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    Does it look good enough? Video from a visit today at his local paper, with his parents: https://www.toonippo.co.jp/articles/-/231682
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    Dear TUG Supporters and Sumo Gamers, TUG Banzuke for Aki 2019 was made by Atenzan and Achiyama. I am extremely grateful to Atenzan, who did the heavy lifting in the TUG Banzuke making for 2019 Aki Basho. Here is TUG Banzuke for 2019 Aki basho The rank behind the Gamer's name is from 2019 Nagoya Banzuke The score in Kekka points was determined after the completion of 2019 Nagoya Basho 2019 Aki TUG Banzuke MAKUNOUCHI East Score Rank West Score Katunazuma, Ye 12--3 Y Jakusotsu, O1e 13--2 O1 Gurowake, O2w 11--4 Haidouzo, O3w 9--6 O2 ScreechingOwl, O1w 7--8 Holleshoryu, O2e KOSHO O3 Kishikaisei, S2e 9--6 Gansekiiwa, K1e 15--0 Y S1 Oshirokita, S1e 11--4 Tenshinhan, M4e 14--1 J-Y S2 Profomisakari, S1w 8--7 Flohru, M1e 11--4 K1 Mmikasazuma, M2w 10--5 K2 Jejima, K2w KOSHO Pitinosato, M2e 9--6 M1 Andrasoyamawaka, M8w 12--3 Achiyama, M4w 10--5 M2 Gaijingai, M6w 10--5 Wamahada, K1w 6--9 M3 Suwihuto,M5w KOSHO RaeucherLax, M3e 7--8 M4 Benihana, M1w 6--9 Philioyamfuji, M9e 9--6 M5 Tsubame, M12w KOSHO Reijinguoshan, M11e 10--5 M6 Fujisan, M6e 7--8 Sakura, M5w KOSHO M7 Bolo, M7w 7--8 Shimodahito, M13w 10--5 M8 Chishafuwaku, M10w 8--7 Akogyokuseki, M15e 10--5 M9 Joaoiyama, M9w 7--8 Yoohoo, M8e 5--10 M10 Atenzan, M10e 6--9 Andonishiki, M12W 7--8 M11 Wolfgangho, M13e 7--8 Wakatake, M11w 5--10 M12 Sawamura, M14w 6--9 Umizoi, M5e 0--15 M13 Ronkai, M12e 2--13 Kyoju, NEW 4--11 M14 Sukoto, NEW 2--13 Joshofuji, M16e 3--12 M15 Furanohana, M15w KOSHO Tameiki, NEW 0--15 M16 Shikona Changes New Shikona Old Shikona Y = Yusho J-Y = Jun-Yusho KOSHO = Absent without loosing rang KYUJO = Absent, usually drop of 10 rank levels NEW = The previous basho was the first one for the Gamer
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    Not going to create more accounts to read an article. It looks as if the content is predictable. If I'm wrong, surprise me with a summary.
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    That's the answer to everything.
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    A day after his 42nd birthday.
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    How Sumo Taught Me to Love the Gym I wasn’t going to lose weight — I liked my fat body — but I wanted to harness the strength and power behind the weight. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/06/well/move/how-sumo-taught-me-to-love-the-gym.html
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    Last call. Deadline is Friday 7pm UK time (Saturday 3am Japan time)
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    Isegahama sekitori four years ago, in Nagoya 2015: Harumafuji (Y), Terunofuji (O), Takarafuji (K), Aminishiki (M4), Homarefuji (M9). Now Terutsuyoshi joins Takarafuji in Maegashira, and Terunofuji fighting back from Ms. Things sure change from year to year.
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    So the Kyokai is henkaing Aminishiki this time?
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    Harumafuji at 16 meets with Aminishiki:
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    Frankly, Hokutofuji (i.e., his sumo) is looking better than ever in this tournament. For me, one of tomorrow's highlight bouts will be his bout against Cup-holder Asanoyama. These are two young guns reaching the peak of their skills going head to head. There is no mismatching here. Just straight up sumo. At least, that's how I see it.
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    Kyodo reporting Aminishiki has retired.
