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    The newest latest edition of the Superbanzuke is online. For the first time since Nagoya 2011 we have four players with 6000+ points. That's quite an accomplishment, what with the number of players decreasing year by year. Pandaazuma has regained the top spot for the first time in two years. Great stuff! Susanoo isn't too far behind as Yokozuna West. Gurowake takes the top Ozeki spot while Taka moves to O1w with a new points record of exactly 6000. Flohru and Konosato represent the second tier of Ozeki. In lower sanyaku, Kitakachiyama and Norizo are both promoted from Komusubi to Sekiwake. Ganzohnesushi returns to the sanyaku after one year, whereas Choshu-yuki makes her first sanyaku appearance since Natsu 2009! Among Maegashira, chishafuwaku reaches M1 for the first time in his career (no new points record). Kaiomitsuki achieves a new career high at M2 (including a new points record). Bill returns to a career-high M3, last held in Haru 2016. Metzinowaka improves to a new career high at M4 (no points record). Sebunshu returns to his previous career high of M10, getting a new points record in the process. Unkonoyama improves his career high to M11 (with a new points record to boot). Nantonoyama moves up to a new high M14 and eclipses 1500 points for the first time ever. After spending a basho in Juryo, Chisaiyama also gets a new career high at M14 (plus new points record). Moreover, we have two shin-Makuuchi. The first one is Holleshoryu at M15. He made his first Superbanzuke appearance in Natsu 2006. Exactly 10 years ago he had his Makushita debut, but toiled in the lower division for quite some time after that. His sekitori debut materialized in Natsu 2015. The other newcomer to the top division is Saruyama. He debuted on the Superbanzuke in Hatsu 2010. In Natsu 2011 he first appeared in Makushita, and in Haru 2013 he became Juryo for the first time ever. Since Hatsu 2016 he turned into a Juryo mainstay, and finally made the cut this basho. In Juryo, we have two new career highs for established players, one for Suwihito (J9), the other for Andrasoyamawaka (J12). More importantly, we have no less than three shin-Juryo. The first one is Tsuchinoninjin who almost accomplished a direct promotion from Makushita to Makuuchi (J1). Chankoyama (J7) and Gawasukotto (J10) are the other debutants in the second division.
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    I'd add (if it hasn't been mentioned already) that the Japanese often apologise for things that they are not responsible for or that they have no control over. They're apologising for the likely or potential disappointment or inconvenience of people they feel responsible for, even if they have nothing to do with the problem. I've witnessed people get quite upset over relatively trivial things in my time here.
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    Fantasy Sumo (play): Ozeki Taka had another strong result in Nagoya, following up on Natsu's 5th place with a shared 3rd here, which gave the committee something to think about concerning the big white rope. In the end it wasn't deemed to be quite enough yet as a jun-yusho at minimum really should be part of a two-basho run, and there was no further supporting evidence to call upon. (Taka's only been ozeki for four tournaments, with the prior two results both just 8-7.) The tsuna run will be extended for a slightly lower target into Aki basho, of course. Fellow top-ranker Pandaazuma performed credibly as well with a 6th straight kachikoshi as ozeki, not something we're particularly used to seeing in FS. On the flipside it was curtains for Kuroimori whose time as ozeki has ended after just 4 appearances, only one of which was a kachikoshi. Our two incumbent sekiwake unfortunately only went 8-7 and 7-8, so no replacement promotions. Quite a few players did manage to post sekiwake-worthy results though so there's no shortage of candidates entering Aki basho, and the sanyaku ranks had to be expanded back from 10 to 11 slots again. The