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    Just over a day to go and I made my decision, I'll go with stream.me, pretty stable, nice quality, with a chatroom as well, you'll find my channel there. See you guys on Sunday :)
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    Salvê (Hi!) my dears! In any individual sport we all have a personal ranking with some sweethearts and the guys we hate/dislike. I see long discussions here, where people do impressive acrobatic argumentations, but in the end those discussions are just about users defending their favorite rikishis or attacking the dislike ones. How about we all be honest and open our “heart´s banzuke”? (again, sorry about my shitty English, I´m will (not) try to gambarize and improve) This is mine banzuke; it's a combination between skills admiration and well…Nonsense. Yokozuna east Ichinojo: Yes, the big boy is my favorite rikishi. I know, I know…He is hopeless. But the man is such a character! The tribal background and the "gentle giant" type just stole my hart. I think Big Jo is the coolest rikishi ever. It’s a hard guy to cheer but he always fouls me and gives me the false impression that someday he will be sticked by a bee and turn in to an unstoppable yorikiri machine! Yw Kaisei: Got to support my homie from São Paulo! Amassa esses puto, Rica! Oe Hakuho: If you love sumo you got to love the GOAT. Mothafucka nails every efficient kimarite. Maybe he is not the perfect hinkaku zuna but shit…I´m crazy about the Hak. I guess the extra pushes are some kind of bok heritage, he just have to crush the opponents to the ground, I mean... You cant stop a train in 5 secs, I have seeing he doing this in keiko against makushita boys, so I guess its just his way of mastering the ring…Long live to the boss, the dohyo´s devil, Mr. Monkhbatin Davaajargal. Ow Oooonoooshoooo: How awesome is this kid? Baby face, red mawashi and fuzzy sumo! Se Takakeisho: Pretty much the same. The little ball of fury! His bout against the Hak was my favorite of 2017. Sw Yoshikaze; until I saw an enterwiew with him I was thinking if he´s got some kind of retardation or something. Spirit, technique, puffy eyes and blood. That’s it. Yoshi always deliver fun! I Love the guy. Ke Kotoshogiku; Back stretch, salt toss and gaburigaburigaburi! Hope Giku just keep on doing his thing for long time. Who cares about rankings anyway? Kw Terunofuji: Monster power, Terunossaurus Mongoliensis. The man is zuna´s material and that knee is a shame for sumo lovers… Me1 Tochinoshin: He looks like a dock´s worker from the Baltic Sea. But loading fat japanese men instead cargo. Unfortunately the knee, the damn knee… Mw1 Sakokurai: The slick mongolchinese man. He is always a dangerous guy to fight. Not so much power but many many tricks. Me2 Daeishomaru: I don’t know why I cheer for him…I guess its feel like watching a giant baby being beat by rikishis, so I cheer to him just…you know…Don’t get himself broken there… Mw2 Ura: just the same, but with a baby girl (because of the mawashi). A giant baby girl on meth and speed, running around the dohyo. Awesome. Me3 Tamawashi: What I like in him it´s a thing we in Brasil call “catimba”… I really like the way he does a lot of mattas and stuff like that to mess with opponents heads before the bout, his oshi isn´t so bad too… Mw3 Oosunarashi: Bald, hairy and egypcian. What else we can ask from a rikishi? Me3 Chyotaryu: Bam! Bout is over. Love his “all in” style. Well actually I can do this all way to higher makushita, but I guess this is enough BS! I really have a Burajirotono banzuke in my head and I always cheer for one of the guys. Every bout. (except on Chiyoshouma-arawashi bouts. That bout just freaks me out). What about my dislikes? I hate nobody but I don’t like Kisenosato and Endo. Kise because he is Hak nemesis (I cant see any sumo fan liking them both), I will die thinking his second yusho was yaocho. He could be a great ozeki but they made him a shitty yokozuna. Endo gets much more kensho than he deserves for his mediocre sumo, when i sayed to my girlfriend that he is consider beautiful in japan she laughted her shit off; "no way, they all look the same, fuck". Endo just bothers me. That’s all folks! Ichinojooooo gambateeeeeeeeeee!
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    Wakaichiro having his hair straightened, presumably to prepare for receiving his first mage: "After" presumably to come in a few minutes... Edit: More than a few minutes, but here we are.
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    Ms. Ikenobo, head of the trustees council that affirmed Takanohana's punishment was on TV, speaking about Takanohana: "I definitely do not dislike him. I think he's great. but I think he should give more though to what he is wearing. Wearing that scarf, it is inappropriate for a rijikai. I've been hearing many people's ideas lately, and if he wants to become the Kyokai's next leader and bring about changes I want him to win over as many supporters as he can. I really want him to open up his heart and have faith in me.."
