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    I guess Fukurou is very busy at the moment, so I thought I'd just fill in and get this thread started. Here are the kyujo rikishi for the start of the basho: JURYO J3e Takanoiwa J9w Toyohibiki J11e Ura MAKUSHITA Mk9w Chiyootori SANDANME Sd3e Hatooka Sd37w Sasakiyama Sd69w Tetsuyuzan Sd82w Kaigo Sd90w Tsunekawa Sd97e Akitoba JONIDAN Jd3w Yutsukasa Jd5e Yuma Jd8e Shuji Jd20w Masakaze Jd34w Sakurafuji Jd35w Hamaminato Jd36w Sekizuka Jd67w Ryubu Jd74e Amanishiki Jd76w Ichifuji Jd85e Takada Jd87e Watatani Jd92w Urutora Jd102w Miryuzan Jd105e Shoryudo JONOKUCHI Jk11w Yokuyusei Jk13e Kitasatsuma Jk13w Narumi Jk14e Mitsuuchi Jk15e Kotomiyakura Jk16e Ogiryu * Jk17e Asahimaru Jk17w Tamanoryu * Tokitsukaze-beya's Ogiryu retired after failing to recover from repeated shoulder injuries. His danpatsu-shiki took place last month, I'll post the pictures when the intai list is revealed after the basho. Elsewhere, Tomozuna-beya's Jonokuchi yobidashi Shuntaro retired as of December 31st, after four years in the job.
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    It's been locked up in Sing Sing.
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    Kitataiki has retired and is now Onogawa-oyakata - a Kitanoumi kabu, so I guess he owns it now. The so far Onogawa (Daido) changes to Otowayama and like demanded by Takanohana, ex-Kobo, who had it on loan, leaves the NSK http://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2018/01/13/kiji/20180113s00005000136000c.html
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    For Hatsu 18, there has been an upheaval in the availability of live sumo streaming. The old Sherming 9 is gone, but it has been replaced by a new provider with links through the old mov3 and a new site. Mbovo was bounced from Utube, but is back with a new service. UBS Stream and qq will probably still be available as backups. Abema is supposed to be streaming all divisions free, but, for now, we don't know much about its availability. The first few days will be a bit fluid in the streaming world. Konan and mov3 should provide the live NHK G video and audio coverage of the makuuchi division and, usually, the last half of the juryo division. Konan may also provide an online chat service which has been used by several of our forum members, but its sign up procedure is questionable for now . Coverage should start at about 3:10PM JST. Mbovo should come back online for Hatsu, and the coverage times may be similar to Konan/mov3. See this site for information on this development. The new Abema service has been announced, but little is known about how useful it will become and whether it will be available outside Japan. The link should provide help on this developing project. qq-sumo or qq-live is a site which broadcasts the NHK G video and audio of at least the makuuchi division, but its coverage is unpredictable. Its coverage may start anytime from 1:30 PM JST to 3:30PM and include additional makushita and juryo matches. Things get a little flaky here, but it can be a good alternative to the Konan/mov3 sites. UBS-stream is a free Mongolian service which provides NHK video of the makuuchi division with Mongolian audio commentary. It normally starts at about 4:10PM JST. The video resolution is lower than on Konan and qq, but it has corrected the minor freeze problems that we have seen in the past. For me, UBS Stream is not working on Firefox, but Chrome is usable. The Konan/mov3 sites normally run with a 3 minute delay. qq can be real time or with several minutes delay. The NSK site posts the match results within seconds of the match completion. This can be a spoiler for the stream viewing. The streams will occasionally build up a delay within your browser. If a delay build up is noticed, it can usually be eliminated by doing a restart on the link. If there is a major news or political event occurring in Japan, the NHK sumo coverage may get preempted on the Konan/mov3 sites. If this happens, the normal NHK sumo coverage usually will still appear on the qq and UBS sites. They are your backup. Some enterprising individuals have found ways to provide live sumo streaming via Utube and similar services. In the past, when these sites have been mentioned publicly on the forum, they have tended to disappear. The copyright police are active. If other sites become known, it is best to exchange information about them via private PMs. The General Info topic should be used to communicate new developments in the streaming world. Use this basho-specific topic to convey infomation regarding the coverage availability for this basho. Update: On Day 1, the Konan chat setup keeps changing hourly. It not accepting chats and displaying them with an arbitrarily assigned userid. Update 2: Several members are reporting successful links to Abema via VPN from outside Japan. See the link above.