banzuke-making was a bit of a mess as the results after the scoring adjustments (-2 in makuuchi and juryo, -1 in makushita) first left a big ol' hole to fill from around M11 to J6, with everybody getting very lucky in that area (including a couple of small promotions for 7-8's), and then created some very crunched movements in makushita down to about Ms15...not much upwards mobility for KK, which I don't like, but the small number of MK records were getting dropped hard as is, so there was no more room to be had here. Taka (O1e 10-5) O Pandaazuma (O1w 9-6) Toratorii (Sw 8-7) S1 Chocshoporyu (K1e 9-6) Natsuki (K3w 9-6) S2 Susanoo (M2e 10-5) Kuroimori (O2e 5-10) S3 - Kotomikey (K1w 8-7) K1 Danishido (M8e 12-3) Ruziklao (M1e 9-6) K2 Chisaiyama (M1w 9-6) Hironoyama (Se 7-8) M1 Mike (K2e kosho) Metzinowaka (M4w 9-6) M2 Asashosakari (M8w 10-5) chishafuwaku (M5e 8-7) M3 Kotononami (M7w 9-6) Achiyama (M3e 7-8) M4 Kitakachiyama (J1w 12-3) Holleshoryu (M10e 9-6) M5 Choshu-yuki (M4e 7-8) 21grams (M5w kosho) M6 Konosato (M10w 9-6) MussenoYama (M2w 6-9) M7 Flohru (M11w 9-6) Mariohana (M7e kosho) M8 Ganzohnesushi (M6e 7-8) Norizo (M13e 9-6) M9 Hironoumi (M12e 8-7) Iron Chef Kanoya (M3w 4-11) M10 Jejima (M6w 5-10) Amafan (M9w 6-9) M11 Sebunshu (M12w 7-8) Gibuten (J4e 9-6) M12 nomadwolf (J2e 8-7) Mmikasazuma (M13w kosho) M13 Kaiomitsuki (M15e 7-8) ScreechingOwl (M11e 5-10) M14 Andoreasu (M9e 4-11) Bill (J5w 9-6) M15 Tochinofuji (M16e kosho) Gonzaburow (J3w 8-7) M16 - Hayanami (M14w 6-9) J1 Seki Haruaki (M15w 6-9) Peraz (M14e 5-10) J2 Kurofuji (J10w 9-6) nageru (J11w 9-6) J3 Ryukyuyama (M16w 5-10) Motörfuji (J1e 5-10) J4 Bayasaa (J4w kosho) Feginowaka (J2w 5-10) J5 Fujisan (J3e 5-10) Reijinguoshan (Ms4w 11-4) J6 Anjoboshi (J6w kosho) Musanofuji (J7e kosho) J7 Kaiowaka (J7w kosho) Frinkanohana (J6e 6-9) J8 Akezuma (J8w kosho) Ravlen (J9e 7-8) J9 Saryn (J14w 8-7) Takanosushi (J10e 7-8) J10 Haidouzo (J8e 6-9) Kotoedo (J11e kosho) J11 Saruyama (Ms1w 9-6) Alishimaru (J12e 7-8) J12 Sushiyama (Ms5w 10-5) Gaijingai (J13e kosho) J13 erieri (J13w kosho) tatsukai (Ms3e 9-6) J14 Chankoyama (Ms3w 9-6) Dingoyama (Ms4e 9-6) Ms1 Yeznik (J14e 7-8) Sherlockiama (J9w 5-10) Ms2 Tenshinhan (Ms5e 9-6) Unkonoyama (J12w 6-9) Ms3 sagi (Ms6e 9-6) Ves-Hana (Ms1e kosho) Ms4 wuli (Ms9w 10-5) TruF. (Ms2w kosho) Ms5 canapayama (Ms6w 8-7) Washi (Ms7e 8-7) Ms6 Yamashiro (Ms10e 9-6) Roundeye (Ms13w 10-5) Ms7 KikkoCookie (Ms8w 8-7) Smoczayama (J5e 0-0-15*) Ms8 Seisset (Ms11e 8-7) Hermanosato (Ms17e 10-5) Ms9 Takanorappa (Ms12e 8-7) fujiyama (Ms9e kosho) Ms10 Arawaka (Ms2e 5-10) Mogurayama (Ms7w 7-8) Ms11 Antoryu (Ms13e 8-7) Gurowake (Ms16w 9-6) Ms12 kishikaisei (Ms19w 10-5) Ketsukai (Ms17w 9-6) Ms13 Senkoho (Ms15w 8-7) Robiyama (Ms12w kosho) Ms14 SumOweN (Ms10w 7-8) Andonishiki (Ms8e 6-9) Ms15 Hararudo (Ms19e 9-6) Dairou (Ms14w kosho) Ms16 Suwihuto (Ms22e 9-6) SuperSteveZeki (Ms16e kosho) Ms17 shimodahito (Ms20w 8-7) Wamahada (Ms23w 9-6) Ms18 Princess (Ms18w 7-8) Gyozayama (Ms25e 8-7) Ms19 Ama no Shiri (Ms30e 9-6) Mugiyama (Ms20e kosho) Ms20 Brian DC (Ms26w 8-7) Shokikogi (Ms31e 8-7) Ms21 Terarno (Ms24w 7-8) Midoriyama (Ms15e 3-12) Ms22 Megaturonu (Ms22w kosho) Motohageouryu (Ms23e kosho) Ms23 Ichigohime (Ms39e 9-6) Matagidan (Ms40w 9-6) Ms24 Ishigawa (Ms31w 7-8) Fujiwara Hatsuharu (Ms32e 7-8) Ms25 senban-kou (Ms25w kosho) Aome (Ms11w 0-0-15*) Ms26 Masaki (Ms43e 9-6) FarewellMoose (Ms27e kosho) Ms27 Koinryuu (Ms27w kosho) Geishazakura (Ms21w 3-12) Ms28 Osanshuo (Ms28w kosho) Carlos (Ms29e kosho) Ms29 Januck (Ms33e 6-9) Taggrip (Ms14e 0-0-15) Ms30 Chanko (Ms34e 6-9) Always Exciting Ura (New 11-4) Ms31 Kasei (New 11-4) Timutaku (Ms26e 3-12) Ms32 Tsuchinoninjin (Ms32w kosho) Super Duper Sumo (Ms55w 10-5) Ms33 Alt (Ms33w kosho) mukanibaru (Ms52e 9-6) Ms34 Yamamiaomiao (Ms34w kosho) Asashowyou (Ms18e 0-0-15) Ms35 Valley Wind (Ms35w 5-10) ReyDeRyukyu (Ms36e kosho) Ms36 YamaguchiFan (Ms36w kosho) Sanchiyama (Ms21e 0-0-15) Ms37 N.Munkhbat (Ms43w 6-9) mutekimaruman (Ms24e 0-0-15) Ms38 RyuoAndKokkai2 (Ms38w kosho) Kung Fu Pandas (New 8-7) Ms39 hunter beagle (New 8-7) PawnSums (Ms40e kosho) Ms40 Rasuto (Ms49w 6-9) Kumanoyama (Ms54w 7-8) Ms41 Nekkonomiao (Ms28e 0-0-15*) War Rhino (Ms41w 3-12) Ms42 OG mafia (Ms29w 0-0-15) Thoralee (Ms42w 3-12) Ms43 Kitanotake (Ms30w 0-0-15) SenMokuTosshin (New 7-8) Ms44 Monkey (Ms45w 3-12) Asa (Ms45e kosho) Ms45 Sumoloko (Ms56e 5-10) Rick (New 6-9) Ms46 Tsunohashi (New 6-9) Jaxus (Ms47e kosho) Ms47 Ishikawa (Ms47w kosho) Niitakayama (Ms57w 5-10) Ms48 traffic (Ms35e 0-0-15*) Hansan (Ms49e kosho) Ms49 Sashogatake (Ms37e 0-0-15) Commander Fabulous (Ms50e kosho) Ms50 frank-san (Ms50w kosho) Chan-man (Ms51e kosho) Ms51 Kumojin (Ms51w kosho) Bunijiman (Ms37w 0-0-15*) Ms52 Sokkenaiyama (Ms38e 0-0-15*) Harukoksan (Ms48e 2-13) Ms53 Jro59 (Ms53w kosho) Wolfman5018 (Ms54e kosho) Ms54 MackTheKnife (Ms39w 0-0-15) Ring Master (Ms41e 0-0-15) Ms55 askel (Ms42e 0-0-15) Mendesufuji (Ms44e 0-0-15) Ms56 hawk13 (Ms44w 0-0-15) Sumisu (Ms46e 0-0-15) Ms57 Doitsuyama (Ms46w 0-0-15*) Andersonato (Ms48w 0-0-15) Ms58 Wolfie (Ms58w kosho) Toyota Teriyaki (Ms59e kosho) Ms59 Utsukushi (New 2-13) Bimyou (New 2-13) Ms60 Roberval (Ms55e 0-0-15)
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    Seki-Toto (play): A surprise Toto champion in Nagoya with makushita-ranked Sherlockiama, who even missed a day and still won the yusho outright. As one would expect in such a basho, the makuuchi players weren't particularly dominant, averaging only a little over 7.5 wins, so the banzuke worked out okay outside of a bit of empty room from M12 to J3 that had to be filled with various lucky players. The top result in makuuchi were a pair of 11-4 records, one of them of the most timely variety, as last basho's demoted ozeki Gurowake recovered big-time from his 2-13 Natsu disaster to clinch the immediate repromotion. Congrats! The incumbent ozeki fared less well, with Susanoo getting the minimum kachikoshi and ScreechingOwl becoming kadoban. Yokozuna Norizo did okay-ish with 9 wins, although that's his fifth consecutive basho of missing double-digit wins. Outside of Gurowake none of the sekiwake made it particularly close to ozeki promotion; Pandaazuma entered the basho with 19 wins from his last two tournaments, but "only" added another 10 to his tally. Recent ozeki Randomitsuki, ranked K3w for Nagoya, unfortunately decided to retire. Norizo (Ye 9-6) Y - Susanoo (Oe 8-7) O1 ScreechingOwl (Ow 7-8) - O2 Gurowake (S2e 11-4) Pandaazuma (S1e 10-5) S1 Konosato (S2w 8-7) Andoreasu (K1e 9-6) S2 - Taka (M1e 10-5) K1 DeRosa (K2w 8-7) Kaiomitsuki (M2e 10-5) K2 Unkonoyama (M6w 11-4) - K3 Fujisan (M2w 9-6) Kitakachiyama (K1w kosho) M1 Andonishiki (M4w 10-5) Toonoryu (M5e 10-5) M2 Sebunshu (M4e 8-7) Profomisakari (S1w 5-10) M3 Ganzohnesushi (M7w 9-6) Flohru (M1w 7-8) M4 Tainosen (M3e 7-7-1) Kuroimori (M9w 9-6) M5 Gaijingai (M8e 8-7) Mmikasazuma (M6e kosho) M6 Damimonay (M11e 9-6) Bill (M5w 7-8) M7 Kaiowaka (M7e kosho) Metzinowaka (M12e 9-6) M8 Herritarooo (M13w 9-6) Jakusotsu (M3w 5-10) M9 Choshu-yuki (K2e 2-13) Kintamayama (M9e 7-8) M10 Umigame (M14w 8-7) Kotononami (M10w 7-8) M11 GONZABUROW (J2e 9-6) Fukurou (J3w 8-7) M12 Asashosakari (M8w 4-11) Gawasukotto (J6e 9-6) M13 Hakajusakari (M13e 6-7-2) Haidouzo (M11w 5-10) M14 Chishafuwaku (M10e 4-11) Anjoboshi (M15e kosho) M15 Terarno (M12w 5-9-1) Chisaiyama (J10e 10-4-1) J1 Chankoyama (J9e 9-6) Onakaderu (J8e 8-7) J2 Andrasoyamawaka (J2w 7-8) Gaanaa (J13e 10-5) J3 Gernobono (M15w 5-10) Iepii (M14e 4-4-7) J4 Sherlockiama (Ms5e 12-2-1 Y) Ahokaina (J9w 8-7) J5 Tenshinhan (J1e 5-7-3) Ketsukai (J12w 9-6) J6 Kitsune (J10w 8-7) Sukubidubidu (J7e kosho) J7 Takanorappa (J4e 6-7-2) Hana-ichi (J7w kosho) J8 Frinkanohana (J4w 6-9) Benihana (J5e 6-9) J9 Saruyama (J3e 5-5-5) Rowitoro (J1w 4-11) J10 Ulishimaru (Ms2w 10-5) Holleshoryu (J13w 8-7) J11 Nantonoyama (J6w 6-9) Suwihuto (Ms2e 8-4-3) J12 Getayukata (J12e 7-8) Neko (J11e 6-9) J13 Mukanibaru (Ms6e 8-5-2) Achiyama (Ms1w 7-8) J14 Feginowaka (J14e 6-7-2) Mariohana (J14w 6-8-1) Ms1 Chijanofuji (NR 9-6) Takashidodo (Ms5w 7-5-3) Ms2 Sokkenaiyama (J5w 0-0-15*) Konizan (Ms4e 5-9-1) Ms3 Sakura (Ms3w kosho) Takayumi (J8w 0-14-1) Ms4 Gansekiiwa (Ms4w kosho) Kumojin (Ms7e 6-9) Ms5 Dan Koloff (Ms1e 2-12-1) Smoczayama (J11w 0-0-15*) Ms6 Kitanoumi II (Ms9e 4-2-9) Tsuchinoninjin (Ms3e 1-6-8) Ms7 Takanokaze (Ms6w 0-0-15) Jejima (Ms8w kosho) Ms8 -