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    The skarf is just tacky...But that f* purse...Bitch please...
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    The most ever expected-2239 so far purchased. Former record-2153, last May.10 new companies. So far, most kensho are put on Kisenosato's bouts, followed by Hakuhou and Mitakeumi. The numbers may change depending on kyujos etc. , but for now, these are the numbers.
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    I thought it only looks like inden, but that part of the kesho mawashi really is inden - it is very rare to have a kesho mawashi made with leather - black deer leather it is, and lacquer for the dragon scale pattern. "I'd like to be know as the inden Ryuden" A video of the presentation is at: http://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/kofu/20180112/1040001326.html o o
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    A bit unusual to have this thread that early, but the young guy plans to enter in May, really after graduation: The next uchi-deshi for Futagoyama-oyakata to enter Fujishima-beya - or will he have his own heya by then and Souma Imai 今井颯真 (14, 176cm, 117kg) from Ogano town wants to wait till then? Imai wants to become the 2nd sekitori from the town, Tsurugidake was the only one so far - he made Imai to start sumo in 1st year middle school - Imai was in the tennis club. That same year he met for the first time with Futagoyama, who had come to the town to meet his old heya-mate - and he came again and again to invite Imai to enter. Imai of course wants to aim for yokozuna, the rikishi he longs to become like is Takayasu. ex-Tsurugidake, Imai, ex-Miyabiyama o
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    Ura, Takanoiwa and Toyohibiki |(who may be joining later) are out. I would be utterly amazed if all three Yokozunae will win on day 1. Very difficult matchups for them, especially for the rusty ones. Maegashira #17 Daiamami (0-0) Maegashira #16 Asanoyama (0-0) Maegashira #16 Ryuuden (0-0) Maegashira #15 Nishikigi (0-0) Maegashira #15 Ishiura (0-0) Maegashira #14 Yutakayama (0-0) Maegashira #14 Abi (0-0) Maegashira #13 Daieishou (0-0) Maegashira #13 Takekaze (0-0) Maegashira #12 Kagayaki (0-0) Maegashira #12 Soukokurai (0-0) Maegashira #11 Daishoumaru (0-0) Maegashira #11 Kotoyuuki (0-0) Maegashira #10 Aminishiki (0-0) Maegashira #10 Terunofuji (0-0) Maegashira #9 Chiyomaru (0-0) Maegashira #9 Shouhouzan (0-0) Maegashira #8 Kaisei (0-0) Maegashira #8 Tochiouzan (0-0) Maegashira #7 Chiyonokuni (0-0) Maegashira #7 Chiyoshouma (0-0) Maegashira #6 Ikioi (0-0) Maegashira #6 Takarafuji (0-0) Maegashira #5 Endou (0-0) Maegashira #5 Okinoumi (0-0) Maegashira #4 Arawashi (0-0) Maegashira #4 Shoudai (0-0) Maegashira #3 Tochinoshin (0-0) Maegashira #3 Chiyotairyuu (0-0) Sekiwake Tamawashi (0-0) Sekiwake Mitakeumi (0-0) Maegashira #2 Kotoshougiku (0-0) Maegashira #2 Yoshikaze (0-0) Ozeki Takayasu (0-0) Ozeki Goueidou (0-0) Maegashira #1 Ichinojou (0-0) Yokozuna Kakuryuu (0-0) Maegashira #1 Hokutofuji (0-0) Komusubi Takakeishou (0-0) Yokozuna Kisenosato (0-0) Yokozuna Hakuhou (0-0) Komusubi Oonoshou (0-0)
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    Given the matchups for the three Yokozunas, the heat is definitely on! On any given day, Hakuho should be able to handle Onosho. But the other two Yokozunas will definitely have their hands full. My concern is that if persistent injuries and nerves affect their performances and they end up losing their Day 1 bouts, it will be a serious setback to their confidence levels. Then again, if they end up winning, that will be a big confidence boost! The way torikumi are decided follow a basic principle that has IMHO worked well over the years. This will be a pivotal tournament for Kisenosato and Kakuryu. Let's see if they still have some Yokozuna left in them!
