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    Wakaichiro having his hair straightened, presumably to prepare for receiving his first mage: "After" presumably to come in a few minutes... Edit: More than a few minutes, but here we are.
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    Ms. Ikenobo, head of the trustees council that affirmed Takanohana's punishment was on TV, speaking about Takanohana: "I definitely do not dislike him. I think he's great. but I think he should give more though to what he is wearing. Wearing that scarf, it is inappropriate for a rijikai. I've been hearing many people's ideas lately, and if he wants to become the Kyokai's next leader and bring about changes I want him to win over as many supporters as he can. I really want him to open up his heart and have faith in me.."
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    Just thought this was interesting. This picture banzuke for the upcoming basho with Inousuke pictured in the middle - now available online at shop.kokugikan Even with pending demotion/suspension I am guessing his name is on the itabanzuke as well?
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    I "love" it when companies put more effort into making things work on mobile devices than on desktops. So long as something *can* run on a mobile device, it seems that developers think that no one will ever want to run it on a PC.
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    Go to the hospital. Now. Not eating or drinking for 5 days is not a good sign. Go now.
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    But as soon as Taka becomes riji-cho, everybody gets 2 months off for a 2 weeks injury.
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    Ryuden, the new Kofu sight-seeing ambassador, got the promised new kesho mawashi for makuuchi promotion - from his new Yamanashi koenkai, formed last November. The design is simply a dragon (Ryu-) scale pattern of Koshu (=Yamanashi) inden traditional local leather products. http://www.hochi.co.jp/sports/sumo/20180111-OHT1T50212.html o at the encouragement party today in Kofu-city o
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    Hakuho today trained again at Tomozuna-beya, his traditional place to conclude degeiko before the basho - 13-0 with Kaisei, Kyokushuho and his own uchi-deshi Yamaguchi with Yamaguchi, and with Kaisei - in the back again that young kid o o after degeko to Isegahama-beya yesterday oo Kakuryu announced today at Izutsu-beya that he'll enter the basho o o o Kisenosato with Hokutofuji the other day oo at the heya today - deciding he'll enter the basho o o
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    Yes, and you gotta admit, it looks out of place and well, ridiculous..I think her subtext is "when you're coming for your own hanging, don't bring your own rope.."
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    On the 2nd at 10h in the morning, advance sales for the Hatsu basho start. Sales for the winter jungyo that starts on the 3rd have already gone down due to the ongoing scandal - we'll see what it does to basho sales.
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    Ahhhh.. another "annual" game. First a plug for new players to play TORCHBEARER 2018. Now for my picks... Ichinojo Arawashi Kaisei Teronofuji Abi Nishikigi sub1: Daiamami sub2: Chiotairyu
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    is it just me or this basho seems to be taking longer to start..... cmon start already!!!
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    I think Jyuunomori was ironing..
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    I'm planning on trying out a whole new bunch of games in 2018, both Superbanzuke and "minor league". 1-5: Pandaazuma 6-10: Norizo 11-20: ScreechingOwl 21-40: Jejima 41-80: Achiyama 81-120: Profomisakari 121-200: Kintamayama Riff-raff: McBugger
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    Abema TV has now published separate links for each day, and the note that it is not meant for delayed viewing has disappeared - so it looks a bit more promising https://abema.tv/search/future?q=大相撲
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    dohyo making is going on o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
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    Terunofuji will be entering the basho. "He's getting better every day. He moved well today during keiko," said Isegahama Oyakata.
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    Tosanoumi is the only one at four consecutive basho. 16 more managed three in a row, the last one before Hokutofuji was Kotonishiki in 1999. Rikishi Basho Span Tosanoumi 4 1998 Kyushu - 1999 Natsu Yamanishiki 3 1930 Natsu - 1931 Hatsu Tatekabuto 3 1940 Natsu - 1941 Natsu Wakanohana Katsuji 3 1953 Hatsu - 1953 Natsu Kotonishiki Noboru 3 1953 Natsu - 1954 Hatsu Kotogahama 3 1955 Hatsu - 1955 Natsu Narutoumi 3 1956 Natsu - 1957 Hatsu Kiyokuni 3 1964 Aki - 1965 Hatsu Daigo 3 1964 Kyushu - 1965 Haru Kirinji Takayoshi 3 1966 Natsu - 1966 Aki Fukunohana 3 1970 Natsu - 1970 Aki Kurohimeyama 3 1978 Kyushu - 1979 Haru Tochiakagi 3 1981 Aki - 1982 Hatsu Tochinonada 3 1998 Natsu - 1998 Aki Tamakasuga 3 1998 Aki - 1999 Hatsu Kotonishiki Katsuhiro 3 1999 Haru - 1999 Nagoya Hokutofuji 3 2017 Nagoya - 2017 Kyushu Also, note that the database query result includes fusen bouts which skews the numbers. Kyokutenho for instance has two kinboshi, not four as shown in the summary.