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    About 200 kensho were cancelled due to 3 yokozuna going kyujo, 2200 were in reach, only 2064 are ordered now. The natsu-basho had seen the largest number of applications before the basho with 2219 - in the end it were 2153, still the most ever. More than 600 of that were on Kisenosato, who went kyujo later in the basho. http://www.asahi.com/articles/ASK9854WMK98UTQP01W.html Most fixed kensho this time were on Kisenosato and Hakuho, now Takayasu is top, then Goeido and then Ura. 9 new kensho sponsors, among them major toy maker Takara Tomy and pastry maker Koikeya https://koikeya.co.jp/news/detail/856.html. Apparently another one who puts kensho on different rikishi each day, on the 11th they start a page to show "their" bout https://koikeya.co.jp/o-ichiban/ https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/1884750.html
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    Seki-Oracle (play): The incredible happened: Yokozuna Pandaazuma won the yusho for an incredible third straight tournament, outdistancing the rest of the makuuchi division by nearly impossible to believe 8+ points, to boot. (Only Profomisakari ranked in juryo managed to get close to him at two points behind, and was suitably rewarded with one of the biggest promotions I've ever handed out in Oracle.) Fellow top-ranked Norizo had a minimum KK to fulfill his yokozuna responsibilities. Ozeki ScreechingOwl unfortunately had a basho to forget, following up his May runner-up performance with a makekoshi to miss the tsuna opportunity by a mile. Kadoban Gurowake easily cleared his name with 10 wins, while absent Randomitsuki sadly decided to end his gaming career. We're not dropping down to just two ozeki, however, as Choshu-yuki secured promotion. This one was a bit tricky: 2016.11 M3w 12-3 Y 2017.01 S1e 7-8 2017.03 M1e 11-4 D 2017.05 S1e 10-5 2017.07 Se 9-6 30 wins technically doesn't cut it, but the pure results positions within the run were very credible (T1, T4, T8), and the yusho very shortly before pushed things across the line. Congrats! And we're back at the customary 10 sanyaku rankers after the brief interlude with just 9 in July. Andrasoyamawaka2 is in with a shout for promotion, with a very similar series of results as Choshu-yuki actually (11-4 Y, 7-8, 9-6, 10-5). Pandaazuma (Ye 15-0) Y Norizo (Yw 8-7) Gurowake (O2e 10-5) O1 ScreechingOwl (O1e 6-9) Choshu-yuki (Se 9-6) O2 - Andrasoyamawaka2 (Ke 10-5) S chishafuwaku (M2w 11-4) Taka (Kw 8-7) K1 Konosato (M1e 8-7) - K2 Asashosakari (M1w 8-7) Unkonoyama (M5w 8-7) M1 Nomadwolf (Sw 5-10) Kotononami (M11e 10-5) M2 Flohru (M6w 8-7) Senkoho (M7w 8-7) M3 Profomisakari (J2w 13-2) Mariohana (M10w 9-6) M4 Tsuchinoninjin (M16e 11-4) Kaiomitsuki (M5e 7-8) M5 Frinkanohana (M2e 5-10) DeRosa (M3e 5-10) M6 Metzinowaka (M9w 8-7) Andoreasu (M6e 7-8) M7 Saruyama (M4e 5-10) Kitakachiyama (M4w 5-10) M8 Bill (M7e 7-8) Ganzohnesushi (M3w 4-11) M9 GONZABUROW (M16w 10-5) Mmikasazuma (M8e kosho) M10 Sebunshu (M8w kosho) Akezuma (M9e kosho) M11 Susanoo (M13w 8-7) Tenshinhan (M12e kosho) M12 Holleshoryu (J1e 10-5) Kuroimori (M10e 6-9) M13 Hironoumi (M12w 7-8) Takanorappa (M14e kosho) M14 Jejima (J3w 9-6) Torafujii (J2e 8-7) M15 Andonishiki (M15w kosho) Suwihuto (M15e 7-8) M16 Sakura (J3e 8-7) Ruziklao (M14w 6-9) J1 Seki Haruaki (M13e 5-10) Pitinosato (J1w 7-8) J2 Haidouzo (J8w 8-7) Kumojin (J10e 8-7) J3 Hakase (M17e 4-11) Fujisan (J4e 6-9) J4 Kaiowaka (J4w kosho) Anjoboshi (J5e kosho) J5 Smoczayama (M11w 0-0-15*) Gaijingai (J9e 7-8) J6 Ayagawa (J6w 5-10) Nantonoyama (J7e 4-11) J7 Kasamatsuri (J13e 5-10) Kurofuji (J10w 3-12) J8 Shittakaburi (J5w 0-0-15) Bolo (J7w 0-0-15) J9 Gansekiiwa (J9w kosho) Arasan (J8e 0-0-15) J10 futtokazan (J11e kosho) Emiroo (J11w 0-0-15) J11 Barat (J12e 0-0-15) Terarno (J12w 0-15) J12 mukanibaru (J13w 0-0-15)