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    A new car after 5 years for the yusho parade - it had principally been an Audi, now the biggest Mercedes of this type (S550 cabriolet) will be leased for a day - it would cost 20 million yen to buy it. Used 5 times a year - only in Nagoya it has to be a Toyota. Shibatayama last had this experience for his yusho 30 years ago (Haru) - PR top Kasugano maybe had none yet (as attendant) o o o A new location for the lactation room in the kokugikan - it had been in the sumo clinic so far o o o final touch for the doyho preparation o o o
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    Ikenobo had a wide show appearance today and said on Goody Goodday that she was deeply hurt by the severe bashing she's experiencing in the media - for having spoken those foul words about THE ONE. o o o o She forgot that she's living in Japan, where nobody may go unpunished who in public denigrates the saviour of Japanese sumo Edit: about 1 hour, her interview mixed with other sumo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpIhW4MeTBU&t=4m2s
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    Now I'm definitely sure you're talking about a different person. Breakthrough? Consistent? Only if you call two kachikoshis in a row consistant, or his ability to hold on his Ozeki rank jojoing between kadoban and yusho.
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    Just thought this was interesting. This picture banzuke for the upcoming basho with Inousuke pictured in the middle - now available online at shop.kokugikan Even with pending demotion/suspension I am guessing his name is on the itabanzuke as well?
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    I "love" it when companies put more effort into making things work on mobile devices than on desktops. So long as something *can* run on a mobile device, it seems that developers think that no one will ever want to run it on a PC.
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    Go to the hospital. Now. Not eating or drinking for 5 days is not a good sign. Go now.
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    But as soon as Taka becomes riji-cho, everybody gets 2 months off for a 2 weeks injury.
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    Ryuden, the new Kofu sight-seeing ambassador, got the promised new kesho mawashi for makuuchi promotion - from his new Yamanashi koenkai, formed last November. The design is simply a dragon (Ryu-) scale pattern of Koshu (=Yamanashi) inden traditional local leather products. http://www.hochi.co.jp/sports/sumo/20180111-OHT1T50212.html o at the encouragement party today in Kofu-city o
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    Hakuho today trained again at Tomozuna-beya, his traditional place to conclude degeiko before the basho - 13-0 with Kaisei, Kyokushuho and his own uchi-deshi Yamaguchi with Yamaguchi, and with Kaisei - in the back again that young kid o o after degeko to Isegahama-beya yesterday oo Kakuryu announced today at Izutsu-beya that he'll enter the basho o o o Kisenosato with Hokutofuji the other day oo at the heya today - deciding he'll enter the basho o o
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    Yes, and you gotta admit, it looks out of place and well, ridiculous..I think her subtext is "when you're coming for your own hanging, don't bring your own rope.."
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    On the 2nd at 10h in the morning, advance sales for the Hatsu basho start. Sales for the winter jungyo that starts on the 3rd have already gone down due to the ongoing scandal - we'll see what it does to basho sales.
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    On second thought, though, I think the Yokozunae plural does make a lot of sense in Japanese, if you consider the following kanji, 横綱彙, and consider that the Latin pronunciation rhymes with ない and not with ね. It's scary sometimes what people can come up with at 1:30 AM in the morning, when the Sandman just won't enter.
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    So how will I know if you mean singular or plural if I can't read Japanese? Yokozunas is also good. But a man has got to know..
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    He looks appalling, swindled himself into makuuchi and is a disgrace to the name Aki-
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    My top rank - favorite rikishi who stay there and won't get demoted - for a long time was occupied by Hakuho alone, since he became ozeki - I still remember having been the only enthusiastic Hakuho fan on the SML among the blue wolf pack as he was promoted to yokozuna. Ichinojo took the top spot from him as he stormed into makuuchi, and it has stayed this way ever since. Nobody else has made it into that category so far, and Hakuho did everything he could to have him stay 2nd, regardless how bad Ichinojo performed. The 2nd group of rikishi, those I really like, has a bit more fluctuation - at present it contains Toyonoshima, Aminishiki, Yoshikaze, Onosho, Hokutofuji, Asanoyama, Ishiura, Enho, Shodai, Ikioi, Chiyonokuni, Satoyama in no particular order. The 3rd group of rikishi I simply like are as of this basho - also without further ranking: Kakuryu, Takayasu, Kisenosato (one of the newest in this group), Mitakeumi, Chiyotairyu, Okinoumi, Tochiozan, Myogiryu, Shohozan, Abi, Nishikigi, Ryuden, Yutakayama, Kyokutaisei, Homarefuji, Osunaarashi, Takanosho, Kotoeko, Ura, Terutsuyoshi, Kitaharima, Wakamotoharu, Shonannoumi, Wakatakakage, Amuru, Wakatakamoto, Keitenkai, Midorifuji, Nishikifuji, Itadaki, Chiyodaigo, Tokuda, Baraki, Urutora, new: Torakio, and ex-Asayamabana (forgot the new name) The next group are those I like a bit, maybe about 100, then those I don't care about, nearly all others and at last those I dislike: This is defined for me as: I want them to lose, to go makekoshi, to drop down as far as possible. For years this rank was reserved for Akiseyama - the only other before him there was the late ex-Kasugayama. But with recent developments, I have decided to put Takanoiwa, Takagenji and Takayoshitoshi in there for the moment. Takakeisho I have only demoted from simply like to don't care.