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    "House arrest" till May.. He handed in his resignation before the meeting started but it will be accepted only in May after the suspension is over as reported, and he will not be payed for this time off. No replacement has been announced yet, so the sanyaku gyoji will fill in for now. Yesterday's dohyo-matsuri was officiated by Shikimori Kandayuu. Miyagino Oyakata who is Inosuke's oyakata and Kasugano Oyakata who was acting jungyo chief instead of Takanohana because of the Harumafuji scandal, were both severely reprimanded as well. The meeting lasted half an hour and Inosuke was present. "I think what I did to the Kyokai and the fans is inexcusable," he said. Still can't find the contact lens?
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    No, it's Go-away-do.
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    Salvê (Hi!) my dears! In any individual sport we all have a personal ranking with some sweethearts and the guys we hate/dislike. I see long discussions here, where people do impressive acrobatic argumentations, but in the end those discussions are just about users defending their favorite rikishis or attacking the dislike ones. How about we all be honest and open our “heart´s banzuke”? (again, sorry about my shitty English, I´m will (not) try to gambarize and improve) This is mine banzuke; it's a combination between skills admiration and well…Nonsense. Yokozuna east Ichinojo: Yes, the big boy is my favorite rikishi. I know, I know…He is hopeless. But the man is such a character! The tribal background and the "gentle giant" type just stole my hart. I think Big Jo is the coolest rikishi ever. It’s a hard guy to cheer but he always fouls me and gives me the false impression that someday he will be sticked by a bee and turn in to an unstoppable yorikiri machine! Yw Kaisei: Got to support my homie from São Paulo! Amassa esses puto, Rica! Oe Hakuho: If you love sumo you got to love the GOAT. Mothafucka nails every efficient kimarite. Maybe he is not the perfect hinkaku zuna but shit…I´m crazy about the Hak. I guess the extra pushes are some kind of bok heritage, he just have to crush the opponents to the ground, I mean... You cant stop a train in 5 secs, I have seeing he doing this in keiko against makushita boys, so I guess its just his way of mastering the ring…Long live to the boss, the dohyo´s devil, Mr. Monkhbatin Davaajargal. Ow Oooonoooshoooo: How awesome is this kid? Baby face, red mawashi and fuzzy sumo! Se Takakeisho: Pretty much the same. The little ball of fury! His bout against the Hak was my favorite of 2017. Sw Yoshikaze; until I saw an enterwiew with him I was thinking if he´s got some kind of retardation or something. Spirit, technique, puffy eyes and blood. That’s it. Yoshi always deliver fun! I Love the guy. Ke Kotoshogiku; Back stretch, salt toss and gaburigaburigaburi! Hope Giku just keep on doing his thing for long time. Who cares about rankings anyway? Kw Terunofuji: Monster power, Terunossaurus Mongoliensis. The man is zuna´s material and that knee is a shame for sumo lovers… Me1 Tochinoshin: He looks like a dock´s worker from the Baltic Sea. But loading fat japanese men instead cargo. Unfortunately the knee, the damn knee… Mw1 Sakokurai: The slick mongolchinese man. He is always a dangerous guy to fight. Not so much power but many many tricks. Me2 Daeishomaru: I don’t know why I cheer for him…I guess its feel like watching a giant baby being beat by rikishis, so I cheer to him just…you know…Don’t get himself broken there… Mw2 Ura: just the same, but with a baby girl (because of the mawashi). A giant baby girl on meth and speed, running around the dohyo. Awesome. Me3 Tamawashi: What I like in him it´s a thing we in Brasil call “catimba”… I really like the way he does a lot of mattas and stuff like that to mess with opponents heads before the bout, his oshi isn´t so bad too… Mw3 Oosunarashi: Bald, hairy and egypcian. What else we can ask from a rikishi? Me3 Chyotaryu: Bam! Bout is over. Love his “all in” style. Well actually I can do this all way to higher makushita, but I guess this is enough BS! I really have a Burajirotono banzuke in my head and I always cheer for one of the guys. Every bout. (except on Chiyoshouma-arawashi bouts. That bout just freaks me out). What about my dislikes? I hate nobody but I don’t like Kisenosato and Endo. Kise because he is Hak nemesis (I cant see any sumo fan liking them both), I will die thinking his second yusho was yaocho. He could be a great ozeki but they made him a shitty yokozuna. Endo gets much more kensho than he deserves for his mediocre sumo, when i sayed to my girlfriend that he is consider beautiful in japan she laughted her shit off; "no way, they all look the same, fuck". Endo just bothers me. That’s all folks! Ichinojooooo gambateeeeeeeeeee!