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    Seki-Quadrumvirate (play): The distribution of the results was pretty screwed up again and the banzuke-making completely fell apart after the first 26 players, so considering we had already dropped to just 6 sanyaku last time, I ended up giving out the extra win here to everyone, even though the average score was already at 7.1 wins. The KK/MK balance was much improved by that, in any case, from 14/23 to 21/16 in makuuchi and from 9/16 to 12/13 below, but 7-8 -> 8-7 players were only treated to half the usual KK credit to account for the lack of actual above-average-ness of their score. Anyway, things still look kinda weird in the lower half of makuuchi, because no amount of banzuke gymnastics was gonna completely close the huge gap that opened up down there. Anyway, the two ozeki Gurowake and ScreechingOwl entered the basho free of kadoban worries, and both acquitted themselves very well with 9-6 records, good enough to be among the top 10 in the overall standings. Power couple Norizo and Choshu-yuki held down the sekiwake rank, and if their results were swapped one of them would be ozeki now - but alas, it was Norizo who only went 8-7 this time (after the adjustment, adding to previous scores of 9-6 and 10-5 for 27 wins), while Choshu-yuki finished runner-up with an 11-3-1 -> 12-3 result, but her prior records were just a pair of 8-7's, also not quite enough in total to secure promotion. They're joined at sekiwake on the new banzuke by Ganzohnesushi, moving up from komusubi after strong 11 wins, and yusho winner Flohru. The komusubi rank was also expanded from 2 slots to 4, so the new rankings look a lot more "normal" again with 10 sanyaku-ranked players. Gurowake (Oe 9-6) O ScreechingOwl (Ow 9-6) Choshu-yuki (Sw 12-3) S1 Ganzohnesushi (Kw 11-4) Norizo (Se 8-7) S2 Flohru (M5w 13-2 Y) Taka (M1w 10-5) K1 Haidouzo (Ke 8-7) Konosato (M2w 10-5) K2 Gernobono (M8w 12-3) Kuroimori (M7e 10-5) M1 Pandaazuma (M3w 8-7) Jejima (M2e kosho) M2 Kotononami (M4e 8-7) Kitakachiyama (M3e kosho) M3 Susanoo (M1e 6-9) Metzinowaka (M13w 11-4) M4 DeRosa (M6w 8-7) Bill (M14w 11-4) M5 chishafuwaku (M12w 10-5) Achiyama (M6e 7-8) M6 Gaijingai (M4w 6-9) Kaiowaka (M8e kosho) M7 Andoreasu (M10e 8-7) Asashosakari (M5e 6-9) M8 Chocshoporyu (M10w 8-7) Tainosen (M16e 9-6) M9 Kaiomitsuki (M17w 9-6) Getayukata (M11w 7-8) M10 Sebunshu (M9w 6-9) Hironoumi (M7w 5-10) M11 Konizan (J8e 12-3) GONZABUROW (M9e 5-10) M12 Profomisakari (J1w 9-6) Andonishiki (M13e 6-9) M13 Kyodaitimu (M15w 7-8) Nantonoyama (J5e 10-5) M14 Terarno (M12e 5-10) Mmikasazuma (M17e kosho) M15 Kasamatsuri (J4e 9-6) Fujisan (J1e 8-7) M16 Frinkanohana (J7e 10-5) Senkoho (J2e 8-7) J1 Tenshinhan (M18e 7-8) Jakusotsu (M18w 7-8) J2 Mariohana (M16w 6-9) Holleshoryu (J6w 9-6) J3 Nomadwolf (M14e 4-11) Gibuten (M15e 4-11) J4 Gansekiiwa (J3w kosho) Andrasoyamawaka2 (J10w 10-5) J5 Hakase (J4w 7-8) Anjoboshi (J6e kosho) J6 Fujiyama (J5w 6-9) Unkonoyama (J9e 7-8) J7 Chankoyama (Ms2w 9-6) Ruziklao (J8w 6-9) J8 Kumojin (Ms3e 9-6) kamogawa (Ms1e 8-7) J9 Neko (J12e 7-8) Mukanibaru (J13w 7-8) J10 Reijnguoshan (J9w 5-10) Saruyama (J7w 4-11) J11 Takanorappa (J14w 7-8) suwihuto (J13e 6-9) J12 Tsuchinoninjin (Ms1w 7-8) Rowitoro (Ms2e 7-8) J13 Aome (J2w 0-0-15*) Ekigozan (J3e 0-0-15) J14 Kurofuji (J11e 0-1-14) Takanokaze (J10e 0-0-15) Ms1 Ayagawa (J11w 0-0-15) Shittakaburi (J14e 0-0-15) Ms2 Arasan (Ms4w 0-0-15) Bolo (Ms5e 0-0-15) Ms3 Barat (Ms5w 0-0-15) Emiroo (Ms6e 0-0-15) Ms4 -
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    Odake-beya sewanin Yuho passed away today at the age of 60, the cause of death is as yet unknown. From what I've read so far he was universally liked in the sumo world, so this is very sad indeed. Yuho entered what was then Taiho-beya in 1975 as an 18-year-old, and in his 16-year career he reached a highest rank of Makushita 1w, falling one win short of likely promotion to Juryo in 1987. After retiring he became a sewanin and Taiho's right hand man in the heya, helping the great former Yokozuna as he battled health problems.