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    Of all the rikishi ranked above Komusubi, only Hakuho and Mitakeumi have positive head-to-heads against their Day 1 opponents. It might be difficult for more than just the Yokozuna.
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    You don't need an account for watching, only for chatting. Consequences: Maybe some more SPAM and live sumo. HD live sumo.
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    Too bad Onosho and Takakeisho already are komusubi. That'd have been a hilarious poll for day 1 kinboshi. @VirtualSumo @McBugger @orandashoho *sigh* It's Chokeido. Choke-eido.
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    In addition, structures around the injured area of an athlete's knee are stronger and more protective and that will help promote faster healing. Other factors encouraging faster healing in athletes are that they're usually young and are more motivated during rehab. On the other hand, torn ACLs are very serious injuries and no matter what advantages athletes may have during the healing process, recovery can still take a very long time. And because their careers are dependent on recovery, there is a natural tendency for athletes to want to begin competition again before the recovery process is complete. Even after full recovery, their ACLs endure much more stress than those of the average person. Because of that reason, the chance of re-injury is higher. My concern about Ura is even if he returns to sumo with a completely healed ACL, his unorthodox style, while extremely entertaining and effective, could cause further injury. I hope I'm wrong.
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    x15 Kotoshogiku x13 Yoshikaze x11 Tochinoshin x10 Onosho x09 Takakeisho x08 Endo x07 Aminishiki x06 Yutakayama x05 Takarafuji
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    x15 Tochinoshin x13 Ichinojo x11 Kaisei x10 Takarafuji x09 Hakuho x08 Shodai x07 Takayasu x06 Yoshikaze x05 Endo
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    Hi @Benihana, another newbie here willing to help out if you still need people, just let me know when
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    15 Okinoumi 13 Takarafuji 11 Kagayaki 10 Endo 9 Ikioi 8 Chiyonokuni 7 Kaisei 6 Takekaze 5 Nishikigi
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    Not high resolution and only what had been on the NSK site for the rikishi, but at least you have many accessible on one page http://kesho-mawashi.blogspot.com/ I have posted an overview of older ones in another thread:
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    15 - Tochinoshin 13 - Ichinojo 11 - Chiyonokuni 10 - Takarafuji 9 - Hokutofuji 8 - Daishomaru 7 - Shodai 6 - Abi 5 - Kagayaki
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    Ahhhh.. another "annual" game. First a plug for new players to play TORCHBEARER 2018. Now for my picks... Ichinojo Arawashi Kaisei Teronofuji Abi Nishikigi sub1: Daiamami sub2: Chiotairyu
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    Only new story for "休場"(kyu(u)jo(u)) on Google in this hour before the torikumi is released is one saying Takanoiwa will be absent. I couldn't find any other shikona in the article, which appeared to focus solely on Takanoiwa. It seems to say his new medical certificate says " 頭部外傷、頭皮裂創痕、右乳突蜂巣炎痕 " - Head injury, trace of scalp laceration, trace of right pectoral cellulitis is what I make of it, but that's trusting my in-browser translator for the medical terminology. https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/201801120000228.html edit: here's a different one with Ura and Toyohibiki's shikona in them http://www.hochi.co.jp/sports/sumo/20180112-OHT1T50056.html So it looks like we have a full Makuuchi slate, but 3 absences in Juryo.
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    is it just me or this basho seems to be taking longer to start..... cmon start already!!!
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    I think Jyuunomori was ironing..
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    I'm planning on trying out a whole new bunch of games in 2018, both Superbanzuke and "minor league". 1-5: Pandaazuma 6-10: Norizo 11-20: ScreechingOwl 21-40: Jejima 41-80: Achiyama 81-120: Profomisakari 121-200: Kintamayama Riff-raff: McBugger
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    Abema TV has now published separate links for each day, and the note that it is not meant for delayed viewing has disappeared - so it looks a bit more promising https://abema.tv/search/future?q=大相撲
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    dohyo making is going on o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
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    Terunofuji will be entering the basho. "He's getting better every day. He moved well today during keiko," said Isegahama Oyakata.