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    (Surely deserving of its own thread.) 35-year-old Kitataiki (Tokyo, Yamahibiki-beya) has decided to retire. A bit of a late bloomer, having made juryo just shy of his 25th birthday, he nevertheless proceeded to spend the next 10 years in the salaried divisions, tallying 38 tournaments ranked in makuuchi (high rank maegashira 2) and 22 in juryo. One of 8 sekitori raised by the late dai-yokozuna Kitanoumi, these results mark him as the most successful one among them. Kitataiki's best results in the top division were a trio of 10-5 records, which did not result in sansho consideration, so his greatest successes came in the juryo division where he earned two championships, one in 2009 just prior to establishing himself as a makuuchi mainstay, the other towards the end of his career in 2015. As mentioned by Akinomaki, Kitataiki will be staying in the Kyokai as Onogawa-oyakata, a kabu long held by his former shisho Kitanoumi. (On a sidenote: This retirement appears to be a rather short-notice thing, as it looks like he has actually been scheduled for a bout on Day 2...)
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    3 basho suspension for Inosuke - he handed in his resignation. It will be kept on hold till after Natsu, when the suspension is over and then get accepted. https://www.daily.co.jp/society/main/2018/01/13/0010893777.shtml
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    And you know that he's a wreck because of this all how exactly? So essentially, you are of the view that Takanohana should have shut up "for sumo's sake" and everything would have gone on? I don't understand the logic. And even if Takanoiwa would have participated, the police report was already filed, no? How could Harumafuji have been suspended for only one basho? If nobody found out, there wouldn't have been a suspension. If Takanohana had immediately filed a report with the Kyokai and not waited a few days, Harumafuji would have been thrown out anyway. Please explain to me the logic of this "Harumafuji would have been suspended for one basho" theory and how this could come about.
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    So now, the hospital, the doctors, everyone is in on this conspiracy and are all under the power of the Evil Takanohana?? Wow. Takanohana must really be powerful in your mind, sir.. Did you consider even the remotest (good word..) possibility that Takanoiwa actually has a serious head injury? Even Takano head of 10CC met him at the hospital and voiced his concern on his condition. The only one to actually SEE him. So he's in on this as well? And the Kyokai top guys, all sworn enemies of Takanohana, have also fallen under his diabolical spell and decided on a special "no demotion to Makushita" pass for Takanoiwa out of sheer paralyzing fear? And I'm still waiting for the bigger scandals your favorite tabloids promised us. Probably any day now.
