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    John Gunning with an article about the late Wajima
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    the scandal - Hanakago-oyakata has to leave the NSK - 1985.12.21 o 2 years in pro-wrestling - announcement in April 1986 with Giant Baba oo oo at his monument in his hometown 1986.11, an acquaintance with an old pic oo debut fight in his hometown Nanao 1986.11 oooooo o result: both disqualified oo 86.12 ooo 87.3 o 1987. 4 o o 87.12 o with Tenryu oo oo amefuto oo 2000.5 o yokozuna-kai 2004 o with Waka o close to the Hanadas - he introduced her to Taka I - and the 3 were together at dates oo rumors with Demon at NHK Hatsu basho 2008 day 6 ooooo his trademark golden mawashi is what the fans mentioned in the interviews - here a Kototsurugi design o Hakuho used the golden mawashi as he tied Wajima's number of yusho o o o o o his pref. kohai Endo and Kagayaki use gold now - and Kagayaki (a distant relative) uses the kanji 大士 of Wajima's first name Hiroshi as shikona first name Taishi o oo o o o o o oo o oo o o interview with written answer o oo o
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    student yokozuna and shin-deshi o oo o oo o o oo o oo oo o o o oo o o o oo ooo o o o o o o o ooo o o oo o ozeki promotion with Takanohana o Tenno visit yokozuna promotion o oo oo oooooooo oo o ooo oo ooo o ooo intai ooo ex-Waka I, Taka I make a cut, shisho oo Mienoumi ozeki o marriage extra activities baseball (softball) , with Nagashima ooo enka singer Itsuki Hiroshi o distant relative, boxer Wajima o oo
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    Day 9 Kasugai, Aichi Takayasu joined the jungyo - he lent his chest to Chiyonoumi, also to Mitakeumi and local Akiseyama o o o Kofu had about 3000 spectators o o o Kise *Sadanoumio Ryuden with Kakuryu o *Endoo o promoter Saigo in Saitama only posted his dohyo address so far https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRuRckaZVWc
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    This time the NSK really should think of something interesting that goes with the tickets, still not even day 1 and 8 are completely sold out http://sumo.pia.jp/vacant/va11.jsp, thought weekends and holidays are sure to be it in the end - not even full house banners for all days are ensured. Fukuoka local Shohozan does PR for a such a new ticket - sumo calendar attached masu B & C boxes - a calendar for which the Heisei count will not be sufficient
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    Day 8 Kofu, Yamanashi - home of Ryuden NHK local news pages with longer videos: http://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/kofu/20181010/1040004521.html http://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/kofu/20181010/1040004526.html Kisenosato 10-0 with Sadanoumi - Goeido 9-0 with Chiyotairyu - Hakuho was not present at keiko, and the last bout was Kise-Kakuryu o o Takanoiwa will stay off the jungyo till the end - injured left ankle - to be in Kyushu from the start o Higashiizu o o o o o shokkiri https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HV7Vx_Nhw2o Minamiashigara with about 1500 spectators o o o o o PR for Matsuyama on the 25th by Ehime pref. local Kataonami https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snfIVNt96eQ and for Kurayoshi on the 19th with Hamakaze, the responsible oyakata
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    She finished tied for 4th as well https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Women's_British_Open She made roughly as much money in that tournament ($138,420) as Ikioi does all year from his base salary (15.7M Yen ~= $140,000) though that doesn't count hoshokin, kensho, or anything else. Also according to the article she got her spot in the tournament for being in the top 5 in the year on the Japan tour, so she's going quite well overall. Interestingly, she was the only one of the leaders in the first two rounds without an English Wikipedia page (not even linking to her Japanese page). I certainly expect her to be notable now, it's just a matter of who's going to go to the trouble of making the page. (1, 2, 3, not it!)