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    Tosanoumi is the only one at four consecutive basho. 16 more managed three in a row, the last one before Hokutofuji was Kotonishiki in 1999. Rikishi Basho Span Tosanoumi 4 1998 Kyushu - 1999 Natsu Yamanishiki 3 1930 Natsu - 1931 Hatsu Tatekabuto 3 1940 Natsu - 1941 Natsu Wakanohana Katsuji 3 1953 Hatsu - 1953 Natsu Kotonishiki Noboru 3 1953 Natsu - 1954 Hatsu Kotogahama 3 1955 Hatsu - 1955 Natsu Narutoumi 3 1956 Natsu - 1957 Hatsu Kiyokuni 3 1964 Aki - 1965 Hatsu Daigo 3 1964 Kyushu - 1965 Haru Kirinji Takayoshi 3 1966 Natsu - 1966 Aki Fukunohana 3 1970 Natsu - 1970 Aki Kurohimeyama 3 1978 Kyushu - 1979 Haru Tochiakagi 3 1981 Aki - 1982 Hatsu Tochinonada 3 1998 Natsu - 1998 Aki Tamakasuga 3 1998 Aki - 1999 Hatsu Kotonishiki Katsuhiro 3 1999 Haru - 1999 Nagoya Hokutofuji 3 2017 Nagoya - 2017 Kyushu Also, note that the database query result includes fusen bouts which skews the numbers. Kyokutenho for instance has two kinboshi, not four as shown in the summary.
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    176cm, 98kg for him: "I loved sumo, so I opted for this." 185cm, 141kg for him. Konno from the judo club of Ryukoku high in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, the son of Kitanishiki enters Sadogatake-beya. "First of all my father is the goal" (sandanme) http://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2018/01/11/kiji/20180111s00005000052000c.html he decided to enter now Yoshiki Sakabayashi 坂林欣紀, 175cm, 124kg: "Around me just big guys. I'll do my best not to loose." Goal is to become like the new pref. hero Asanoyama. He wants to use his real name as shikona. http://webun.jp/item/7428283 I was delighted to find out that the full text can be read when opening the article from here https://www.47news.jp/sports/sumo/1189323.html these few articles are drowning in the flood of reports on Naya ooooo oo oo o o o o
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    As was inevitable, there will be no tenran-zumo (imperial family watching) at the basho because of the ongoing scandals. The Imperial household agency announced it today. The imperial couple had come to watch the last 3 years, the NSK refrained from proposing an invitation this time. http://rd.kyodo-d.info/np/2018011101001383?c=39546741839462401
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    He´s the "get yer effin' hands down" gyoji
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    Shikimori Inosuke will be dealt with on the January 13th special rijikai convention. Possible punishments- demotion, suspension. Who will replace him? Probably Shikimori Kandayuu, the next in line. I think Kimura Kounosuke should be immediately promoted over all the others. Today.
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    Oh, come on.. Sumo? Closed door secrets? Sure. Baseball. Football- Premier League. Basketball. At the highest levels, if it's bullying, steroids, touching young football players' penises by coaches- every sport has its secrets that everyone close knows about, including the press, including the names. It's not "sumo's traditional ways are coming apart." It's a world trend , from #metoo to Hollywood and politics as well - the world is changing. With anyone being able to become a reporter in a second with their mobile phones and Facebook , it's simply very hard to keep secrets anymore. This hypocritical tsk tsking about how deep sumo has fallen is total nonsense. No professional sport is devoid of secrets and closet skeletons. "Oh, but sumo is unlike any other sport!!". Oh. It sure isn't. The PEOPLE are like any other people with their egos and gluttony and boners and personal flaws and general mindset of "I am a star now so I report to no-one." Sumo has always been riddled with public scandals and probably many more behind the scenes ones which never reached General Public. As long as we're dealing with humans, it will never change.
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    I've been lurking this forum for over a half year now. Decided to join recently. The description says: I spoke with my little brother until dawn. You have your whole life ahead of you! Please enjoy a poem written by him. It's beautiful to cry Everything done with good intention is beautiful It's beautiful to stand alone under the moon My son and your daughter picking flowers together is beautiful It's beautiful to shed tears It's beautiful to hear horse neighing and bird singing It's beautiful that everything works out at the end It's beautiful to be caressed by father's words and mother's smell It's beautiful to reminisce about a good person It's beautiful to recollect memories of past It's beautiful to reflect on your life during rainy nights And it's beautiful to listen to gray-haired elders Honored Athlete of Mongolia, 70th Yokozuna Davaanyamyn Byambadorj Harumafuji Kōhei