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    Always in use among the japanese journalists - the sumo database
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    Coming back from the summer in New Zealand to the German snow, I have updated the standings: Kyushu Masters World Championship
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    Finals Standings: Congratulations to Mmikasazuma for winning the 2017 edition of Metasumo. Senkoho overtook Ganzohnesushi for second place. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jCnY13WOUcWdJot9CsLOseY_OrD9l66c/view?usp=sharing
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    Hello and welcome to another "Let's comment the next Basho "Poster"!" this one, I think, it's particularly nice... Enjoy!
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    Defying the doctors advice I have been working for the last few days... I still use crutches between houses and on the way to work but not while I am working..... Many people wrote me off epecially when I was in hospital but I always knew I could do it... Bloody cold though.......
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    some pics Day 09, lower divisions Day 10, Makuuchi division Kokonoe Beya
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    Indeed, he shaved on senshuraku.
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    Granny Weatherwax as East Yokozuna makes perfect sense though. I agree with Sybil being too high. Rincewind would be a Komusbi - he would get a crucial win to impact the basho but never get any credit for it.
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    Sadogatake Beya Get together with Chiyoshoma, Asasekiryu and Sokokurai