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    The Takanohana-beya Tagawa koenkai (Fukuoka) moves towards dissolution - in the end it had about 170 members. It started in 2011, when the heya moved its Fukuoka location there. The enlarged Chiganoura-beya is too big to stay at the location, the koenkai has not decided to change into one of Chiganoura-beya. http://www.asahi.com/articles/ASLBB2VLZLBBTGPB001.html
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    Some friends who were interested in Japanese culture suggested that I watch a sumo digest show broadcast on a local Los Angeles channel. One day, I did and the very first rikishi I ever saw was Wajima. I was greatly impressed with his presence on the dohyo. Although I knew nothing about him, he looked like a champion. That particular match started the great appreciation of sumo I've had for many years. If someone asks me how I got interested in sumo, I say that it began with Wajima.
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    RIP He And Jessie Had some great bouts.
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    Postponed - their mutual birthday is today, but she has a pro-ama match and he is kyujo for the jungyo and resting in Tokyo. Higa: "We want to go together to hand in the registration. Without being fixated on a date, we hand it in when the timing is matched." http://www.sanspo.com/golf/news/20181011/jlp18101105000001-n1.html Planned for within this year, but she will keep starting in golf as Mamiko Higa. http://www.sanspo.com/golf/news/20181011/jlp18101116560002-n1.html
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    After my accident Pandazuma said I had no luck...... Well the facts disagree with that....... In the last 5 years I have found £140 all over Grimsby and cleethorphes where I live... I have found 4 x £10, 4x£20 and 4x £5.......... Everytime I thought my luck had run out-Another would turn up..... still on the subject of money I also had something strange encounters while at work... When I was at work a man came to and said "Your a hard worker here have this" and gave me £5 No idea who he was but I saw him again in asdas and he said "here this is yours." and gave me £10....... That's just ridiculous......
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    To ease my hunger I turn to my oldest friend But football fails me...
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    AKI 2018 TUG HALL OF FAME AWARD WINNER Yusho Wamahada (1st) Jun-Yusho Andrasoyamawaka (1st) Shukun-sho Jejima (2nd) Kanto-sho Jejima (3rd) Gino-sho Jejima (2nd) Achiyama-sho Reijinguoshan (3rd) Kaizen-sho Wamahada(1st) Koujuo-sho Andrasoyamawaka (2nd) Kouritsu-sho Shimodhito (1st) Kiken-sho Shimodhito (1st) Benifuun-sho Wakatake(3rd)
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    THE UNDERDOG GAME (TUG) 2018 AKI WINNERS & SANSHO YUSHO: Wamahada 149 points JUN YUSHO: Andrasoyamawaka 149 points 3rd PLACE: Jejima 138 points KANTO-SHO Jejima 25 points [(10 (d6) + 5 (d9) + 10 (d12)] GINO-SHO Jejima 87 points [(28 (d6) + 29 (d12) + 30 (d14)] SHUKUN-SHO Jejima 36 points ACHIYAMA-SHO Reijinguoshan 15 points (3 days with Golden Bonus points: d3, d11 and d14) KAIZEN-SHO Wamahada 46 points improvement KOUJOU-SHO (after TB) Andrasoyamawa 9 scoring days KOURITSU-SHO Shimodahito 24.75 average points/scoring day (99 points/4 scoring days) KIKEN-SHO Shimodahito 4 scoring days BENNIFUUN-SHO Wakatake 6 days with missed opportunities for Golden Bonus points (d7, d8, d9, d11, d12 and d14) Congratulations to the 2018 Aki Yusho and Sansho winners !!! Thanks to all Gamers for your support of TUG and continuous participation. Hope to see you all in November at 2018 Kyushu Basho! Can we celebrate the end of the year with achieving my long set goal?! The goal is the same - 45+ participants !!! Best Regards, Achiyama, TUG Rijicho
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    Glad you asked... given all values in a set are Real, sum of all values in the set, divide that by the number of values in the set. Another mnemonic – this one to the tune of the French nursery rhyme "Frère Jacques": Mean is average, mean is average, Mode is most, mode is most, Median is middle, median is middle, Range is high, minus low.
