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    More news on Takakeisho, from today this time. He was feeling better after yesterday and was back on the dohyo, only tachi ai checks and lent his chest to young guys though. "He felt better today, good enough to do sumo" explained Chiganoura Oyakata Still Takakeisho left without saying anything to the press after the session and that picture is not really reassuring... https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/
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    Some more news on Tochinoshin and Mitakeumi courtesy of Chris Gould in this video. Tochinoshin 10-4 on friday against his stablemates (Aoiyama and Tochiozan probably) and looking good. He apparently lost 10 kg since last tournament. Mitakeumi felt disconfort on his left knee ( that he injured earlier this year ) so rested for the past few days.
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    Enho training with Hakuho the other day.
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    More articles on Takakeisho and Takayasu from yesterday (2nd). The speedy recovery was too good to be true for Takakeisho who complained of disfonfort in his injured left pectoral muscle. He attended a training session but didn't enter the dohyo staying on the side doing foundamental training in silence from start to end. "He came this morning with feeling some disconfort and it seems like he is feeling a bit of pain as well. I won't let him push himself too hard, we have to be careful" commented his Oyakata. https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/201911020000724.html As for Takayasu he is continuing intense preparation despite his injured arm. He had 27 bouts this time against the likes of Ryuden and was 13-14. He still looks worried about his injured arm and was seen grimacing several times. Shibatayama had some things to say today as well " In this kind of shape he needs to train or he won't be ready for the basho. Now is not the time to be scared about his elbow" "There's still no power yet, it's because of the left arm... I need to train more" analysed Takayasu. https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/201911020000681.html
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    NIttaidai from the first round prelims put Nakamura in the middle and ind. best 16 Choijil in the 4th bout. They won all in the prelims, in the best 8 only Takahashi lost, but in the sf only Choijil and Takahashi won against Nichidai, the other 3 lost. Nichidai then won the final 4-1 against Toyodai. http://blog.livedoor.jp/nittaidaisumo/archives/5111812.html ind. final Nakamura-Tanioka o twitter vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid vid Tekkan has also posted 6 +5 hours of of low quality live feeds today and yesterday https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_DMAQpEr9Gel-gIDHiB_Q/videos I rather wait for the better separate videos
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    Tekkan has posted several videos from day 1 channel/UCv_DMAQpEr9Gel-gIDHiB_Q/search?query="20191102+インカレ相撲+個人"
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    Amateur sumo more and more mimics ozumo: Nakamura (193cm, 165kg) with a whole set of trophies for the yusho, on the left the box with the sword o o o o After 29 years again a first year as student yokozuna, Luis Go Ikemori then - and how many years since that one was also kokutai champion? o o How many have made the hat-trick and won the amateur yokozuna title as well? Can he do it? A waste: "Pro comes after graduation." Will he end up with just a sdTD qualification when he graduates? Or achieve his goal and equal Kushima(umi): all 4 years the title.