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    I'm widely believed to not have a "heart". I have had friends call me (using my real name instead, which isn't very different) 'The Gurowake Machine". My favorite rikishi are those that come out on top in my ranking system. So what do I think the banzuke should look like? Hakuho Y Kisenosato Kakuryu Y Takayasu O Goeido Mitakeumi S Kotoshogiku Tamawashi K Yoshikaze Hokutofuji M1 Terunofuji Takakeisho M2 Tochinoshin Endo M3 Tochiozan Ichinojo M4 Shodai Aoiyama M5 Okinoumi Takarafuji M6 Ikioi Ura M7 Onosho Kaisei M8 Chiyonokuni Shohozan M9 Chiyotairyu Aminishiki M10 Takanoiwa Arawashi M11 Myogiryu Toyonoshima M12 Asanoyama Enho M13 Kotoyuki Chiyoshoma M14 Takekaze Sokokurai M15 Abi Chiyomaru M16 Daiamami Daishomaru M17 Osunaarashi J1 Yutakayama Daieisho J2 Ryuden Kagayaki J3 Nishikigi Chiyootori J4 Ishiura Chiyonoumi J5 Mitoryu Tsurugisho J6 Azumaryu Sadanoumi J7 Kyokutaisei Jokoryu J8 Kyokushuho Hidenoumi J9 Tobizaru Kizaki J10 Gagamaru Meisei J11 Tokushoryu Shimanoumi J12 Kiribayama Daishoho J13 Tochihiryu Amakaze J14 Homarefuji Actually, there should be another two ranks about Yokozuna, the first being "Dai-Yokozuna", and the very top "GOAT", which is where Hakuho really belongs. There is a significant gap in quality between Y and O, and then another reasonable gap between O and S, then another smallish gap between S and K, before everyone starts blending in. So even though the sanyaku looks a whole lot like the regular banzuke in terms of how many are at each rank, the rank distinctions are fairly reflective of actual differences in skill as I see it. Obviously no such gap exists between Juryo and Makuuchi though. The gap between Hakuho and Kisenosato is roughly the same as between Kisenosato and Yoshikaze, and Yoshikaze and the bottom of Juryo. Feel free to hate on me for totally missing the point of this thread, I'm used to it for things like this.
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    You'll all eat your words when Kak gets a 12-3/13-2 jun-yusho.
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    It's not any given day this time. He seems to be surprisingly preoccupied with the YDC's demand that he do "better looking sumo befitting of a Yokozuna". He mentioned it countless times in the last few days and says he wants to change that. A little hesitation at the tachiai and Oonoshou will be all over him.
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    I used to be a fan of Kotooshu, but now I'm past the fandom phase of my enjoyment of sumo. I would, however, like to see a trans-temporal Super-Sekitori banzuke made up of the 70-something Yokozuna達 (sorry, Mr. D, not a fan of the Latin plural), with the pecking order established by a massive fully-meshed round-robin tournament with the rikishi at their respective primes. So, in no particular (or fathomable, for that matter) order, Hakuho, Asashoryu, Takanohana, Akebono, Musashimaru, Chiyonofuji, Kitanoumi, Wajima, Futabayama, etc. Or, even better, add all the Ozeki to the mix and you also get a Meta-Makushita division as a bonus. Maybe the more numerically inclined members of the forum could pull out their miraculous ELO rating calculators and attempt a quick-and-dirty "ORDER BY"?
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    The ones I cheer for right now are are Hokutofuji (#1), Kisenosato, Tochinoshin, Osunaarashi, Kagayaki, and Mitoryu. I tend to favour power and agression, and am not so much a fan of backpeddling and pulling, though Osu can be guilty of that sometimes. My top stable is Naruto, as Kotooshu was a favourite of mine, and I'm cheering on his 4 rikishi as they start out. I've also heard news of him trying more recently developed training methods, which I hope will prove superior to the status quo. The two rikishi I dislike are Kotoyuki and Takagenji. To me they seem to have an arrogant aura (Takagenji especially, as other rikishi have clearly noticed). Pretty much everyone else I'm indifferent about.
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    He looks appalling, swindled himself into makuuchi and is a disgrace to the name Aki-
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    Given the matchups for the three Yokozunas, the heat is definitely on! On any given day, Hakuho should be able to handle Onosho. But the other two Yokozunas will definitely have their hands full. My concern is that if persistent injuries and nerves affect their performances and they end up losing their Day 1 bouts, it will be a serious setback to their confidence levels. Then again, if they end up winning, that will be a big confidence boost! The way torikumi are decided follow a basic principle that has IMHO worked well over the years. This will be a pivotal tournament for Kisenosato and Kakuryu. Let's see if they still have some Yokozuna left in them!