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    As I terribly neglected this during the basho, for completeness (video links go to my own freshly uploaded Abema recordings, but you've seen the bouts in posts above already of course): Day 3 https://youtu.be/4U9bMdVRfvg Mz1 Yuma (1-0) Mz2 Tagomaru (0-1) Mz3 Sawada (1-0) Mz4 Yada (0-1) Mz5 Ryuga (0-1) Mz2 Tagomaru (1-1) Mz1 Yuma Onomatsu 1-0 E | Mz4 Yada Asahiyama 0-1 W Mz2 Tagomaru Tagonoura 1-1 W | Mz5 Ryuga Nishikido 0-1 E Mz3 Sawada Michinoku 1-0 E Day 4 https://youtu.be/h1MiXJ24DMk Mz5 Ryuga (1-1) Mz4 Yada (0-2) Mz3 Sawada (1-1) Mz2 Tagomaru (2-1) Mz1 Yuma (2-0) Mz5 Ryuga (1-2) Mz1 Yuma Onomatsu 2-0 E | Mz3 Sawada Michinoku 1-1 E | Mz4 Yada Asahiyama 0-2 W Mz2 Tagomaru Tagonoura 2-1 W | Mz5 Ryuga Nishikido 1-2 E Day 5 https://youtu.be/-G6C1S_wMcE Mz1 Yuma (3-0) Mz2 Tagomaru (2-2) Mz5 Ryuga (2-2) Mz3 Sawada (1-2) Mz4 Yada (0-3) Mz2 Tagomaru (3-2) 3-win target achieved: #01 Mz1 Yuma Onomatsu 3-0 #02 Mz2 Tagomaru Tagonoura 3-2 Remaining order: #03 Mz5 Ryuga Nishikido 2-2 #04 Mz3 Sawada Michinoku 1-2 #05 Mz4 Yada Asahiyama 0-3 Presentation https://youtu.be/-KY8plQdYyc Ryuga ended up facing all four others. And rather amusingly, they made nominally West-side assignee Yada sit on the East side straight away for Day 5, presumably anticipating (correctly) that it would be Tagomaru who loses the first bout of the day. Will Yada last longer than Yata (same kanji) did?
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    Until they know something like this handy mnemonic: Hey diddle diddle, the median’s the middle, You add then divide for the mean. The mode is the one that you see the most, And the range is the difference between.
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    Orora today returned to Russia - he booked 2 first class seats. His intai was big in the local news and he expects a grand reception. Talk of CM appearances surfaced as well. http://www.hochi.co.jp/sports/sumo/20181007-OHT1T50186.html
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    Day 3 Ashikaga, in the home prefecture of the Taka twins, who are not there (Takagenji kyujo) - about 3000 in the hall video from the local paper https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhivrN3yW04 NHK local news page with video: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/utsunomiya/20181005/1090003041.html final bout Hakuho-Kakuryu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMugQq5z1wk Kise gave Takanosho a kawaigari treatment oo NSK o o o o o shokkiri https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq--dg0VMEw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUUWZwETdrQ Takakeisho on day 1 o Ex-Saigo is busy doing PR for the Saitama jungyo, he is a promoter, and for that he has started a Saigo 彩豪ちゃんねるsumo channel on YouTube - dohyo-making and a talk with doukisei (same start) ex-Toki (Sendagawa) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g02bX5Sia9Y - rikishi nobori put in place https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqSUIiquun4 Onaruto (Dejima) at PR for Kanazawa on the 14th o For Kofu on the 10th, the NSK sent Kiyomigata to the local police for the obligatory yakuza exclusion pledge - NHK video http://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/kofu/20181005/1040004484.html
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    With the Takanohana-beya rikishi now as from Chiganoura-beya for the first time on the dohyo, the Aki jungyo gets much attention in the wide shows - Takakeisho support goods were the first to be sold out. o o o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynXIcAG-WDE o o o Kise o o oo not far to go for day 1: Tokyo, Oota ward o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Shokkiri https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chiksINKz20 jinku https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqto1H-SbBg Hakuho tsuna shime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFS4ogfjqaQ
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