked Kizakiumi (fourth straight loss) and Kotoshoho. Unfortunately that set of results has exactly eliminated the two contenders who figured into nearly all of the senshuraku head-to-head possibilities, so despite having 6 rikishi co-leading, only Kaisei-Kotonowaka was possible to realize for tomorrow's schedule. If nothing else, that still ensures that the yusho line will be at 11 wins. As detailed elsewhere earlier today, this is the first time with modern juryo division sizes that as many as 6 rikishi are tied for a 10-4 lead entering the final day. (However, another Kyushu basho nine years ago saw an arguably even more impressive set of records with one 11-4 and five 10-5's.) Anyway, the scenarios for tomorrow obviously run from outright victory for either Kaisei or Kotonowaka to playoffs with as many as 5 participants. Should be good! These are the matchups involved: J5e Kaisei (10-4) - J7w Kotonowaka (10-4) J1e Azumaryu (10-4) - J9w Mitoryu (9-5) J2e Tochiozan (10-4) - J10w Kizakiumi (9-5) J3e Ikioi (10-4) - J12e Akua (8-6) J5w Kiribayama (10-4) - J3w Chiyoshoma (8-6) In addition, the jonokuchi three-way playoff and the jonidan decider will also be on tap.
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    Unless you're Hattorizakura.
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    Last Saturday I was on an NHK (Japanese language) radio show with the former Takanowaka, and English translations of sumo terms was the main topic of conversation. He and the others were trying to guess what some of the Japanese terms were in English and marveling over how wrong they sometimes were. On NHK broadcasts we use a lot of Japanese vocabulary whereas Japan Times requires anything outside of rikishi and their ranks to either be in English or have the translations in brackets. There are some English translations that have existed for ages that I just don't think come anywhere close to conveying the correct meaning so I've been working on alternatives. As for stable....I too have seen that in use all my life in many sports and have no problem with it at all. It's the best translation for what a heya is that I have seen.