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    You’ve already been given the numbers, so I’ll just add that for most of Hakuho’s time in sumo several of the Mongolians have been among the strongest rikishi around and so usually at ranks where kinboshi aren’t awarded. If the likes of Kakuryu and Harumafuji failed to beat him as hiramaku during their rise to the top, they wouldn’t have one. Tamawashi and Terunofuji have faced Hakuho more as K/S/O than as Maegashira. The less-successful likes of Arawashi, Takanoiwa, Chiyoshoma, Shotenro and Takusegawa only had brief spells in the joi and thus not much opportunity to get kinboshi. Asasekiryu, Tokitenku, Kyokutenho and Ichinojo probably had/have had the most chances as they were/have been in the upper hiramaku ranks more than junior sanyaku for their Hakuho bouts, but the first three of those met the GOAT when he was in his prime. Add to all of this the fact that Mongolians, while successful, are actually still very much a minority group in sumo. Hakuho has fought only 66 bouts as a Yokozuna against Mongolian Maegashira. Unless something dodgy goes on like yaocho for his compatriots, it’s mathematically quite unlikely that 80% of Hakuho’s kinboshi losses would be to Mongolians. At the end of the day, it’s all a numbers game. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Query_bout.aspx?show_form=0&rowcount=2&shikona1=Hakuho&rank1=Y&shusshin2=59&rank2=M
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    Today was Ocean Day, Umi no hi in Japan. 20 rikishi with the kanji for umi 海 in the shikona were active today in all divisions, their bouts resulted in 10 wins and 10 losses. In juryo there was one umi confrontation: Kizakiumi vs Chiyonoumi. http://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/201907150001198.html
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    Hakuho on today's loss. Asked he was going for the morozashi "Getting a morozashi is everything isn't it?" On the rare sight of him losing without a chance to do anything "Well, mistakes turn to losses even for Yokozuna" https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/201907150000759.html
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    Ichinojou will beat Hakuhou tomorrow. Anyone with me on this?
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    It took 3 takes to get the "breathing" to match at the tachi ai but in the end Sekiwake Mitakeumi prevailed over Ichinojo to preserve his two losses and keep his hopes of back to back yushos in Nagoya alive. The 226kg mongolian giant managed to get a left uwate at the tachi ai i but Mitakeumi kept his fierce oshi attack going, cutting Ichinojo's grip and pushing him out of the dohyo. "I managed to completely cut his grip with calm, my intention was to get my arms inside. It's not good if I don't take the initiative to attack" He reflected "The content of my sumo during the first half wasn't bad but I need to reflect on it, reset and forge my body one more time" Ozeki Takakeisho, Tochinoshin, Goeido are out, Takayasu looks like he injured his arm quite badly and may be out as well, with so many top dogs out Mitakeumi wants to take more responsabilities "I intend to carry the ichimon and heat up the basho" Can he chase the yokozuna and make the race more interesting ? https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/201907140000896.html
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    Ozeki Takayasu secured an important win against his nemesis Aoiyama today to preserve a 6-1 record and stay in the race. The ozeki was just 7-11 against the bulgarian in the first division before today. "Today I managed to come out with more calm. I'm glad I could do my sumo without rushing things" he commented. Araiso Oyakata (ex Kisenosato) his former stablemate who was on NHK today explained that not training much before the basho due to back pain actually helped Takayasu "He tends to overwork so it was a well needed rest for him. He is in the best shape I've seen him in a year" he analysed. Takayasu absolutely hates the heat and also benefits from the cooler temperatures of late in Nagoya, with fewer days over 30. "It helps me to be in good shape" explained the ozeki. Can he continue his good run and win his first yusho ? https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/201907130000786.html
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    It only took 5,3 seconds to Yokuzuna Kakuryu to dispose of his "favourite victim" Shodai on day 7 despite the later's improved Tachi ai and good form of late. Shodai record is now a respectable 4-3 with two of his wins being against sorry ozeki Tochinoshin and Goeido. Kakuryu secured a left mae mawashi and a right uwate right from the tachi ai and pushed him out to stay unbeaten. The two men are from the same Tokitsukaze Ichimon and train with each other a lot as we all know, Kakuryu destroying Shodai every time. Despite that the Yokozuna refused to take this bout for granted "Honbasho is very different from training" he explained. Kakuryu's back doesn't seem to bother him too much so far and according to the man himself he is feeling is better and better. "I started the basho with the mindset of winning quickly to preserve my back, but as the days are going by I am calming down" https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/201907130000984.html (The picture from the Nikkan article)