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    Welcome to the 21 game for Kyushu 19. The game is a simple pre-basho game in which you are given 21 matchups that may occur in the next basho. Your job is to decide whether each match will occur, and, if so, who will win it. Normally, each of the 42 makuuchi rikishi will be found in one and only one match. The matchups are selected on the basis of closeness in rank and the closeness in win-loss records. The intent is to select 21 of the least predictable matches. For Kyushu 19, the participation of the Yokozunas and Ozekis is once again questionable. We have included a single match with rikishis HaKaTaTa which stand for Hakuho, Kakuryu, Takayasu and Takakeisho. The match will be the FIRST one, if any, that matches any of these four rikishi. "A" will be the higher ranked wrestler and "B" will be the lower ranked. We have also included one Juryo match as a replacement for the two rikishi who are not included in the special match. Entries are submitted as posts in this topic. Each match will have two rikishi labeled “A” and “B”. For each match, enter the match number and either A or B for your selected winner. If you do not think the match will occur, enter an “X”. For example: 1. A 2. X 3. B ... The winner is the entry with the most correct answers. (X counts.) If one of the rikishi for a match does not appear on the dohyo for the entire basho, that match will be counted as correct for all entries. An entry other than A, B or X will be counted as incorrect. If two or more entrants have the same number of correct picks, the one having the FEWEST other entrants making each of those correct picks will be the leader. If the agreement counts are equal, the entrant with the earliest time of entry will be the leader. Entry deadline is 2 days before shonichi at 05:00 AM (JST) on Friday, November 8. No new entries or entry modifications will be accepted after the deadline. Here are the 21 matches for Kyushu 19. The numbers in parens are the the results of the most recent matches between the two. Kyushu 19 A B 1 Y/O HaKaTaTa ...... Y/O HaKaTaTa 2 O1e Goeido (2-0) Sw Tochinoshin 3 K2e Hokutofuji (2-3) Se Mitakeumi 4 K1e Abi (3-2) K1w Endo 5 K2w Asanoyama (1-1) M1w Okinoumi 6 M1e Daieisho (2-2) M3e Takarafuji 7 M2w Meisei (1-1) M2e Myogiryu 8 M4e Tamawashi (0-1) M3w Tomokaze 9 M4w Kotoyuki (0-0) M6e Onosho 10 M5e Aoiyama (3-2) M5w Ryuden 11 M6w Enho (2-3) M7w Kotoeko 12 M8e Shohozan (0-1) M7e Tsurugisho 13 M9e Kotoshogiku (2-1) M8w Sadanoumi 14 M10e Shimanoumi (1-0) M9w Yutakayama 15 M13e Chiyomaru (0-0) M10w Shodai 16 M11w Chiyotairyu (0-0) M11e Ishiura 17 M12e Ichinojo (0-0) M12w Takanosho 18 M13w Kagayaki (1-2) M14w Nishikigi 19 M15w Daishoho (3-2) M14e Terutsuyoshi 20 M15e Daishomaru (2-2) M16e Wakatakakage 21 J3e Ikioi (0-0) J2e Tochiozan Each match must appear on a separate line in your entry. Use shift-enter to avoid double-spacing.
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    Hi everyone, This is the invite for FAWL Aki 2019. For rules of the game please refer to http://bobdh.free.fr/FAWL/index_e.htm For entry please indicate 1-5 in the Win and Loss column for each group, to indicate which Rikishi you select to Win or Lose for which period. Please send me your entries by Sunday 10 November noon JST to xiaotanzi@yahoo.com. Neko Selection sheet (1).xlsx
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    Yokozuna absences aren't good for the FAWL win column. Kaiowaka makes a convincing return from a two bash absence - winning everything but the Muppet-sho on his way to the Yusho. Yusho: Kaiowaka (53 points) Jun-Yusho: Flohru (50 points) Shukun-sho: Kaiowaka (7 3/3) Gino-sho: Not awarded Kanto-sho: Kaiowaka (1 6/6) Muppet-sho: Tameiki (2 0/6) Fus' Award: Kaiowaka (23 wins) Abudi's Award: Kaiowaka (30 losses) Shikona Wins Loss 3/3 0/3 6/6 0/6 Points Score Kaiowaka 23 30 7 2 1 0 53 11-4 Flohru 23 27 4 2 0 0 50 10-5 Neko 17 26 4 6 0 0 43 7-8 Torafuji 22 20 2 3 0 0 42 7-8 Tameiki 21 20 3 6 0 2 41 6-9 Mmikasazuma 17 22 3 5 0 2 39 5-10 Terarno 19 19 4 6 0 0 38 5-10
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    I'll try my best and I'm sure others can step up as well !
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    Shibatayama obviously comes from the little-known Japanese branch of the Bourbon family: he has "forgotten nothing and learned nothing". And this barely sane advice comes from a man who sat out 4 consecutive basho in his yokozuna days.