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    In addition, structures around the injured area of an athlete's knee are stronger and more protective and that will help promote faster healing. Other factors encouraging faster healing in athletes are that they're usually young and are more motivated during rehab. On the other hand, torn ACLs are very serious injuries and no matter what advantages athletes may have during the healing process, recovery can still take a very long time. And because their careers are dependent on recovery, there is a natural tendency for athletes to want to begin competition again before the recovery process is complete. Even after full recovery, their ACLs endure much more stress than those of the average person. Because of that reason, the chance of re-injury is higher. My concern about Ura is even if he returns to sumo with a completely healed ACL, his unorthodox style, while extremely entertaining and effective, could cause further injury. I hope I'm wrong.
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    He's talking about Gueido, not Goueidou, so that could be the case.
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    Go to the hospital. Now. Not eating or drinking for 5 days is not a good sign. Go now.
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    The Sandanme Game will run again for Hatsu 2018. I have been very close to giving this game a kyujo for a few basho now but since some of you continue to take the time to send me entries, I feel compelled to keep it going. There may be a delay in getting the results to you but I will set up the game, record your entries, and compile and present the results. Hopefully, I can catch up on the banzuke making as well. Thanks for your patience and continuing interest in the game!Here is the usual invitation:For the Sandanme Game, please send me your list of 15 rikishi from the usual segments of the banzuke.Sd 1-5/6-10/11-15/16-20/21-25/26-30/31-35/36-40/41-45/46-5051-60/61-70/71-80/81-90 and 91-100+ (91-100 including tsukedashi if any)Your rikishi earn points for each win, for a kachikoshi record, for leading their group, and a bonus for the best scoring rikishi on each team based on how close they were to the yusho winning record. The result is adjusted so that the best possible score gets a 15-0 result.The drone Mirai knows the future and always selects the best rikishi in each group. This shows us what the best possible score would be at each stage of the game.The drone Genzai picks the most popular rikishi from each group. This drone has tended to score well.The drone Mukashi picks the rikishi in each group who had the best record last basho. This drone isn't expected to score well but sometimes surprises us.Send your entries to me at nmatsuo@shaw.ca before any of your selections enter the dohyo for their match (and preferably a few hours before that).
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    Juryo Torikumi for Day 1, January 2018 Bout East Record West 1 Yago (Ms1e) 0-0 0-1 Kizenryu (J14w) 0-0 2 Akua (J14e) 0-0 1-1 Daishoho (J13w) 0-0 3 Mitoryu (J13e) 0-0 0-0 Tochihiryu (J12w) 0-0 4 Yamaguchi (J12e) 0-0 0-1 Takagenji (J11w) 0-0 5 Seiro (J10e) 0-0 2-4 Kotoeko (J10w) 0-0 6 Takanosho (J9e) 0-0 1-0 Osunaarashi (J8w) 0-0 7 Amakaze (J8e) 0-0 2-6 Homarefuji (J7w) 0-0 8 Sadanoumi (J7e) 0-0 4-1 Chiyonoo (J6w) 0-0 9 Tsurugisho (J6e) 0-0 2-1 Gagamaru (J5w) 0-0 10 Tokushoryu (J5e) 0-0 2-0 Meisei (J4w) 0-0 11 Kyokushuho (J4e) 0-0 3-3 Hidenoumi (J3w) 0-0 12 Azumaryu (J2e) 0-0 0-0 Aoiyama (J2w) 0-0 13 Myogiryu (J1e) 0-0 1-1 Kyokutaisei (J1w) 0-0 Makuuchi Torikumi for Day 1, January 2018 Bout East Record West 1 Daiamami (M17e) 0-0 3-2 Asanoyama (M16w) 0-0 2 Ryuden (M16e) 0-0 1-2 Nishikigi (M15w) 0-0 3 Ishiura (M15e) 0-0 1-1 Yutakayama (M14w) 0-0 4 Abi (M14e) 0-0 0-1 Daieisho (M13w) 0-0 5 Takekaze (M13e) 0-0 2-4 Kagayaki (M12w) 0-0 6 Sokokurai (M12e) 0-0 3-1 Daishomaru (M11w) 0-0 7 Kotoyuki (M11e) 0-0 2-4 Aminishiki (M10w) 0-0 8 Terunofuji (M10e) 0-0 4-1 