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    Here's one. Isegahama stood in for Harumafuji there. It just doesn't happen very often, probably even less so when it's the same winner for both portraits, so I guess that's why it's prominent here. Ninja'd. ^
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    Not yet, but it's just been announced that he was granted Japanese citizenship on August 18th, so... Edit - formally announced in the Official Gazette from that date:
  13. 2 points
    Changes for Aki 2017: As mentioned, Edagawa (ex-Aogiyama) is absent for unspecified health reasons, and has been substituted by Asahiyama (ex-Kotonishiki), temporarily increasing the Isegahama-ichimon presence among the shimpan for a change. Asahiyama rotates in Edagawa's 3 slot in the shift, but is listed as the least senior shift member. The rotation of the shifts as a whole is on track this time. 2017.09 Head 1: Chief Nishonoseki (Wakashimazu, riji) Head 2: Deputy Yamashina (Onishiki, yakuin taigu) Head 3: Deputy Fujishima (Musoyama, fuku-riji) Ichimon Shift 1 Shift 2 Shift 3 Shift 4 Dewanoumi 2 Onaruto (Dejima) 4 Takenawa (Tochinonada) 4 Shikihide (Kitazakura) 1 Irumagawa (Tochitsukasa) Isegahama 2 Asakayama (Kaio) 3 Asahiyama (Kotonishiki) Nishonoseki 5 Hanaregoma (Tamanoshima) 1 Takadagawa (Akinoshima) 2 Kataonami (Tamakasuga) 5 Tagonoura (Takanotsuru) Takanohana 4 Chiganoura (Takamisugi) Takasago 3 Azumazeki (Ushiomaru) 5 Sendagawa (Toki) 1 Jinmaku (Fujinoshin) 2 Kokonoe (Chiyotaikai) Tokitsukaze 1 Minato (Minatofuji) 3 Urakaze (Shikishima) 5 Nakagawa (Asahisato) 3 Tatekawa (Tosanoumi) 4 Tokitsukaze (Tokitsuumi) Torikumi: Day 01, Day 02, Day 03, Day 04, Day 05, Day 06, Day 07, Day 08, Day 09, Day 10, Day 11, Day 12, Day 13, Day 14, Day 15 In a small deviation from the standard schedule, Onaruto had the day off the first time Shift 1 was on sekitori duty (Day 2), while Minato was off the next time (Day 3), rather than the other way around. Later rotations through the order went the usual way.
  14. 2 points
    Comments later. You're invited to play! Seki-Toto (play) - predict the winners of all sekitori bouts each day and score wins by being above-average Seki-Quadrumvirate (play) - pick four different rikishi each day and get at least three winners Seki-Oracle (play) - predict the final records of all 70 sekitori ahead of the basho and get as close as possible Fantasy Sumo (play) - pick makuuchi rikishi from 9 pre-determined groups and score points via their results
  15. 2 points
    Hakuho was the only yokozuna who did the bouts at the jungyo at first, Harumafuji joined later and Hakuho took a pause, but then rejoined and did bouts again.
  16. 2 points
    https://www.kokonoe-beya.com/en/ Kokonoe Heya launched an english website on the 2. of June. Some Information about their Rikishi, Gyoji and the Oyakata (ex-Chiyotaikai ) and how to join the supporters Club (koenkai). As @John Gunning pointed out in a different thread not so long ago you have to be a koenkai member (or accompany one) if you want to visit. Does somebody here know if there any other heya with english websites?
  17. 2 points
    ... and I recommend Ura (KK or bust), Mitakeumi (11+ wins to set up the Ozeki run), Ishiura (see Ura), Hokutofuji (show me more!), Takayasu (yusho or bust), and on and on.
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    NSK internal memo to Harumafuji (burn after reading) Order not to go kyujo during the Basho. PS: please. PPS: Pretty please.
  19. 1 point
    Going into Aki 17, it appears we will have at least 2 basic choices for online live streaming of the matches. A third source is available, but it is showing intermittent 1-3 second freezes which make it marginally useful. Sherming 9 provides the live NHK G video and audio coverage of the makuuchi division and, usually, the last half of the juryo division. It also provides an online chat service which is used by several of our forum members. Coverage normally starts at about 3:10PM JST. Some users have problems getting smooth coverage on Sherming. It may be due to broadband limits on their IPS/internet source. Sherming recently upgraded its software. If a problem is encountered here, the old version of the software can be activated by adding "/old" to the end of the URL link. For me, IE11 and Edge require the old version of the software. qq is a Chinese site which broadcasts the NHK G video and audio of at least the makuuchi division, but its coverage is unpredictable. Its coverage may start anytime from 1:30 PM JST to 3:30PM and include additional makushita and juryo matches. Things get a little flaky here, but it can be a good alternative to the Sherming site. UBS Stream is a free Mongolian service which provides NHK video of the makuuchi division with Mongolian audio commentary. It normally starts at about 4:10PM JST. The video resolution is lower than on Sherming and qq, and it has some minor freeze problems. The Sherming site normally runs with a 3 minute delay. qq can be real time or with several minutes delay. The NSK site posts the match results within seconds of the match completion. This can be a spoiler for the stream viewing. The streams will occasionally build up a delay within your browser. If a delay build up is noticed, it can usually be eliminated by doing a restart on the link. If there is a major news or political event occurring in Japan, the NHK sumo coverage may get preempted on the Sherming site. If this happens, the normal NHK sumo coverage usually will still appear on the qq and UBS sites. They are your backup. The streams may become choppy or pixelated. Changing your browser or viewing mode may help. Smoother viewing is usually found in full screen mode, and most of us find that Chrome will sometimes provide a cleaner stream. Some enterprising individuals have found ways to provide live sumo streaming via UTube. In the past, when these sites have been mentioned publicly on the forum, they have tended to disappear. The copyright police are active. If one becomes known, it is best to exchange information about it via private PMs. The General Info topic should be used to communicate new developments in the streaming world. Use this basho-specific topic to convey infomation regarding the coverage availability for this basho. Update: See inhashi's step by step method of watching all divisions via Sports Navi.