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    The video is about 3 min short and goes till the end of the yusho interview
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    Nakamura as 1st year is student yokozuna and has now a ms10TD qualification, final against Tanioka (in Japanese still Kinkidai) Delgerbayar (3rd y.) and Tanaka from Chuodai were in the semis. 1st year Choiji lost in the best 16, 5 out of 8 from Nittaidai made it to the best 32, 2 to the best 8 http://blog.livedoor.jp/nittaidaisumo/archives/5111807.html SdTD qf also for Hashimoto (Waseda), the Toyodai pair Fukai and 2nd year Hatsuyama 羽出山, Ibuki Suguro (Takudai) 橋本(早稲田) ×(押し倒し)○ 田中(中央大) 勝呂歩(拓殖大) ×(叩き込み)○ 中村(日体大) 深井(東洋大) ×(寄り倒し)○ 谷岡 (近畿大) 羽出山(東洋大) ×(下手投げ)○ デルゲルバヤル(日体大) Edit: Nittaidai has an error in the best 32 results - Choijil is with a loss there http://blog.livedoor.jp/nittaidaisumo/archives/5111803.html
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    Takanosho has a new kesho-mawashi featuring a dragon holding the sword and scales of justice.
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    Ozeki Takakeisho fought against sekitori opposition for the first time since his pectoral injury happened (just 40 days ago...). He had 10 bouts against Takanosho, Kagayaki and Onosho and won 8. "I didn't really know what to expect at first but my body moved well. I don't feel any pain" he commented. "He didn't seem to feel too much disconfort" analyzed his oyakata after the practice. Oguruma Oyakata had also his take on Takakeisho "There's still some way to go, he was fighting against lower maegashira opposition. There's only a few days left already so it's the preparation he'll do from now that'll matter" And Shibatayama Oyakata had something to say too " His sumo doesn't seem affected by the injury, he is doing similar sumo as last basho so I'm not worried" https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/201911010000633.html
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    I always have a hard time finding Juryo recaps so I'm going to make some myself this basho. I should be able to record the bouts most days, but I don't think I'll be able to get every day, especially during the second week. Does anyone on here already record all the Juryo bouts? Or would anyone be interested in recording on days I won't be around? Thanks for the help!
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    John Gunning on the banzuke making. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2019/10/30/sumo/unpredictable-banzuke-adds-flavor-sumo/#.XbnR1ZYpAlQ
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    Shin-Juryo Hoshoryu's first kesho-mawashi was revealed at a heya gathering the other day:
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    Takanofuji's retirement happened after Kyushu Basho banzuke was compiled. (He officially retired on Oct11, the banzuke was completed few days after Aki's senshuraku)
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    BBC’s Mike Henson wrote an article about the future of Japanese rugby after this world cup. Guardian’s Andy Bull wrote about Japan’s never-say-die spirit needs nurturing after Rugby World Cup.
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    I don't see the topic yet so I'm starting it with this piece on Ozeki Takayasu who was back in training this morning after announcing his engagement yesterday. Takayasu took part to the Nishonoseki training session ( rikishi from other ichimon were also there, namely : Goeido, Tomokaze, Onosho) and had the most bout of all sekitori present, 25 in total. "It was a good session. I could move my body well and I did forward sumo" he analyzed A lot of fans who were there to watch the training congratulated him on his recent engagement to the Enka singer Mori Konomi (they look beautiful together btw so if you didn't see the pictures of videos go watch them). "I received a lot of support, I want to turn it into strength and up my motivation ahead of the basho" commented Takayasu. While the fans and the media are rooting for him to finally start a Yokozuna run, not all voices are this positive. Oguruma Oyakata who watched over the session is a bit worried about Takayasu injured arm. The injured arm was tapped and although Takayasu fought 25 bouts the results were not great: 1-9 against Goeido, 4-2 against Tomokaze, and 3-6 against Onosho ( so 8-17 in total) and in between the bouts Takayasu looked worried about his arm a few times. "Takayasu is still in pain" commented Oguruma, "I'm worried about Takayasu, he is way too preoccupied by his his arm" added Shibatayama Oyakata. Even Takayasu himself admits his elbow isn't perfectly healed yet, "I can put some strength in my left arm but my power is down compared to before the injury. There's still some time, I'll do my best to improve my condition" The Basho starts in 9 days, Takayasu is Kadoban. https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/201911010000376.html