Chiyomaru (M9w) 0-0 9 Shohozan (M9e) 0-0 9-8 Kaisei (M8w) 0-0 10 Tochiozan (M8e) 0-0 2-3 Chiyonokuni (M7w) 0-0 11 Chiyoshoma (M7e) 0-0 2-3 Ikioi (M6w) 0-0 12 Takarafuji (M6e) 0-0 6-2 Endo (M5w) 0-0 13 Okinoumi (M5e) 0-0 1-3 Arawashi (M4w) 0-0 14 Shodai (M4e) 0-0 2-4 Tochinoshin (M3w) 0-0 15 Chiyotairyu (M3e) 0-0 6-3 Tamawashi (S1w) 0-0 16 Mitakeumi (S1e) 0-0 6-3 Kotoshogiku (M2w) 0-0 17 Yoshikaze (M2e) 0-0 10-9 Takayasu (O1w) 0-0 18 Goeido (O1e) 0-0 5-6 Ichinojo (M1w) 0-0 19 Kakuryu (Y2e) 0-0 0-1 Hokutofuji (M1e) 0-0 20 Takakeisho (K1e) 0-0 1-1 Kisenosato (Y1w) 0-0 21 Hakuho (Y1e) 0-0 1-0 Onosho (K1w) 0-0
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    You are missing the main difference in Hokutofuji's utterance and that is that he is not Mongolian. The Mongolian rikishi have a different internal interaction and as compatriots, the competition there is more fierce and with a lot of back stories, camps and what not. As I said before-if Takanoiwa was Japanese this would not have happened. And Takanoiwa 's utterance pissed off Hakuhou, not Harumafuji.
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    Of course it's totally unheard of that the true severity of a head injury might only become apparent days or even weeks later... And I do find it pretty amusing that we're suddenly meant to take the first medical certificate's recovery estimate at face value (but not any others!), when we've been through years of making fun of these things for prescribing two weeks of rest when a guy just got wheelchaired out of the arena.
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    You know what I meant when I compared him to the three. He's a stocky guy with a lot of zest and fire, and that's about all. Some kinboshi, maybe a fluke yusho down the road. He's no Chiyotaikai. 5-10. I would be more than happy to eat my words.
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    When I said "GOAT" as a rank, I meant it in the same way that yokozuna is the top rank now, and that multiple people could hold it if they qualify by being so far above the field. It's not meant as a historical comparison, and I don't like to think that my ranking system is useful for historical comparisons. It's not meant as a permanent position either; if Hakuho doesn't retire before he gets significantly worse, I would downgrade his rank as appropriate. But in looking at the distance between Hakuko and just-barely-good-enough Yokozuna, a mere one rank just wouldn't be sufficient for me in making my "heart's banzuke" to indicate just where Hakuho should be on it, even at this point in time and not just in general. He's just that much better than anyone else right now, and has been ever since Asashoryu retired.
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    Yeah, actually there is. Records held is the criteria. 40 Yushos, 1,064 career wins and almost every other record. Only Futabayama's 69 consecutive wins alludes him. By any definition, Hakuho is the Greatest Of All Time.
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    New promise for sumo? And Mitakeumi is NOT coming off a 10-5 basho.
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    x15 Chiyoshoma x13 Aminishiki x11 Chiyonokuni x10 Kagayaki x9 Kotoyuki x8 Ryuden x7 Takekaze x6 Daiamami x5 Tamawashi Pandaazuma
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    Ehhhhh, Oonoshou might get the jump on Hakuho if Hakuho attempts to do "good" sumo, but Oonoshou will probably just slip again....
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    I'm loving @Kintamayama's picks. Not too far off from what I'd like to see. As for my banzuke ... Mitakeumi - Y - Hokutofuji Takayasu - Y Ichinojo - O - Onosho Kotoshogiku - O Shohozan - S - Ikioi Osunaaarashi - K - Ishiura Enho - M1 - Byambasuren * Yoshikaze - M2 - Wakaichiro Aminishiki - M3 - Hidenoumi Chiyonokuni - M4 - Gagamaru * Will edit when he has a shikona Not sure where to put Ura, but I would like him in sanyaku -- with a fully recovered knee, that is.