  20. 1 point
    From NHK Saturday Sports: about swimmer Hokutofuji as one of the young hopes for the top-light basho
  21. 1 point
    Last basho, Takarafuji became the 5th rikishi ever to win by okuridashi on three consecutive days. The others: Daio 1977.07 and Asahisato 1995.11, Takamisakari 2010.07, and Tochiozan 2013.11
  22. 1 point
    Fixed-a million thanks to Doitsuyama.
  23. 1 point
    Found it. Pictures gone but confirmation that Isegahama had the honours:
  24. 1 point
    the final touch to the dohyo to prepare for the dohyo matsuri o o o o o o o o o new yokozuna panels in the entrance hall to take a photo with - only one real yokozuna was present o o o and also did PR for the Beyond 2020 basho event again this year o o o nobori outside also for the kyujo yokozuna o the dohyo matsuri today, with the remaining sanyaku oo o o oo o o o o o oo o o o o oo oo oo at the end the yobidashi furedaiko parade starts o afterwards outside the yusho portrait presentation - Miyagino-oyakata in for Hakuho oo and inside the yobidashi announcing the day 1 torikumi - first at the chaya area, next stop the sumo school, with the next event for the fans o o o the sumo lesson by Oyama-oyakata, with Nishikijima-oyakata as assistant who came to do PR for his Asasekiryu intai-zumo event oo o
  25. 1 point
    To follow up on what Pandaazuma noted, Japanese baseball players playing in the United States often apologize after sustaining an injury for which they were in no way responsible. Hideki Matsui broke his wrist attempting to catch a baseball in a game in 2006, and after surgery to repair his wrist he apologized for being unable to help the Yankees. More recently, in 2014 Masahiro Tanaka was diagnosed with a partially torn ligament in his throwing arm, which caused him to miss a large part of the season, and stated: "I want to apologize to the Yankees organization, my teammates and our fans for not being able to help out during this time."
  26. 1 point
    Their was pressure on the yokozuna to participate in the jungyo even though they were not in good shape. Maybe if they had been allowed to rest then we might have had more than one of them show up on the opening day of Aki. You reap what you sew.
  27. 1 point
    The closest an American sports organization ever came to making an apology was when when the NFL decided to play its full schedule on Sunday, two days after President Kennedy was assassinated. And it was not a true apology but more of a statement that things would go on as normally as possible during a very sad period of time. Commissioner Pete Rozelle stated that while postponing games on that day would be a very respectful thing to do, he still gave the okay for them to go on. The main reason was that he thought Kennedy would have wanted the games to continue as scheduled because, "It has been traditional in sports for athletes to perform in times of great personal tragedy. Football was Mr. Kennedy's game. He thrived on competition." He made this decision with the advice of Pierre Salinger, Kennedy's press secretary, and others close to Kennedy. Rozelle hoped the public would understand his decision. They didn't. It was generally regarded as a poor reason to play games that no one wanted to play and others did not want to watch. Despite many protests from both the public and the press, the games went on as scheduled. Rozelle said in later years that his greatest regret as commisioner was allowing them to be played.
  28. 1 point
    What makes you think that the - Japanese - target audience for these comments found them to be ambiguous? The reaction here on the forum is hardly evidence for that, given the habit of many foreign fans to think the worst of every single Kyokai statement, no matter the actual content.
  29. 1 point
    Chiyomaru has new CMs for Maru-chan QTTA (kutta=eaten up) cup noodles http://natalie.mu/owarai/news/247899 making-of and CMs - on-air on the 11th
  30. 1 point
    x15 Terunofuji x13 Ichinojo x11 Kaisei x10 Shodai x09 Ikioi x08 Endo x07 Tochinoshin x06 Hokutofuji x05 Asanoyama
  31. 1 point
    the PR for the basho looks like an NSK prank played on the fans now - Hakuho on the pamphlet and the poster this:
  32. 1 point
    Theres a saying for that in german: Die größten Kritiker der Elche waren früher selber welche. Maybe someone is able to find a nice translation for this .
  33. 1 point
    Injuries are inevitable. There's no legislating for it. Much better that they pull out beforehand to fully heal than limp on and withdraw halfway yet again. Bit rich as well from a ex-yokozuna who missed multiple tournaments through injury (three in a row at one point).