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    176cm, 98kg for him: "I loved sumo, so I opted for this." 185cm, 141kg for him. Konno from the judo club of Ryukoku high in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, the son of Kitanishiki enters Sadogatake-beya. "First of all my father is the goal" (sandanme) http://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2018/01/11/kiji/20180111s00005000052000c.html he decided to enter now Yoshiki Sakabayashi 坂林欣紀, 175cm, 124kg: "Around me just big guys. I'll do my best not to loose." Goal is to become like the new pref. hero Asanoyama. He wants to use his real name as shikona. http://webun.jp/item/7428283 I was delighted to find out that the full text can be read when opening the article from here https://www.47news.jp/sports/sumo/1189323.html these few articles are drowning in the flood of reports on Naya ooooo oo oo o o o o
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    As was inevitable, there will be no tenran-zumo (imperial family watching) at the basho because of the ongoing scandals. The Imperial household agency announced it today. The imperial couple had come to watch the last 3 years, the NSK refrained from proposing an invitation this time. http://rd.kyodo-d.info/np/2018011101001383?c=39546741839462401
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    He´s the "get yer effin' hands down" gyoji
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    Oh, come on.. Sumo? Closed door secrets? Sure. Baseball. Football- Premier League. Basketball. At the highest levels, if it's bullying, steroids, touching young football players' penises by coaches- every sport has its secrets that everyone close knows about, including the press, including the names. It's not "sumo's traditional ways are coming apart." It's a world trend , from #metoo to Hollywood and politics as well - the world is changing. With anyone being able to become a reporter in a second with their mobile phones and Facebook , it's simply very hard to keep secrets anymore. This hypocritical tsk tsking about how deep sumo has fallen is total nonsense. No professional sport is devoid of secrets and closet skeletons. "Oh, but sumo is unlike any other sport!!". Oh. It sure isn't. The PEOPLE are like any other people with their egos and gluttony and boners and personal flaws and general mindset of "I am a star now so I report to no-one." Sumo has always been riddled with public scandals and probably many more behind the scenes ones which never reached General Public. As long as we're dealing with humans, it will never change.
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    And dohyo-making has started (with demolition of the old) - quite a while since the NSK posted some pics on Twitter o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
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    I've been lurking this forum for over a half year now. Decided to join recently. The description says: I spoke with my little brother until dawn. You have your whole life ahead of you! Please enjoy a poem written by him. It's beautiful to cry Everything done with good intention is beautiful It's beautiful to stand alone under the moon My son and your daughter picking flowers together is beautiful It's beautiful to shed tears It's beautiful to hear horse neighing and bird singing It's beautiful that everything works out at the end It's beautiful to be caressed by father's words and mother's smell It's beautiful to reminisce about a good person It's beautiful to recollect memories of past It's beautiful to reflect on your life during rainy nights And it's beautiful to listen to gray-haired elders Honored Athlete of Mongolia, 70th Yokozuna Davaanyamyn Byambadorj Harumafuji Kōhei
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    An interesting list of shikona changes to start 2018. Three rikishi change a character but keep the same reading of their shikona. Mimurodake changes the first kanji of his shikona, the new one is also the first kanji of his hometown of Gose, Nara prefecture. Urutora changes from one tiger to another, now the third sign of the Chinese zodiac. Meanwhile, Akinohana simply changes the 'no' in his name. Among rikishi receiving their first proper shikona are two from Takasago-beya. Asayamabana marks his Makushita debut by changing to Asakishin (fierce god), while Asamorimoto is now Asakoga (tiger teeth). Good, solid sumo shikona there. Elsewhere, Tagonoura-beya's Tanaka becomes Akashiryu, honouring his hometown of Akashi, Hyogo prefecture. Tamanoi-beya's Yamamoto becomes Kiyonoumi, while Odake-beya's Osuzuki is now Miryuzan. Asakayama-beya's Kaiseio has returned to his previous shikona of Kaisho, however the second kanji is different to that of the earlier shikona. Odake-beya's Daiseiryu has reverted to his family name of Sakai. Dairyuki makes a confusing change - dropping the first kanji and changing the reading of the rest to Tatsuki (his actual given name), and taking the Dai as his given name component. So for clarity: Dairyuki Masahiro changes to Tatsuki Dai. And finally, a welcome change for 40-year-old Momochizakura who has switched to Sawaisamu, the first kanji is the same as in his family name Sawahara. I guess this was motivated by the retirement earlier this year of Momoko Tsugunaga, the former pop star who inspired the old shikona. Mk12w Akinohana (安芸ノ花 > 安芸の花) Mk57e Asayamabana > Asakishin (朝鬼神) Sd8w Kaiseio > Kaisho (魁勝) Sd78w Yamamoto > Kiyonoumi (清乃海) Sd99e Asamorimoto > Asakoga (朝虎牙) Jd14e Mimurodake (三室岳 > 御室岳) Jd41e Daiseiryu > Sakai (坂井) Jd92w Urutora (宇瑠虎 > 宇瑠寅) Jd102w Osuzuki > Miryuzan (己竜山) Jd104e Tanaka > Akashiryu (明石隆) Jk1e Dairyuki > Tatsuki (竜輝) Jk6e Momochizakura > Sawaisamu (澤勇)