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    ATTENTION: Apparently I messed up big time and didn't update all the entry links - some of them directed you to the Kyushu 2017 entry forms. The basho starts tomorrow, some players have already made their picks using the incorrect forms (my fault) and may not be able to re-enter in time using the correct ones, which just would not be fair. Therefore, due to my total incompetence, I declare the SHG Hatsu 2018 basho CANCELLED I think that's the only reasonable and fair thing to do. I apologize to everyone and hope to see you back in Haru 2018. I'm prepared to use my ceremonial dagger if that's what is expected of me.
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    I disagree. I believe he will struggle but finish 10-5. He is a Yokozuna, after all.
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    Banzuke: Ikioi Y Tochinoshin Abi O Hakuhou Takarafuji S Yoshikaze Terunofuji K Oosunaarashi Aminishiki M1 Shoudai Ounoshou M2 Hokutofuji Takayasu M3 Ura Enhou M4 Shouji Asanoyama M5 Gagamaru Chiyonokuni M6 Chiyotairyuu The rest are all my sons.
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    He's making me happy ever since - he made me find the criteria for dislike
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    So you were happy when he went 1-14
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    YoshiXTaka, HokutoXKaku, KiseXSato... OMG, cant wait!
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    Just over a day to go and I made my decision, I'll go with stream.me, pretty stable, nice quality, with a chatroom as well, you'll find my channel there. See you guys on Sunday :)
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    She also announced she will not be speaking to the media anymore and changed her mobile phone number. Looks like you're on a holy mission there, brothers..
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    Not high resolution and only what had been on the NSK site for the rikishi, but at least you have many accessible on one page http://kesho-mawashi.blogspot.com/ I have posted an overview of older ones in another thread:
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    Now I'm definitely sure you're talking about a different person. Breakthrough? Consistent? Only if you call two kachikoshis in a row consistant, or his ability to hold on his Ozeki rank jojoing between kadoban and yusho.
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    Wakaichiro having his hair straightened, presumably to prepare for receiving his first mage: "After" presumably to come in a few minutes... Edit: More than a few minutes, but here we are.
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    Hi, I've been swamped this year-end so I haven't had a chance to prepare the entry form. FAWL will be taking a one basho break (one basho only - promised). Neko
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    Oh, come on.. Sumo? Closed door secrets? Sure. Baseball. Football- Premier League. Basketball. At the highest levels, if it's bullying, steroids, touching young football players' penises by coaches- every sport has its secrets that everyone close knows about, including the press, including the names. It's not "sumo's traditional ways are coming apart." It's a world trend , from #metoo to Hollywood and politics as well - the world is changing. With anyone being able to become a reporter in a second with their mobile phones and Facebook , it's simply very hard to keep secrets anymore. This hypocritical tsk tsking about how deep sumo has fallen is total nonsense. No professional sport is devoid of secrets and closet skeletons. "Oh, but sumo is unlike any other sport!!". Oh. It sure isn't. The PEOPLE are like any other people with their egos and gluttony and boners and personal flaws and general mindset of "I am a star now so I report to no-one." Sumo has always been riddled with public scandals and probably many more behind the scenes ones which never reached General Public. As long as we're dealing with humans, it will never change.
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    I guess Kakuryu is going kyujo, then...
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    I dont have much to show for my return to the sumo game arena jun yusho in sekitori toto and 3rd in juryo game mean possibly my highest finish in the SB world championship since 2009 despite missing aki[virtually] The high point for me was my first yusho in "Sumo game" A 'juryo yusho,yes' but it was a yusho to make me smile... For the first time in many years I kept tabs match by match and although a 4 way decider made it look close,I can tell you at no point did I look like losing...Not only did I score more than my opponent and my fellow leaders but I scored the daily high 9 points only Takekaze let me down... And today I walked on my right leg for the first time since my accident aswell....Its still painful and I need one crutch but thats a big improvement in a short time[3 and half months] Thanks all of you for you encouragement...