  34. 1 point
    http://www.hochi.co.jp/sports/sumo/20170901-OHT1T50266.html 27-year-old Nogami of Oguruma-beya will be competing in Aki at his highest-ever rank of Ms9w. Having turned pro out of high school in 2009 with quite a bit of attention, as the then-captain of powerhouse Tottori Johoku HS's sumo team and formerly a rare wampaku national champion in all three grades* (2000-2002), he had been making steady if a bit unspectacular progress towards high makushita, before he was derailed by a torn right pectoralis major muscle some two years ago. (Date not given in the article, but I assume either in Kyushu 2015 or prior to Hatsu 2016.) His results started flagging and he found himself mired in mid-makushita, far from the hoped-for sekitori ranks. Recently his condition has become more favourable again, and his revival has been helped along by the arrival of collegiate grads Yago and Tomokaze who have invigorated the keiko scene at Oguruma with youthful enthusiasm, prompting Nogami to regain some belief in his own chances of a sekitori career. A few years ago he was given the shikona given name Goki 豪規, formerly used by the shisho himself, and clearly meant to lead him to a similarly successful career, but with juryo eluding him so far the second inspirational step - a "proper" full shikona - has yet to materialize and Nogami continues to fight under his own surname. He wants to change that asap, and that means getting promoted. * In the 30-odd year history of the wampaku national championship (running since 1985), Nogami was the third kid (out of 5) to become triple yokozuna in 4th, 5th and 6th grade. Three others have turned pro as well, but so far no sekitori: Asahimaru (Masato Miyoshi, 1989-1991) - turned pro after university in 2002 as one of the earliest Ms15 tsukedashi, but a major knee injury early in his professional career prevented him from reaching juryo, retired in 2008 Ota (Goki Ota, 1997-1999) - turned pro after middle school in 2003, also injured early on and subsequently never even established himself in makushita, still active in mostly jonidan now at 30 years Yamamoto (Masakatsu Yamamoto, 2006-2008) - turned pro after high school in 2014, currently struggling to break through lower sandanme at age 21 The fifth competitor to have done it is Tsuguto Toma/Touma (2010-2012), who's been mentioned quite a bit over in the Amasumo section. He is currently in his second year of high school at Tottori Johoku and would likely be turning pro in either 2019 or 2023 if that's in his plans.
  35. 1 point
    And Daiseido had another party on the 4th by Kise-beya the sekitori of the heya: Kizenryu, Ura, Hidenoumi, Daiseido, Tokushoryu, Gagamaru o o o o
  36. 1 point
    with Hakuho as cover boy for the basho, I expect him to enter and go kyujo after the first week, just like at the jungyo - 3 yokozuna out from the start would look really bad o the oyakata of the contribute-to-society department did that by cleaning the kokugikan surroundings for the guest at the basho o o o o o o
  37. 1 point
    Each day dohyo-making was going on oo o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
  38. 1 point
    a very late reply Appeared today on Jiji: from Sponichi http://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2013/03/27/kiji/K20130327005491770.html On March 27th 2013 was the presentation to Hakuho from his Nagoya koenkai - with the designer, talento and painter Tsurutaro Kataoka The one for Hakuho shows Acala (to which Kataoka feels attached) with white phoenixes, the attendants have the Nagoya symbols, the golden shachihoko on Nagoya castle. It was used that year (only?) for the dohyo-iri at the Ise shrine dohyo-iri, at the festivities for the renewal every 20 years of the shrine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqeHpt2svK4 and at the Nagoya-basho. XXL (and very hard to download) pics of the original sketches and the kesho-mawashi on a Tsurutaro-museum blog: http://ameblo.jp/tsurutaromuseum/entry-12241995267.html From his official blog https://ameblo.jp/tsurutaro-blog/entry-11499517225.html
  39. 1 point
    Daiseido at the party in Hachinohe for his juryo promotion got 2 new kesho mawashi https://this.kiji.is/276890799282652662?c=115337229812450809 the NSK shows another party on the 4th on twitter, but only 1 kesho mawashi in full From the real estate investment company Partners inc., showing the local Hachinohe Kabushima with the shrine for the umineko gulls that breed there the other is partly visible, it shows his Sasayama family crest, donor is Kise-beya sponsor HomeTech, a renovation company
  40. 1 point
    Looks like Endou will be entering after all. " He hasn't trained enough and he isn't moving well, but I think he will be OK entering.." said Oitekaze Oyakata. Makes a lot of sense. A kyujo means a deep drop into Juryo. I get that. But entering like this will most probably result in his pulling out early anyway, so what's the use? Why risk further injury? Many questions. Training with Juryo heyamate Daiamami:
  41. 1 point
    The next standard kesho-mawashi for Yago: from his high school, the well known Saitama Sakae one. At the presentation: the headmaster, student representatives and sumo coach Yamada, who scouted Yago for the school in his 1st year middle school at a tournament. And when he entered high school, he first couldn't do proper keiko because both knees were injured. o
  42. 1 point
  43. 1 point
    Takekuma-oyakata, who turns 65 in September, has already applied to get reemployed till age 70. http://www.sanspo.com/sports/news/20170722/sum17072216370008-n1.html
  44. 1 point
    That's probably the gentlest that Chiyonofuji has ever struck anyone, and he did it while driving a 2000 lb vehicle.
  45. 1 point
    Back in Tokyo, Kokonoe Oyakata was driving his car when he grazed a 40 year old pedestrian with his side view mirror. The pedestrian injured his right elbow ever so slightly. It seems that at around 8 PM on Saturday evening, the pedestrian, who was walking on the left hand side of the road, was hit by the side mirror of Kokonoe's vehicle as the latter attempted to overtake him. Further investigation is pending. Educated guess- DUI. Now we'll have to see if this becomes an issue or if it will be instantly forgotten. I vote for forgotten.
  46. 0 points
    Endou could break his neck and his team would still get him on the dohyo.